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Updated on: September 15, 2019

GDPR Compliance Software

What is GDPR Compliance Software?General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in the European Union, which deals primarily with the users/customers’ privacy rights or to be precise, right over their personal information. Before starting with which software can help your organization to be GDPR compliance, it is important to understand what being GDPR compliant means. It basically includes how to safeguard the individual’s PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and certain individual rights such as the right to be forgotten, control over their identity, etc. No organization is GDPR compliant by default. Hence, they need to use security monitoring solutions that can help them in compliance management with various norms.Here comes the need of a GDPR compliance platform that helps you to be in tandem with the specific norms and regulations. It enables you to design your privacy and cookie policies for the users such as the website visitors. One of the most important things to note is that the GDPR norms are not only for the EU users but extends to everyone who is serving to users based in the EU. The rules require specific consents and a GDPR compliance tool is imperative to gain those consents. There are also a number of users’ rights such as the right to be informed, right to object, right to rectify, etc. and all the request must be accomplished without any delay. All these make the purpose of GDPR compliance software and elementary things for your organization.Why should you use GDPR Compliance Software?Just making your organization to follow a few privacy norms does not translate into being GDPR compliance. It is also important to note that, the GDPR norms are equally applicable for overseas business or in other words, for any company having any type of business in the EU. All these eventually make using a GDPR compliance tool not only important but compulsory as it is almost impossible for any organization to design its policies in compliance with the norms by itself. Not being GDPR compliance can result in your company paying a penalty of €20million or 4% of your annual global income (whichever is higher). Also, this will end up in deteriorating your organization’s reputation and privacy worthiness. As a result, you may even suffer business loss. Furthermore, following SbD and PbD doesn’t make your GDPR compliance as it is far more than that. It can be said that it's almost impossible to run a business in or with the EU without using a GDPR compliance software.Benefits of GDPR Compliance softwareBeing in compliance with GDPR norms: As obvious from the definition itself, this tool helps you to make your organization in compliance with GDPR regulations. This means extending users’ privacy rights control over their personal information. You will also have to make them know what purpose their data is being used and the option of change, retract and delete them as soon as possible.Protection Against Cyber Attacks: Merely ensuring the rights of users’ and keeping their privacy intact is one thing to gain the customers’ trust for your organization. But what if your organization itself suffers a cyber attack? A GDPR compliance application can identify abnormalities in the security system and keeps your database immune from cyber attacks.Reporting Ability: You can keep your business in compliance with the GDPR norms. But if required, you must furnish reports and data before producing it to the government agencies. The GDPR software must have the ability to generate reports and as standard functionality. Hence, you can prove compliance with IT security frameworks like ISO 27001 and NIST CSF.Developer Support: Rules and regulations continue to change over time and can become more stringent with customers increasing concern for privacy. Hence, your security compliance system must receive regular updates, and you can have continuous support from the developer. Most of the GDPR tools have robust developer support that also extends support post-implementation. This enables you to adjust your working framework with the changing regulations efficiently and without much hassle.Key features of GDPR compliance softwareGDPR compliance software helps to provide compliance management and security monitoring platform to boost GDPR compliance readiness. It offers you visibility into your complete security posture and untangles the compliance procedure by combining multiple capabilities into a single platform. Here are some of the key features of GDPR compliance software :Consent Management: It refers to the process where the organization gathers the personal details of the user with the help of cookies. It allows firms to automate the process of consent management, which makes it simpler to be GDPR compliant.Data Mapping: As a part of GDPR, companies need to map their information and data in order to gain their privacy risks and to form part of their Article 30 documentation.Sensitive Data Identification: It assists in recognizing data that comprises of delicate details such as bank details, trade union membership, biometric data, and data concerning health.Who is Using GDPR compliance software?The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation passed by the EU through which the EU gives control to the individual over their data. Most of the websites use cookies when any person visits a website and agrees to the cookie policy; most of their data is fetched and stored by the website. With the new GDPR, the EU gives the people residing in the EEA to revoke access to their personal data. So, any company who is willing to trade on the internet inside the EU has to comply with the GDPR rules and regulations.

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ECOMPLY - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com


Efficient data protection management for your business

ECOMPLY.io is SaaS privacy management system greatly simplifies data protection compliance. ECOMPLY.io Data Protection Management System strips down that complexity and allows small and medium sized businesses to become compliant with GDPR and national data privacy legislation, without requiring an... read more

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GDPR365 - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com


365 days of protection

GDPR365 is an online privacy compliance service that helps small businesses understand, implement and ensure ongoing compliance. GDPR365 was started by lifelong software entrepreneurs who have built successful cloud-based businesses involving large volumes of sensitive personal data, and are... read more

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AdaptiveGRC - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com



AdaptiveGRC is an enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (eGRC) solution set with unique and unequalled capabilities. AdaptiveGRC can be deployed as one fully interconnected solution suite, or you can choose one or more modules.

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iubenda - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com


Compliance Solutions for Websites, Apps and Organizations

iubenda is a complete set of solutions to make your website or app compliant with the law, across multiple languages and legislations. Their solution allows you to display a fully customizable cookie banner, collect cookie consent, implement prior blocking, set advertising preferences, collect... read more

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Termly - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com


Simplify Compliance, Safeguard Your Business

Termly was founded with the belief that protecting an online business should be quicker, easier, and cheaper than it had ever been before. The legal landscape of internet privacy is daunting and ever-changing, making it difficult for business owners to stay compliant and protected. It has never... read more

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Infinity GDPR Manager - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com

Infinity GDPR Manager

Manage your Compliance with GDPR

Infinity GDPR Manager is a comprehensive and modern GDPR Cloud solution that helps your organization permanently comply with the GDPR regulative and simplifies the management of personal data. Infinity GDPR Manager is developed on the basis of our award-winning Infinity ECM platform that includes a... read more

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RADAR GDPR - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com


Simplify Compliance with GDPR Breach Notification Obligations

The RADAR incident response and decision-support platform helps privacy professionals and their organizations comply with the complexities of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This broad legislation poses significant challenges for compliance professionals, including a 72-hour... read more

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Delphix for GDPR - GDPR Compliance Software : SaaSworthy.com

Delphix for GDPR

GDPR Compliance, Regulation, and Implementation Solutions

Delphix comes preconfigured with discovery templates and algorithms tuned specifically for GDPR. The Delphix platform is preconfigured to identify data values subject to GDPR, but is also adaptable to an organization’s unique definitions of what is considered personal, confidential information.

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