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Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Cloud content collaboration software allows users to easily create, store, collaborate on and share content, which can be accessed from multiple devices. It serves as a cloud storage system for various content formats like documents, spreadsheets, images and videos. Cloud content collaboration software aims to be an all-inclusive solution for businesses to work out all their content requirements. It provides tools for external and internal file sharing, offers collaboration tools, synchronizes files and documents and facilitates versioning across files. It offers more efficient security as well as storage space than their on-premise contemporaries. Cloud content collaboration systems can be integrated with other content management systems to streamline content storing and sharing.

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Oxygen Document Management - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Oxygen Document Management

Intelligent Document Management Solution
(2 Ratings)

Oxygen Document Management pricing: Oxygen Document Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Oxygen Document Management and how does it work?

Oxygen Document Management is a secure, intuitive human-centric, cloud-based solution signed specifically to make storing, finding, sharing, and collaborating on documents as easy as 1, 2, 3. Easily share information and co-author documents with multiple colleagues, regardless of location. Reduce email congestion and multiple versions by sharing links instead of files. Retain control of your data at all times. Intuitively capture critical information around key data points with your very own custom Oxygen Analytics Dashboard identify trends, analyze productivity and know who accesses your data when and where. show more

OpenKM Document Management - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

OpenKM Document Management

Manage content easily, simplify your work and increase efficiency
(2 Ratings)

OpenKM Document Management pricing: OpenKM Document Management Offers Custom plan.

What is OpenKM Document Management and how does it work?

OpenKM Document Management System helps you organize, maintain, and govern documents from managers and any person who creates or uses them in their business activities. Control and track the entire life cycle of every document with automation, notifications, and auditing. OpenKM offers a complete and configurable audit trail. With it, you have documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected everything in the system at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event. show more

Genialcloud Facsys - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Genialcloud Facsys

Share information, manage workflows, collaborate anytime
(2 Ratings)

Genialcloud Facsys pricing: Starts at $16.39. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Genialcloud Facsys and how does it work?

With Facsys, employees can stay engaged and be inspired to do their best work seamlessly. Digital collaboration allows for smarter working by helping break down traditional silos, away from top-down hierarchical structures to a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and flexibility. The platform can be activated with a series of components that can be selected at will, purchased independently, in self-service mode, and easily integrate with one other. Monitor and control access controls and security policies with document tracking. show more

Imaging101 - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Document and Content Management Software
(2 Ratings)

Imaging101 pricing: Starts at $3995.0.

What is Imaging101 and how does it work?

Imaging101 Document and Content Management Software for Digital Transformation. Imaging101 Inc has a track record of helping organizations like yours become more effective. This is all thanks to solutions for document imaging, management, and scanning, as well as electronic document routing. Clients can combine modules to create the exact, cost-effective solution they need for their issue, such as record management, workflow automation, work process improvement, e-discovery, e-disclosure and so much more. show more

IntelligenceBank KM - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

IntelligenceBank KM

Knowledge Management Made Seamless
(2 Ratings)

IntelligenceBank KM pricing: IntelligenceBank KM Offers Custom plan.

What is IntelligenceBank KM and how does it work?

IntelligenceBank Knowledge Management makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents and data with your team. Keep track of customer contacts, proposals, work products, invoices, and contracts. With granular permissions, give your customer access to your shared information and collaborate on briefs. Manage, share and measure your customer insights. Automatically alert your team when new data is available and integrate third-party resources in a single, easy-to-use platform. Legal departments love our case management applications, whereby each case can be tracked, actions can be assigned and linked to related documentation. show more

EZ Doc Filer - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

EZ Doc Filer

Document Management Software
(2 Ratings)

EZ Doc Filer pricing: EZ Doc Filer Offers Custom plan.

What is EZ Doc Filer and how does it work?

EZ Doc Filer allows documents to be scanned into a database managed system. From there, the documents are stored on your server while integrating with your existing database application. Electronic Document Management is the efficient method of using your computer and network control workflow of all official documents, including how and when documents are created, reviewed, published, utilized, revised, and destroyed. show more

eBridge - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


The document solution your business needs
(4 Ratings)

eBridge pricing: eBridge Offers Custom plan.

What is eBridge and how does it work?

eBridge gives you the ability to access your files wherever and whenever you need them. Store, retrieve, and collaborate with a few simple clicks instead of digging through file cabinets and paper boxes or navigating through complicated file structures on your hard drive. Focus your operational efforts and eliminate communication breakdowns and file-sharing challenges between co-workers, departments, and customers. eBridge is an independently verified HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 certified strongbox of security for your important business files. show more

Renderro - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Powerful computer for creatives like you
(3 Ratings)

Renderro pricing: Starts at $1.6.

What is Renderro and how does it work?

Renderro is a cloud workplace to run your projects on high-powered cloud setups instead of traditional computer workstations. Drives serve as your standard physical drives where you store your current project resources. Cloud computers give you the same work capabilities as their standard physical counterparts. Run any software and work on any type of files, just like you would on a standard computer with a Windows 10. show more

Digital Pigeon - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Digital Pigeon

Seriously fast file sharing
(86 Ratings)

Digital Pigeon pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Digital Pigeon and how does it work?

Digital Pigeon is the perfect platform for digital media producers & creatives to share and collaborate on large files. Your file recipients won’t need to download any software, create an account, or follow complicated instructions to view or download what you send. They can preview or download instantly, on any device, in high resolution. Enable Clients, Customers, or partners to send you large files, directly into your Digital Pigeon account. Digital Pigeon is powered by the world’s highest-performing, cloud-based infrastructure service, Amazon Web Services. This technology allows transporting your files as fast as you and your recipients’ Internet connections can handle. show more

Leapdocs - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Affordable, Secure, Easy Document Management
(4 Ratings)

Leapdocs pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Leapdocs and how does it work?

Leapdocs is an affordable, secure, easy document management application for enterprises, small businesses, and start-ups. Create as many users and groups as you like to recreate and reinforce your real-world organizational structure, whether that be 1 or 10,000. Any file type can be imported, and most files can be indexed and thumbnailed including, Word, PDF, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, ODF files, etc. Each file can have custom metadata applied, like SSN, Invoice Number, Contract Code, or Birth Date. Metadata fields can be created and updated easily. show more

PowerFolder - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Private and Public Cloud file sync and share
(71 Ratings)

What is PowerFolder and how does it work?

PowerFolder is a leading provider in the cloud and on-premise sync, share access, and backup solutions that scale from SME up to global enterprise deployments. The collaborative document editing, outlook integration, and sharing, and synchronization of any file and folder enable your team to work more efficiently, in the PowerFolder European public cloud or your own file sync and share private cloud. The easy file sync solution, for your company or at home. Keep your documents privately in the European cloud. Comfortably collaborate and share files from mobile devices and computers. show more

Cabinet EDMS - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Cabinet EDMS

Document Management System
(4 Ratings)

What is Cabinet EDMS and how does it work?

Cabinet Document Management System powerful file and document management system that allows for fully audited management of all records, version control, and instant searching capabilities with dynamic document type management. In its simplest form Cabinet makes it simple and affordable to store, and search all documents and files. After uploading your files, Cabinet allows you to securely file, search and retrieve the information both locally as well as online and share it with virtually anyone in your business chain. show more

ViewCenter - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


A Secure, Intuitive Document Management System
(20 Ratings)

ViewCenter pricing: ViewCenter Offers Custom plan.

What is ViewCenter and how does it work?

ICM’s ViewCenter document management system makes securely digitizing, storing, managing, retrieving, and sharing your business-critical documents and records easier than ever. ViewCenter also comes standard with the iCapture drag-and-drop document upload tool, allowing you to quickly index and load your digital documents. show more

Dynamic Flows - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Dynamic Flows

Take control of your inbox
(5 Ratings)

Dynamic Flows pricing: Dynamic Flows Offers Custom plan.

What is Dynamic Flows and how does it work?

Dynamic Flows creates user-friendly and efficient innovative applications that are directly integrated into the user’s mailbox, Microsoft Office, O365, MS Teams, and Mobile. Convert your email into tasks, and avoid email overload. Each email can be reassigned to your team, archived, or deleted in order to keep a clean and organized inbox. Gain safe and secure access to all your files at any time with the Web and mobile interface. A web browser is all you need to unlock the power of the document storage system. show more

DRACOON - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Highly Secure File Services Platform
(14 Ratings)

DRACOON pricing: DRACOON Offers Custom plan.

What is DRACOON and how does it work?

DRACOON is the market leader in the German-speaking area for enterprise file sharing. Send encrypted file attachments or entire emails in a GDPR-compliant manner via DRACOON for Outlook. Project managers can independently create data rooms and assign permissions, which greatly reduces the IT department’s workload and allows departments to work more effectively and efficiently. DRACOON offers unlimited storage space so that you and all your employees can securely save and share all of the company’s data both internally and externally. show more

Google Drive - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Google Drive

Store all your files in a drive with expandable storage
(39,885 Ratings)

Google Drive pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Google Drive is an online file storage portal that enables users to store, access and share files on the go. It provides a centralised administration and data loss prevention facility, protecting files from every possible data breach. Google Drive utilises its powerful AI to detect that which is important and has been frequently visited. It identifies important content and collaborators using Quick Access and ML-based servers to automatically connect users with files that are important to them. Drives can further be shared to allow real-time collaborations in a conveniently managed space. Files added to shared drives become automatically accessible to people whose email IDs have been registered in the shared list. Google Drive further ensures that none of the actual computer disk space is affected and real-time synchronisation simply makes it convenient for users to access these files from any platform as comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a set of integrated applications each designated for a specific purpose. Some of these are DocuSign for electronic signatures, CloudLock for enhanced security layers and Lucid Charts for mockups to accomplish tasks directly from the drive itself. show more

Cloudup - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


Videos, photos, music, links and docs instantly and easily
(40 Ratings)

Cloudup pricing: Cloudup Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Cloudup and how does it work?

Cloudup makes sharing snappy and beautiful for you and your audience. Stream with friends, family, coworkers, or clients for a lightning-fast, stunning sharing experience. Cloudup Streams can be shared by secure URL links before your uploads even finish! You can password-protect or even share streams by email or with Facebook and Twitter. show more

Apple iCloud - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Apple iCloud

The best place for all your photos, files, and more
(2,065 Ratings)

Apple iCloud pricing: Starts at $0.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Apple iCloud and how does it work?

iCloud is built into every Apple device. With iCloud Photos, you can browse, search, and share all the photos and videos from any of your devices, whether they were taken yesterday or years ago. To save space on your devices, the original, full‑resolution photos you take are automatically uploaded to iCloud. You’ll still always have a lightweight version of every photo on your device, and you can download the originals whenever you need them. Shared Albums lets you create albums for trips, events, or whatever you want. Simply choose the friends and family members who can see, comment, and add their own photos and videos. show more

Synqion - Cloud Content Collaboration Software


The zero knowledge sync & share solution
(18 Ratings)

Synqion pricing: Synqion Offers Custom plan.

What is Synqion and how does it work?

With SYNQION you combine maximum security and privacy with ease of use. Just declare any folder in your file system to be an SYNQION Space and invite people you want to share your data with to become members of your SYNQION Team. Create teams and work together on documents online and offline. Synqion records all changes to your files, so nothing gets lost. Find out which Synqion suits your needs: There is a free, personal and professional version for businesses. Keep your data synchronized between various devices just like that, even when you’re offline. And sharing music, pics and documents is a piece of cake. show more

Doc.It Suite - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Doc.It Suite

Reduce time-consuming administrative workloads
(25 Ratings)

Doc.It Suite pricing: Starts at $36.0.

What is Doc.It Suite and how does it work?

Accounting and tax firms using Doc.It Suite software stay organized by streamlining and automating digital processes that drive efficiency, workflows, and profitability while minimizing risk associated with dealing with the exchange and storage of financial documents. Close completed engagements with ease. Create a single fully indexed, bookmarked PDF snapshot of all documents as a complete record of the finalized engagement. Maintain order and quick access to work. View and launch documents from an organized list of files of all types and formats in their native file format. show more

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List of Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Oxygen Document Management 5
OpenKM Document Management 5
Genialcloud Facsys 5
Imaging101 5
IntelligenceBank KM 5
EZ Doc Filer 5
eBridge 5
Renderro 4.9
Digital Pigeon 4.9
Leapdocs 4.9

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