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Top 5 CertifySimple Alternatives

Adobe Acrobat DC - Document Creation Software

Adobe Acrobat DC

Indulge in seamless management of generated PDF files
(4,524 Ratings)

Adobe Acrobat DC pricing: Starts at $16.14. Offers Custom plan.

What is Adobe Acrobat DC and how does it work?

Adobe Acrobat DC is the most trusted software for viewing, signing, sharing, annotating and printing PDF files. It is the only software that can be used to easily operate and interact with all types of content, forms and multimedia files. Further, Adobe Acrobat DC allows users or client companies to make their PDFs as useful as possible. For starters, PDFs made using Adobe Acrobat DC are accessible from all sorts of devices and seldom come up with accessibility issues. The action wizard from Adobe allows users to incorporate customised actions in PDFs saving time and master keystrokes. Further, Adobe Acrobat DC makes it excessively convenient to convert these PDFs into versions that comply with the standards of the ISO. These includePDF/X, PDF/An and PDF/E versions respectively. Adobe Acrobat DC has a huge set of tools that have been incorporated to enhance the utility of PDF files. The tools also enable converting these files into Word documents, jpg and spreadsheets. show more

Adobe Acrobat DC Alternatives
Microsoft Word - Document Creation Software

Microsoft Word

Word Processing Software
(1,425 Ratings)

Microsoft Word pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Microsoft Word and how does it work?

Microsoft Word is a word processing software. You can easily transform your word document into a webpage. Get creative by inserting 3D models directly in your book reports, nonprofit presentation, or any document. Microsoft Word offers a feature called Researcher which helps users search for information, images, or materials they need for their research paper or any document they are working on. show more

Microsoft Word Alternatives
Adobe InCopy - Document Creation Software

Adobe InCopy

Writing and copy editing software
(16 Ratings)

Adobe InCopy pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is Adobe InCopy and how does it work?

Adobe InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in Adobe InDesign all without overwriting each other’s contributions.

Adobe InCopy Alternatives
Jotform PDF Editor - Document Creation Software

Jotform PDF Editor

Edit your PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor
(66 Ratings)

Jotform PDF Editor pricing: Jotform PDF Editor Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Jotform PDF Editor and how does it work?

JotForm is a free online PDF editor that turns collected responses into professional and safe PDF documents (automatically). That individuals can share with colleagues and customers. Jotform PDF Editor allows users to edit PDF files and automatically produce polished documents with the data they gather, whether one needs to write a contract, generate an invoice for payments, capture event attendee registration information, or prepare an inspection report. People can create online forms with JotForm builder and share them with the audience. Furthermore, the editor allows users to design a PDF when someone responds to the forms. With JotForm PDF Editor, individuals can store, share, download and print PDFs online. The editor has a “drag and drop” feature, allowing the users to drag and drop the elements they want in the documents. With JotForm PDF Editor, users can design a document and the platform will automatically use the same design every time. People can create unlimited documents with this PDF editor. show more

Jotform PDF Editor Alternatives
Dropbox Paper - Document Creation Software

Dropbox Paper

Your teams collaborative workspace
(4,616 Ratings)

Dropbox Paper pricing: Dropbox Paper Offers Custom plan.

What is Dropbox Paper and how does it work?

Dropbox Paper is a web-based word processing tool. Keep everything related to your meetings in one place. The paper’s task management tools, you can assign to-dos, add due dates, and mention people right from inside the doc. When you embed an Invision, Sketch, or Dropbox file into Paper, it will preview correctly. Paper works the way you do so you can keep working. Paper’s smart formatting and simple, clean design mean you can create beautiful work without spending hours on it. show more

Dropbox Paper Alternatives

Products Similar to CertifySimple

Google Docs - Document Creation Software

Google Docs

For teams, word processing
(31,236 Ratings)

Google Docs pricing: Starts at $6.0.

What is Google Docs and how does it work?

Google Docs is a free Web-based tool that allows you to create, edit, and store documents and spreadsheets online. Any computer with an Internet connection and a full-featured Web browser can access the files. Google Docs is one of a larger set of online tools provided by and affiliated with Google. Google Docs users can combine text with formulas, lists, tables, and photos to create, edit, and update documents and spreadsheets in a variety of fonts and file formats. Most presentation software and word processor applications are compatible with Google Docs. A Web page or a print-ready manuscript can be used to publish your work. Users have complete control over who sees their work. Google Docs is perfect for publishing within an organisation, keeping blogs, and creating work for public consumption. Google Docs is ideal for collaborative projects in which numerous authors collaborate in real time from different parts of the world. Everyone in the room can see who made specific document modifications and when they were made. There is no risk of total data loss as a result of a localised disaster because documents are kept online and can also be stored on users' computers. However, because Google Docs is dependent on the Internet, some authors are concerned that their work will not be kept private or secure. show more

Google Docs Alternatives
Formstack Documents - Document Creation Software

Formstack Documents

Create custom documents in minutes
(290 Ratings)

Formstack Documents pricing: Starts at $92.0.

What is Formstack Documents and how does it work?

Formstack is a secure workplace productivity platform built to produce ingenious solutions to the everyday work that slow organizations down. From eliminating paper forms to breaking digital silos, Formstack empowers anyone to quickly and easily build custom forms, create documents, and collect eSignatures—all without any specialized skills or coding. show more

Formstack Documents Alternatives
pdfFiller - Document Creation Software


Ensures overall PDF document management at its best
(8,757 Ratings)

pdfFiller pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is pdfFiller and how does it work?

pdfFiller is an online platform that can be used to create, edit and manage PDF documents. The platform provides a plethora of powerful/feature-rich tools to transform static PDFs into interactive documents and templates alike. Once a PDF has been edited, individuals can share the same with their teammates in a few clicks, securely. These PDFs can also be sent via text message, email, fax, USPS mail. pdfFiller further offers an online library of 25M+ fillable forms from where one can find a particular PDF documentary as per need. Also, individuals can build fillable forms and connect them to a payment system. They can further publish the forms on their websites or share via a link. Apart from creating, editing, publishing and sharing PDF documents, pdfFiller also allows brands to create and manage complex eSignature workflows. With its Sign now feature, users can delight their customers and partners with an intuitive signing experience. pdfFiller is loved by over 56 million users, globally. show more

pdfFiller Alternatives
ABBYY Finereader - Document Creation Software

ABBYY Finereader

Digitise your work files in an instant with ABBYY Finereader
(359 Ratings)

What is ABBYY Finereader and how does it work?

ABBYY Finereader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that facilitates one-click document conversion into PDF formats. This conversion utility platform enables users to convert, edit, scan and collaborate on documents within a digital workspace as per convenience. Moreover, a variety of feature sets offered by ABBYY Finereader facilitates seamless work efficiency maximisation by digitising multiple documents within an individual workflow. It also helps users to create, edit and organise PDF documents and fillable PDF forms, all in a few swift keystrokes. Apart from these, this intuitive solution also helps teams to collaborate with each other and proceed with relevant modifications on documents in real-time. It lets users compare different formats of documents side-by-side while retaining their structures at the same time. Moreover, ABBYY Finereader employs the latest AI-based OCR technology, enabling users to digitise paper documents and scans. Predefined rules allow users to automate the digitisation and conversion routines allowing optimisation of administrative needs within a shared workspace in an efficient manner. This simple yet clever platform optimises productivity and reduces needless manual labour. show more

ABBYY Finereader Alternatives
Smallpdf - Document Creation Software


Get access to a variety of hands-on tools that you need to create, manage and share PDF files
(518 Ratings)

Smallpdf pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Smallpdf and how does it work?

Smallpdf is an exclusive PDF management tool that helps users with PDF conversion, compression, or editing. The tool can be used to convert PDF into Word files, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PDF to Excel files. In addition, it can also be used to Merge PDF, Edit PDF, Compress PDF, Split PDF, Rotate PDF, Unlock PDF and Protect PDF files with ease. Also, within the PDF files, users can highlight and add text, shapes, images, and freehand annotations as per their own needs. It also allows companies to fill in forms and e-sign contracts quickly. Coordinators can also request e-signatures and track the documents at every step. Smallpdf enables users to manage all of their documents from a single place. Moreover, users can even proceed to share files to other devices right from Smallpdf’s web platform. It is a highly protective tool and comes compliant with ISO 27001, CCPA, and GDPR regulations. For an extra layer of security, Smallpdf is also compliant with the 256-bit TLS encryption facility. show more

Smallpdf Alternatives
ConvertAPI - Document Creation Software


Convert Files in Minutes
(22 Ratings)

What is ConvertAPI and how does it work?

ConvertAPI software is a platform used to increase the performance of File Conversion with API. Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF and Image formats with file conversion Rest API. The software offers a Authentication and Secured 256-bit SSL connection to manage file conversions. Developers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

ConvertAPI Alternatives
iLovePDF - Document Creation Software


Largest Collection for PDF Tools
(151 Ratings)

iLovePDF pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is iLovePDF and how does it work?

iLovePDF is a huge collection of the most popular internet tools needed to interact with PDF files. 100% of the tools are free on the platform and anyone can make use of them to merge, split, compress, unlock, watermark, and do much more with PDFs. iLovePDFs as a repository of the tools and all of them are categorically organised to be easily searchable. There’s a tool for every action one might have to take with a PDF file. This reduces the effort of users who usually have to search online and settle for the first tool that pops up in the search results. The curated list of tools is updated every now and then to ensure that the latest tools are listed on the platform. Every listed tool has a short description to indicate their relevance and gives a brief summary about what it does. This helps users in choosing the best tool for their needs. show more

iLovePDF Alternatives
Overleaf - Document Creation Software


Research work and collaboration made effortlessly simple
(59 Ratings)

Overleaf pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Overleaf and how does it work?

Overleaf is an online Latex editor for researchers, teachers, students, enterprises, universities, publishers and institutions. Large teams can work on a single version of data and check real-time edits of other collaborators, making conflicting changes almost impossible. Team members can also voice their thoughts via chat or comments. The easy to use editor eliminates the need of complicated LaTex version installation, besides featuring multiple templates and packages for advanced use. Writers and collaborators can monitor version wise document history and check for added or removed information. They can restore previous versions of the document as well. Rich text mode within the same, renders images, headings, equations and formatting directly. The documents generated within Overleaf are private by default, users can invite collaborators either by sharing a link or by sending a private invitation. Anywhere access ensures great working flexibility to individuals. Users can also work offline within Overleaf by syncing their files through GitHub and Dropbox. show more

Overleaf Alternatives
Soda PDF - Document Creation Software

Soda PDF

Document conversion and management just got easier
(483 Ratings)

Soda PDF pricing: Starts at $6.75.

What is Soda PDF and how does it work?

Soda PDF can be utilised to generate, edit, convert and sign files in real-time. Users can get hold of the files stored within the particular both online and offline. They can upload useful documents on SharePoint, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox accordingly. Moreover, Soda PDF, with its inbuilt batch tool, helps users convert files in bulk and save time. Users can also utilise the software as an e-reader, insert links, remove pages, paragraphs and images as per needs. They can also add watermarks, footers and headers to make sure that the authenticity levels of the generated docs are maintained. Security is a major concern for the makers of Soda PDF, they have enabled admins to add passwords, set permission levels and incorporate legally binding certificates besides sign-on. Soda PDF is also capable of converting Image files into documents with its Optical Character Recognition technology. Users can personalise the OCR tools as per their own needs. show more

Soda PDF Alternatives
PDFescape - Document Creation Software


Get your PDF documents edited seamlessly, with PDF escape
(73 Ratings)

PDFescape pricing: Starts at $2.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDFescape and how does it work?

PDF escape is an online PDF editor and a PDF form filler that helps individuals with their day to day activities. It liberates users from the typical software requirements for using the de facto file format. Completely online, PDF escape requires nothing more than a modern internet browser and an active internet connection. This editor provides a wide array of features to individuals, enabling the latter to open PDF documents natively in their browsers. Also, it allows people to rotate and zoom the PDF pages to preferred viewing styles. The PDF reader of PDF escape further offers real-time permission to users to copy-paste required documents on the clipboard. With the editor, one can add text, shapes, annotate or whiteout PDF files, accordingly. Furthermore, users can create links to other PDF pages or web content. People can also change information tags on PDF Files with PDF escape or opt for eSignatures as needed. It also abides by 256-bit encryption & password protection technology for appropriate safety. show more

PDFescape Alternatives
FormSwift - Document Creation Software


Generate documents for official purpose with ease
(50 Ratings)

FormSwift pricing: Starts at $39.95.

What is FormSwift and how does it work?

FormSwift is an advanced tool that helps businesses and professional individuals to create and edit documents related to tax and legal forms. It provides 500+ templates that can be used to create desired documents. The platform also includes a questionnaire for users to fill up step-by-step and export their completed document in word or PDF. FormSwift comes with a dynamic PDF editor, which allows users to add text, images, checkmarks besides saving and updating their files at any time. Further, individuals can create personal legal forms that can be used to secure transactions involving products or services. Personal forms can be created to make a formal legal request or to set up a contract to protect a party from a dispute. With FormSwift, businesses can create confidential agreements, bills of sales, service contracts and loan agreements as well. It allows users to create tax forms for businesses, including w2, 1099-misc, 1099-int, w9, and pay stubs. show more

FormSwift Alternatives
PDFChef - Document Creation Software


Manage multiple PDFs documents in an organised way
(2 Ratings)

PDFChef pricing: PDFChef Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDFChef and how does it work?

PDFChef is an intuitive all in one PDF editor that allows users to handle normal PDF-related activities right from their browser without jeopardising the device's security. Users can depend on the particular to Edit PDF files which include functionalities like merge, split, rotate, rearrange and delete the needful. They can even convert the PDF files into any format of their choice out of the available options like Word, Excel, PPT, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, HTML, EPUB and DjVu. Further, PDFChef, despite its simplicity, provides all of the capability required to handle PDF documents, including PDF generation from scratch, electronic signature options, as well as conversion facilities. Text editing, file export with a single click, and print output facilities are also available with the same. The makers of the software are quite thoughtful about data security and privacy. All documents within PDFChef are completely secured against third party attacks and unnecessary intrusions. show more

PDFChef Alternatives
Easy PDF - Document Creation Software

Easy PDF

An online PDF maker serving your differential needs
(598 Ratings)

Easy PDF pricing: Easy PDF Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Easy PDF and how does it work?

Easy PDF is an online PDF converter suite made available for everyone. Users can depend on the particular tool to convert files of their choice from PDF to Word, PowerPoint and Excel format. It can also be used to merge multiple PDF files, compress required ones and split files accordingly. Other essential facilities include JPG to PDF converter and vis a vis, PDF to PNG, PDF to GIF, PDF to AutoCAD and OCR online. Apart from English, Easy PDF is made available in a variety of international languages like Indonesian, Portuguese, Italiano, Ellinika, Deutsch, Nederlands, Francais, Espanol and more. The software does not store any backup of the stored documents for more than six hours or share them with third party organisations under any circumstances. The uploaded docs are accessed by automated PDF conversion agents for conversion purposes only. Further, the SSL certificate incorporated within helps with safe file transport from one server to another. show more

Easy PDF Alternatives
Documate - Document Creation Software


Document Automation Made Simple
(24 Ratings)

Documate pricing: Starts at $83.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Documate and how does it work?

Documate software is a platform used to create generate documents in minutes. The software offers templates to create questions with complex branching logic to show or hide questions or pages. Collaborate with your team and measure analytics of PDF documents, forms, and tag them to your interview questions. Embed documents on your website and sell online legal solutions to monetize practice. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Documate Alternatives
EDocGen - Document Creation Software


Get your documents processed in the right way
(2 Ratings)

EDocGen pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is EDocGen and how does it work?

EDocGen is a dynamic document generation software, helping out industries to deliver turnkey customer experiences on the go. The software features an exclusive suite of document monitoring tools backed by automation. Users can generate thousands of documents in bulk from various data sources (Excel/JSON/Enterprise apps/XML/Databases) of their choice within a few minutes. Also, EDocGen is capable of generating template-based web capture forms automatically, which can be used to create filled in documents alike. Active integration with external platforms like Azure Active Directory, OneDrive, PowerApps and SharePoint through Webhooks or API help users download statements of their choice, besides running the entire system within the Microsoft environment at the same time. Within EDocGen, admins can personalise customer-based communication across multiple channels as per need and streamline an engaging experience for the customers to indulge in. Supported document types of EDocGen include JPG, HTML, PDF and DOCX. Users can automate their document workflow by connecting with 1000+ databases and apps via Tray and Zapier integration. show more

EDocGen Alternatives
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