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Corporate Learning Management System

Corporate Learning Management System (LMS) is a feature-rich eLearning technology that provides tools for organizations to conduct corporate training and development programs efficiently. Corporate LMS helps corporations create and distribute course materials to employees required for their career development, assess their learning ability, and monitor their progress. Training is essential at different stagings like onboarding, product & services information, product updates, and skill inclination. Large corporations with more location touch-points will require to train both employees and business/channel partners while remaining compliant with various location-based regulations.

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Award-winning training software for businesses looking to deliver top-quality employee, partner, and customer training.
(632 Ratings)

TalentLMS pricing: Starts at $69.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TalentLMS and how does it work?

TalentLMS makes online training easy. An award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) to build premium courses in minutes, add multiple file types and multimedia easily, and go live fast.

BenchPrep Engage - Corporate Learning Management System

BenchPrep Engage

Transactional learning with regularly-spaced education cycles
(0 Ratings)

BenchPrep Engage pricing: BenchPrep Engage Offers Custom plan.

What is BenchPrep Engage and how does it work?

BenchPrep Engage combats the forgetting curve and delivers regularly-spaced microlearning cycles to learners. Supplement your existing training offerings, extend the learner relationship, create continuing education programs, and build new eLearning revenue streams while helping your learners achieve better outcomes. Maintaining knowledge with a subscription-based, post-course microlearning offering elevates learners from a one-time purchaser into a repeat client, representing a larger sale and recurring revenue for your organization. show more

Coursebase - Corporate Learning Management System


Best Training management system
(0 Ratings)

Coursebase pricing: Coursebase Offers Custom plan.

What is Coursebase and how does it work?

Coursebase is an enterprise web app. Coursebase is an LMS created to provide high quality training quickly and produce results quickly. It is light and intuitive, Highly flexible, and there is no restriction for storage. transform the complicated training management that many companies are suffering from into speedy and comfortable ones. show more

BenchPrep Ascend - Corporate Learning Management System

BenchPrep Ascend

A modern and scalable online learning platform for delivering personalized learning experiences
(32 Ratings)

BenchPrep Ascend pricing: BenchPrep Ascend Offers Custom plan.

What is BenchPrep Ascend and how does it work?

BenchPrep Ascend increases operating revenue and reduces expenses by enabling learning organizations to support multiple business models and streamline the delivery of online courses. By creating a personalized experience that improves knowledge retention and drives better outcomes, BenchPrep Ascend amplifies the value of your learning program in a highly competitive market. show more

Dokeos - Corporate Learning Management System


Revolutionising Corporate-Training
(2 Ratings)

Dokeos pricing: Dokeos Offers Custom plan.

What is Dokeos and how does it work?

Dokeos is a corporate learning management system. It is an e-learning solution provider that assists Training providers, and multinational corporations with their online training projects.They adjust to new requirements and changes in business processes, such as practical communities, informal learning, social business networks, and increasing worker mobility and migration.It has a vast list of features such as - You can script your courses in stages to engage your students in various training activities, such as e-learning modules, quizzes, placement tests, videos, webinars, or in-person events. Collects significant data on employees' abilities, goals, and gaps in order to give them with more individualised training. One of their most beneficial features is that it encourages collective intelligence - Your trainees collaborate to design, share, and improve courses. Trainers can use forums and dashboards to find the finest information provided by learners, distribute it across training routes. You can promote knowledge sharing and transform your business experts into trainers using Dokeos LMS.Courses are extremely adaptable and can be tailored to meet specific needs. It helps firms, businesses, and training organisations create customised training and assessment solutions. show more

Continu - Corporate Learning Management System


Learning simplified
(243 Ratings)

Continu pricing: Continu Offers Custom plan.

What is Continu and how does it work?

Continu is a learning amplification platform that offers you sophisticated authoring tools to create attractive and engaging learning material like a pro. It enables you to easily share and distribute training resources with sophisticated assignment, automation, and discovery tools. Continu integrates intimately with the tools you currently use, making them much more useful and increasing overall engagement. With Continu's real-time analytics, configurable reporting, and sophisticated admin and management dashboards, you can track what matters most. With tools designed to assure your team's training success, you can measure, create, connect, and share content. With robust course creation tools, you can quickly create learning tracks, courses, and resources. You can create versatile articles and wikis in minutes, complete with embedded media and files. You can automate pre- and post-workshop materials, generate wait-lists, and mark attendance, all in one area. You can create highly effective quizzes and assessments, ranging from video coaching to multiple choice, all inside the platform. You can instantly link, embed, upload, and record rich material and videos. Continu allows you to reference or import files and documents from other programs. show more

KloudLearn - Corporate Learning Management System


LMS Software best online learning platform
(0 Ratings)

KloudLearn pricing: KloudLearn Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is KloudLearn and how does it work?

KloudLearn is a Next Generation self Learning Platform that works on AI-powered and combines LMS and LXP ability to create, deliver, and manage your enterprise training. It provides core features like Gamification, Course Authoring, Reporting, and much more.

Easy LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

Easy LMS

Easy LMS can help you train your personnel
(1 Ratings)

Easy LMS pricing: Starts at $50.00.

What is Easy LMS and how does it work?

Easy LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that can be used by companies of all sizes. It allows users to create interactive lessons and courses that include quizzes, assessments, photos, and videos. It has tools for designing courses, producing exams, creating assessments, creating quizzes, adding content elements (such as interactive elements and text), embedding courses on websites, and branding. Users of Easy LMS can create an unlimited number of courses. Self-registration, the flexibility to switch between numerous devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), self-paced learning, and the option to incorporate courses into students' own platforms are just a few of the advantages. Reporting is available through Easy LMS for tracking outcomes, student progress, and test statistics. Integration with third-party services such as Aweber, HubSpot, and MailChimp is possible. The service is provided on a month-to-month basis.The software is both simple to use and comprehensive. You can use it to create courses, tests, exams, and personality assessments, among other things. As you saw in the settings and analytics, you can get a lot more involved with it. show more

Path LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

Path LMS

Solution for associations, corporations, and agencies
(59 Ratings)

Path LMS pricing: Path LMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Path LMS and how does it work?

Path LMS is a cloud-based learning solution for associations, corporations, and agencies. Content is optimized to display on any device, enabling administrators and audiences to access Path LMS™ at any time from any Web-enabled device. Accurately evaluate audience engagement and audit the effectiveness of your content with detailed reporting features that inform your decision making. show more

Northpass - Corporate Learning Management System


For learners and coaches who want to indulge in something different than the regular
(10 Ratings)

Northpass pricing: Northpass Offers Custom plan.

What is Northpass and how does it work?

Northpass is an intuitive learning management software that offers adequate freedom to individual personals and organisations alike to create, monitor and scale comprehensive learning programs as per need. Organisations can depend on the software to streamline customer education, partner training, gig workforce onboarding and employee learning on the go. Further, the all in one portal provides adequate services covering individual metrics like intelligent administration, ultra-fast authoring and perfectly organised learning experiences. Top companies like Upland, Shopify and Compass depend on the particular to get their day to day tasks streamlined on the go. Further, organisations using Northpass can create a high impact course in just five simple steps, all they need to do is create a learning experience of their own, add relevant content, set milestones for the learners to achieve, personalise the courses to keep the interest intact and also offer additional learning resources in the form of live webinars, defined learning paths and course relevant articles. show more

AcademyOcean - Corporate Learning Management System


Build your corporate Academy
(30 Ratings)

AcademyOcean pricing: Starts at $225.00.

What is AcademyOcean and how does it work?

Academyocean help SaaS-companies create courses to educate customers about the product. Courses consist of structured lessons, texts, images, videos, and quizzes. They are interactive, and customers get a nice certificate at the end. Academyocean reinvented the Learning Management Systems (LMS) approach. The recipe was simple, but they dove deep into every step so that this product would stand out. show more

Crowd Wisdom - Corporate Learning Management System

Crowd Wisdom

Discover continuing education at its best
(0 Ratings)

Crowd Wisdom pricing: Crowd Wisdom Offers Custom plan.

What is Crowd Wisdom and how does it work?

Crowd Wisdom helps to Meet the next generation of online learning. Personalize the learning experience, deliver valuable content, and empower career growth with Crowd Wisdom LMS. This award-winning LMS has a flexible and scalable platform that can be branded and customized to match the look and feel of your organization. show more

CleverLMS - Corporate Learning Management System


LMS that stands out
(0 Ratings)

CleverLMS pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is CleverLMS and how does it work?

CleverLMS is a comprehensive enterprise solution designed to facilitate the management and tracking of employee engagement in organizations. The platform features a team feed with likes, polls, file sharing, and comments, enabling employees to collaborate and engage with one another in real-time. CleverLMS also provides advanced dashboards and statistics for tracking team and individual performance, allowing managers to identify areas for improvement and measure progress over time. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, CleverLMS is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance employee engagement and productivity. The platform's powerful features enable organizations to streamline their HR processes, improve employee satisfaction, and drive business growth. Overall, CleverLMS is an all-in-one solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to maximize the potential of their workforce and achieve their strategic objectives. show more

Looop - Corporate Learning Management System


A quick and easy solution for marketing automation
(169 Ratings)

Looop pricing: Starts at $299.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Looop and how does it work?

Looop provides you a facile learning management system (LMS) that is redesigned to cut down the luxury presented in today’s learning system and facilitates you a faster LMS platform that delivers you a quality performance that a business requires. With Looop, you can cut and paste your text, drag and drop your images, upload your videos like youtube clips and screen recordings, and wrap your content together with custom quizzes. Looop is a reinvented LMS system that is available on the web, android, and iOS. Many companies like ASOS, Sky, and Monzo use Looop for their business needs. You can even share your content with different groups and assign your training to be completed by a defined date and can be opened and left discoverable for all your learners. With the Looop premium version, you can observe the performance of your learners and topics with factual time reporting and improve what you are sharing with instant learner’s feedback. Looop replicates the way. It’s easy and free to get started. show more

Knowingo - Corporate Learning Management System


Discover the smartest mobile learning platform
(4 Ratings)

Knowingo pricing: Knowingo Offers Custom plan.

What is Knowingo and how does it work?

Knowingo+ is a smart mobile learning platform that enables measurable return on knowledge. It helps employees become more knowledgeable about their profession in a fun way. Knowingo+ helps employees learn and remember vital knowledge making them far more productive. Knowingo+ turns employees into ambassadors who tell your story and help your company sell. Knowingo+ puts an end to expensive mistakes, because no one likes paying the bills for expensive mistakes. show more

viLMS - Corporate Learning Management System


Learning Management & Credit Tracking Software
(2 Ratings)

viLMS pricing: viLMS Offers Custom plan.

What is viLMS and how does it work?

viLMS is a one-platform solution for managing all your organization’s learning. Create a flexible learning path structure so you can assign the right path to each person. You can structure paths for levels, such as junior, mid-level, and senior associates, or for departments, practice groups, or roles, such as litigation associates, capital markets consultants, or civil engineers. Target groups of learners to suggest the class to. Easy registration encourages course adoption and learning practices. You can customize your class size limit and let users self-register. Easily manage your attendees throughout registration, waitlisting, and cancellations. show more

360Learning - Corporate Learning Management System


Collaborative Learning Platform
(5,892 Ratings)

360Learning pricing: Starts at $8.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is 360Learning and how does it work?

360Learning is a one-of-its-kind collaborative learning platform that allows teams to create, learn, and improve online courses together at one place. The platform enables users to build courses for all the organizational functions, be it Induction for new hiring, Field training programs, or adaption to new software. It's an easy authoring tool, feedback loops, and built-in analytics help users identify the improvement areas and future course of action. 360Learning allows an organization to identify the training needs of individuals as well as teams. One can build strong and robust training programs via collaborative learning, design personalized learning paths, monitor learning progress, share real-time feedback, and drive individuals and teams towards personal growth. 360LEarnign also supports forums, reactions, and upvotes, which encourages and motivates the teams to learn. The tool enables organizations to reward and quantify learning progress with rewards and badges. Organizations can easily integrate 360Learning into Salesforce and HR systems to link it to employee performance and appraisal cycles. show more

Cornerstone Learning - Corporate Learning Management System

Cornerstone Learning

Indulge in a deep learning experience on the go
(355 Ratings)

Cornerstone Learning pricing: Cornerstone Learning Offers Custom plan.

What is Cornerstone Learning and how does it work?

Cornerstone Learning is an intuitive Learning and Development Software (LMS) that provides a comprehensive learning experience to everyone. The software brings together learning, growth, skills and capabilities into a personalised learning experience. Trusted by 6000+ organisations across the world, Cornerstone Learning powers the future-ready workforce. Being at the forefront of talent and people innovation for the past two decades, this software boasts an excellent team of experts. This team deeply understands the unique talent challenges and opportunities of the organisation’s customers and promises to deliver extraordinary experiences to the latter. With Cornerstone Learning, organisations can provide their people with virtual and in-person instructor-led training sessions, e-learning and playlists. Furthermore, this software creates or connects to expertly curated content and builds flexible learning spaces that drive engagement. With Cornerstone Learning’s AI-recommended content and insights, organisations can empower their people to grow individual careers. Also, by using the software’s reports, organisations can connect people-growth for individual learning, teams and skills. Cornerstone Learning offers an integrated purpose-built AI to guide, curate and customise a personal learning experience for each person within the organisation. show more

eFront - Corporate Learning Management System


A management system for better learning
(55 Ratings)

eFront pricing: Starts at $1000.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is eFront and how does it work?

eFront is a learning management system designed to handle the most demanding and complicated learning environments. You determine what you need your training platform to perform, from a private cloud or on-premise hosting to sophisticated capabilities down to the look, feel, and structure, and eFront delivers. eFront provides a variety of security filters and administrative tools to your organization. eFront is designed for companies with complex learning ecosystems. Also, for managers who require a long-lasting system. It's a content-friendly platform that lets you reuse your greatest material across several courses. To improve them even more, you can import relevant material from the internet. Its assessment engine offers native support for a variety of question kinds, quizzes, and tests, as well as detailed reporting on all results. You may run bespoke surveys among users using its survey engine. Then gather information on employee engagement and training effectiveness. You also get built-in support for the most widely used content interoperability standards, which will help you enrich your courses and improve your students' experience. show more

Violet LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

Violet LMS

Fully Customized System to deliver learning courses
(0 Ratings)

Violet LMS pricing: Violet LMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Violet LMS and how does it work?

VioletLMS is is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Violet InfoSystems. It provides a custom-built platform for companies who want to organize and deliver the e-Learning courses for their employees. Training management and administration can be challenging especially when you have employees working in different roles in different departments. VioletLMS allows you to organize and manage the learning of each employee, track their performance, and get reports on their training effectively. show more

Intellum Platform - Corporate Learning Management System

Intellum Platform

The customer eduсаtiоn рlаtfоrm
(22 Ratings)

Intellum Platform pricing: Intellum Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Intellum Platform and how does it work?

Intellum provides the customer eduсаtiоn рlаtfоrm that large brands аnd fast-moving соmраnies rely on to improve product utilization, сustоmer retention, аnd revenue. The platform рrоvides clients with аn all-in-one solution for аuthоring, presenting, managing, trасking, and continuously improving сustоmer, раrtner, аnd employee learning initiatives at sсаle, that most of the time includes high-stakes, and legal defensible сertifiсаtiоn. Соmbine learning, knowledgebase, сustоmer suссess, suрроrt, sales, аnd marketing initiatives all in one рlасe with Intellum. To provide your users the best learning experience роssible, аdорt engagement methods like notifications, suggestions, сertifiсаtes, mobile, сhаt, аnd gаmifiсаtiоn. Сustоmers аnd раrtners will learn the skills they need to flourish with products if you combine рrоduсt training, learning, knowledge base, and customer enablement into а single lосаtiоn. Intellum is used by teams at Gооgle, Fасebооk, Mаilсhimр, and other соmраnies to educate, оnbоаrd, and increase customer value at sсаle. The Intellum Platform is for big teсhnоlоgy, retail, finаnсiаl services, heаlthсаre, аnd mаnufасturing соmраnies with at least 10,000 сustоmers, раrtners, оr workers to eduсаte. show more

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List of Corporate Learning Management System

BenchPrep Engage NA
Coursebase NA
BenchPrep Ascend 3.9
Dokeos 3.5
Continu 4.6
KloudLearn NA
Easy LMS 4.5
Path LMS 4.7
Northpass 4.8
AcademyOcean 4.8

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