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Stamped | Top Rated eCommerce Marketing Platform Write a Review

Harness the power of product reviews & customer rewards for your eCommerce store. The easiest way to increase sales and customer retention.

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All in One Social Media Aggregator For Any Website Write a Review

EmbedFeed is one of the greatest social media aggregators that automatically syncs all social posts with any website. It Saves time & money for content production and Increase engagement on live events. It has key features like Multiple sources, Auto-sync, Follow button, Unlimited widgets and much more.

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User Generated Content Platform (UGC), Content Marketing | Olapic 3.8 Based on 10 Ratings

Olapic offers an unmatched user generated content platform for you and your customers. Easy to use for influencer marketing. Turn content into sales today!

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Display Social Media Software 4.8 Based on 17 Ratings

Taggbox is a powerful, integrated user-generated content platform that helps marketers to build trust, increase user engagement and grow conversions by leveraging the latest technologies. This powerful tool can be used with Slack, Shopify, Mailchimp and much more popular tools – so it’s easy to access everything you need in one place. With Taggbox, marketers can take advantage of solutions such as virtual events, visual commerce, internal communication and many more for maximum reach and impact. Its intuitive control panel allows for dynamic customization features which enable users to customize their campaigns according to their needs – making it incredibly simple to use for even complete beginners. Taggbox is an invaluable asset for any professional looking to elevate their marketing strategies.

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Convert social media-posted images and videos from customers into captivating brand collateral 4.8 Based on 72 Ratings

Pixlee for Creators enables brands to create ambassador communities, find new influencers, and convert existing consumers into effective brand advocates. The top provider of user-generated content, ratings, and reviews as well as influencer marketing is Pixlee TurnTo. To better utilise consumer tales, they developed a platform. They assist clients in locating the appropriate material and utilising it with the appropriate audiences and distribution channels at a scale that allows them to become community-driven brands. In order to generate the biggest market review volume, they provide leading brands and merchants the newest customer content solutions. Its one-of-a-kind collection of five cutting-edge products, including Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, Visual Reviews, Checkout Comments, and Seller Ratings, synergistically improves conversion rates, SEO, and merchandising insights. Pixlee TurnTo has not given any information regarding the cost of this good or service. Both software vendors and service providers do this frequently. The pricing information offered here is based on user feedback and is meant to give you a sense of value. Alternatively, get in touch with Pixlee TurnTo to learn the most recent prices. Pixlee TurnTo features-Campaign Management, Categorization/Grouping, Commenting/Notes, Content Management, Conversion Tracking, Customizable Reports, Monitoring, Multi-Channel Campaigns.

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Pricing | Tagboard Production Suite 4.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Tagboard is a live production suite for designing custom graphics, streamlining production, engaging your audience, and maximizing reach.

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Platform | CrowdRiff 4.7 Based on 24 Ratings

CrowdRiff is the leading visual content marketing platform trusted by over 700 travel and tourism brands. Source, manage, distribute, and optimize the photos and videos that will attract and influence visitors. A happy visitor is the most powerful marketing tool your brand can have.

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User Generated Content (UGC) Platform | Photoslurp 4.8 Based on 14 Ratings

Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform that collects photos and videos of customers using your products. We provide the tools to curate, publish and analyze User Generated Content within your eCommerce store. Our platform drives engagement and boost online sales by 15% on average.

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Engaging Customer Experience Software Write a Review

Flowbox is an SaaS company offering a visual marketing platform to help brands leverage and distribute social content throughout the buyer journey to increase engagement, social proof and sales. It integrates with popular tools like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, Adobe and much more.

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Elevate Marketing strategy with Flockler 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Flockler's platform is a game-changer for savvy marketers who understand the power of social media for enhancing digital presence. Visualizing high-impact content like Instagram images, Facebook and formerly Twitter (X) posts, and engaging YouTube videos on the platform can significantly boost user engagement and site visit duration. The essence of UGC and hashtag campaigns lies in their ability to organically expand the brand's reach and appeal to new demographics, without the need for an expansive advertising budget. Moreover, the inclusion of social proof on product pages through Flockler's social wall integration fosters trust and boosts customer confidence, translating into increased sales. By incorporating shoppable UGC galleries and social media feeds on the webshop, you're transforming passive browsers into interactive buyers, providing a seamless and immersive shopping experience. Whether it's through online or offline channels, this comprehensive approach leverages authentic content to elevate the marketing strategy to new heights.

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Cheetah Experiences

Cheetah Digital | Customer Engagement Solution for Marketers 3.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Cheetah Experiences enables marketers to acquire zero- and first-party data and permissions needed to deliver true personalization across every digital channel.

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Renowned social discovery platform Write a Review

Candid is a world renowned social discovery platform that delivers cutting edge user‑generated media experiences to improve engagement for brands. It provide marketers the tools they need to easily weave on-brand user-generated content into their own marketing experiences.

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Community Management & User Generated Content Write a Review

EnTribe was built to help companies scale and automate manually-labor intensive workflows that hinder a brand’s ability to connect with its customers through UGC. By flipping the script on UGC, it empower brands to truly build communities that are powered by the people who use their products.

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Video Advertising Simplified Write a Review

Billo is an advertising platform that provides businesses access to thousands of video creators at affordable prices to produce video advertisements for their products. It also provides talented content creators an opportunity to work with top brands and companies in producing video advertisements, just by signing up with a few easy steps. They provide a vast variety of essential features such as - A well-organized dashboard that provides everything you need to manage from creators, tasks, and processes easily and efficiently. They provide a real-time tracker for all your tasks; you can review and select applicants right through the app itself avoiding the hassle of personally contacting creators. One of their most beneficial features is the pre-made templates. Choosing from their vast variety of pre-made templates you can create a task in minutes. You are also free to provide personal instructions precisely by creating your own custom task. Billo fully supports all the latest social media and advertising platforms, and you can produce video content freely for either or all of them. These platforms include – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.

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New Spark logo

New Spark

Intelligent Enterprise Media Platform for Brands | New Spark Media 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Simplify and scale how you securely gather, enrich, moderate, and distribute media across groups and systems, through New Spark's Enterprise Media Platform.

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Workable Pricing Software Solution Write a Review

Miappi helps consumer brands increase customer engagement and sales by enabling them to collect, curate and distribute their most valuable user-generated content to their marketing channels. It has valuable features like Flexible pricing, High-quality content production, Out of the box platform and much more.

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Growth and Loyalty Software Write a Review

LoudCrowd helps brands achieve Customer Led Growth where a brand's primary growth channel is organic UGC being generated from their customers. Their software allows brands to measure the value of their UGC on social media and create programs that drive more UGC from customers.

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Social Media Curation for Digital Publishers Write a Review

Crowdynews is the world’s largest AI-driven user-generated content curation platform. It helps content reach its full potential by creating more credible, more encompassing, and more valuable connections between content creators and content consumers.

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Turn User Content Into Conversions Write a Review

Leading eCommerce brands choose Taggshop to drive their conversions and social proof with solutions like Shoppable galleries, visual UGC, customer reviews, & social shopping. The perfect platform to infuse superpowers into your online store. Exclusively built to activate greater ROI & Growth through content for commerce.

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A UGC tool for Brands Write a Review

ttagz helps to capture and curate UGC to create an engaging presence on social media. The AI-enabled technology allows the customers to easily share experiences, helping in reach more people naturally through organic marketing. With ttagz, the customer UGC can be used for multiple purposes, from product development to brand promotion. The Image Artificial Intelligence will helps to monitor and control UGC to ensure that the content is always brand safe. ttagz makes customer engagement easier to build stronger relationships with them and grow the business. Try ttagz today for a more effective way of leveraging UGC!

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List of User-Generated Content Software

Stamped Stamped 0
EmbedFeed EmbedFeed 0
Olapic Olapic 3.8
Taggbox Taggbox 4.8
Pixlee Pixlee 4.8
Tagboard Tagboard 4.3
CrowdRiff CrowdRiff 4.7
Photoslurp Photoslurp 4.8
Flowbox Flowbox 0
Flockler Flockler 4.5

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