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Fax Software helps users to securely send and receive faxes from their computers, laptops, and phones connected to the internet. Online fax platforms provide all essential functions of a fax machine and allow users to view, print, and save faxes in various file formats. Certain fax providers sell virtual fax phone numbers through which you can send and receive faxes.

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FaxZero - Fax Software


The cheapest fax solution for you
(4 Ratings)

FaxZero pricing: Starts at $1.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is FaxZero and how does it work?

FaxZero is a free fax service solution that allows users to send faxes to any faxing machine in Canada or the United States. It eliminates the need of a fax machine to send faxes, but you will require a valid e-mail account. With FaxZero, you can also send faxes to a variety of different countries using the service but international faxing isn't free. To send a fax, you just have to enter or paste the content of your fax into the box named ‘Type text’ to display on the cover page. Alternatively, you can use the Browse option to fax a file from your computer. Picture files (JPG or PNG), PDF, Excel spreadsheet (XLSX or XLS), Microsoft Word (RTF, DOCX or DOC) are among the file types that are supported. FaxZero keeps track of fax data indefinitely (destination fax number, sender e-mail address, and so on). Unless forced to do so by court order or subpoena, FaxZero does not disclose your information, nor information about the persons to whom you send the faxes, with promoters or anyone else. show more

WestFax - Fax Software


A Cloud Fax Software
(18 Ratings)

WestFax pricing: Starts at $8.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is WestFax and how does it work?

WestFax software is a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax software used to requirements. The software offers a secure password protection, SSL, TLS encryption with RESTful interface. Engage people with broadcast faxes to capture the recipient’s attention and get detailed reports on failed calls. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

CocoFax - Fax Software


Easy And Secure Online Fax Service
(180 Ratings)

CocoFax pricing: Starts at $12.99.

What is CocoFax and how does it work?

CocoFax is an online fax solution provider that provides smart business communications to its users. This tool makes it easier for users to be more eco-friendly, quicker, and efficient. Users can use the Google Fax feature to fax from Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. Users just need to enable the CocoFax add-on in their Google drive, and they can fax to anyone in the world. The tool is also used to send faxes from all types of emails, including Gmail and Yahoo, from anywhere using any device with internet connectivity. CocoFax is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users get a real-time notification for every fax that is received and sent. Users who need to fax from time to time can obtain a free fax number and use it. Cocofax lets them send ten pages of content for the first 24 hours. It also includes an admin panel, allowing users to add and remove team members to their CocoFax account. It comprises multiple industries leading security standards to ensure that user data is always protected during transmission. show more

eFax Corporate - Fax Software

eFax Corporate

Get a convenient and secure way to send faxes
(190 Ratings)

eFax Corporate pricing: eFax Corporate Offers Custom plan.

What is eFax Corporate and how does it work?

eFax Corporate is a fax service that enables organisations to send and receive faxes in a more secure and efficient way. In this service, users get Secure User IDs that enable them to send information securely. They can also make complete audit trails and get advanced transmission options secured by TLS. A 256-bit encryption system is also available to protect sensitive material. In addition, organisations can even keep themselves compliant with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA and other Federal Regulations for sending faxes. While taking the services of eFax Corporate, organisations can either keep their previous fax number or they can get a new one too. The eFax Corporate also works with users’ existing email network, making it highly convenient for them to manage their messaging system. Through this service, users can annotate, crop, view and edit faxes without printing them. Moreover, it can also be used to send large images, videos and other files that cannot be sent via email. show more

XM Fax - Fax Software

XM Fax

Get Fax done in a safe and secure manner
(153 Ratings)

XM Fax pricing: XM Fax Offers Custom plan.

What is XM Fax and how does it work?

XM Fax is a secure fax over IP solution, enabling organizations to receive faxes directly in their emails assuring better efficiency. The solution is capable of enhancing productivity levels besides reducing costs. It can be used by educational enterprises, legal firms, healthcare centers, offices and those related to retail businesses. Moreover, XM Fax assures accurate compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR, FERPA, HIPAA, SOX and more. An integrated Zero retention module along with PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant cloud services guarantees proper safety and security of the stored data. Inbound tax routed methods related to telephony along with solution based on character recognition options is made available by XM Fax. Additionally, the particular is available in three types of editions, namely enterprise, express and service provider, appropriate for small, medium and large business houses. Active integrations, connectors and add-ons for outlook and exchange, are other basic features that one can enjoy. show more

Nextiva vFax - Fax Software

Nextiva vFax

Online faxing and simplified
(28 Ratings)

Nextiva vFax pricing: Starts at $4.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is Nextiva vFax and how does it work?

Nextiva vFax is used to send and receive secure, electronic faxes from anywhere on any device. All of your faxes are managed in one place, so it's easy to keep up with everything. Use a secure portal accessed through any authorized browser-enabled device. Use your existing PC, tablet, fax machine, or mobile device to send and receive faxes. You'll keep all of your current information and your fax service will never be disrupted during the process. show more

mFax - Fax Software


Faxing has been made simpler
(133 Ratings)

mFax pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is mFax and how does it work?

mFax is a HIPAA compliant platform equipped with a variety of cloud faxing solutions for small and large businesses. Brands can depend on the same to save time and money by eliminating hardware and outsourcing fax to the cloud. Also, by utilising mFAX, companies can easily integrate fax into existing apps and workflows as per need. As fax remains the best method of secure transmission for many companies in regulated industries, mFAX uses developer-friendly API providing a seamless fax experience. Further, with this platform companies can send and receive faxes right from the email provider without having to download or install any extra software. The modern and intuitive interface of this platform takes the clunkiness out of fax and frees a company from traditional machines. Also, with the mFAX software, sending and receiving faxes has been super easy. It utilises modern frameworks that are designed to be ultra user-friendly. Further, the platform features FaxBridge, a VOIP fax adapter, that establishes an easy way to internet affiliate a company’s fax machine. Moreover, the “mFAX print to fax driver” allows users to send a fax from their desktop applications and take printouts adequately. show more

Genius Fax - Fax Software

Genius Fax

Faxing done right with Genius Fax
(1 Ratings)

Genius Fax pricing: Starts at $0.99.

What is Genius Fax and how does it work?

Genius Fax is the simplest and most cost-effective method to send and receive faxes from your mobile smartphone. It is a web, iOS, and Android application that is quick, easy to use, and attractive. The platform combines both Genius Fax and Genius Scan to enable you to digitize and fax a document with only a few touches. With Genius Fax, you can fax your documents, files, and data to international destinations at a very feasible price. And for a reasonable monthly price, you can have a fax number in the United States or Canada that enables you to send and receive multiple faxes, without having to move an inch from your office. You can also enable notifications for distribution and receipt through push notifications. The platform converts your faxes into a PDF and email it to you when you receive them. It additionally ensures top-level encryption with bank-grade security. There are no commitments or hidden costs and you only pay for the faxes you send. Additionally, the cover page is always available for free with Genius Fax. show more

eGoldFax - Fax Software


Small business cloud faxing at an enterprise price for you
(1 Ratings)

eGoldFax pricing: eGoldFax Offers Custom plan.

What is eGoldFax and how does it work?

eGold Fax is an enterprise-grade cloud fax service that offers conventional and secure fax solutions with top-level security, scalability, and "never miss a fax" dependability. It offers enterprise-grade features, security, and scalability to send faxes for businesses of all sizes. With eGold Fax, you can send and receive secure faxes from your mobile, PC, MFP or any other device. It offers multi-layered encryption that ensures the greatest degree of security and regulatory compliance. You can keep sent and received faxes for up to ten years as AES encrypted 256-bit PDFs and adapt to increased fax traffic and never miss an incoming fax due to a busy signal. You can reduce the cost of telco transmissions, software, and fax hardware by eliminating superfluous fax software, hardware, and telco transmissions. Users get end-to-end encryption which guarantees that your fax transfers are safe and comply with regulations like FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and others. Additionally, eGold Fax is offered via a nationwide network of value-added resellers that specialize in document management and business automation solutions. show more

eFax - Fax Software


Online faxing made simpler with eFax
(1,618 Ratings)

eFax pricing: Starts at $14.13. Offers Custom plan.

What is eFax and how does it work?

eFax is an advanced online fax management software that lets you send and receive faxes from your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere at any time. It enables you to easily fax documents and exchange files that would be too huge to mail, such as slideshows, high-resolution pictures, and videos using Large File Sharing. With eFax, you get two options for your electronic faxes, you can sign electronic faxes just by swiping your finger on the screen of your mobile device, or just drag-drop a "pre-saved" sign onto your document with eFax. eFax integrates with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox, allowing you to instantly download files from your cloud, link them with the virtual fax, and share them. The platform enables inbound faxes which are encrypted and hosted on a secure server for maximum protection, allowing you to download highly confidential faxes with confidence. Users can send files to up to 20 people at once with eFax. Additionally, you can tag your faxes with keywords to make searching and retrieving them easier. show more

RingCentral Fax - Fax Software

RingCentral Fax

Send Fax Online Without a Fax Machine
(37 Ratings)

RingCentral Fax pricing: Starts at $17.99.

What is RingCentral Fax and how does it work?

RingCentral Fax is a cloud-based fax software. Fax machines use telephone lines to transmit data electronically. When you send a document, it will be scanned as an image and converted into bits and then transmitted over the wire using your machine. Allows you to stay organized and only print out the faxes you need—even eliminates the need to print out faxes completely (paperless). RingCentral employs the strongest encryption methods and follows the strictest security policies to comply with industry standards in cloud platform technology. show more

OpenText RightFax Fax Server - Fax Software

OpenText RightFax Fax Server

Experience the best of digital fax server and manager
(35 Ratings)

OpenText RightFax Fax Server pricing: OpenText RightFax Fax Server Offers Custom plan.

What is OpenText RightFax Fax Server and how does it work?

OpenText RightFax Fax Server is a fax server management software that clients can integrate and automate for speed, reliability and of course, security. The OpenText RightFax Fax Server ensures that the companies and departments registered on a common LAN can easily send and receive faxes. These are essentially digital and thus, paperless. The platform connects to the voice-IP telephony and cloud connection to send the fax over a secured channel. Thus, OpenText RightFax Fax Server significantly reduces the average cost for a company, which might have been a high one if digital faxes were not a thing. It is a modern and scalable solution that ensures business continuity to facilitate high deliverability and recovery options. It further includes ample packaged integrations like MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, OpenText Content Server, Oracle, SAP, IBM Filenet and more. The software also offers multiple deployment options that include fully managed services designed to meet current needs and requirements. It further optimises fax capacity and provides multiple options for a flexible digital infrastructure. show more

MyFax - Fax Software


Send faxes via email in real time and archive digital copies of incoming faxes
(956 Ratings)

MyFax pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is MyFax and how does it work?

MyFax is an online fax server software that streamlines communications by allowing businesses to send and receive faxes utilizing local, toll-free, and international fax numbers. Archiving, automated routing, Office integration, activity tracking, communication management, document storage, and fax management are all important features.Teams that use MyFax's Share With 5 feature can send faxes from up to 5 corporate email addresses from a single account, receive faxes from multiple email accounts at the same time, and use the MyAccount site to add, remove, or alter authorized email addresses. Managers can now receive faxes as PDF files, which they can view, save, print, or transmit directly from their emails.Additionally, the Fax Archive platform archives all inbound and outbound faxes automatically, allowing employees to view them at any time and create bespoke fax storage periods.Fax to 50 is a multi-send function in MyFax that allows users to send a fax to 50 different email addresses at once. Mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones are also available, allowing users to read, send, and receive faxes from anywhere. MyFax can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, with assistance provided by phone, email, documentation, and FAQs. show more

Sfax - Fax Software


Designed for healthcare
(122 Ratings)

Sfax pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Sfax and how does it work?

Sfax is a HIPAA-secure fax software designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare. It enables you to send, receive, annotate and digitally sign and manage faxes without printing any physical document. All the documents are encrypted and protected within SSAE16 Type 2 data centers. Administrators have full control to manage users, permissions, security, set access, and generate reports for maximum efficiency via cloud. Groups can view, file, send or collaborate documents from any location with this internet fax app. You can get one flexible account where multiple or sub-organizations while being in different locations can have multiple fax ID numbers and users can share the same plan; as there is no limit for the number of users for each account and you don’t need to pay for each location or fax. This lets you eliminate hidden costs of printing supplies, software licenses, maintenance, telecommunications, and utilities; you pay only for your fax number. Unlike manual faxes, users using Sfax can receive and send unlimited faxes at the same time. Easily annotate and apply digital signatures to documents that meet government requirements. show more

FAX.PLUS - Fax Software


Online faxing made easy
(16 Ratings)

FAX.PLUS pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is FAX.PLUS and how does it work?

FAX.PLUS is a safe and cross-platform online fax solution that enables you to send and receive faxes both locally and globally. It offers a corporate admin panel, stringent security measures, Slack and G Suite connection, and the capability to send high-volume faxes, in a single platform. With FAX.PLUS, you receive a free fax number, but if you already have one from another service, you can move it to FAX.PLUS with no downtime and take advantage of all of the finest online fax service's features. Your clients will continue to fax you at your old fax number, but your fax reception will now be more reliable. The platform enables concurrent fax transmissions, as well as a comprehensive tool set that includes contacts import, scheduled faxing, automated retries, thorough reports, for unsuccessful faxes, and much more. You can e-sign your document or any faxes in your emails, then, with a simple click, send them back. Additionally, all of your papers are processed by a powerful image processing engine and tailored for fax transmission, for unmatched picture quality. show more

Fax.to - Fax Software


Send & Receive Faxes on the go from your mobile devices
(11 Ratings)

Fax.to pricing: Starts at $4.8.

What is Fax.to and how does it work?

Fax.to is an online-based Fax Software. The system will give you the best rate based on the intelligent algorithm. Click fax, submit payment details and 30-second registration and your fax are on its way. Your data is protected from unauthorized access thanks to SSL encryption and high security standards. Generate a fax number in any of 35+ countries and receive faxes directly on your smartphone. The fax app you have been waiting for. Replace your fax machine and receive faxes online on the go directly from your smartphone. show more

HelloFax - Fax Software


Online Faxing made easy
(114 Ratings)

HelloFax pricing: Starts at $8.33. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is HelloFax and how does it work?

HelloFax is an online faxing platform that allows you to send faxes without having to use a fax machine. It enables you to send and receive faxes online from anywhere. With HelloFax, outgoing faxes are transmitted online, while incoming faxes are sent straight to the recipient's mailbox. The platform eliminates the need for a fax machine and customers can continue to send faxes to the same number they've always used. You can forward your fax number to the HelloFax team and begin receiving faxes electronically immediately, with no downtime or chance of losing any faxes. With HelloFax, there is no critical data left out exposed and all communications are encrypted for your safety. You can create as many fax lines and users as you need, and you can route incoming faxes anyway you like. When you get a fax, the platform converts it to a PDF and emails it to you. You just have to upload the file, input the fax number, then click Send with HelloFax. Additionally, you can manage, receive, and send faxes from the cloud. show more

PamFax - Fax Software


Simple internet fax software solution
(1 Ratings)

PamFax pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is PamFax and how does it work?

PamFax is the easiest way to fax worldwide at competitive rates, it includes a unique document processing system and many other features. PamFax is an easy and affordable way to send and receive faxes. PamFax is the simplest and most cost-effective way to fax anywhere in the globe, with an innovative document processing technology and a slew of other features. The cost per page begins at $0.11 and drops considerably further with larger credit packs. There are no monthly fees or credit card charges. Without any gimmicks, it's prepaid. Send a fax to one of the 236 countries that are supported. PamFax offers low-cost international faxing. There is no need for a monthly subscription. Now is the time to send a fax. Sending and receiving faxes is simple with PamFax. PamFax is available as an online service or as an app for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android. Access Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive directly. Personal fax number is included in the Professional and Basic Plans. PamFax supports over 100 different document formats, so you can send whatever you wish. show more

FaxLogic - Fax Software


Your Best Choice for Internet Fax Solutions
(0 Ratings)

FaxLogic pricing: Starts at $6.95.

What is FaxLogic and how does it work?

The unique FaxLogic service combines the best of analog fax, Internet fax, and fax servers to create a highly reliable, secure, and scalable collaborative environment. FaxLogic connects any standard fax machine to the Internet, combining the benefits of Internet Fax with existing fax equipment and familiar document workflow. FaxLogic's advanced technology works alongside VoIP and guarantees reliable faxing over the Internet using any ordinary fax machine. FaxLogic lets users customize their system configurations to best suit their business needs and preferences. show more

faxbeep.com - Fax Software


Send a fax online
(0 Ratings)

What is faxbeep.com and how does it work?

faxbeep.com offers a convenient and secure way to send important documents with the press of a button. Faxing documents has never been easier no account registration necessary, no subscriptions, or any other obligations. Whether they were sending a domestic US fax or an international one, faxbeep.com can help get the documents where they need to be quickly and safely. This straightforward user interface makes it simple for anyone to upload their document online, select the recipient’s country and enter the destination phone number, and click “Send”. It's as easy as that! They will also receive real-time notifications via email throughout the process so they always know what's going on with the transmission. Sending necessary paperwork is now just as effortless as checking the email why waste time waiting in line at the post office when they can utilize this invaluable tool? Invest in confidence with faxbeep.com – send the documents securely and reliably with no hassle today! show more

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List of Fax Software

FaxZero 4.9
WestFax 4.8
CocoFax 4.7
eFax Corporate 4.7
XM Fax 4.7
Nextiva vFax 4.6
mFax 4.6
Genius Fax 4.5
eGoldFax 4.5
eFax 4.4

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