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Encryption Key Management Software

As the name suggests, encryption key management software makes it easier to manage encryption keys. This means that this software allows you to distribute and store keys safely and securely so that the encryption and decryption of the sensitive files can only happen between intended users. It can also be used to ensure that policies related to sharing keys are being followed. Such software is used by IT and security professionals. Along with that, the encryption key management software also offers backup functionality in case there's data loss.

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Lockr - Encryption Key Management Software


Secure Your Website And Applications
(2 Ratings)

Lockr pricing: Starts at $8.25.

What is Lockr and how does it work?

Lockr is a simple-to-use plugin for WordPress or Drupal to manage your site’s API and Encryption keys in a secure offsite hosted environment. Lockr removes the key from your site code and database and stores it in a secure and certified key manager. Then when your site needs the key to be used in a encryption/decryption or API request, Lockr will use secure certificate provided by the server to authenticate and release the key. show more

Alibaba Key Management Service - Encryption Key Management Software

Alibaba Key Management Service

Cryptographic Keys on the Cloud
(1 Ratings)

What is Alibaba Key Management Service and how does it work?

Alibaba Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) provides secure, certified, available, reliable, and elastic key hosting and cryptography services to help you protect sensitive data assets.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus - Encryption Key Management Software

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus

Accelerate security of your mobile devices with ManageEngine Key Manager Plus
(2 Ratings)

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus pricing: Starts at $475.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ManageEngine Key Manager Plus and how does it work?

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus is an online key management portal that helps individuals to consolidate, manage, control, monitor and audit the entire lifecycle of SSH (Secure Shell) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Furthermore, it provides visibility into the SSH and SSL environments besides helping administrators take control of the keys to preempt compliance issues and breaches. ManageEngine Key Manager Plus has been well-designed to discover all the SSL certificates deployed in the network. It provides a centralised inventory that consolidates all discovered certificates in a secure environment. Furthermore, ManageEngine Key Manager Plus helps administrators discover SSH systems in the network and private keys. One can also deploy newly acquired certificates to their respective domain servers with the help of this platform. It further helps individuals to create key pairs associated with users and deploy them on target systems. By using ManageEngine Key Manager Plus, individuals can rotate key pairs automatically at periodic intervals. show more

Akeyless Vault - Encryption Key Management Software

Akeyless Vault

An all in one secrets management platform
(3 Ratings)

Akeyless Vault pricing: Starts at $2000.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Akeyless Vault and how does it work?

Akeyless Vault is a unified vault management platform that can be used to secure DevOps credentials besides getting access to production resources over legacy and hybrid environments alike. Industry experts, partners and customers depend on the same to get their work streamlined on the go. Further, the software abides by an API-driven approach teamed with web-based dashboards to boost the overall efficiency levels. An intuitive secret management feature offered by Akeyless helps with real-time access to a safe vault for tokens, credentials, passwords and API keys alike. Users can also safeguard their infrastructure by enabling unified authentication and just in time ephemeral access permissions. Further, browser-based integrations, intuitive code manager, CI/CD access, identity providers, configuration managers, Kubernetes support, infra automation, real-time notifications and SDK support are of great help. The software also provides simplified authentication facilities with external Identity Providers like Azure AD, Okta, AWS IAM and more. show more

AWS Key Management Service - Encryption Key Management Software

AWS Key Management Service

Create and control keys with AWS Key Management Service
(28 Ratings)

AWS Key Management Service pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is AWS Key Management Service and how does it work?

To create and manage cryptographic keys AWS Key Management Service plays an important role. Featured by the top-most MNC, Amazon, this AWS Key Management Service is absolutely secure and resilient. It uses a plethora of hardware security modules that have been validated under FIPS 140-2, to protect essential keys. With AWS Key Management Service, users can enforce permissions and handle the durability/physical security of the keys. This service by Amazon also presents a single control point to manage keys as well as define policies consistently. Furthermore, by using the AWS Management Console or AWS SDK/CLI, users can easily create, import, rotate, delete and manage permissions on keys. Integrated with AWS Services, AWS KMS is used to simplify the keys and workloads alike. With this service, users can choose the level of access control that they need. AWS KMS also offers detailed logs of keys to AWS CloudTrail, providing an independent view of who accessed the encrypted data. Furthermore, with validation of FIPS 140-2, AWS KMS allows keys only inside the available devices. Other features of this service include compliance and in-built auditing. show more

Azure Key Vault - Encryption Key Management Software

Azure Key Vault

Keep your cryptographic keys safe and secure
(31 Ratings)

What is Azure Key Vault and how does it work?

Azure Key Vault is a security management software that can be and used to safeguard vital cryptographic keys, passwords and other secrets. Enhanced data protection and compliance technology offered by the software help users generate and import encrypted keys within minutes. The software is scalable in nature, users no longer need to deploy dedicated HSMs. They can achieve global redundancy with the particular and maintain a copy of their own HSMs for enhanced durability. Developers can further manage keys used for testing or development. They can maintain complete control of their keys and allow access permission to partners or applications whenever needed. Applications never possess direct access on keys. Moreover, the platform automates and simplifies various tasks related to TLS/SSL certificates. Users are also enabled to enroll and renew their certificates automatically from various supported public certificate authorities. Organizations can boost performance and reduce their cloud applications’ latency by storing their cryptographic keys in the cloud, instead of on-premises. show more

Box KeySafe - Encryption Key Management Software

Box KeySafe

Manage your own encryption keys
(24 Ratings)

Box KeySafe pricing: Box KeySafe Offers Custom plan.

What is Box KeySafe and how does it work?

Box KeySafe, you have complete, independent control over your encryption keys with no impact to the user experience. All key usage is unchangeable and includes a detailed record of key usage, so you can track exactly why your organization’s keys are being accessed. And if you ever experience suspicious activity, your security team can cut off access to the content at any time. show more

Equinix SmartKey - Encryption Key Management Software

Equinix SmartKey

Security control for all clouds
(2 Ratings)

Equinix SmartKey pricing: Equinix SmartKey Offers Custom plan.

What is Equinix SmartKey and how does it work?

Equinix SmartKey, a global SaaS-based, secure key management and cryptography service, offered on cloud-neutral Platform Equinix, simplifies data protection across any cloud architecture. Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders harness our trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. We enable our customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. show more

Universal SSH Key Manager - Encryption Key Management Software

Universal SSH Key Manager

Manage SSH Key Risks Effectively
(0 Ratings)

Universal SSH Key Manager pricing: Universal SSH Key Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Universal SSH Key Manager and how does it work?

UKM Zero Trust is a full lifecycle Enterprise SSH Key management solution reducing the management overhead of encryption keys with keyless access

NetLib Security Encryptonizer Key Manager - Encryption Key Management Software
(0 Ratings)

NetLib Security Encryptonizer Key Manager pricing: NetLib Security Encryptonizer Key Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is NetLib Security Encryptonizer Key Manager and how does it work?

NetLib Security Encryptionizer Key Manager allows you to configure and control one or more Clients from a single Manager. From the Manager you can encrypt databases

Alliance Key Manager - Encryption Key Management Software

Alliance Key Manager

Centralized Encryption Key Management Server
(0 Ratings)

Alliance Key Manager pricing: Alliance Key Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Alliance Key Manager and how does it work?

Alliance Key Manager is a solution that provides Enterprise customers, OEMs, and ISVs with a secure method of managing encryption keys for their data security applications.

EnvKey - Encryption Key Management Software


End to End Encrypted Configuration Software
(0 Ratings)

EnvKey pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is EnvKey and how does it work?

EnvKey - Smart configuration and secrets management that doesn't trust servers. Prevent insecure sharing and config sprawl. Integrate in minutes.

Doppler - Encryption Key Management Software


Work smartly with Doppler
(0 Ratings)

Doppler pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Doppler and how does it work?

Doppler is an Encryption Key Management Software that is dedicated to creating solutions that developers would appreciate. They understand that the appropriate product may help teams become more productive while simultaneously increasing security. Security technologies are frequently process-intensive and come with negative user experiences, resulting in poor adoption. The more you like Doppler, the more you'll want to use it. Doppler thrives in run-down, unsexy locations ready for upheaval. They're smack dab in the centre between infrastructure and code. Their clients entrust their secrets and uptime to them. You can work together. You can keep track of your secrets in different projects and locations. Slack, email, git, and zip files are no longer terrifying places to share secrets. Your team and their apps will have quick access to the secret after you've added it. In Doppler, you can automate everything and build references to commonly used secrets. You only have to update them once if they need to be changed. Furthermore, because Doppler works where you work, you may use your secrets in Docker, Serverless, or anywhere else. show more

Sepior - Encryption Key Management Software


Key Management Solutions with MPC
(0 Ratings)

Sepior pricing: Sepior Offers Custom plan.

What is Sepior and how does it work?

Sepior provides next generation key management technology that allows businesses to transact online with institutional-grade cryptocurrency wallets, private blockchains, and SaaS applications.

Privakey Cloud - Encryption Key Management Software

Privakey Cloud

Passwordless Authentication Software
(0 Ratings)

Privakey Cloud pricing: Privakey Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is Privakey Cloud and how does it work?

Privakey’s mission is to simplify how people confirm their identities, assert their intent and respond to any challenge. It improve the customer experience and security of digital interactions by eliminating the reliance on passwords, “security” questions and other forms of identity confirmation that introduce known security vulnerabilities and frustrate users. show more

Unbound CORE Key Management - Encryption Key Management Software

Unbound CORE Key Management

Unified key management and security platform
(0 Ratings)

Unbound CORE Key Management pricing: Unbound CORE Key Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Unbound CORE Key Management and how does it work?

CORE Key Management is a unified key management and protection platform which controls and manages all keys anywhere – on-premise, in the cloud, any cloud.

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List of Encryption Key Management Software

Lockr 5
Alibaba Key Management Service 5
ManageEngine Key Manager Plus 4.9
Akeyless Vault 4.8
AWS Key Management Service 4.3
Azure Key Vault 4.2
Box KeySafe 4
Equinix SmartKey 4
Universal SSH Key Manager NA
NetLib Security Encryptonizer Key Manager NA

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