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Channel Management Software

Channel management software allows businesses related to hospitality, manage bookings across various booking sites on a number of online channels. Regardless of the platform being used for bookings, this cloud based software delivers an effortless and smooth experience to the guests. It can be integrated with your property management or hotel reservation software to optimize bookings and other hotel management processes. It helps to manage availability, pricing and promotion of your business thereby, increasing profits and avoiding overbookings or room shortages. This software is best suited for hotels, vacation rentals, holiday farms and hostels.

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Hotel Perfect Channel Management - Channel Management Software

Hotel Perfect Channel Management

Full integration to all your channels
(2 Ratings)

Hotel Perfect Channel Management pricing: Hotel Perfect Channel Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Hotel Perfect Channel Management and how does it work?

The Channel Manager is fully integrated with Hotel Perfect PMS so that your offering on channels is accurate at all times. The huge benefit of using PMS and Channel Manager together is that rates and availability are continually synced between systems. This means that as soon as your last room is sold, the channels are closed out and no one else can book, preventing overbooking. When someone books a room online, you receive details of this in an e-mail, as well as the booking coming into your calendar in the PMS for you to confirm. show more

OneAffiniti - Channel Management Software


Scalable through-channel marketing programs
(50 Ratings)

OneAffiniti pricing: OneAffiniti Offers Custom plan.

What is OneAffiniti and how does it work?

Integrated digital campaigns with a blend of thought leadership content, your brand’s product and service content, and industry content sent on the partner’s behalf, to their valued clients. With the OneAffiniti marketing program, you can amplify your channel marketing program to reach the prospects who are already connected with your mid-market and SMB partners, every month. Products get maximum impact alongside high quality, industry content that we create and customize for each partner segment. We segment content by industry and create it based on data and insights from thousands of campaigns. Partners can also add their own unique content using a simple drag and drop. show more

PartnerStack - Channel Management Software


Grow Partner Relationship and Revenue
(291 Ratings)

PartnerStack pricing: PartnerStack Offers Custom plan.

What is PartnerStack and how does it work?

PartnerStack manages users' partnerships with other brands by building new revenue channels by empowering every partner to succeed. Partner programs transform the users who already sell to their ideal customers into an extension of their sales team. The tool is designed to accelerate recurring revenue for both users and their partners alike. PartnerStack is programmed to handle different kinds of users' partnerships, whether users are looking to close more deals, bring more traffic to their campaign or generate more leads. The tool enables users to create custom experiences for their partner channels, training new partners to become top-performers and scale the business exponentially. It assists users in creating partner groups with attractive unique content and reward structures. The tool also pays partners for users; users receive a single monthly invoice, which they can pay using ACH or credit card, while their partners can withdraw their rewards through Stripe or PayPal. show more

Effective Tours - Channel Management Software

Effective Tours

Hotel Channel manager
(3 Ratings)

Effective Tours pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Effective Tours and how does it work?

Effective Tours helps property owners including, but not limited to, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, inns, vacation rentals, apartments, campgrounds and more to manage their property online. ET Channel manager & PMS is automatically scalable depending on the network load and fault tolerance due to a multi-regional hosting platform. ET Channel manager & PMS has been built using a state-of-the-art responsive design, which allows you to use it from any PC, tablet, or phone. Avoid travel agency commission and get direct bookings with a free mini-site of your hotel. show more

CultBooking - Channel Management Software


Conversions devoted Booking Engine
(17 Ratings)

CultBooking pricing: CultBooking Offers Free-forever plan.

What is CultBooking and how does it work?

CultBooking is a Booking Engine, also called a booking button, for apartments, hotels, hostels, guest houses, villas, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges, or any type of property and accommodation provider. The CultBooking hotel booking engine will reformat itself and adapt to any mobile phone or tablet device. Larger navigation buttons, reformatted content and optimized images appear when the user is on a mobile device. Drive conversions on your website with all the perks that CultBooking has to offer, including commission-free direct bookings and effective technology. show more

myallocator - Channel Management Software


Channel management has never been easier
(1 Ratings)

myallocator pricing: Starts at $25.76.

What is myallocator and how does it work?

myallocator gives you total control over your channels. Setup rates and availability on all the channels (e.g. Booking, Expedia, HostelWorld) you wish to connect to with ease. Myallocator pushes real-time updates to all of your channels so you are in sync. Sit back and relax as myallocator sends reservation information from each channel back to you, or pass this along to one of many PMS partners. Create rooms types and rates for syncing with your channels. Learn industry best practices for using their channel manager to its fullest. show more

eZee Centrix - Channel Management Software

eZee Centrix

Manage your hotel and boarders efficiently
(3 Ratings)

eZee Centrix pricing: Starts at $35.0.

What is eZee Centrix and how does it work?

eZee Centrix is the best hotel channel management and distribution platform. Also termed as the best solution aimed at lower overbookings, faster updates and an enhanced amount of reservations. This hotel channel management software automates the process of distribution thereby freeing clients of the hassles related to updating inventories. The inventory updating can be completed within minutes along with unlimited channel listings as desired. eZee Centrix further provides property owners with real-time insights into their performance across various channels along with accurate reports on bookings, revenue, cancellation and everything related. The simple yield management feature enables client organisations to sell their rooms at the best possible rates according to the current market of the hotel industry. Each rate can be configured according to the occupancy slabs and the channel manager automatically assigns the prices as per the same. Further, the platform is a perfect one for getting OTA vouchers seamlessly, preventing revenue losses and real-time CC checking to alert the manager if the customer’s identity credentials are invalid. show more

Hotel Spider - Channel Management Software

Hotel Spider

A channel manager to empower hospitality distribution
(1 Ratings)

What is Hotel Spider and how does it work?

Hotel-Spider is an IDS, GDS, PMS integration, Booking Engine, Yield Management, and Channel Manager channel management software. You may use the channel manager's flexibility and ability to distribute your available inventory and prices across all connected sales platforms. You can integrate and automate all of your systems with Hotel Spider's reliable two-way interfaces. You simply need to enter your pricing and availability into their system or have your PMS do so for you. This information is then sent to all of your linked booking portals. Whenever a reservation is made, they import it and modify the inventory across all platforms automatically. After that, the reservation is sent to you and synced with your Property Management System. Its Central Reservation System provides an interface for accessing property data. You have access to availability, rates, cancellation conditions, as well as photographs and descriptions. Guests may evaluate not only numerous hotel options but also intermediate providers for each lodging using its metasearch platforms, allowing you to post your direct booking option alongside offers from other platforms, such as OTAs. show more

Octorate Channel Manager - Channel Management Software

Octorate Channel Manager

Manage your channel with just a click
(129 Ratings)

What is Octorate Channel Manager and how does it work?

Octorate Channel Manager is an online distribution channel tracking and handling software. It is developed on a reliable cloud-based infrastructure, which is accessible from anywhere. This software is a safe and simple platform where users can manage pricing, availability, and promotion of their products. It also enables users to manage all their invoicing related procedures directly from it. Octorate Channel Manager makes sure that all types of establishments whether big or small can use their platform. The channel manager feature of this software allows users to get connected with more than 110 websites. It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small the software will make sure that there is an increase in your profit margins. The constant good services provided by the software has taken it to the customer’s priority list. It has also collected various prestigious awards. The software has also become a reliable platform for various websites companies related to the channelling industry. show more

BananaDesk - Channel Management Software


Simplify your front desk and avoid overbookings
(4 Ratings)

BananaDesk pricing: Starts at $24.0.

What is BananaDesk and how does it work?

BananaDesk is the front desk platform that helps you establish and build a successful hostel without going crazy. BananaDesk is cloud-based, so it's available everywhere you are. BananaDesk backs up your data every 5 minutes, so you'll never lose your data again. BananaDesk works on every platform: Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. Reservations are imported, and availability is pushed, all automatically and in real-time. Manage your property the way you operate - with rates per room or per bed. Invite your team, and define who gets access to what. Manage different types of taxes across your rooms and extras. show more

The Channel Manager - Channel Management Software

The Channel Manager

Promote your hotel chain to get stellar results
(1 Ratings)

The Channel Manager pricing: Starts at $37.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is The Channel Manager and how does it work?

The Channel Manager has been voted by hoteliers as the best hotel channel manager among others. The platform has been designed to help hotel chains boost their bookings by promoting their properties on multiple channels, thoroughly. The software integrates with over 1300 booking channels and is known to provide exposure in real-time better than others. Along with this, the platform also provides to its clients' detailed information and insights on the performance of each channel and feedback on the one that would be beneficial for the chain. It further provides ample foresight to optimise bookings, make payment procedures easy and fast during peak seasons. The pooled inventory allows clients to connect to multiple distribution channels. The inventory further makes it seamless to automate between continuous exchange of rates, reservations and room-booking requests between the selected channels. The data pieces however are automatically updated with every change without the involvement of manual labour. The Channel Manager comes with a demand-plus feature that clients can utilise to enhance their visibility chances. show more

Lobbypms - Channel Management Software


User friendly web platform
(1 Ratings)

Lobbypms pricing: Lobbypms Offers Custom plan.

What is Lobbypms and how does it work?

LobbyPMS is a fully-featured Property Management Software designed to serve Agencies, SMEs. Management of accommodation, restaurant, bar, inventories, and even tours and transportation services. Accounting reports and business statistics. Synchronization of portals such as Booking.com, Expedia or Airbnb. Save hours of work by updating the availability of each platform and avoid overbooking. Visitors to your website or social network can now check availability, view photos of their rooms and confirm a reservation with online payment. show more

WooDoo - Channel Management Software


Integrable with your Software
(2 Ratings)

What is WooDoo and how does it work?

WooDoo is a world of solutions that allow you to connect and integrate Channel Manager or Booking Engine with your software. A reliable, fast Channel Manager and for this reason already chosen not only by countless structures but also by various PMS or Revenue Managers. WooDoo Booking Engine is a booking engine solid and with lots of features to customize your sale. Can be integrated with WooDoo Channel Manager and your software, which works with any type of website. show more

Booking Automation - Channel Management Software

Booking Automation

Go for easy booking management with Booking Automation.
(6 Ratings)

Booking Automation pricing: Starts at $4.95.

What is Booking Automation and how does it work?

Booking Automation is a powerful vacation rental channel management software. It has been essentially designed to provide a seamless booking experience and is trusted by eminent booking channels like Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com. An intuitive channel manager within the same helps businesses with their booking related listing part, eliminating all chances of double bookings. Also, an inbuilt dashboard helps businesses to monitor bookings and assign tasks on the go. Further, the user interface of Booking Automation focuses on a user-friendly experience. Its advanced inventory management module facilitates seamless calendar inventory, calendar blackout, channel-wise room closing and more. Also, businesses can create multiple rates as per convenience, create a hierarchy between different rates, close bookings for individual properties and schedule first-night restriction strategies as well. They can also leverage the Gap-filler Rates mechanism to fillup for gaps in an automated way. Other relevant functionalities of Booking Automation are occupancy reports, housekeeping reports and an open API. show more

TalkGuest - Channel Management Software


Rental Management Software for Consolidated Listing Handling
(0 Ratings)

TalkGuest pricing: Starts at $15.3. Offers Custom plan.

What is TalkGuest and how does it work?

TalkGuest provides software to help users manage and automate the tasks of their rental businesses. It features a channel manager to help users keep their channels up to date automatically. iCal and API integrations allow channel updates as well. Users can synchronize all their Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and Booking.com calendars. It is also possible for users to send invoices quickly by using the available billing software. The tool features a calendar view where users can view their properties and their renters in a date-wise fashion. Automatic notifications can be set up to be sent at the time of booking to confirm a reservation or after checkout to request a review. No installation is required to run the tool, and it can function on any device by simply using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer (IE9 or higher). The tool also offers statistics, owner area, payment management, staff management, commissions, advanced calendar filters, and more. show more

ChannelValue - Channel Management Software


Improve Business Development
(0 Ratings)

ChannelValue pricing: ChannelValue Offers Custom plan.

What is ChannelValue and how does it work?

ChannelValue is an innovative software as a service (SaaS) solution for international partner relationship management. With in-built channel marketing and distribution capabilities, as well as motivation tools for indirect sales channels, ChannelValue helps you win new partners. It also enhances your cross- and up-selling potential to deliver more sales while maintaining the loyalty of existing partners. show more

Simpleview Referral Engine - Channel Management Software

Simpleview Referral Engine

The Ultimate Booking Referral Engine
(0 Ratings)

Simpleview Referral Engine pricing: Simpleview Referral Engine Offers Custom plan.

What is Simpleview Referral Engine and how does it work?

Simpleview Referral Engine is an online-based Channel Management Software. Provide relevant rate and availability content to enable potential visitors to find answers to their questions without leaving your site. Rate & Availability content added to CMS to allow users to search for their intended travel dates. Includes the ability to sort by price or availability. The interactive form widget enables users to search for customized rates and availability. Visitors will have access to dynamic live rates and availability for the selected dates up to one year in advance. show more

Aiosell Channel Manager - Channel Management Software

Aiosell Channel Manager

A Channel Manager for Business
(0 Ratings)

Aiosell Channel Manager pricing: Aiosell Channel Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Aiosell Channel Manager and how does it work?

Aiosell Channel Manager is an Online Distribution System that seamlessly integrates with all major OTAs. The Channel Manager also integrates with Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management system to increase business for hotels. The software offers tools to track competitor’s room rates and compare prices to optimize a distribution strategy in real time. Analyze room rates and evaluate OTA performances to make profitable decisions. Hotel Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

STAAH Channel Manager - Channel Management Software

STAAH Channel Manager

All-in-one Hotel Channel Manager
(0 Ratings)

STAAH Channel Manager pricing: STAAH Channel Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is STAAH Channel Manager and how does it work?

STAAH software is a platform used to optimise revenue to attract, convert, analyse and maximise your bookings. The software offers a cloud-based real-time application for 200+ hotel channel manager integrations with OTAs, GDS and other booking platforms. Manage direct bookings grow through increased conversions from your website. Gain insights with ReviewMinder to analyse your service. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

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List of Channel Management Software

Hotel Perfect Channel Management 5
Hotel Link Channel Manager 5
OneAffiniti 4.8
PartnerStack 4.8
Effective Tours 4.6
CultBooking 4.6
myallocator 4.5
eZee Centrix 4.5
Hotel Spider 4.5
Octorate Channel Manager 4.3

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