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Updated on: July 22, 2019
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If No Reply

A powerful marketing tool
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If No Reply is an email marketing automation software that sends all your campaign messages like a normal mail from Gmail, so that your marketing team does not have to get familiar with anything new. You can just schedule a time for sending the follow up mails and it will be sent automatically if the leads don’t respond back in a given time frame. With If No Reply, you can easily preview and customize every email without much of a hassle. You can also create your own templates and save time on the redundant tasks. They have an active support system that is always open to queries and feedbacks.


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If No Reply Technical details

Support 24/7 (Live rep) Business Hours Online Customer Type Individuals Freelancers Small Business
API NA Contact United Kingdom
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Category Marketing Automation Software

If No Reply Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Freemium , Subscription
How much does If No Reply cost ?
The pricing for If No Reply starts at $10.0 per month. If No Reply has 3 different plans such as - Startup at $10.0 per month, Pro at $20.0 per month and Power at $40.0 per month. If No Reply also offers a Free Plan with limited features.
$40 /Month

$40 Per Month Paid Annually and $50 Per Month Paid Monthly.

  • 1 team member
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Email Unlimited contacts per month (Subject to gmail max limits per day)
  • No Sent with If No Reply Branding
$20 /Month

$20 Per Month Billed Annually and $25 Per Month Paid Monthly

  • 1 team member
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Email 500 contacts per month
  • No Sent with If No Reply Branding
$10 /Month

$10 Per Month Paid Annually and $13 Per Month Paid Monthly

  • 1 team member
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Email 200 contacts per month
  • No Sent with If No Reply` Branding
Free Forever

Our Free Tier:

  • 1 team member
  • Send emails to 20 contacts per month

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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 04/04/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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If No Reply Reviews

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Grant B.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 09 January 2019)
Follow up email integration right into Gmail with ease!

Pros: Its incredibly simple and straight forward. You can add If No Reply right into gmail and don't even need another app or software to get started. The features are laid out plain and simple. It is awesome how you can basically get into using the service in a matter of minutes.

Cons: You are still a little limited as far as personalization goes with the replies. I would like to see some custom mark up (HTML/CSS) in the future but for right now it fulfills all my needs on the free platform.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 31 December 2018)
"If No Reply" a definite yes

Pros: -Works with inbound and outbound sales

-Flexible formats and templates which can be customized and saved for the future

-Integrates with gmail

-Includes API

-Good pricing as still in Early days of business, including a free tier to try

-Excellent visual feel

Cons: None really. Pricing could be an obstacle for startups, but with the free tier, sole proprietors can make sure it's an investment they really want to make or just track the emails they really need to care about.

Overall: Definitely worth using at any tier. Using If No Reply increases efficiency while being easy to use. Overall, it helps to ensure that nothing gets forgotten along the course of a sale.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 11 December 2018)
Its simple.

Pros: I like that it doesnt try to be a lot of different things.

Cons: I wish the UI was made better, especially with the new redesign it gets in the way of Gmail.

Overall: I liked it and have used it for a few weeks but I moved to a different app which included this as a feature.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 23 October 2018)
Takes the pain out of chasing up leads

Pros: This really does take the pain out of chasing up leads. It allows follow up emails to be set up through Gmail. We loved the Chrome Extension which made it that bit easier to use.

Cons: It's a little light on features but definitely does what it says on the tin.

Overall: This is a great piece of sales automation software. It allows us to follow up on emails sent out which in turn improves our sales efficiency. No more worrying about remembering to send follow up emails.

Marcie H.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 19 July 2018)
I find this to be not so convenient to my emails if I don't need a reply why send me an email.

Pros: I like the fact I don't have to reply to an e-mail I also like the fact that I get an email for what I do

Cons: The Con about this is if I need to respond there is no place to respond to if I do respond I get an email saying that the email did not get there that is quite annoying

Sonia G.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 09 July 2018)
Smooth as silk

Pros: Simple and effective. Accomplishes everything promised.
The tag feature is my favorite thing when emailing many people! Make no mistake with whom you talk to nor what you talk about anymore. If No Reply allows you to collect all names without losing focus in each contact individually, nor the subject. Plus, very easy to use.

Cons: The price is a little too high. I get that you offer a really great service. But if you want to charge 20$ for it, add more features. Maybe an institutional edition for teachers and students.

Overall: I don't have to write more emails apologizing for mistaking people for someone else.

reshma bSource : saasworthy.com
(Reviewed on 16 May 2018)
good product

good product

user testSource : saasworthy.com
(Reviewed on 10 May 2018)
really simple to use

Everything is highly customisable, really simple to use, and best of all integrates straight with Gmail so I didn't have to learn new software or use a different website.

Karl T.Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 19 January 2018)
Works well even for beginners

What do you like best?

I am missing a tracker or reminder function in Microsoft Outlook. As for If No Reply I like that this addon is easy to install and use. You can choose multiple days and steps to remind someone of a mail that has been sent.

What do you dislike?

The addon seems to crash a lot. I would like an automatic save function to save your steps and mail content. When it crashes it should at least write an error into a protocol file so you can look it up and try to fix the problem.

Recommendations to others considering the product

When you search on google for this sort of functionalities you will find different free tools and addons. Make sure you pick the one that suits you best.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I use the templating and user lists mostly. As a small company, we do not have lots of resources so I like to be able to use this functionality for free (up to a specific amount of contacts).

Gerrit L.Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 17 January 2018)
Mass mailing made easy

What do you like best?

If No Reply makes it easy to send multiple e-mails to a user group of your choice. The mailings do use a main template, though every mail contact your are sending a mail to will have their specific values which can be used to personalize the mail towards them.

What do you dislike?

I would like a free version of If No Reply for personal usage. The free trial is limited to 200 contacts for instance - also there is a trial interval of 14 days only. The functionality of If No Reply is really good but it does not offer enough to pay a lot for it.

Recommendations to others considering the product

You can use e-mail templates with this one too.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

When sending mass mails to an huge user group If No Reply saves a lot time for me. Every contact still feels like receiving a personalized mail though.

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