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Updated on: December 1, 2021

Top Facility Management Software

 A facility management software helps manage and monitor equipment, assets, work order processes, and reduce overhead costs. Whether you own a factory, educational building, construction site, or corporate office, you will run into numerous maintenance and organization issues.  That is why facility management tools come in handy for ensuring that the facilities are running well. Many of these tools offer automation features and high-end functionalities to make the job easier for facility managers and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a facility management software then check out the list below. The list includes software features, pricing details, reviews, and alternatives. You can also compare a software with other similar tools and choose the one that suits you the best.

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OfficeRnD Flex

Manage Collaboration for better understanding
(29 Ratings)

OfficeRnD Flex pricing: Starts at $139.0. Offers Custom plan.

OfficeRnD Flex is a platform used to help companies better run and manage their coworking spaces. It connects all the systems and data (such as issues, change, member account data, and guest management) you currently have in place and unifies the information in one place, acting like a CRM. Office... read more

Property Meld

Property management maintenance software
(20 Ratings)

Property Meld pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Custom plan.

Property Meld makes property maintenance a breeze. Phone calls to coordinate between residents and vendors can be extremely time-consuming. Efficiently dealing with headaches, training, and money involved in scaling appropriately is not an easy task. Variables surrounding maintenance can have a big... read more


Relax and keep everyone on track
(65 Ratings)

InspectAll helps you work faster and smarter in the field, and it helps you run a more efficient, standardized compliance program for your team. InspectAll is better when you work together. Get your team on board quickly, collaborate securely, and standardize your processes. Build your own forms,... read more


Manage co-working and flexible workspaces
(10 Ratings)

Nexudus pricing: Starts at $85.0. Offers Custom plan.

Nexudus helps you build a network of flexible coworking spaces that give your clients a professional and productive work environment to do their best work. We have created a white-label platform that allows you to attract members, manage your space and promote your space as the best place for the... read more


Enhance your business throughput

YouBIM pricing: YouBIM Offers Custom plan.

YouBIM is a facility management software that enables facility managers and maintenance teams to enhance their efficiency levels by centralizing multiple business-relevant information. The software takes the full ownership and scope of the model coordination process on users’ behalf to enhance... read more


Maintenance Management Software

Infraspeak pricing: Infraspeak Offers Custom plan.

Infraspeak is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform that brings your entire operation together. Gain full control and the flexibility to build a custom maintenance management solution capable of answering your own operational challenges. Infraspeak processes all information and generates... read more

Facilities Management eXpress

Maintenance of business operations and facilities simplified
(399 Ratings)

Facilities Management eXpress pricing: Facilities Management eXpress Offers Custom plan.

Facilities Management eXpress is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that enables its users to enhance operational success. The software helps its users to increase the productivity of their assets, streamline the processes, and hence turn actionable insights into meaningful... read more


Property & Facility Maintenance Management Software

Landport pricing: Landport Offers Custom plan.

Landport delivers a robust, configurable system for online service requests, work order management, routinely scheduled events, preventive maintenance tasks, instant notifications, asset & resource management, user management, and emergency maintenance management. Landport handles both fixed and... read more


Track property-related workflow within a single user interface

Elogbooks pricing: Elogbooks Offers Custom plan.

Elogbooks is an advanced computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) platform that comes equipped with an integrated 24*7 service desk. Businesses can depend on the software to gain total visibility over their supply chains. At present leading management agents spread across 20k+ properties in... read more


One easy-to-use software solution

eBASE pricing: eBASE Offers Custom plan.

eBASE delivers an online solution that industry professionals can access from anywhere. With real-time software, you can access up-to-date facility information from anywhere. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in filters to extract the information you need. Analyze and display meaningful... read more

List of Top Facility Management Software

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