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Empower Team With The World's Largest DNS Dataset
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Threat actors are fast. Have to be faster. DomainTools has the industry’s fastest domain discovery engine and broadest, most accurate data. Gain insight that is necessary to make the right decision about the risk level of threats to your organization.

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Mimecast Web Security is fast to setup and simple to manage. It is Cloud-based web protection at the DNS level that stops malware and inappropriate web use in its tracks. And it integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent protection.

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Comodo Dome

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Comodo Cybersecurity’s solutions and services are recognized by leading industry associations. These leading industry associations are continuously recognizing us for innovative technologies that are securing organizations of all verticals around the globe daily.

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Imperva DNS Protection

Optimal Performance & Security
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Imperva DNS Protection is an always-on service that secures your websites, applications, and APIs against DNS attacks and that is guaranteed to mitigate DDoS attacks targeting domain name servers.

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Webroot DNS Protection

DNS Web Filtering with Cloud Based Protection | Webroot
(49 Ratings)

Uncontrolled internet access is a high-risk activity for any business, regardless of size. Faced with today’s sophisticated attacks, endpoint security alone is no longer enough to stay safe from modern cybercrime. In fact, a recent report from EfficientIP found that 77% of businesses around the world suffered at least one DNS cyberattack in 2018. What’s even more worrying: on average, businesses got hit with as many as seven attacks throughout the year.

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Open DNS Personal Internet...

Home Internet Security | OpenDNS
(24 Ratings)

OpenDNS is the easiest way to make your Internet safer, faster and more reliable. Protect your family across all devices on your home network.

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F5 DNS Cloud Service

F5 DNS Cloud Services
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F5’s responsive and secure cloud DNS ensures the high performance and availability of your applications. Pay for what you use, scale on demand.

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CIRA DNS Firewall

Managed DNS Firewall Software
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CIRA's DNS Firewall provides protection against malware, phishing and botnet attacks by blocking access to malicious websites. CIRA combines advanced data science with decades of experience managing the DNS to provide a critical security layer.

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Trust DNS

Change DNS in one click
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DNS provider is most likely the Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISP can see what websites can visit, and store the browsing history. DNS changer helps to protect privacy by encrypting DNS requests and allows to switch to one of the third party public DNS servers.

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BloxOne Threat Defense

Elevate Network Security and SecOps Efficiency
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BloxOne Threat Defense sees threats others miss & stops attacks earlier -- Drive SecOps efficiency, enhance the security stack, & secure remote work efforts.

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VIPRE Site Manager

Multi-Tenant Management Portal
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VIPRE Site Manager provides MSPs a full-featured, centralized multi-tenant management portal for visibility across an entire client-base

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SecurityTrails API

SecurityTrails | Cyber Security API, Threat Intelligence API, Domain, DNS and IP Forensics
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SecurityTrails is the only Total Internet Inventory™ with the most comprehensive data. We want companies to strengthen their vulnerabilities and make confident decisions.

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DNS Blast

DNS Blast - Carrier-Grade DDoS Attack Protectio
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DNS Blast security appliance combines the world’s fastest cache & advanced built-in security to intelligently provide DDoS attack protection.

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ThreatSTOP DNS Defense

DNS Defense / ThreatSTOP
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DNS Defense turns existing and future DNS systems into Protective DNS (PDNS). DNS Defense is a SaaS service that works on the DNS systems that have already, or will in the future, including Active Directory, BIND, and more.

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Control Your Internet
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ControlD is used to take control of the Internet. And Block unwanted content, bypass geo-restrictions and be more productive. It has key features like Browse faster, Improve productivity, Switch the location, Protect kids and much more.

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Different devices, different rules
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CONTROL D is a fully customizable DNS service, similar to Pi-Hole, AdGuard or NextDNS, but with proxy capabilities. This means it not only blocks things (ads, porn, etc), but can also unblock websites and services. Think of it like Google Maps. User type in a name of a restaurant want to go to, and it gives the street address of the restaurant. A DNS server does the same thing, except the street address is an IP address of the website they are trying to reach.

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Safe Internet for Business
(3 Ratings)

Introducing SafeDNS the safe and secure way to protect the network from potential cyber threats. With an intuitive interface, everyone can easily access the essential functions of SafeDNS, allowing users to manage your network with maximum efficiency. Installation is so simple; there are no IT background requirements or special training needed. Plus, it comes at no cost with free tech support. In just a few minutes they can be up and running, filtering the internet for unwanted content and blocking malicious sites that could otherwise compromise the system’s security. With the advanced filtering technology, monitoring sites accessed by users across various devices on a network has never been easier all from just one dashboard. Now they have control over who can access what websites, giving users peace of mind that they corporate data remains secure and protected at all times. With SafeDNS’s complete solution for digital protection and control, they can surf the web worry free! show more

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DNS Content Filter with Advanced Malware Protection | ScoutDNS
(4 Ratings)

ScoutDNS is a cloud based content filtering and malware protection solution that operates at the DNS Layer. ScoutDNS combines A.

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Features - DNSFilter
(83 Ratings)

Explore the features of DNSFilter - including our dashboard, reporting, Global Anycast Network and threat protection powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Products - FlashStart
(4 Ratings)

FlashStart is owned by Francesco and David who are passionate about Internet Safety. We have live services in over 100 countries helping our customers to filtering malware, stopping cyber bullying, removing adult content and generally clean up the internet. Services are delivered over a global ANYCAST network.

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List of DNS Security Software

DomainTools 4.3
Mimecast Web Security NA
Comodo Dome NA
Imperva DNS Protection NA
Webroot DNS Protection 4.4
Open DNS Personal Internet Security 4.5
F5 DNS Cloud Service NA
CIRA DNS Firewall 4.8
Trust DNS NA
BloxOne Threat Defense NA

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