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Updated on: May 24, 2022

Staffing Software

Staffing software helps recruiting and staffing firms find, manage and track talent throughout the hiring process. It streamlines the entire recruitment workflow and helps to build qualified talent pools. The software solutions categorized under staffing tools are typically applicant tracking, video interviewing, recruiting, onboarding and recruitment marketing platforms. Recruiters leverage this software to find and evaluate applicants while officials who manage these recruiters can monitor their performance. It helps executive search firms to interview candidates, manage pre employment checks and conduct onboardings as well. Staffing software solutions also provide reports and analytics on recruitment procedure and measure performance of both the employee and the candidate.

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Trim your hiring process by 80%!
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Velents pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $79

Velents is a platform that helps recruiters cut down on hiring time and costs and supports candidates in building their personal brands. A wide array of tech hiring solutions for your every need. A wide array of tech hiring solutions for your every need. Forget about long interviews, hundreds of... read more

Bullhorn ATS & CRM

Track your applicants seamlessly
(1,655 Ratings)

Bullhorn ATS & CRM pricing: Bullhorn ATS & CRM Offers Custom plan.

Bullhorn ATS and CRM is an applicant tracking and CRM management software. It helps the users to streamline their daily tasks with the software’s fast source, match, and search. It helps the users to deliver a superior candidate experience by leveraging the relationship insights. The... read more


One Stop Recruitment Solution
(6 Ratings)

employAstar is an all-in-one cloud-based recruitment, applicant tracking, social recruiting, employee referral, and candidate engagement solution. It is built on top of the Salesforce CRM platform. employAstar allows companies to track the status of open jobs as well as sort and track candidates... read more


Applicant Tracking System
(1,848 Ratings)

JobDiva pricing: JobDiva Offers Custom plan.

JobDiva's cloud-based solutions deliver Applicant Tracking tools, Talent Management functionalities, Customer Relations Management modules, sales tracking tools, back-office management systems, and more, all of which are bundled in award-winning recruiting software. Hiring managers and recruiters... read more


Recruit employees seamlessly
(130 Ratings)

JobAdder pricing: JobAdder Offers Custom plan.

JobAdder is a recruitment management software for which simplicity is the key. It helps users by simplifying their recruiting process, so they can deliver a better outcome to their clients. It also increases the user’s profit margin. The software enables its users to automate their workflow to... read more

Whaii Match

AI-based automated background screening solution
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Whaii Match pricing: Whaii Match Offers Custom plan.

Whaii Match is a SaaS recruitment platform that automates your candidate screening so you can achieve a 100% screening rate and make sure no talent escapes unhired. Ready to use. They automatically create profiles of all candidates’ personalities, values, and cultural preferences to make sure... read more


Premium Subscription Staffing for Business
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Boldly pricing: Boldly Offers Custom plan.

Boldly is provides premium subscription staffing for business. Get just the right talented, guaranteed remote staff you need quickly, without the usual lengthy recruitment process. Work with one or multiple dedicated staff on a fractional basis, for the exact number of hours you need them each... read more


Reconfigure talent recruitment process with Topfunnel
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TopFunnel pricing: TopFunnel Offers Custom plan.

TopFunnel is a recruitment management solution for business houses. Recruitment teams can rely on the software to expand their team members, based on intelligent automation. Unparalleled data view and deep experience teamed with advanced hiring technology, enables teams to interact with thousands... read more


Make the process of recruitment hasslefree
(640 Ratings)

PCRecruiter pricing: PCRecruiter Offers Custom plan.

PCRecruiter is a recruiting and applicant tracking software that provides comprehensive CRM/ATS functionality. This includes voice, converged databases, email, and API interfaces by using standardized and accessible technology, which enables the managers, recruiters, and candidates to have the... read more


A complete staffing solution with innovative tools
(43 Ratings)

TempWorks pricing: TempWorks Offers Custom plan.

TempWorks as a comprehensive recruiting and staffing software enables companies to streamline their front and back office duties in a hassle-free manner. Its inbuilt facilities like W2 management, payroll funding and payroll processing services are of great help. Businesses depending on the... read more


Experience complete employee management within a unified portal
(208 Ratings)

AkkenCloud pricing: AkkenCloud Offers Custom plan.

AkkenCloud is an advanced staffing and recruiting software that helps businesses streamline their front, inner and back-office workflow. The software comes with a combination of powerful ATS and CRM tools that can get the front office tasks completed in a seamless way. It improves the efficiency of... read more

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