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Updated on: December 9, 2021

Top Business Process Management Software

Running a business is not an easy thing to do. When you are running a business, you have to take care of all the processes at every level. Starting from the bottom line to the top line of the business, you need to keep an eye on everything and manage it all. It can be a tiresome and difficult job to do. For such scenarios, you can take help from none other than a Top Business Process Management Software. Such software can help you in keeping an eye and managing it all with ease. All the business processes will be under your command and the software will only lessen your hard work and stress. There are various software available but you should choose that one right Top Business Process Management Software for yourself that can help you and give you benefits. After all, handling a business process is no joke.

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Microsoft Flow

Connect your apps and synchronize your data
(48 Ratings)

Microsoft Flow pricing: Starts at $15.0.

With Microsoft Flow, you can create automated workflows that connect your services and apps. This means that you can ensure your data and files synced. To save you time and boost your productivity, you can use Microsoft Flow to turn time-consuming, repetitive tasks into multi step workflows. One... read more

Signavio Process Manager

SAP process manager to stimulate business processes
(4 Ratings)

Signavio Process Manager pricing: Signavio Process Manager Offers Custom plan.

Signavio Process Manager is an SAP process managing software that helps businesses with documents, models and business process simulation. Companies use Signavio Process Manager to gain better visibility and increase their organisation’s performance at scale. The software increases businesses... read more


Perform and improve your business processes with Nintex
(500 Ratings)

Nintex pricing: Starts at $2.0.

Nintex is a workflow automation software that enables optimization, management and automation of business processes using drag and drop designer tools. It creates documents, forms, maps and so on, which in turn enable managing communication and uninterrupted workflow among various departments and... read more


Pace up your business workflow with Flokzu
(51 Ratings)

Flokzu pricing: Starts at $15.0.

Flokzu is a low-code, cloud-based software which applies the best digital technologies to optimize and automate your specific business and its processes in every possible manner. It uses international standards of BPMN to deploy and run your processes in minutes and hours instead of weeks and... read more


Eliminate mistakes by automating your business processes and workflows
(37 Ratings)

ProcessPlan pricing: Starts at $19.0.

ProcessPlan is a process and workflow management platform that enables businesses to manage various processes and streamline workflows to enhance productivity and profitability on the go. It can be used to visually monitor business processes from a single screen. Management teams can generate... read more

Kinetic Data

Enterprise Workflow Рlаtfоrm
(4 Ratings)

Kinetic Data pricing: Kinetic Data Offers Custom plan.

Kinetic Data аutоmаtes соmрliсаted рrосesses and improves the working experience of enterprises. Company’s low-code рlаtfоrm delivers the maximum level of flexibility, allowing modification and сustоmizаtiоn to match the demands. Open integrations extend the рrоgrаms you... read more

Nintex Promapp

Manage and control your enterprise processes seamlessly
(164 Ratings)

Nintex Promapp pricing: Starts at $950.0.

Nintex Promapp is a comprehensive business process mapping software that enables organizations to encourage collaboration, increase accountability and improve essential processes in real-time. The software can be used to turn complex process maps, procedure documents, and Visio charts into simple,... read more


Process and Workflow Software For Teams
(11 Ratings)

Flowingly pricing: Starts at $399.0.

Flowingly is a beautifully simple process management & workflow automation platform. Flowingly’s intuitive and collaborative process modeling and mapping capabilities will transform your business processes into online experiences teams love. Utilize automated workflows to increase collaboration... read more


Your go-to digital process automation tool
(4 Ratings)

FlowForma is a no-code business process automation and management tool that is designed to empower businesses to digitize a wide range of processes from the comfort of their devices. The tool enables business owners from various sectors to digitize, reinvent, manage and automate complex processes... read more


Business Process Complexity Management
(4 Ratings)

WorkflowGen pricing: WorkflowGen Offers Custom plan.

The WorkflowGen business application creation solution is developed by Advantys. WorkflowGen features a built-in web form designer that lets non-developers easily create professional-looking forms. In a single web view, process participants can launch new requests and monitor their status in... read more

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