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Patch Management Software

Patch Management Software is committed to quickly subdue software vulnerabilities and alerts to ensure the software stack is up to date. Patch management software helps businesses in tracking updates of middleware solutions and in-turn mitigate the risks prone to known vulnerabilities. Patch Management Tools ensure to alert the administrators and users about the new software, hardware updates, and middleware patches.

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NinjaOne (NinjaRMM)

A Powerful and Easy RMM Software
(568 Ratings)

NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) pricing: NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) Offers Custom plan.

What is NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) and how does it work?

NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM) is the renowned unified IT management solution that simplifies how IT teams work. NinjaOne helps IT teams manage all their endpoints and support end-users within one fast, modern, intuitive platform, improving technician efficiency and user satisfaction. NinjaOne supports over 10,000 customers worldwide and is consistently ranked #1 for our world-class customer support. The NinjaOne platform offers a single-pane-of-glass experience by combining IT teams that can proactively do endpoint monitoring, remote control, patch management, remote monitoring, software management, IT asset management, backup, IT service desk capabilities, and IT documentation. NinjaOne is an all-in-one unified solution with a fast, modern, intuitive interface. show more

Symantec Endpoint Management - Patch Management Software

Symantec Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management
(35 Ratings)

Symantec Endpoint Management pricing: Symantec Endpoint Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Symantec Endpoint Management and how does it work?

Symantec Endpoint Management solutions provide visibility and secure management across devices, platforms, and applications.

SnaPatch - Patch Management Software


A unified tool for your administrative solution
(0 Ratings)

SnaPatch pricing: Starts at $2000.00.

What is SnaPatch and how does it work?

SmiKar Software was created with the aim of creating tools that facilitate the management of a complex development environment. Having been used in the information technology industry for over 30 years, Smikar has grown to be one of the most preferred soft for large leading IT companies for administrator work. SnaPatch connects and works with Microsoft VMware, SCCM, and HyperV from Microsoft, which uses Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). SnaPatch also connects to the SCCM SQL database to extract a large amount of information providing the administrator with the most current image of the environment. By bridging both platforms, it eliminates the risk associated with applying patches and updating servers. This is done by a snapshot of the virtual server before deploying patching. From local infrastructures to the cloud, SmiKar software develops and publishes management software that can handle everyday repetitive tasks and ease the administrator's burden of focusing on the most important issues. Everything is automated, planned and executed according to your stated plans. show more

Qualys Patch Management - Patch Management Software

Qualys Patch Management

Streamline and speed up vulnerability detection
(0 Ratings)

Qualys Patch Management pricing: Qualys Patch Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Qualys Patch Management and how does it work?

Patch Management from Qualys is a cloud-based service that helps security and IT professionals quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities in their systems. In its patching solution, Qualys is uniquely positioned to exploit both vulnerability and threat intelligence data. Qualys' strategy of taking patch remediation a step further with zero-touch automation cleverly eliminates non-caustic hazards like continually patching Chrome or iTunes. It's a nice addition that helps businesses lower their attack surface while also allowing IT and security professionals to focus on more strategic tasks. Built on the world's most powerful cloud-based security and compliance platform, Qualys Patch Management frees you from the significant costs, resources, and deployment challenges that come with traditional software.Connects newly discovered vulnerabilities to the relevant patches. Allows current Qualys Agents to be used to deploy and remove fixes. Fixes the operating system and programmes, including patches from outside vendors (e.g., Adobe, Java, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc.) Patching is possible from practically any location with an Internet connection (e.g., airports, coffee shops, remote offices, etc.). It determines which patches are lacking or required, as well as which patches have been superseded. Patches for specific vulnerabilities, severity levels, and known threats are created. show more

Ivanti Patch for SCCM - Patch Management Software

Ivanti Patch for SCCM

Third-party application patching made convenient with Ivanti
(0 Ratings)

Ivanti Patch for SCCM pricing: Ivanti Patch for SCCM Offers Custom plan.

What is Ivanti Patch for SCCM and how does it work?

Ivanti Patch for SCCM is a comprehensive plug-in third-party patch management solution that makes patching easy by automating the process of discovery and deploying third-party applications through the SCCM console. This platform is trusted widely by over 45,000 customers all over the globe. Powerful features made available by the same enable users to patch third-party applications in a seamless manner without additional infrastructure or training. Users can also use an extensive third-party software catalogue for comprehensive app-patching which helps reduce risks. Furthermore, they can even utilise the portal to edit and tailor patches besides satisfying company policies in real-time. Organisations can also automate their workflow with this platform and perform needed CVE scans. Integration with Intune helps users migrate to modern management and improve their patch publishing strategies in real-time. Overall, Ivanti Patch for SCCM with its advanced functionalities, seamless configuration manager and intune integration facilities stands out from the rest. show more

DarkSight - Patch Management Software


Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management Solution
(0 Ratings)

DarkSight pricing: DarkSight Offers Custom plan.

What is DarkSight and how does it work?

DarkSight is a complete vulnerability assessment and patch management solution. It has key features like Customer Support, Reports, Patching, Scanning, Dashboard and much more. It provides seamless integration with existing tools like SCCM.

Patch My PC - Patch Management Software

Patch My PC

Patch management simplified with Patch My PC
(0 Ratings)

Patch My PC pricing: Starts at $2.00.

What is Patch My PC and how does it work?

Patch My PC software is a web-based platform explicitly built to help users deploy and patch the large-scale list of third-party applications. This software is expert in offering automated patching and deployment of third party application that comprises the features for installation, configuration and malware detection. Patch My PC helps users gain notifications using newsletter and RSS (really simple syndication) feed consisting of CVE IDs. Users can expand their business using the existing SCCM (System Centre configuration manager) site system and compliance records with Patch My PC. Moreover, it also helps to acquire insights with reporting dashboards to estimate the business workflows. So overall, Patch My PC software's only aim is to simplify the enterprise's work process by properly managing, updating, and deploying third-party applications. Undisputedly, it greatly assists organizations using Intune feature on Microsoft configuration manager that kept their third-party application well informed and up-to-date. show more

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus - Patch Management Software

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

Intuitive patch management services delivered expertly
(71 Ratings)

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus pricing: Starts at $245.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus and how does it work?

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus is an enterprise patch management software enabling users to deploy powerful and automated patching services over Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints. Expert solutions provided by this particular software benefits mid and large-sized businesses and are trusted widely by popular organizations like The University of Georgia, Evander, Ardent MC, and more. Also, ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus comes equipped with a wide array of features that deliver superior patch deployment metrics within a single platform. Thus enabling users to automate multiple phases of their patch management service, right from scanning to reporting. Furthermore, with third-party application patching mechanisms offered by the same, users get to depend on, more than 350 applications like Adobe, Java, WinRAR, etc. Also, businesses can generate test groups to evaluate and approve patches in an instant. With ManageEngine Patch Manage Plus, users can prioritize patch deployments by declining less critical patches and promoting necessary ones. Further, all facilities delivered by this platform are automated and enhanced for easy use. show more

PDQ Deploy - Patch Management Software

PDQ Deploy

Automate patch management work easily
(20 Ratings)

PDQ Deploy pricing: Starts at $1000.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDQ Deploy and how does it work?

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that enables companies to deploy custom scripts, update their third party software and make effective configuration changes. Apart from Windows patch management and deployment of software, PDQ Deploy also helps users to execute scripts, copy needed files, force reboots and send messages to users. The tool enables companies to automate their various processes by scripting commands and scripts using their preferred language. PDQ Deploy comes with a Package Library that includes more than 250 popular applications that are ready to deploy. Some of these applications are Google Chrome, Zoom, Microsoft Cumulative Updates and Adobe Reader DC. The working of the PDQ Deploy is also very simple. Users just need to select the software that they want to deploy and create a schedule for deploying new versions automatically. In the next step, they can identify a group of machines that requires a new version of the selected software. After that, the tool will deploy the new versions automatically. show more

wyBuild - Patch Management Software


Automatic Updates, make Patches
(0 Ratings)

wyBuild pricing: Starts at $172.99.

What is wyBuild and how does it work?

wyBuild is used to generate the patches and uses open source updater, wyUpdate, to update the Windows app. It has key features like Easy to drag and drop, Creates shortcuts, Create Tiny Update Patches, Unicode support, Version Management and much more.

Easy Software Deployment - Patch Management Software

Easy Software Deployment

Deploy anything. In seconds
(0 Ratings)

What is Easy Software Deployment and how does it work?

Easy Software Deployment is a powerful software distribution solution. Easy Software Deployment is designed to automatically deploy your software applications and updates within your Microsoft network easily and fast. It integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and reduces the need to modify or repackage the original software. It is perfectly suitable for SMB. show more

Patchdeck - Patch Management Software


Automate patch management with Patchdeck
(0 Ratings)

Patchdeck pricing: Starts at $1.00.

What is Patchdeck and how does it work?

Patchdeck is a cloud-based patch management system that includes the most advanced automation, detailed reporting, and real-time notifications. It also assures that it is in control 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to mitigate security risks and distribute emergency updates as needed. Patchdeck unifies your patching process across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, allowing you to patch all of your endpoints from a single dashboard. There will be no more flipping between tools. Patchdeck unifies your patching process across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, allowing you to patch all of your endpoints from a single dashboard. There will be no more flipping between tools. Create patching policies that are specific to your environment. Declare which endpoints should be patched when, and Patchdeck will take care of the rest. Third-party programs that are outdated and vulnerable might put the security of business networks at risk. Patchdeck can patch a variety of third-party software on Windows and Linux machines. Furthermore, you may utilize Patchdeck patch trackers to receive email or Slack message alerts whenever a new patch for the software you use is released. show more

GFI LanGuard - Patch Management Software

GFI LanGuard

Network Security, Monitor, Scanner with GFI LanGuard
(4 Ratings)

GFI LanGuard pricing: GFI LanGuard Offers Custom plan.

What is GFI LanGuard and how does it work?

GFI LanGuard manages and maintain end-point protection across the network. It provides key features like Web-based reporting, Track the latest vulnerabilities, Detect vulnerabilities, and much more. It Integrates with third-party security apps.

Tanium Patch - Patch Management Software

Tanium Patch

Powerfull Patch management software
(0 Ratings)

Tanium Patch pricing: Tanium Patch Offers Custom plan.

What is Tanium Patch and how does it work?

With Tanium Patch, IT operations teams can keep systems up to date with automated patching across the enterprise, at speed and scale. This helps organizations reduce complexity and increase business resilience.

PatrolServer - Patch Management Software


Real-time security monitor
(0 Ratings)

PatrolServer pricing: PatrolServer Offers Custom plan.

What is PatrolServer and how does it work?

PatrolServer - scan server real-time for outdated software and exploits. All delivered by mail and an easy to use dashboard.

JetPatch - Patch Management Software


Now vulnerability remediation is a matter of moments
(0 Ratings)

JetPatch pricing: JetPatch Offers Custom plan.

What is JetPatch and how does it work?

JetPatch is a vulnerability remediation software that helps to patch problems associated with operations in Information Technology. It finds data that is invisible to the professionals and gives a complete report of patch compliance. Techies can directly view their issues on a dashboard and watch the patch remediation process. The dashboard is comprehensive and easy to understand. It also analyses the patch gaps in real-time. The process of vulnerability remediation happens across company silos and infrastructures. This saves time and prevents any possible errors. JetPatch further scrutinises and gets to the root cause of the delay in remediation and then it corrects the issues automatically. It further shortens the window of scheduled downtime by the incorporation of an efficient and improved procedure. This ensures elevated levels of security on the go. Also, the thousands of threats that IT operations face regularly can be handled by incorporating the JetPatch software. show more

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus - Patch Management Software

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus

Experience unified management for third-party application patching and deployment
(1 Ratings)

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus pricing: Starts at $325.00.

What is ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus and how does it work?

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus is a comprehensive software that automates third-party application deployment and patching strategies by providing active Microsoft SCCM and Intune integration facilities. It comes loaded with a variety of features helping out users to patch and deploy essential business metrics without external manual effort. Along with automated third-party patching, users can also create desired applications from a vast repository of supported applications through the SCCM application management mechanism made available to them. They can detect newly added applications and publish them automatically to SCCM. Moreover, a customised deployment facility made available by the same allows users to tailor or edit application-wise deployment needs and utilise templates accordingly. ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus also delivers profound deployment reports for further improvement in patching and deployment processes. Users are offered a free download of software catalogues for prominent third-party applications like Adobe Reader 11, VLC player, WinRAR, Skype, etc. in .CAB file formats. show more

Ninite Pro - Patch Management Software

Ninite Pro

Patch Management Made Simple
(36 Ratings)

Ninite Pro pricing: Starts at $35.00.

What is Ninite Pro and how does it work?

Ninite Pro used to manage software in a live web interface. The agent receives commands and sends back updates over a secure connection to Ninite's servers. Mark some of machines as cache servers and have other machines route their downloads through them. Organize machines with tags and report on different clients. Ninite Pro Classic will still be supported and is included with every Ninite Pro account. show more

SolarWinds Patch Manager - Patch Management Software

SolarWinds Patch Manager

Detect software vulnerabilities and get them fixed
(54 Ratings)

SolarWinds Patch Manager pricing: Starts at $1909.00.

What is SolarWinds Patch Manager and how does it work?

SolarWinds Patch Manager is an intuitive patch management software that offers practical solutions towards detecting vulnerabilities and getting them resolved. The software is designed to make patch management processes simple with its compliance reporting features and powerful discoveries. With an automated network scanning option, users can easily identify the devices that need patching. The patch solution also helps users to keep their IT environment updated with its computer inventory management module. It leverages and extends user's existing Microsoft WSUS server to discover suitable packages for their environment. For enterprises and small businesses, SolarWinds Patch Manager turns out to be an alternative for SCCM, increasing their patching capabilities and control. Users can also use the WSUS alternative to control their updates and get access to streamlined & unified patch management. A compact guide within the software provides users with the necessary guidance and knowledge regarding software patching. It also protects users from failed Oracle Java updates. Other highlighted features of this software include security patching, remote patching, SCCM Hardware inventory. show more

Automox - Patch Management Software


Get rid of vulnerabilities in IT operations
(14 Ratings)

Automox pricing: Starts at $3.0.

What is Automox and how does it work?

Automox provides accurate security tools to reduce vulnerabilities associated with IT Operations. The software enables control and overall visibility of issues from one platform irrespective of the scale. It finds out vulnerabilities in real-time and fixes them within a few days, besides seamlessly integrating security tools and fixing possible issues across thousands, in a few moments. Moreover, IT professionals can manage their endpoints from anywhere without any complex VPN or infrastructure. Cross-platform support from a single console is also available whether the endpoints are virtual or physical. In the same console, professionals can spot the misconfigured systems, compliance issues and missing patches. Automox consumes only 10 MB which means it is lightweight and occupies minimum system space and resources. This ensures zero impact on the end-user. It also manages patches automatically to ensure proper decision making. These as a whole reduce the vulnerability of the operations to any potential cyber attack. IT Professionals can even manage servers, clients and virtual machines without databases or VPNs through the same. show more

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ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus 4
PDQ Deploy 4.9
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