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An EHR Software maintains a digitized version of a patient's medical history. Hospitals, medical practitioners, and health care providers may include all critical clinical data pertinent to the patient's care in an electronic health record, including problems with demographics and treatment progress noted—prescriptions, vital signs, vaccines, laboratory results, radiological reports, etc. Electronic health records allow for easy access to information and can help to speed up the process. A few platforms can record other care-related activities supported directly or indirectly through various interfaces.

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CareCloud Charts - EHR Software

CareCloud Charts

(1 Ratings)

CareCloud Charts pricing: CareCloud Charts Offers Custom plan.

What is CareCloud Charts and how does it work?

Get all of the tools need to deliver better patient care – from managing patient flow to ePrescribing – with complete certified EHR. Charts, EHR software, also integrates seamlessly with CareCloud Central, practice management system, for a single clinical, administrative and financial solution. In addition to simplifying clinical handoffs, CareCloud also features patient engagement and clinical reporting tools that allow to drive better patient outcomes. show more

SAC (salud a un clic) - EHR Software

SAC (salud a un clic)

Less time managing and more time attending patients
(1 Ratings)

SAC (salud a un clic) pricing: SAC (salud a un clic) Offers Custom plan.

What is SAC (salud a un clic) and how does it work?

SAC is a company with the aim of digitizing health systems with quality and cost-effective standards. SAC is a social enterprise that does not have investors. 80% of the income is reinvested in software improvements, research and sustainability, the remaining 20% ​​in social responsibility projects. Today SAC has more than 60 health information systems and modules for all levels of clinical care, multi-specialty, public health, research, epidemiology and population health. show more

blueEHR - EHR Software


A Customizable EHR that Empowers Doctors
(1 Ratings)

blueEHR pricing: blueEHR Offers Custom plan.

What is blueEHR and how does it work?

blueEHR: HITaaS is a SaaS, platform that empowers healthcare service providers and innovators to quickly build and deploy their Health IT solutions using a set of tools and modules available on the cloud with minimal time and cost. Meaningful Use, Stage II Certified Complete Ambulatory EHR. A Customizable EHR that Empowers Doctors to Define their Clinical Workflows and Treatment Plans to Enhance Patient Outcomes. show more

MD-Reports Ambulatory EHR Suite - EHR Software

MD-Reports Ambulatory EHR Suite

MD-Reports is now part of the Provation family - Provation
(1 Ratings)

What is MD-Reports Ambulatory EHR Suite and how does it work?

Provation and MD-Reports have joined forces to bring you the best portfolio of ERW, EHR and practice management solutions possible.

SoftCure Hospital Software - EHR Software

SoftCure Hospital Software

Cloud based Hospital Software
(2 Ratings)

SoftCure Hospital Software pricing: SoftCure Hospital Software Offers Custom plan.

What is SoftCure Hospital Software and how does it work?

SoftCure Hospital Software is an easy to use best hospital software as well as best hospital billing software that encapsulates all primary & secondry functions of Hospital Operations & Management. It takes care of all kinds of OPD & IPD management activities with high focus to keep patients's EMR & financial records. SoftCure is an EMR software that has specific modules for Billing, Treatment, Discharge, MIS Reports, referral incentive & incentives modules. SoftCure is very cost effective software in comparison to other vendors dealing in this field as a cost effective hospital software provider. show more

Medsender - EHR Software


A Healthcare Communication Made Simple
(5 Ratings)

Medsender pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Medsender and how does it work?

Medsender software is a HIPAA compliant faxing, email, forms, and signatures embedded seamlessly into your EMR. The software offers tools to receive faxed referrals to increase patient satisfaction. Manage Claim documents and tracks the status of all claims. Share PHI with patients, pharmacies, providers, and anyone else with utmost ease. show more

VersaSuite - EHR Software


Electronic Healthcare Solution
(1 Ratings)

VersaSuite pricing: VersaSuite Offers Custom plan.

What is VersaSuite and how does it work?

VersaSuite provides a suite of modules that automate every hospital function from admission to discharge, with complete solutions for Acute Care, Critical Access, Behavioral Health, LTAC, Specialty Surgical, Rehabilitation, Hospice, and more. These modules can be purchased separately or all at once and can be rolled out in a phased implementation. show more

Nimbo - EHR Software


Helped hundreds of health businesses
(5 Ratings)

Nimbo pricing: Starts at $13.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Nimbo and how does it work?

Nimbo is the digital platform with which operating a medical clinic is transformed into controlling a business. A simple way for all doctors and assistants to collaborate. An ERP module that allows a more orderly administrative order.

MedicsCloud EHR - EHR Software

MedicsCloud EHR

A Simple EHR Software
(2 Ratings)

MedicsCloud EHR pricing: MedicsCloud EHR Offers Custom plan.

What is MedicsCloud EHR and how does it work?

MedicsCloud EHR is platform used to increase engagement with specialty-specific electronic health records software. The built-in Medics FlowText used to inserts data into the patient’s record in minutes. It supports iOS and Android-enabled Medics portal to view patient information and transmit reports. show more

ElationHealth - EHR Software


Everything you need to deliver
(3 Ratings)

ElationHealth pricing: Starts at $275.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ElationHealth and how does it work?

Elation’s HIPAA compliant ONC certified EHR offers a clinical-first experience, empowering primary care physicians and their practices to deliver phenomenal patient care. Streamline charting and administrative tasks to optimize clinical thinking and automate coding to make sure get credit for the care delivered. show more

GE Health Cloud - EHR Software

GE Health Cloud

GE Healthcare Systems | GE Healthcare (United States)
(1 Ratings)

What is GE Health Cloud and how does it work?

GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

Praxis EMR - EHR Software

Praxis EMR

The only EHR that gets faster and easier as use it
(3 Ratings)

Praxis EMR pricing: Praxis EMR Offers Custom plan.

What is Praxis EMR and how does it work?

Praxis is dramatically different. It thinks like do. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside Praxis gets faster and easier use it. Praxis is not just an EHR; it's a medical tool. Praxis is template-free. Templates waste time, money, and force to practice lower quality medicine. Praxis gives the freedom to practice medicine way, in own words, no matter specialty. show more

75Health EHR - EHR Software
(1 Ratings)

75Health EHR pricing: 75Health EHR Offers Custom plan.

What is 75Health EHR and how does it work?

Electronic Medical Records Software has proved itself as a helping technology. Adopting the digital version of Personal Health Records Software management. Practice Management Software helps numerous clinicians in organizations. Keep track of patients personal records. Recording health information, attach files, refer patients. Send and receive message from patients. show more

Cirrus - EHR Software


Hospital manages to reduce costs
(3 Ratings)

Cirrus pricing: Cirrus Offers Custom plan.

What is Cirrus and how does it work?

When team of expert consultants in hospital information have investigated how hospitals can reduce expenses and costs, they have found that internal communication and the correct functioning of warehouses, operating rooms, supplies, pharmacy, etc. are the catalyst for reducing hospital costs. We make sure that with Cirrus user can have a better cost performance simply by using the correct software. show more

CGM Aprima - EHR Software

CGM Aprima

Electronic Health Record Platform
(3 Ratings)

CGM Aprima pricing: CGM Aprima Offers Custom plan.

What is CGM Aprima and how does it work?

CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management system offers a single application to increase practice’s efficiency. The software offers tools to process scheduling appointments, treating patients, and billing for the visit. Based on the diagnoses added to the patient’s chart, prescribed medications, commonly performed procedures, plan comments, and patient instruction to track practice. show more

Unified Practice - EHR Software

Unified Practice

The Most Advanced Charting For The Best Patient Care
(2 Ratings)

Unified Practice pricing: Starts at $59.0.

What is Unified Practice and how does it work?

Unified Practice is built with practitioners like in mind to make every day tasks streamlined, clear, and easy to manage. Intuitive Acupuncture EHR on iPad and Web. Allow Patients to Complete Pre-Appointment Forms at Home or On iPad.

TherapyAppointment - EHR Software


Grow with the only solution built for therapists
(3 Ratings)

TherapyAppointment pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is TherapyAppointment and how does it work?

Their sleek, intuitive practice management solution was created for therapists by therapists, making it truly user-friendly. They give it back and pay it forward. TherapyAppointment is a socially conscious company that donates a portion of its profits to charities providing mental health and chemical dependency services to those in need. They offer the best Customer Support in the industry. From technical requests to insurance billing conundrum. Their transparent pricing is clear and affordable, with no hidden fees. They understand the workflow of a therapy office creative team includes experienced practitioners and insurance professionals. show more

Phoenix Ortho - EHR Software

Phoenix Ortho

Specialty EHR Systems
(1 Ratings)

Phoenix Ortho pricing: Phoenix Ortho Offers Custom plan.

What is Phoenix Ortho and how does it work?

Phoenix Ortho’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions are custom-built to meet the needs of orthopedic surgeons and practice managers better than a “one-size-fits-all” EMR that wastes time and adds more mouse clicks. Save time, improve collections, and increase patient satisfaction in your orthopedic practice with Phoenix Ortho’s EHR, PM, PACS systems show more

Azalea Health - EHR Software

Azalea Health

Experience the best EHR management there has ever been
(28 Ratings)

Azalea Health pricing: Azalea Health Offers Custom plan.

What is Azalea Health and how does it work?

Azalea Health is one of the top EHR software and charting system for hospitals, clinics and practitioners. It is capable of synchronising patient’s data between clinics and hospitals thus creating a seamless flow of communication. This gives the doctors and medical professionals to attain the benefit of one record for one patient. The records are stored individually for every patient and contain all minute detail associated with them. The behavioural health platform provided by Azalea Health makes it increasingly convenient for doctors to focus more on their patients than their computers. The platform further makes it easier to collect the requisite data from patients so that the clinic managers can stay a step ahead of the requirements. Coming to the security measures, all data lodged in Azalea Health is one hundred per cent HIPAA compliant and is completely encrypted. The collaborative charting feature available within enables team members to work on a single chart simultaneously from anywhere, anytime. Further, the entire interface is customisable with exclusive features. show more

PracticeStudio - EHR Software


Medical Practice Management Software
(1 Ratings)

PracticeStudio pricing: PracticeStudio Offers Custom plan.

What is PracticeStudio and how does it work?

PracticeStudio is a best-of-breed Electronic Health Records software that has successfully served medical clinics for more than 25 years. From the very beginning have been committed to a complete solution that is seamlessly integrated between our Practice Management and Medical Records. The EHR features touch screens, customizable forms, e-prescribing, as well as discipline specific workflows. The Practice Management features scheduling, billing, insurance verification and processing, reporting, and a robust revenue management cycle. When purchase PracticeStudio to help run practice, are purchasing a complete system ready to go in all areas out-of-the-box! Additionally, will enjoy a relationship with committed medical software professionals that care about success. show more

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CareCloud Charts 5
SAC (salud a un clic) 5
blueEHR 5
MD-Reports Ambulatory EHR Suite 5
SoftCure Hospital Software 5
Medsender 5
VersaSuite 5
Nimbo 4.9
MedicsCloud EHR 4.8
ElationHealth 4.7

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