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Updated on: November 27, 2021

Top Endpoint Protection Software

Organizations use endpoints such as PCs or servers and those endpoints always are at risk of suffering from cyber-attacks so, in order to protect them from those cyber-attacks, companies use a Top Endpoint Protection Software. This software provides various features such as malware protection, protection from cyber-attack, and other online threats. Endpoints are often targeted by hackers in order to breach into the main servers of the organization so this software safeguards the PCs or laptops of the employees to prevent any breach. Hackers try to get into the system using vulnerable spots such as unprotected web browsers or smartphones that do not have much security and to prevent them from getting access, this software provides web browsing security by filtering websites and blocking dangerous sites. From the list below, you can choose any Top Endpoint Protection Software for your business and protect your endpoints from any cyber threats.

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Get endpoints secured in real-time
(319 Ratings)

FortiClient pricing: FortiClient Offers Custom plan.

FortiClient is an intuitive fabric agent offering endpoint security. Users can avail the software with three capability levels, like Endpoint Security and Zero Trust Security along with Cloud-based Endpoint Security. The solution is capable of reducing the surface of an endpoint attack besides... read more

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform

Automate Endpoint Protection with AI
(85 Ratings)

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform pricing: SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform Offers Custom plan.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform is a Cyber-security platform used to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt in the context of all enterprise assets. The software offers Multiple patented AI algorithms to protect against threat vectors in real time. Devices self defend and can enforce the... read more

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Detect and Protect Threats in MInutes
(1,068 Ratings)

Symantec Endpoint Protection pricing: Symantec Endpoint Protection Offers Custom plan.

Symantec Endpoint Security software is a platform used to provide ultimate security at the endpoint. The software detect threats on malware, credential theft, fileless, and more. The Multi-layer attack prevention with Machine learning algorithms on cloud-based detection schemes used to identify... read more

(1,016 Ratings)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security pricing: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Offers Custom plan.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security software is an Integrated Endpoint Security tool used to manage defense against advanced threats targeting your organization. The software offers multi-layered approach with protection, detection and response technologies against attacks. Collaborate with granular... read more

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

A Simple Endpoint Protection Tool
(557 Ratings)

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection pricing: Starts at $150.0.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection software is an Endpoint protection tool used to manage business with critical systems, customer data, and other cyberattacks. The Webroot Evasion Shield used to protects file-based and fileless script attacks to detect scripts running in their environments in... read more

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Prevent Threat in Minutes
(51 Ratings)

Cisco AMP for Endpoints pricing: Cisco AMP for Endpoints Offers Custom plan.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints is a platform used to boosts your endpoint security by preventing attacks and respond to threats quickly. The software offers Powerful protection engines (PDF) using machine learning for attack prevention in fileless and file-based. Manage security investigation with... read more

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Enhance Your Security Levels With Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection
(46 Ratings)

VMware Carbon Black Cloud pricing: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Offers Custom plan.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that helps users transform their security by their needs. The platform enables users to modernize their endpoint protection by spotting minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and also tailors prevention in response. It analyzes... read more

ESET Endpoint Security

Protect your devices from cyber attacks
(403 Ratings)

ESET Endpoint Security pricing: Starts at $190.0.

ESET Endpoint Security is a multi-layered security management platform used by various organizations to protect their devices from cyber-attacks, identify malicious activities, and access immediate remediation capabilities. Users can manage multiple security components from a unified console. Also,... read more


Mitigate risks and other security-related issues adequately
(20 Ratings)

SanerNow pricing: SanerNow Offers Custom plan.

SanerNow is a security risk, compliance and endpoint management software helping out enterprises to build an unreachable defence. Businesses can utilise the particular to assess risks, analyse threats, detect vulnerabilities keep devices updated, manage IT assets and fix misconfigurations... read more

RevBits Endpoint Security

Detect, Quarantine, and Eliminate Endpoint Threats in Real-Time

RevBits Endpoint Security pricing: RevBits Endpoint Security Offers Custom plan.

RevBits Endpoint Security is a high-performing security management software that offers real-time protection against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. With its unique three-phase threat analysis mechanism, including metrics like machine learning, behavioural analysis, and signature scanning,... read more

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