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Employee Intranet Software

Employee Intranet Software allows communication, file sharing and collaboration within defined groups such as members of a team or organization. It is an important tool which helps businesses to engage, connect and align their entire workforce across the company. It not only increases productivity within the organization, but also reflects the company culture, leads to meaningful engagements and ensures all information is stored in an organized manner. This software is popular among large organizations which need a branded customized portal and is particularly used in industries related to Education, Non-profit and health care.

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Claromentis - Employee Intranet Software


Integrated, customizable and easy to use workplace management solution
(16 Ratings)

Claromentis pricing: Starts at $1.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Claromentis and how does it work?

Claromentis is a digital workplace software that provides businesses with an interactive space for collaborative learning, communication, knowledge sharing and task management. The software includes advanced intranet applications with solutions such as workflows and e-forms, e-learning and tasks and project management. By providing an integrated digital workplace, Claromentis brings multiple tools in one place that improves productivity. This also allows employees to collaborate with each other and communicate freely besides sharing information. Claromentis boosts productivity, employee engagement and personal development by forming an online community where everyone hears and supports one another. The software comes equipped with rich features using which even non-techies can create productivity platforms and intranets that will be useful for any companies’ operations. Claromentis is ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015 and HIPAA compliant that helps companies to meet data privacy and industry regulations within an organisation. Companies also get access to personalized customer support facilities from well-trained customer support specialists available on a first name basis. show more

MyHub Intranet Software - Employee Intranet Software

MyHub Intranet Software

Enrich workstation with the most fascinating intranet
(30 Ratings)

MyHub Intranet Software pricing: Starts at $130.0.

What is MyHub Intranet Software and how does it work?

MyHub Intranet Software is regarded as the greatest software for sharing all business information with one's employees in an engaging manner. With the help of this software, businesses can design stunning intranets that link staff members to resources, workflows, and one another. The software easily integrates with the majority of daily tools that one utilises. Employees can access data, statistics, and the most recent company news using the software. It offers a fantastic user interface that keeps things straightforward and brings valuable updates to keep everyone aware. The software is affordable and enables an infinite number of users to access the system. Additionally, it offers limitless storage so that vital documents and reports may be kept together in one location. The software is simple to use, and users can take advantage of free training to become proficient with it. Additionally, all of the data that is shared and saved on the platform is highly secure and confidential. show more

Simpplr - Employee Intranet Software


Modern workforce management made easy with Simpplr
(135 Ratings)

Simpplr pricing: Simpplr Offers Custom plan.

What is Simpplr and how does it work?

Simpplr is a modern intranet provider that makes it possible for organisations to connect, engage and align the entire workforce in a seamless manner. They get to streamline internal communication and forge connections with ease. This futuristic platform turns out to be a boon for businesses, helping them accelerate employee engagement, productivity and collaboration. Simpplr offers a host of clever features spread across a stunningly simple user interface. Thus enabling users with the ability to connect and engage with their workforce through adaptive personalisation of content, AI delivered content recommendations and social collaborations. Further, active integration with third-party platforms like Slack, Chatter, and Team encourages community and workforce engagement. Moreover, Simpplr’s smart feed, Interactive dashboards and multi-channel communication facility allow users to communicate and align scheduled goals as per convenience. Beyond this, intuitive services like intelligent search and calendar integration let employees get access to exact knowledge and maintain deadlines promptly. Simpplr’s easy to deploy, administer and optimise features assures actionable analytics with constant improvements for a more fluid experience. show more

Papyrs - Employee Intranet Software


Create an online intranet for your business
(7 Ratings)

Papyrs pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Papyrs and how does it work?

Papyrs is a smart intranet creation platform that allows businesses to construct a social intranet site with a secure central repository where employees from their company can access all essential papers, checklists, manuals, shared files, and online employee forms. It enables you to create a portal quickly and easily using drag-and-drop to exchange information, notes, files, projects, and documents. With Papyrs, you can collaborate more effectively with colleagues or clients even while working remotely. It works as a virtual headquarters for your team to meet, talk, cooperate, stay informed, and get answers. Whether you're in internal communications or engineering, Papyrs' offers an easy-to-use editor that allows anybody to participate. You can add polls, checklists, forms, videos, files, and your office party photographs to your sites with widgets. Users can share information with their organisation, team, or department in a secure manner and work on internal initiatives, distribute corporate news, or communicate information with clients or the general public. Furthermore, with simple permission settings, users can ensure that individuals only see material to which they have permission. show more

ThoughtFarmer - Employee Intranet Software


Keep your employees engaged, informed and productive always
(74 Ratings)

ThoughtFarmer pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ThoughtFarmer and how does it work?

ThoughtFarmer is an intranet software that helps businesses to streamline their communication skills, encourage collaboration among teams and facilitate knowledge sharing as well. The software keeps the employees connected, informed and productive at every business stage. Moreover, it also empowers communication teams with powerful search capabilities, engaging collaboration features and flexible content management tools. The push notifications provided by ThoughtFarmer keep users aware of the important company news, emergency situations and other updates. With its inbuilt collaboration functionalities, employees can stay connected with each other at the office, while working from home or even when they are travelling. ThoughtFarmer comes with features like full search functionality, bookmarks and shortcuts, that make browsing and content searching easy. The software’s one-click page creation facility provides a simplified editing interface allowing users to write text, change page templates, add images, and publish content as per their own needs. It can also be used to manage documents leveraging on the inbuilt drag and drop feature. show more

WISP - Employee Intranet Software


Engage your employees with this software.
(3 Ratings)

WISP pricing: WISP Offers Free-forever plan.

What is WISP and how does it work?

Wisp software is a platform that allows companies to create a mobile intranet for their employees. It allows you to personalise the app with your company's logo, brand, and contact information. You may collaborate with your team and download the mobile app with WISP. You can keep coworkers in touch regardless of where they work. You can inform them of important information, introduce new colleagues, and poll them for immediate feedback. The app can be made in three easy steps. You must first register on the site, then fill in your company's information such as the logo, corporate colours, contact lists, new, and so on, before inviting your colleagues to download the mobile app. The mobile app is available right now on the App Store and Google Play. The programme is used by HR managers in small, medium, and large businesses. It comes in four sizes: small, medium, and big. Employee involvement, customisable branding, collaboration, and a mobile app are all included in the starting package, which is completely free. show more

OnSemble - Employee Intranet Software


An Intranet to Keep Everyone Connected
(250 Ratings)

OnSemble pricing: OnSemble Offers Custom plan.

What is OnSemble and how does it work?

OnSemble's a digital workplace that makes employees feel valued. OnSemble provides all your employees with access to the information they need regardless of their location. Use a secure hosted platform to distribute information, no VPN required. The announcements, alerts, and notifications capabilities within OnSemble allow you to instantly communicate critical updates across your entire organization. OnSemble Mobile keeps employees engaged on the go. Keeping employees up-to-date and active even when they are offsite. show more

Convo - Employee Intranet Software


Team communication & collaboration platform
(37 Ratings)

Convo pricing: Starts at $6.67. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Convo and how does it work?

Convo provides an enterprise social collaboration platform that enables easy, secure conversations between desk / non-desk workers to accelerate company productivity and engagement. It's simple & offers all needs for a collaborative fast-paced team throughput. Unlike existing email-focused or chat-centric collaboration platforms, only Convo combines the ease of social networks with rich collaboration capabilities to simplify and optimize work interactions for all employees -- no email required. Convo offers enterprise bank-grade security. show more

GreenOrbit - Employee Intranet Software


A single suite to streamline multiple business-relevant tasks
(14 Ratings)

GreenOrbit pricing: GreenOrbit Offers Custom plan.

What is GreenOrbit and how does it work?

GreenOrbit is an accurate intranet software helping out companies to offer their employees an exceptional digital workplace experience, equipped with a complete set of features. It provides employees with a centralised communication and information system, enabling them to work in accordance with each other. The software’s intranet portal features centralised document management and user-friendly CMS that helps content creators publish unique content on the go. Further, collaborative features equipped within, enable users to connect with each other, discuss and solve problems, execute projects, provide feedback and celebrate their great works. Companies can facilitate collaboration between all the members at once or they can also create private groups to share and discuss information with a selected few. Further, GreenOrbit’s customisation tools help employees to design and edit pages that match their brand’s culture. The software is available in various popular languages used around the world including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese, besides offering a real-time integration facility with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. show more

Interact Software - Employee Intranet Software

Interact Software

Intranet software that connects your enterprise
(55 Ratings)

Interact Software pricing: Interact Software Offers Custom plan.

What is Interact Software and how does it work?

Interact is a global enterprise software company that serves intranet software to millions of users across the globe. Create engaging and attractive intranet homepages by displaying a mix of information, content, and media, tailored to specific internal audiences. Target communications to groups of employees outside of rigid organizational structures by defining dynamic persona groups. Make all your organization's content accessible from one place and ensure it's engaging and current, with rich editing tools and cloud-storage integrations. show more

Noodle - Employee Intranet Software


Social franchise intranet solution
(83 Ratings)

Noodle pricing: Starts at $150.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Noodle and how does it work?

Noodle is a powerful Intranet Software platform that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure site. Noodle allows administrators to set permissions for each application and section for users or groups. The Noodle Theme section allows you to brand and customize the look of your Noodle site. Employees take pride in decorating their desks and making their work area personable. Their intranet profile should be the same. Noodle’s built-in Video Chat application allows employees to chat with each other. show more

Jostle - Employee Intranet Software


Enhance engagement and communication skills within employees
(149 Ratings)

Jostle pricing: Starts at $60.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Jostle and how does it work?

Jostle is an advanced intranet software that helps businesses to improve internal communications and employee engagement. The software is created with a simple architecture that allows companies to facilitate seamless connections between employees, without wasting any time on creating an intranet. It also helps remote workers to contribute entirely and get the task done from wherever they are. Jostle allows businesses to set their target by a team, division, office location or combination of these. In this way, admins can control employee access to essential information. They can also target the content on JostleTV so that employees can stay in the loop even if they are in a cafeteria, waiting room, pantry or anywhere in the office building. The software even allows businesses to connect with other popular tools and apps. Moreover, companies can integrate Jostle with common apps and tools, from single sign-on (SSO) to file sharing. It can be connected with 1000 apps easily using its Zapier integration. show more

Igloo Software - Employee Intranet Software

Igloo Software

For companies and their digital workspaces
(108 Ratings)

Igloo Software pricing: Starts at $599.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Igloo Software and how does it work?

Igloo Software is a comprehensive intranet and digital workspace solution, helping out companies to collaborate, engage and communicate with employees over robust digital experiences for the past 13 years. For fully remote teams and their intuitive planning strategies, the software comes loaded with a plethora of functionalities enabling seamless business outcomes. It promises completely active integration with the entire Office 365 Suite “out of the box”. Further, the Igloo Software is also hosted on Microsoft Azure enabling detailed access to a range of powerful standards for privacy, security, performance and compliance. End users, content managers and administrators can depend on the particular to build and sustain a thriving digital experience. The entire feature list of Igloo Software comes loaded with facilities like blog sharing, forum creation, content specific label generators, industry calendar, polls/org chart maker, task modifier and more. For security purposes, it abides by AES-256 bit encryption facility protecting data at rest. Also, while in transit data gets secured under SSL/TLS standards. show more

Yammer - Employee Intranet Software


Connect and engage across your organization
(2,188 Ratings)

Yammer pricing: Yammer Offers Custom plan.

What is Yammer and how does it work?

Yammer is available with Office 365, and together they form the core of Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social: to enable companies to work as a network. By connecting individuals to a dynamic network of people and information, They help companies listen, adapt, and grow in new ways, enabling them to better understand their customers, respond faster together, and deliver innovative products and personalized experiences. show more

Atlas Digital Workspace - Employee Intranet Software

Atlas Digital Workspace

Create a connection between people and bring knowledge to them
(2 Ratings)

Atlas Digital Workspace pricing: Atlas Digital Workspace Offers Custom plan.

What is Atlas Digital Workspace and how does it work?

Atlas Digital Workspace is a modern digital workplace software for companies that use Microsoft 365 to bring the right knowledge, empowering their teams for every task. The software features three key capabilities, knowledge management, comms intranet and collaboration, that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to make it more powerful. Its other feature, ConneX, automates governance, provisioning and also helps to manage workspace lifecycles. An inbuilt Add It feature allows users to easily add content anywhere without any technical knowledge. Atlas Digital Workspace also ensures that users get to inculcate new ideas by sharing knowledge seamlessly. It enhances Microsoft Search to surface people, collaboration workspaces and all content from a single interface. The software extends Microsoft’s analytics by offering users its deep reporting and helpful insights. It also includes a wide range of templates and automated tagging feature for powerful information management. show more

Invotra - Employee Intranet Software


An Intranet Tool to Manage Workflows
(3 Ratings)

Invotra pricing: Starts at $3.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Invotra and how does it work?

Invotra software is a platform used to connect people and communication with good experiences for your consumers and the contributors. Customize brand and establish better user experience to share thoughts, knowledge and ideas. The software offers a secure access to your directory, content to enhance team's collaboration. It integrates with Jira, Slack, Google Analytics, and more. HR Managers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

HyperOffice - Employee Intranet Software


Cloud collaboration and communication software
(13 Ratings)

HyperOffice pricing: Starts at $3.33.

What is HyperOffice and how does it work?

HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium-sized businesses. Quickly create intranet and extranet spaces for your company. Drag and drop publisher. Team communication via video, audio & chat from any web browser or mobile device. Manage your data and automate your workflows with online relational databases and web forms. Impress and enhance relationships with branded and tailor-made extranets for distributed teams, partners, and clients for two way communication. show more

Unily - Employee Intranet Software


Level up your communication game with Unily
(32 Ratings)

Unily pricing: Starts at $4995.0.

What is Unily and how does it work?

Unily is a modern employee experience platform that connects, informs, and engages employees through smart communication techniques. This employee experience platform combines the tools and features that you require to provide your users with unique digital experiences. With Unily, you'll have everything you need to reach, connect, and engage your people, from content management and design tools for any device to comprehensive platform security and user targeting. It enables you to send personalized communications to each employee through any device and in any language. You can connect the front office with the frontline, and provide employees the tools they need to form meaningful interactions with colleagues. This platform gives employees the tools to be productive wherever they work by combining your applications into an unified digital experience. It assists in ending knowledge silos by gaining consolidated access to information from across your whole digital environment and delivering the insights you need, utilising sophisticated search. Furthermore, users can solve the frontline disconnect by providing a mobile platform for non-desk personnel to participate, exchange ideas, and locate information. show more

Mumba Cloud - Employee Intranet Software

Mumba Cloud

Employee engagement application
(0 Ratings)

Mumba Cloud pricing: Mumba Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is Mumba Cloud and how does it work?

Mumba is an employee engagement platform that allows large organizations to boost employee engagement and productivity within their dispersed workforces. Allows your employees to view all their payslips using the Mumba App on their preferred device. Give employees instant access to view their live roster and scheduled leave in one calendar from the palm of their hand. Utilize their analytics tools to gain meaningful insights to optimize the ROI of your benefits program and accelerate engagement. show more

Beezy - Employee Intranet Software


A Digital Workplace Platform
(0 Ratings)

Beezy pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is Beezy and how does it work?

Beezy is an modern intranet that provides a personalized experience and keeps everyone informed. Reach frontline and on-site teams with a mobile experience that goes everywhere. Boost internal communications with ready-made content and templates. Collaborate with teams to automate tools and daily tasks to stay productive. show more

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List of Employee Intranet Software

Claromentis 4.9
MyHub Intranet Software 4.8
Simpplr 4.7
Papyrs 4.7
ThoughtFarmer 4.6
WISP 4.5
OnSemble 4.5
Convo 4.5
GreenOrbit 4.4
Interact Software 4.4

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