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AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub - Amazon Web Services
(17 Ratings)

AWS Migration Hub simplifies and accelerate migrations to the AWS cloud. Learn more about key benefits and supported services and tools.

AWS Migration Hub Alternatives

AWS Application Discovery...

Discover on-premises server inventory and behavior
(15 Ratings)

AWS Application Discovery Service helps enterprise customers plan migration projects by gathering information about their on-premises data centers. AWS Application Discovery Service is integrated with AWS Migration Hub, which simplifies your migration tracking. AWS Application Discovery Service provides protection for the collected data by encrypting it both in transit to AWS and at rest within the Application Discovery Service data store. AWS Professional Services and APN Migration Partners have helped many enterprise customers successfully complete their migration to the cloud. show more

What is AWS Application Discovery Service ? AWS Application Discovery Service Pricing AWS Application Discovery Service Alternatives

SAP HANA on Azure Large...

SAP on Azure – SAP Cloud Platform | Microsoft Azure
(6 Ratings)

SAP has partnered with Microsoft to quickly deploy and run SAP HANA and other SAP cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.

SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances Alternatives

Azure Migrate

cloud migration services
(14 Ratings)

Azure Migrate is a central hub of Azure cloud migration services and tools to discover, assess, and migrate workloads to the cloud. Centralized migration repository delivering end-to-end tracking and insights. The guided experience and progress dashboard walk you through discovery, assessment, and migration phases for different business areas in one central data repository.

What is Azure Migrate ? Azure Migrate Pricing Azure Migrate Alternatives

AWS DataSync

AWS DataSync | Easily Transfer Data To And From AWS | Amazon Web Services
(12 Ratings)

AWS DataSync is a data transfer service that makes it easy for you to automate moving data between on-premises storage and Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.

AWS DataSync Alternatives

Azure Database Migration...

Azure Database Migration Service | Microsoft Azure
(17 Ratings)

For assessment and data migration software, choose Azure Database Migration Service for moving on-premises SQL Server and Oracle databases to the cloud.

Azure Database Migration Service Alternatives

GoDaddy Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer | Domain Name Transferring Made Easy - GoDaddy
(13 Ratings)

Need a domain transfer? Transferring a domain name to GoDaddy is very easy with our Transfer Concierge. Move to GoDaddy today.

GoDaddy Domain Transfer Alternatives

IBM Mass Data Migration

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration - Overview
(1 Ratings)

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration lets you move terabytes to petabytes of data securely using rugged, 120-TB-capacity storage devices.

IBM Mass Data Migration Alternatives

Google Cloud Data Transfer

Cloud Data Transfer Service | Fast Data Migration
(2 Ratings)

Cloud Data Transfer services help enterprises move data to Google Cloud Platform quickly and securely. Move your data to Google Cloud Platform fast.

Google Cloud Data Transfer Alternatives

Google Cloud Storage Transfer...

Transfer Service  |  Google Cloud
(16 Ratings)

Complete large-scale online data transfers from online and on-premises sources to Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Storage Transfer Service Alternatives

Google Migrate for Compute...

Migrate for Compute Engine: Cloud Migration  |  Google Cloud
(2 Ratings)

Migrate for Compute Engine gets enterprise workloads running on Google Cloud quickly, safely, and with minimal risk and downtime.

Google Migrate for Compute Engine Alternatives

Proofpoint Sendmail Open...

Sendmail Sentrion Open Source - Open Source Email Server | Proofpoint
(6 Ratings)

Learn how the sendmail Sentrion platform helps organizations that are using open source for large complex environments and need an enterprise platform that will enable a messaging roadmap.

Proofpoint Sendmail Open Source Alternatives

Google Cloud VM Migration

Application Migration  |  Google Cloud
(1 Ratings)

Unburden limited IT resources by migrating applications to Google Cloud for optimized performance, scale, security, and cost.

Google Cloud VM Migration Alternatives

Cloud Sync Data...

Cloud Sync: Data Migration, Replication & Synchronization
(1 Ratings)

NetApp's Cloud Sync - a hybrid enterprise data replication service - enables migration and synchronization of data between on-premises and cloud servers.

Cloud Sync Data Synchronization Alternatives

Micro Focus PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin Migrate | Micro Focus
(2 Ratings)

Use high-speed, block-based transfers and Server Sync technology to deliver fast, efficient data center migrations to and from physical, virtual, and cloud locations.

Micro Focus PlateSpin Migrate Alternatives

Quest Migration Manager

Office 365, Active Directory & Exchange Migration Tools
(14 Ratings)

Efficiently migrate your user accounts, data and systems to and from Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365, without impacting end users.

Quest Migration Manager Alternatives

DocAve Migrator

Migrate Legacy Systems | Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Migration
(24 Ratings)

Bring your legacy collaboration system into the future. A fast, efficient solution for migrating business-critical content.

DocAve Migrator Alternatives

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Migration Software
(23 Ratings)

Migrations to Office 365 from Exchange Server, as well as servers supporting IMAP, are easier than ever before. The program lets you seamlessly move mail to the Cloud with the help of easy configuration.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration Alternatives

CodeTwo Exchange Migration

Migrate mailboxes to Exchange - CodeTwo
(8 Ratings)

CodeTwo Exchange Migration lets you easily migrate between Exchange servers or from Office 365 (Microsoft 365) to Exchange.

CodeTwo Exchange Migration Alternatives

SysTools Exchange to Office...

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool to Export On-Premise Mailboxes
(2 Ratings)

Finest Exchange to Office 365 migration tool to transfer multiple Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 mailboxes. Quickly migrate Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 step by step in a right way.

SysTools Exchange to Office 365 Migration Alternatives

List of Cloud Migration Software

AWS Migration Hub 4.5
AWS Application Discovery Service 4.5
SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances 4.3
Azure Migrate 4.3
AWS DataSync 4.1
Azure Database Migration Service 4.2
GoDaddy Domain Transfer 5
IBM Mass Data Migration 4.5
Google Cloud Data Transfer 4.5
Google Cloud Storage Transfer Service 4.2

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