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Updated on: June 30, 2022

Project Management Software

Project Management Software refers to applications that are designed to increase efficiency in project delivery. It is used to break the project to individual task and then set realistic milestones and deadlines. There are also mediums to keep a tab on the status and other signals to measure if the project is on track which helps deliver projects on time and within budget.

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Most Popular Project Management Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


Asana is an online team collaboration and workflow management tool. Organize your work in the best way possible to follow tasks through and be able to avoid obstacles to meet deadlines. Asana’s boards let you visualize your work, and arrange all your relevant emails and files into one place. Use... read more

Asana also won


An intuitive project management software and collaboration tool that is useful for small and mid-size organizations to track and manage various types of work. Besides project management, it assists organizations to manage event schedules, sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, HR and product... read more

Smartsheet also won


With monday.com, managers can better keep their team aligned from one collaborative workspace. This flexible platform allows you to truly centralize your data, leveraging native integrations, third-party apps, and helpful widgets. With an overview of all ongoing processes, you can quickly gauge the... read more

monday.com also won


Basecamp assists small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small groups and departments to manage their personal, internal and client projects and tasks. An overview of all your text documents, files, discussions, to-dos and events can be found at a glance in the dashboard. It provides... read more

Basecamp also won


Organizes your projects and day-to-day tasks through creating notecards on dashboard. The software can also be used as a trip planner, a side project, a community bulletin, an event or an idea repository. Tasks and ideas can be noted on the Trello cards. Alongside, the work progress can also be... read more

Trello also won


Award-winning ProjectManager.com features powerful online project management, time-tracking and collaboration tools for managers and their teams. With real-time visibility, managers can ensure that their projects and their teams are always on track. Plus, team members love the ability to update... read more

ProjectManager.com also won

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio is a customizable work management solution that enables you to make your workflows more structured and smarter, while helping your team work more in sync with each other. Citrix Podio brings together and structures content, conversations, and processes in one tool to help people be... read more

Citrix Podio also won


A project collaboration and management software that is useful for teams across diversified organizations including marketing, finance, HR, digital agencies, event planning, construction, manufacturing etc. The software provides intuitive Gantt charts along with task management, task level... read more

TeamGantt also won


ProofHub is a robust and easy-to-use project management software based on the cloud, which has multilingual interface. It helps you collaborate better with your project teammates and also clients for avoiding deadline issues. You can edit or review the documents easily, share feedback with... read more

ProofHub also won


ActiveCollab is a project management tool. It allows users to organize their entire work including tasks, communication, team members, and files with a single app. The collaboration features and centralized communication makes for quicker messaging, comments, feedback and file sharing without the... read more

ActiveCollab also won

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management solution that offers a myriad of tools to track the progress levels of various teams in a particular organisation. This platform helps companies to provide a shared view on team priorities and pitch a collaborative environment for all the team members alike. Pivotal Tracker provides shared backlogs so that the teams can sort out their priorities and stay organised. The iteration planning technique offered by this tracker helps groups to break down and prioritise projects into manageable chunks so that a particular team can deliver the same on time. Further, Pivotal Tracker runs a quick scan to... read more


An all-in-one project management tool that helps to organize your complex work easily and flexibly. It is ideal for remotely located teams, mid-sized organizations and enterprise companies for managing teamwork and communicating with clients. With Wrike’s collaboration features and customization... read more

Wrike also won


LiquidPlanner is an innovative solution for project management based on predictive scheduling, which is essential for planning intelligently to predict, prioritise and perform. It can be used to curate plans that are in line with the goals or objectives of the client organisation. An intuitive... read more

LiquidPlanner also won


nTask is an efficient task and project management software that enables businesses to collaborate, plan, manage and analyze their everyday tasks with ease. Its accurate task management features allow users to create and assign tasks with various team members in seconds. They can also organise tasks... read more

nTask also won


GanttPro is an advanced online project management software based on Gantt charts, enabling organisations to plan out simplistic strategies with individual team members while keeping the clients updated on every move. It hosts a variety of features assuring seamless business, which makes work life... read more

GanttPRO also won

Zoho Projects

Helps in planning projects, assigning tasks, keeping track on the work progress, managing documents, communicating seamlessly with the team to get the work done on time. Navigates the workflow through mapping out Gantt Charts and time management sheets. Also useful for project budgeting and... read more

Zoho Projects also won


Runrun.it is a comprehensive process and project management tool that helps companies effectively manage their tasks, projects and workflows alike. The tool offers an interactive Gantt view that helps users to distribute tasks according to the capacity of their team members. They can even track... read more

Runrun.it also won


Hive, as an intelligent productivity platform, helps 1000s of companies all over the globe to enhance their productivity levels in real-time. Admins can leverage on the particular to revolutionise the way their teams perform by allowing them to manage each project independently. The platform offers... read more

Hive also won

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a smart solution built for enterprises and businesses of all sizes. It’s a powerful project management tool that makes getting started and managing projects simple and easy. Even complex projects can be easily managed with methods and tools that best suit each user’s needs. The tool includes project scheduling and other essential features required for managing processes. Users can easily plan projects with the power of dynamic scheduling tools based on effort needed, allotted team members, and project duration. Managers can create interactive dashboards to view overall status and drill down into the details of the... read more


Paymo is a project management software that helps your team manage the entirety of a project right through, from conception through to the very conclusion. With features all aimed at making work as easy as possible, Paymo is a valuable utility software for a work team. Impressive Real Time Task... read more

Paymo also won