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Updated on: September 23, 2020

Facility Management Software

Facility management software is designed to automate maintenance workflows, manage assets and track equipment information, increase asset efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Whether you own a manufacturing plant, construction site, educational facility or corporate office, you are bound to come across various issues regarding its maintenance and organization, this is where facility management software comes to the picture. It offers a wide variety of features such as asset Management, maintenance management, administrative management, inventory and procurement and labour resource tracking, that enable you to manage both human and material resources in your facility. It provides a dashboard view of marginal duties, strategic resource planning and contributes in reducing energy costs.

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Facilities Management eXpress

Maintenance of business operations and facilities simplified
(395 Ratings)

Facilities Management eXpress is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that enables its users to enhance operational success. The software helps its users to increase the productivity of their assets, streamline the processes, and hence turn actionable insights into meaningful... read more


Effortless and efficient management of societies
(6 Ratings)

ADDA ERP is a society management software that enables its users to connect with their neighbors. The software allows its users to associate the opinion of the community members on several vital matters. It also helps to put up important updates on notice boards through the threaded conversation... read more


Manage Collaboration for better understanding
(13 Ratings)

OfficeRnD helps companies better run and manage their coworking spaces. It connects all the systems and data (such as issues, change, member account data, and guest management) you currently have in place and unifies the information in one place, acting like a CRM. Office RnD can help you easily... read more


Ultimate technology platform for flexible workspaces
(2 Ratings)

Essensys is a workspace software that enables its users to derive maximum efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer management process. The software helps its users to remove complexities of a multi-faceted business model and hence better position their brands to scale. It also... read more

CAFM Explorer

Robust total facility management software
(28 Ratings)

CAFM Explorer is a smart facility management software that helps its users to enhance their operational efficiency while maximizing the saving of cost and time. The software is a comprehensive and fully integrated FM solution, which is designed to be both configurable and scalable in order to meet... read more


Relax and keep everyone on track
(65 Ratings)

InspectAll helps you work faster and smarter in the field, and it helps you run a more efficient, standardized compliance program for your team. InspectAll is better when you work together. Get your team on board quickly, collaborate securely, and standardize your processes. Build your own forms,... read more


The smartest way to manage facilities
(7 Ratings)

Facilio, the IoT-driven facilities optimisation software that helps you achieve operational efficiency and sustainability, in a single beautiful platform. Facilio brings everything CREs need to work on under one roof. With a single real-time application, commercial facilities can stop shuffling... read more

ADDA GateKeeper

The Most Practical Security Solution for Gated Communities
(2 Ratings)

ADDA Gatekeeper App is a solution for your housing society's visitor, staff management and security problems. You may call your gated community Housing Society, Villa Complex, Apartment Complex/Building, Strata Community or Condo Building. ADDA GateKeeper is the perfect solution for your visitor,... read more


Run workspace more efficiently with Cobot
(3 Ratings)

Cobot is a management software that is appropriate for co-working spaces, flexible workplaces, commercial hubs, and others. This software is best for small creative spaces or multi-location hubs. One can use a single white-labeled platform and take care of all the administrative tasks successfully.... read more

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS

Transform vision with Corrigo Enterprise CMMS platform
(48 Ratings)

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS is a cutting-edge facilities management platform that turns everyday actions into actionable insights and empowers users to make better management decisions. There are scores of industries and clients that rely on this platform to keep facilities flowing smoothly. The... read more

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