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Updated on: December 6, 2021

Fax Software For Mac

 It's 2021, and fax machines are minimized to software. However, if you still consider them essential, then fax software for Mac has got your back. Fax software is a richly designed software created to carry out all the uses of a conventional fax machine.  Fax still tends to have a massive user base in the business realm. However, great businesses work at minimizing costs and resources to increase profit margins. And fax software is the best way to do that. It eliminates the necessity of a fax machine at a workplace by enabling the exchange of fax via mobiles, laptops, or PC over the Internet. The software comes with a virtual fax number that connects the sender and user. 

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A Cloud Fax Software
(16 Ratings)

WestFax pricing: Starts at $8.99. Offers Custom plan.

WestFax software is a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax software used to requirements. The software offers a secure password protection, SSL, TLS encryption with RESTful interface. Engage people with broadcast faxes to capture the recipient’s attention and get detailed reports on failed calls.... read more


Easy And Secure Online Fax Service
(75 Ratings)

CocoFax pricing: Starts at $12.99.

CocoFax is an online fax solution provider that provides smart business communications to its users. This tool makes it easier for users to be more eco-friendly, quicker, and efficient. Users can use the Google Fax feature to fax from Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. Users just need to enable... read more


The Leading Cloud Fax Service
(197 Ratings)

mFax pricing: Starts at $10.0.

mFax by Documo is a next-generation cloud fax platform that makes sending and receiving faxes easy. mFax is a reliable email to fax service that allows clients to send secure faxes from anywhere, using computers and mobile devices. Use the advanced administrative features to add/remove users,... read more


It’s easy to send and receive faxes
(1 Ratings)

PamFax pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Custom plan.

PamFax is the easiest way to fax worldwide at attractive rates, it has an innovative document processing system and many other advantages. PamFax is the latest generation of online fax solutions which combine Comfort, Flexibility, and Security. Besides sending a fax from the portal, you will be... read more

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