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Camunda Platform Process Orchestration for End-to-End Automation

Camunda Platform Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Camunda Platform Alternatives

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(3,721 Ratings)

Wrike pricing: Starts at $9.80. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Wrike and how does it work?

An all-in-one project management tool that helps to organize your complex work easily and flexibly. It is ideal for remotely located teams, mid-sized organizations and enterprise companies for managing teamwork and communicating with clients. With Wrike’s collaboration features and customization tools, you will be able to manage teamwork better and finish your work sooner. It helps the team leads and administrators collecting project requirements, creating and assigning tasks and visualizing schedules on the Gantt chart. Moreover, each team member will be aware of their work priorities with personal dashboards and real-time work updates so that you'll get an efficient and goal-oriented team show more

Wrike Alternatives
Oracle HCM Cloud - HR Software
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Oracle HCM Cloud

Powerful cloud-based HR software
(522 Ratings)

Oracle HCM Cloud pricing: Oracle HCM Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is Oracle HCM Cloud and how does it work?

Oracle HCM Cloud is a HR software that comes fully loaded with several useful payroll features. The software can support 401(k) tracking, direct deposit, self-service portal, w-2 preparation etc. With multi country and multi state features the software allows you to make payment and deal with the payroll processes from anywhere and to any location. The software helps in tax, benefit, compensation, deductions, attendance management with greater ease and efficiency. You can track leave or vacation as well. The software can enhance your business agility. Oracle HCM Cloud contains several attractive HR features and helps in automating and tackling all employee lifecycle management. show more

Camunda Platform vs Oracle HCM Cloud | Oracle HCM Cloud Alternatives
Microsoft Flow - Business Process Management Software

Microsoft Flow

Connect your apps and synchronize your data
(48 Ratings)

Microsoft Flow pricing: Starts at $15.00.

What is Microsoft Flow and how does it work?

With Microsoft Flow, you can create automated workflows that connect your services and apps. This means that you can ensure your data and files synced. To save you time and boost your productivity, you can use Microsoft Flow to turn time-consuming, repetitive tasks into multi step workflows. One example of this would be capturing Tweets and then saving them as email newsletter subscribers in Mailchimp or as sales leads to follow up on in Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you want to be able to quickly respond to and process different types of requests –– anything from documents to sales opportunities to travel plans and even time off – you can create, use and share automated approval workflows. Flow helps you make better decisions in your workflows. You can also connect to on-premises data and cloud based services in a secure way to harness the data you are already collecting. show more

Camunda Platform vs Microsoft Flow | Microsoft Flow Alternatives
Microsoft Power Automate - Business Process Management Software

Microsoft Power Automate

Reach new heights of business productivity by automatically
(0 Ratings)

Microsoft Power Automate pricing: Starts at $15.00.

What is Microsoft Power Automate and how does it work?

Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of pre-built connectors. Enable everyone to build secure workflows with a no-code guided experience and cloud-based data loss prevention, identity, and access management services. Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities. Build powerful end-to-end business solutions by connecting Power Automate across the entire Microsoft Power Platform and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps to drive innovation across your entire organization. show more

Camunda Platform vs Microsoft Power Automate | Microsoft Power Automate Alternatives
Winshuttle Foundation - Business Process Management Software

Winshuttle Foundation

Business process management software
(1 Ratings)

Winshuttle Foundation pricing: Winshuttle Foundation Offers Custom plan.

What is Winshuttle Foundation and how does it work?

Winshuttle software is used for data movement, validation, and collection of SAP (system applications and products in data processing) ERP (Enterprise resource planning) data. It empowers business teams to make their processes faster and their data better. At winshuttle, business users are empowered to manage their data and processes with the support and enablement of their departments. The platform lets you take control of your core master data and drive better business outcomes with its seamless suite of Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, and Master Data Management capabilities. You can digitize the SAP process from simple capital expense requests to complex product launches involving multiple teams and SAP data objects. You can create or update multiple related records in a single form with SmartTable technology. You can handle complex projects with dynamic process linking and check the data quality with the live SAP validation from a form or Excel workbook. Users can also create or update data instantly in SAP using the direct and secure RFC call feature. show more

Winshuttle Foundation Alternatives

Products Similar to Camunda Platform Flow - Business Process Management Software Flow

Connect apps, integrate and automate everything
(6 Ratings) Flow pricing: Starts at $1000.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Flow and how does it work? Flow an intelligent iPaaS to power your business workflows. Use the intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface to design, assemble, and deploy workflows for cloud and on-premise apps. Create multiple branches within a workflow, execute recursive tasks using Loop, or use Switch to execute certain paths based on cases. Include Data Mapper in workflows for custom output structure. Keep your customer data at your fingertips to respond to customer queries better and resolve tickets faster in popular CRM tools like Intercom, Zendesk, and SugarCRM. show more Flow Alternatives
Nintex Promapp - Business Process Management Software

Nintex Promapp

Manage and control your enterprise processes seamlessly
(27 Ratings)

Nintex Promapp pricing: Starts at $950.00.

What is Nintex Promapp and how does it work?

Nintex Promapp is a comprehensive business process mapping software that enables organizations to encourage collaboration, increase accountability and improve essential processes in real-time. The software can be used to turn complex process maps, procedure documents, and Visio charts into simple, clean and accessible process maps in real-time. Businesses can even depend on the same to create consistent process maps and easily change and enhance individual processes as per need. Nintex Promapp comes loaded with customizable dashboards where individual processes and actions can be displayed to make them visible to all employees. Moreover, a variety of advanced collaboration tools featured by the same make it easy for companies to share updates with team members and receive feedback in real-time. With Nintex Promapp, users can easily configure approvers, editors, and stakeholders to make changes in the processes with just a single click. The software empowers the entire team to collaborate effectively and optimize processes by adding #LEAN, #Waste, and #OFI tags to individual processes. Moreover, RACI table updates, automated changelogs, stakeholder-wise email notifications help with enhanced process audibility and engagement levels. show more

Camunda Platform vs Nintex Promapp | Nintex Promapp Alternatives
IBM Blueworks Live - Business Process Management Software

IBM Blueworks Live

Business task management and automation made seamless with IBM Blueworks Live
(51 Ratings)

IBM Blueworks Live pricing: Starts at $53.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Blueworks Live and how does it work?

IBM Blueworks Live is an intuitive software that provides a proper collaborative environment to build and improve business processes through mapping. This software comes with an easily accessible web interface that facilitates seamless analysis and documentation of essential business processes without even downloading anything. Large teams can depend on the same to start with mapping on new or existing business processes within a few minutes. They can also invite clients or external members to review or edit process maps on the go. IBM Blueworks Live even helps to identify efficiencies of business processes through its skilled power tools and easy-to-use user interface. The software features a collaborative approach to maximise business growth by deriving accurate data and smooth workflow. A walkthrough processing technology incorporated within, help stakeholders engage with visual process steps in real-time. Further, the simple process automation functionality of IBM Blueworks Live, helps users disseminate information that best suits their individual needs. Users can even depend on the Process Playbook feature to improve focus in real-time. show more

IBM Blueworks Live Alternatives
Box Relay - Business Process Management Software

Box Relay

Enterprises can get their businesses monitored and workflows automated in real-time
(0 Ratings)

Box Relay pricing: Starts at $5.00.

What is Box Relay and how does it work?

Box Relay with its no-coder interface, helps IT teams set up individual workflows and get multiple business processes monitored in a hassle-free manner. Enterprises can set repetitive tasks on automation and get business processes like onboarding, content review and contract approvals streamlined in no-time. Conditional logic feature within the particular, enables users to route content leveraging multiple metadata fields. The software can also be used to facilitate real-time collaboration with business partners, vendors and clients, allowing an accurate flow of business relevant contents. Box Relay, offers an exportable audit history, depicting the running status of any particular workflow. It features pre-built integrations with external apps like DocuSign and O365, enabling a seamless flow of individual content. A dashboard feature within the particular offers a comprehensive view of the entire workflow-based audit history with exportable reports. Admins can also monitor access rights related to workflow generation and business process monitoring. show more

Box Relay Alternatives
IBM Business Automation Workflow - Business Process Management Software

IBM Business Automation Workflow

Automate your business workflows on the go
(39 Ratings)

IBM Business Automation Workflow pricing: IBM Business Automation Workflow Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Business Automation Workflow and how does it work?

IBM Business Automation Workflow helps users in automating their digital space, besides enhancing productivity and efficiency levels on the go, backed by proper insights. As a key capability of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, the software unites information, users and processes in real-time, helping them to automate digital workflows as per convenience. Further, admins can also rely on the same to facilitate seamless collaboration between teams, generate workflows that are capable of enhancing productivity levels, besides gaining new insights to resolve cases on the go and driving enhanced business outcomes accordingly. Further, IBM Business Automation Workflow’s integrated BPM and case management service can be relied upon to standardise and consolidate task-specific work as per need, facilitating seamless prioritisation. Users can also create a combination of case centric and process-centric work within repeatable business workflows. The integrated feature suite of IBM Business Automation Workflow is loaded with multiple functionalities like workflow management, content-centric applications, virtual machines & container technologies, built-in analytics and more. show more

IBM Business Automation Workflow Alternatives
IBM Operational Decision Manager - Business Process Management Software

IBM Operational Decision Manager

Take smart business decisions with IBM
(38 Ratings)

IBM Operational Decision Manager pricing: IBM Operational Decision Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Operational Decision Manager and how does it work?

IBM Operation business decision manager is a DBA (digital business automation) platform that enables you to automate, discover, analyse, capture, and govern important business decisions in the cloud or on-premises. It is a division of IBM Business Automation Cloud and helps you govern, automate, and evaluate rules-based business decisions. With high precision and customisation, the solution can decide on promotional offers, approve a loan or detect a cross-sell opportunity. You can organize the process of deployment, discovery, updating, simulation, and testing. Without coding, you can discover, author, and preserve business decisions and deploy on-premises or in your preferred cloud environment. You can empower people to explain how decisions are made, prototype, and test them before they are put into production. Users can utilize interfaces that allow them to quickly write, create, and test decision models. With this software, anyone can participate in implementing, developing, managing, and modifying the rules of your organization with ease. Additionally, a Cloud Express version of the solution is available for enterprises that require less-complex applications with smaller transaction volumes. show more

IBM Operational Decision Manager Alternatives
Zoho Flow - Business Process Management Software

Zoho Flow

Integrate Apps for Automated Business Workflows
(29 Ratings)

Zoho Flow pricing: Starts at $10.00.

What is Zoho Flow and how does it work?

Zoho Flow is an app integration software that ties all the apps together and automates business workflows. This is done by connecting all the apps to the Zoho Flow in a way that makes processes break away from information silos. Users can connect their key applications that ensure that information seamlessly flows between them. They can even receive timely emails, reports, records, etc. that helps them to move the apps between different infrastructures easily. They can then automate processes extensively with multi-flow steps to deliver routine tasks that disrupt productivity. Teams can easily work together to build workflows that connect information across departments. And with a dynamic builder, users can stop wasting time at coding complex integrations by setting up multiple triggers and drop actions that easily integrate apps. Moreover, a collection of pre-built flows delivers productive off-the-shelf solutions. Different apps that can be integrated include Asana, Slack, Gmail, Trello, and more. show more

Zoho Flow Alternatives
Vitria BusinessWare - Business Process Management Software

Vitria BusinessWare

Business process management
(10 Ratings)

Vitria BusinessWare pricing: Vitria BusinessWare Offers Custom plan.

What is Vitria BusinessWare and how does it work?

Vitria’s BusinessWare combines Enterprise Service Bus functionality with capabilities for business process management and event-driven integration, all in the same unified modeling and execution environment. Orchestrate both system-to-system interactions and manual process steps. In addition, BusinessWare is the platform for Vitria’s specialized process applications for the telecommunications and healthcare sectors. Use external services, make external business logic available as services, and make process logic within BusinessWare available as services for use by other IT assets. show more

Vitria BusinessWare Alternatives
ArcGIS Workflow Manager - Business Process Management Software

ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Get your production process optimised with ArcGIS Workflow Manager
(8 Ratings)

ArcGIS Workflow Manager pricing: Starts at $600.00.

What is ArcGIS Workflow Manager and how does it work?

ArcGIS Workflow Manager can be used to optimise company-specific production processes by simplifying and automating the performance of location-enabled work. Companies can also depend on the same to reduce costs based on enhanced data quality and accuracy levels. Thus enhancing communication, optimising resource allocation and standardising repeatable work processes. Further, supervisors can generate, run and manage teams on the go. The software allows them to assign and monitor work from a centralised location, analyse history to detect bottlenecks and make decisions accordingly. Automated Orchestration facilities served by ArcGIS Workflow Manager are backed by Python APIs and REST technologies. Also, users can leverage response to guide decision points besides scheduling data-intensive processes to reduce network loads. A service-driven architecture of the same, helps users bring their apps, maps, data and groups into web and desktop workflows alike. Powerful REST API incorporated within can be used to develop personalised apps and widgets on the go. show more

ArcGIS Workflow Manager Alternatives
Dubsado - Business Process Management Software


The next gen business optimization toolbox is here
(42 Ratings)

Dubsado pricing: Starts at $29.17.

What is Dubsado and how does it work?

Dubsado is an all-in-one business management application that lets you build relationships, organize appointments, and establish workflows to help you complete tasks faster. It enables the user to automate workflows and trigger operations like email sending, task completion, and invoice creation- all at a single place. Dubsado has questionnaires, contracts, subcontracts, proposals, and contact page forms in its user interface. This software helps with CRM, CMS, and process automation. Users can keep track of unpaid bills, profit margins, costs, and referral sources with Dubsado to keep on top of their financial health. You can also track and monitor how much revenue you've made so far and the amount you still owe to your clients. It allows customers to book directly on your website, allowing you to spend less time arranging and more time interacting with them. Users can also set monthly or yearly financial goals with Dubsado. show more

Dubsado Alternatives
elDoc - Business Process Management Software


Manage your workflow and content
(1 Ratings)

elDoc pricing: elDoc Offers Custom plan.

What is elDoc and how does it work?

elDoc is a cloud-architected, responsive solution for a new generation of end-to-end business processes and automated document workflows. It's everything you'll need to collaborate effectively. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location and on any device, with a user-friendly interface. elDoc is a document and content management system with a lot more to offer. It's a real-time collaboration platform that includes "No Code" process flow designers, "No Code" document form builders, an e-document archive, smart document search, business analytics, monitoring, file and content management, and much more. It offers an easy-to-use UI. You may construct your Document Workflow with No Code capabilities and feed data to your document forms automatically using elDoc. You can construct as many document forms and related document workflows as you want. You can use the web to create, amend, approve, and sign documents, as well as delegate your authority and establish deadlines with additional follow-up/e-mail alerts. You can get rid of all paper in your company and go completely paperless. Furthermore, you receive the appropriate information at the appropriate moment. elDoc has advanced reporting tools that allow you to gain more insight into document processing and discover bottlenecks in document workflow processes faster. show more

elDoc Alternatives
Tibco BPM Enterprise - Business Process Management Software

Tibco BPM Enterprise

Redesigning your Business Management
(17 Ratings)

Tibco BPM Enterprise pricing: Tibco BPM Enterprise Offers Custom plan.

What is Tibco BPM Enterprise and how does it work?

It is a business process management software. By providing the appropriate data to the appropriate person in a digestible manner at the appropriate time, TIBCO's BPM Enterprise supports meaningful business insights and actions. By enabling better decisions and quicker, more informed actions, this BPMS feature enables businesses to support digital transformation. Not only automating your business, but genuinely transforming it, is what we offer. It has a vast list of features such as - enables the rapid development of process and case management systems in a model-driven, low-code environment. To increase operational efficiency, divide workload among teams, track deadlines, and prioritise tasks, business managers can dynamically design work based on skills, privileges, locations, or business rules. One of its most beneficial features is its unified user interface - the ability to perform a variety of operations relating to process, work, case management, administration, auditing, and API exploration through a unified user experience. For your customer, the TIBCO BPM Enterprise software handles all form rendering, making UI updates quick and easy. Solutions for true cloud-native deployment that support self-healing, load balancing, and horizontal scalability. show more

Tibco BPM Enterprise Alternatives
AutomationEdge - Business Process Management Software


Robotic Process Automation
(13 Ratings)

AutomationEdge pricing: AutomationEdge Offers Custom plan.

What is AutomationEdge and how does it work?

Automationedge is the preferred hyperautomation, robotic process automation, and IT automation solution provider. Robotic process automation is one of the crucial technologies to achieve Hyperautomation in any organization. Automate rule-based tasks that are repetitive in nature. RPA Bot workflow built using ready and custom adaptors can also be used to perform a set of actions to automate multiple steps in the entire flow. Data comes in different formats like a word document, excel, pdf, and most of the time it is not in the format required to feed in the application or analyze. show more

AutomationEdge Alternatives
Alfresco Process Services - Business Process Management Software

Alfresco Process Services

All your business process management in one place
(7 Ratings)

Alfresco Process Services pricing: Alfresco Process Services Offers Custom plan.

What is Alfresco Process Services and how does it work?

Alfresco Process Services is a business process management (BPM) solution for professionals and developers. At its core is an open-source, high-performance Activiti-based business process engine with the flexibility and scalability to handle a variety of mission-critical processes. Alfresco Process Services provides a powerful toolkit for end users and integrates with a wide range of enterprise systems including Alfresco Content Services, Box and Google Drive.This product is ideal for small businesses and those who are just starting out with content services and case management software. Works well on Unix-like and Windows operating systems. It also has fairly robust permissions and control over who can access the file through a role-sharing system, so only those who actually need to view the document can access it and maintain confidentiality. Of confidential information. The customer service representatives were very friendly and made us feel supported by our decisions. show more

Alfresco Process Services Alternatives
ARIS - Business Process Management Software


Business process transformation
(41 Ratings)

ARIS pricing: ARIS Offers Custom plan.

What is ARIS and how does it work?

ARIS offers true business process transformation via tightly managed and controlled change. With ARIS, you will create, manage and analyze your end-to-end business processes, enabling operational excellence and giving all stakeholders the tools and process insights they need to make better decisions every day. show more

Camunda Platform vs ARIS | ARIS Alternatives
Pipefy - Business Process Management Software


Get superpowers to organize and control work
(266 Ratings)

Pipefy pricing: Starts at $18.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pipefy and how does it work?

Pipefy is the Work Management platform. With our tool, anyone can take control of their daily work and make a greater impact. This solution allows users to streamline and automate any business process on their own from employee onboarding to customer service to agile development. They believe that when do-ers have the tools they need to improve their work, without relying on anyone else, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish. show more

Camunda Platform vs Pipefy | Pipefy Alternatives
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