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Updated on: May 15, 2021

Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Cloud content collaboration software allows users to easily create, store, collaborate on and share content, which can be accessed from multiple devices. It serves as a cloud storage system for various content formats like documents, spreadsheets, images and videos. Cloud content collaboration software aims to be an all-inclusive solution for businesses to work out all their content requirements. It provides tools for external and internal file sharing, offers collaboration tools, synchronizes files and documents and facilitates versioning across files. It offers more efficient security as well as storage space than their on-premise contemporaries. Cloud content collaboration systems can be integrated with other content management systems to streamline content storing and sharing.

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Google Drive

Store, access, and share your files in one secure place
(37,229 Ratings)

Google Drive uses Google AI to predict and surface what’s important in real-time. Google Drive recognizes important content, collaborators, and events, using features like Quick Access and ML-based search enhancements to connect each user with files that may require attention.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

All-in-one Tool to Manage Business Workflows
(18,433 Ratings)

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a platform used to automate business workflows from anywhere. Manage files by easily adding and sharing files from Teams or SharePoint, and more. Collaborate with your teams with access controls and sharable links, and follow configured policies. The software... read more


Capture screen and share instantly
(532 Ratings)

Droplr is a screenshot and screen recording software. It allows users to take snaps and record screen sessions instantly and saves that automatically on the cloud. The captured media can be shared directly with anyone with the help of a link that is specific for each file. The screenshot taking... read more


A Simple Content Collaboration Solution
(43 Ratings)

Syncplicity by Axway software is a secure, enterprise file sharing and content collaboration to build a digital workplace. Modernize your workforce by storing files with Global content protection and compliance. Collaborate with your team across devices and share files. Freelancers, Small and... read more

Internxt Drive

A Privacy Tool for Files
(8 Ratings)

Internxt Drive software is a File storage service used to manage privacy and security. The software offers zero-knowledge encryption for easy access your files with different customizations. Collaborate with your team to store files with total security and toggle your administration features. It... read more


Document Collection Made Easy
(2 Ratings)

Ezidox is a document collection, verification, and storage platform that facilitates the exchange of documents between senders or contributors and collectors. Ezidox automates the document collection and management process from Customer to Business to Others. Because your customers enter their own... read more


Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Sync
(134 Ratings)

FileCloud is an enterprise file sharing, sync, and backup solution which enables users to access, manage and share files and data securely via their web browser, mobile app, mapped virtual device, and more. Share your files easily and securely by creating a link to a public or private share. Public... read more

Zoho WorkDrive

Online file management and content collaboration platform
(46 Ratings)

Zoho Workdrive is an Online file management platform for teams that work together. Helps to transform the way the team works together give them a secure, shared workspace, so their ideas have a home from conception to realization. Zoho WorkDrive organizes and stores files in dedicated team folders... read more


The leading OpenSource Cloud Collaboration
(156 Ratings)

ownCloud is an open platform for more productivity and security in digital collaboration. File sharing unlocks productivity gains. ownCloud makes it easy, flexible, and secure, whether your team roam one office floor or different continents. Flash drives and public clouds are a data security threat... read more


Automate Workflow with Secure Data Exchange
(223 Ratings)

ownCloud.online software is a platform used to manage secure cloud storage made in Germany. Collaborate with your team with roles and receive notifications in real-time about file actions. Share files across multiple ownCloud instances and can Frame complex rules for file uploads. Manage workflows... read more

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