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Updated on: May 26, 2022

Route Planning Software

Route planning software is an important tool for fleet-based businesses. It assists in routing and scheduling decisions by suggesting the most efficient route for multiple vehicles. It not only helps you to dispatch vehicles towards various locations and provides you with the most effective route, but also support drivers to communicate any setbacks or changes while on the go. Some key features of a route planning software include route planning, fuel management functionalities, dispatching, voice command directions, driver note logs and driver performance analytics. This software is ideal for businesses related to delivery services, shipping fleets, for-hire-carriers as well as appointment based businesses.

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Route Optimization and Tracking for Multi-Stop Routes
(11 Ratings)

Optiyol pricing: Optiyol Offers Custom plan.

Optiyol optimizes city logistics for better service and lower cost. The solutions both automate and optimize transportation planning decisions with state-of-the-art machine learning and optimization algorithms. Residential last-mile operations are increasing in volume thanks to e-commerce and... read more


Route Optimization Softwares with Real-Time Changes
(40 Ratings)

Maxoptra pricing: Starts at $45.7. Offers Custom plan.

Maxoptra is a route optimization software for fleet operators. The tool aims to cut costs for the users and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It offers dynamic route optimization for tailored routes and takes into account traffic conditions, known roadworks, vehicle capacities, live order volumes,... read more


The smart software for managing deliveries
(4 Ratings)

Smart Routes is a versatile route optimization platform that enables you to provide your customers a great delivery experience by delivering services on time. It helps you in easily planning your routes and sending dispatches to your drivers' phones to save time, money, and efforts. With Smart... read more

Stream Go

Optimize Routes in Real-time
(6 Ratings)

Stream Go pricing: Starts at $216.0.

Stream Go software is a platform used to manage routes for better business experiences. The software offers tools to scan barcodes to track every item and build up a digital audit trail. Engage users with two-way communication by email and SMS. Measure the performance of data to create your KPI... read more

LogiNext Mile

Route planning software
(90 Ratings)

LogiNext Mile pricing: LogiNext Mile Offers Custom plan.

LogiNext Mile is a last-mile delivery and dispatch management software that is highly flexible. It's a resource capacity, delivery route planning, and route optimization software that works with all distribution models, including single pick-multiple-drop and multiple pick-multiple-drop algorithms.... read more


Route Planning, Without The Hassle
(114 Ratings)

Routific pricing: Starts at $33.0. Offers Custom plan.

Routific is a cloud-based delivery route planning and route optimization solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses maximize their fleet capacity, save on fuel, and track driver progress in real-time. The route optimization algorithm has been in development for more than a decade.... read more


Managing and organizing a mobile workforce was never so easier
(144 Ratings)

OptimoRoute pricing: Starts at $17.1.

OptimoRoute is a robust route optimization software platform that enables you to instantly plan your day and optimize its route in order to obtain maximum efficiency. It allows you to import hundreds of orders with ease and receive the most effective routes and schedules for your drivers right... read more

Zeo Route Planner

Plan shortest routes efficiently.
(18 Ratings)

Zeo Route Planner pricing: Starts at $12.5. Offers Free-forever plan.

Zeo Route Planner is a smartphone application that allows delivery drivers to plan and optimize routes on iOS and Android devices. It also includes a web-based login that may be used by a single driver or an entire fleet of vehicles. Small enterprises, logistics managers, drivers, and courier... read more

Locus DispatchIQ

To optimise your delivery routes and schedules
(61 Ratings)

Locus DispatchIQ pricing: Locus DispatchIQ Offers Custom plan.

Locus DispatchIQ is a route planning software that helps shipping companies, and other businesses that deliver products, optimize their delivery routes and schedules. The software uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. With its AI-backed route... read more


Optimize your route online for several location
(16 Ratings)

MyRouteOnline pricing: Starts at $29.95.

MyRouteOnline fleet tracking solution provider guides you properly to your destination with easy-to-follow turn-by-turn driving directions.This tool enables fleet managers to upload their address list from an excel spreadsheet or just manually type the data into the system. MyRouteOnline then... read more

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