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Updated on: September 26, 2020

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, as the name suggests, refers to all the digital touchpoints that impact the experience of the customer with the company. A software that can enhance the user experience is called a DXP. In many ways, the Digital Experience Platform is an evolution of CMS (Content Management System) that helps organizations manage their written content, images, data, and other relevant details for having an online presence. However, with the ways a consumer can interact with you going beyond a website, be it through kiosks, eCommerce websites, etc., Digital Experience Software makes it easier for the organization to integrate it all in one place. In sum, DXP ensures that the business remains consumer-oriented throughout the entire journey and not only when s/he is visiting its website, provides actionable insights and is scalable as per the needs.

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Manage Experiences with Digital Advantage Suite
(40 Ratings)

Quadient software is a platform to collaborate and connect customers in your business. Manage individualized mobile and web experiences from intuitive interface with mobile applications and web experiences with personalized content. Reduce compliance risk and providing a more consistent experience... read more

Kentico Xperience

Design Professional Digital experiences
(275 Ratings)

Kentico Xperience software is a platform used to manage digital experience across channels. Engage your audiences with smart online forms to collect detailed customer data and engage them with campaigns with content. Manage landing pages using a drag-and-drop page builder and can recommend the... read more

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Manage Business by better Customer Experiences
(90 Ratings)

Liferay DXP software is a platform used to manage business with optimizing better customer experiences. Monitor the business with Identity Management Support and Service Access Policies with live portal sessions of your users. Collaborate with your team with access control and can create... read more

Adobe Experience Manager

Built Experiences with Digital Asset Management
(68 Ratings)

Adobe Experience Manager software is a platform used to manage personalized and content-led experiences with digital assets. Design Professional content for each customer across all channels with automated tools. Manage assets across audiences and channels with your forms and communications... read more

Jahia Digital Experience Platform

A Simple Digital Experiences Tool
(40 Ratings)

Jahia Digital Experience Platform software is a tool used to manage content and customer data to create personalized experiences. Engage your customers with content and gain insights with customer data. The software offers a Jahia’s hybrid DX platform to push your content across any channel and... read more

SAP Fiori

An Enterprise User experience Tool
(144 Ratings)

SAP Fiori software is an user experience to manage enterprise users work with visual design and next-generation workforce. The software offers a UI resources for designing great enterprise software and can build apps for your organization. Collaborate with your team with access control to design... read more

HCL Digital Experience

Engage Business with Digital Experiences
(54 Ratings)

HCL Digital Experience is a software used to digitize business with personalized experiences for all audiences. Manage content and customer journeys across multiple websites, apps, and portals. Collaborate with your team with Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate workflows. Integrate your APIs in to... read more

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