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Business Process Management Software

Business Process Management (BPM) Software helps simplify the workflows and optimize the day-to-day processes that a business handles. BPM software is often associated with Workflow automation software that can control tasks' sequences in a typical project. In contrast, a Business process management system is commonly used to apprehend business processes and create rule logic and automate them. It can improve the overall efficacy of any department and is widely used in operations management.

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Wrike pricing: Starts at $9.8. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Wrike and how does it work?

An all-in-one project management tool that helps to organize your complex work easily and flexibly. It is ideal for remotely located teams, mid-sized organizations and enterprise companies for managing teamwork and communicating with clients. With Wrike’s collaboration features and customization tools, you will be able to manage teamwork better and finish your work sooner. It helps the team leads and administrators collecting project requirements, creating and assigning tasks and visualizing schedules on the Gantt chart. Moreover, each team member will be aware of their work priorities with personal dashboards and real-time work updates so that you'll get an efficient and goal-oriented team show more

Virtus Flow - Business Process Management Software

Virtus Flow

Experience the world of automation and zero involvement of manual labour
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Virtus Flow pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Virtus Flow and how does it work?

Virtus Flow is a no-code workflow automation software, that ensures the saving of time and manual processes. It is a saviour for managing tasks, documents, clients, vendors and even the employees. Dynamic forms include another feature of the platform that let clients create, share and publish forms within minutes. With these forms, the creators can automatically store and preserve data, that gets recorded as receivers ‘fill in’ the forms with their responses. Further, clients can easily create, track and assign tickets without constraints. Virtus Flow prepares real-time reports that let clients have an overview as well as detailed insights of what is exactly happening, backed by real-time data access. Virtus Flow makes it enormously convenient to automate dataflows of any size, regardless of how complicated they are. The workflow engine powered by the platform eliminates the need to manually handle customers and tasks like sending emails and responding to queries. It automates similar repetitive tasks, thereby banishing any essence of human error. show more

Ushur - Business Process Management Software


Amp up your customer-specific satisfaction levels
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Ushur pricing: Ushur Offers Custom plan.

What is Ushur and how does it work?

Ushur is an intelligent automation platform for self-serving every customer-specific micro-engagement. It comprises highly integrated products designed to make customer engagement a task easier than it seems. The invisible solution allows clients to connect with their customers and prospective leads directly without having to build, test and deploy custom-made applications. Moreover, it is a secured communication channel that automates significant customer journeys using a powerful AI. Ushur is mostly employed for onboarding, campaign delivery, cross-selling, upselling, scheduling, robust surveys, payment processing, order processing and call centre deflections alike. Two-way conversational texting allows customers to reach what they require on an interactive digital channel. Texting is often not considered as a medium of conducting productive business conversations and this notion is exactly what Ushur does away with. Surveys say that texting works fruitfully 95 per cent of the time and that is enough reason why Usher has it as one of its pivotal methods for communication. Email, however, tops the list of preferred methods of communication. Usher facilitates AI email management that further allows businesses to triage customer emails at scale, thereby significantly cutting down on costs and response time. show more

Bizagi - Business Process Management Software


Business process management and digital transformation
(27 Ratings)

Bizagi pricing: Bizagi Offers Custom plan.

What is Bizagi and how does it work?

For businesses, Bizagi offers a business process management (BPM) package. Automation, modeling, and execution of business operations are all important features. In 2016, Gartner named it a Challenger in their Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites. Managers can use Bizagi's process modeling capability to develop visual business processes with drag-and-drop functionality. Instead than starting from scratch, users can directly alter checklist templates. Accounts payable, onboarding, a leave-request portal, and recruitment are among the pre-built automated tools. Bizagi has an e-learning portal with on-demand classes to help users learn how to utilize the system. The software can be used on-premises or in the cloud. Bizagi facilitates actual business-IT collaboration, resulting in speedier adoption and success. Bizagi is used by over 1,000 companies around the world, including Adidas, BAE Systems, and Old Mutual, and is powered by a community of 1 million individuals. SharePoint, Alfresco, Documentum, and FileNet are just a few of the enterprise content management (ECM) platforms it connects with. show more

Breakout - Business Process Management Software


Manage Business with Smart Workflows
(2 Ratings)

Breakout pricing: Breakout Offers Custom plan.

What is Breakout and how does it work?

Breakout software is a platform used to manage processes with tasks from a single dashboard. The software offers a pre-made Templates to capture data and share work in minutes. Collaborate with team to create and assign checklist workflows to your team. It integrates with Zapier, Gmail Google Drive, and more. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Conga Orchestrate - Business Process Management Software

Conga Orchestrate

Process and data automation done right
(11 Ratings)

Conga Orchestrate pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Conga Orchestrate and how does it work?

Conga Orchestrate is a data and process automation platform that enables you to quickly configure, automate, and manage a huge number of workflow processes and steps no matter how complicated they are. It aims at saving your time and avoiding your costly errors caused due to human labour by assisting you in designing repeatable processes in Salesforce without writing any code. Using Conga Orchestrate, it becomes simple to develop and automate even the most complex workflows with several steps. Conga Orchestrate automated procedures allows you to track even the most complicated operations and receive comprehensive insights into where improvements are needed. Its solutions are designed to operate together effortlessly, allowing you to fully automate and streamline your business processes. It provides an automated contract and document management solution that lets you focus on building client relationships. You can create documents with a single click, then combine them with automated reporting and send them in batches to speed up office procedures. Additionally, businesses can get the compliant, legally binding eSignatures they need using Conga's secure Sign software to keep work moving forward. show more

Tonkean - Business Process Management Software


Experience seamless business process monitoring with Tonkeean and its integrated tools
(38 Ratings)

Tonkean pricing: Starts at $10000.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tonkean and how does it work?

Tonkean is an enterprise no-code process orchestration platform, that can be used to streamline business operations on the go. Developers can depend on the software to automate relevant business processes, without managing any code or making any changes. They can also generate a standard that improves business agility and governance at the same time. A vast range of international businesses like Google Salesforce, Grubhub, crypto.com and more depend on Tonkean to get their work done. Moreover, businesses can depend on the same to trigger certain actions based on item details, system updates, human actions and timings. They can even reach out to valuable customers in their preferred modes of communication. Also, conditional logic functionality, equipped within the software help users to define complex logical flows and decision rules as per convenience. Seamless integration with external platforms like Google Drive, MS Teams, Zendesk, Jira and Workdesk enable smooth outcomes. show more

Decisions - Business Process Management Software


A platform with no code to improve company operations
(27 Ratings)

Decisions pricing: Starts at $4839.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Decisions and how does it work?

Decisions is a proven no-code workflow software and business rule engine that speeds up business expansion and streamlines all sorts of business operations. The Decisions platform enables users to create automated processes and build applications to improve the consumer experience, update outdated systems, and streamline every aspect of their businesses. Users can deploy quickly and allow enterprise users to handle their own processes without the need for any coding. One may quickly adjust to changes in prices, client requests, policies, and more by using this software. On a single platform, it offers integrated workflow and rules. Learning and integrating one's process doesn't require any additional tools. Users only need to drag and drop the desired technical capabilities from the software's hundreds of comprehensive built-in features. Users can leverage technology and human-driven decisions to focus on things they do best. It enables business scalability, allowing anyone to manage everything irrespective of its complexity. show more

Autocene - Business Process Management Software


Create high impact applications with Autocene
(6 Ratings)

Autocene pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Autocene and how does it work?

Autocene is a no-code automation platform that combines the power of intelligent automation to generate high impact applications and solve problems of any scale. This platform is used in several industries including Finance, Legal, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Government. Trusted by top brands around the world, Autocene passport connects the applications with virtually any on-premise or cloud-based system/database. Furthermore, this no-code automation platform provides better visibility and eliminates rekeying for better accuracy and more actionable data. Autocene allows industries to move quickly, implement a new telework policy and help manage the application/approval process for staff at all levels of the organisation. With the no-code automation platform, streamlining back-office processes has a big effect on the bottom line. Also, Autocene’s no-code platform helps modern law firms quickly digitise processes and create the efficiencies needed to increase profits. This platform helps life science companies rapidly build and deploy applications of all kinds within a complex regulatory atmosphere while integrating the data with preexisting applications and databases. show more

WorkflowGen - Business Process Management Software


Business Process Complexity Management
(6 Ratings)

WorkflowGen pricing: WorkflowGen Offers Custom plan.

What is WorkflowGen and how does it work?

The WorkflowGen business application creation solution is developed by Advantys. WorkflowGen features a built-in web form designer that lets non-developers easily create professional-looking forms. In a single web view, process participants can launch new requests and monitor their status in real-time. Process designers can organize processes within secured folders for easy decentralization and delegate process administration per folder. The Quick Mass Approval feature offers the convenience of handling dozens of requests in seconds. Users can organize requests based on process data and create custom views to display in the User Portal for direct access. show more

Kinetic Data - Business Process Management Software

Kinetic Data

Enterprise Workflow Рlаtfоrm
(19 Ratings)

Kinetic Data pricing: Kinetic Data Offers Custom plan.

What is Kinetic Data and how does it work?

Kinetic Data аutоmаtes соmрliсаted рrосesses and improves the working experience of enterprises. Company’s low-code рlаtfоrm delivers the maximum level of flexibility, allowing modification and сustоmizаtiоn to match the demands. Open integrations extend the рrоgrаms you currently own and suрроrt а low-risk delivery method. It is an enterprise workflow platform for орtimizing multi-team workflows, ongoing рrосess improvement, distribution of system аdministrаtiоn and integrating data. Its ability to integrate with other systems and to make your web applications look and feel like any other website cannot be underestimated. The platform provides a robust platform upon which you can develop your solution while also delivering a number of pre-built solutions and a vast library of open-source pre-built integrations for you to utilize. The strength of this platform is the KD Task Engine. With it, one can perform a multitude of different tasks - automated provisioning, process automation and micro-services. It is best for digital trаnsfоrmаtiоn of major businesses with high-volume. The ability to leverage and incorporate pre-built publicly available web code into your application is excellent. show more

Catalytic - Business Process Management Software


The true no-code workflow automation platform
(21 Ratings)

Catalytic pricing: Starts at $1500.0.

What is Catalytic and how does it work?

Catalytic is the no-code workflow automation platform for citizen developers to digitize business operations, making work faster and more efficient without friction or heavy development. It’s the only cloud platform created for citizen development, balanced with governance and above all with people in mind. The web-based interface is business-user friendly for instant setup, rapid building and agile changes. Catalytic automates everything at the data level for the most powerful and dynamic type of automation. show more

BP Logix BPMS - Business Process Management Software


A BPM Software for Business
(17 Ratings)

BP Logix BPMS pricing: BP Logix BPMS Offers Custom plan.

What is BP Logix BPMS and how does it work?

BP Logix BPMS software is a Digital Automation tool to manage connected applications with compliance needs for business. The software uses Machine learning and AI capabilities to drive analysis and predictions for your workflows. Collaborate with your team and manage Milestones with Timeline process to achieve better business outcomes. It integrates with Oracle, OneDrive, Salesforce and more. Companies like Manufacturing, Financial, Public Sectors make use of the software. show more

Tibco BPM Enterprise - Business Process Management Software

Tibco BPM Enterprise

Redesigning your Business Management
(17 Ratings)

Tibco BPM Enterprise pricing: Tibco BPM Enterprise Offers Custom plan.

What is Tibco BPM Enterprise and how does it work?

It is a business process management software. By providing the appropriate data to the appropriate person in a digestible manner at the appropriate time, TIBCO's BPM Enterprise supports meaningful business insights and actions. By enabling better decisions and quicker, more informed actions, this BPMS feature enables businesses to support digital transformation. Not only automating your business, but genuinely transforming it, is what we offer. It has a vast list of features such as - enables the rapid development of process and case management systems in a model-driven, low-code environment. To increase operational efficiency, divide workload among teams, track deadlines, and prioritise tasks, business managers can dynamically design work based on skills, privileges, locations, or business rules. One of its most beneficial features is its unified user interface - the ability to perform a variety of operations relating to process, work, case management, administration, auditing, and API exploration through a unified user experience. For your customer, the TIBCO BPM Enterprise software handles all form rendering, making UI updates quick and easy. Solutions for true cloud-native deployment that support self-healing, load balancing, and horizontal scalability. show more

Microsoft Power Automate - Business Process Management Software

Microsoft Power Automate

Reach new heights of business productivity by automatically
(0 Ratings)

Microsoft Power Automate pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Microsoft Power Automate and how does it work?

Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of pre-built connectors. Enable everyone to build secure workflows with a no-code guided experience and cloud-based data loss prevention, identity, and access management services. Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities. Build powerful end-to-end business solutions by connecting Power Automate across the entire Microsoft Power Platform and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps to drive innovation across your entire organization. show more

Nintex - Business Process Management Software


Perform and improve your business processes with Nintex
(573 Ratings)

Nintex pricing: Starts at $2.0.

What is Nintex and how does it work?

Nintex is a workflow automation software that enables optimization, management and automation of business processes using drag and drop designer tools. It creates documents, forms, maps and so on, which in turn enable managing communication and uninterrupted workflow among various departments and teams by syncing and performing tasks in collaboration under one platform. It enables complete control of various tasks on a single dashboard, thereby avoiding cumbersome and different spreadsheets for different work processes. Say goodbye to time-consuming workflow processes and replace them with efficient and meaningful tasking. You can now create your own connectors to sync with the Nintex framework to maintain and view systematic records of your business processes. Its analytical tools help to optimize overall performance of your day-to-day business activities. show more

KiSSFLOW - Business Process Management Software


Reduce chaos of workflow at the workplace with Kissflow
(572 Ratings)

KiSSFLOW pricing: Starts at $9.9.

What is KiSSFLOW and how does it work?

Kissflow is an automated workflow software which enables processing of business processes by generating and creating innumerable business applications which in turn accelerates workflow, saves on time, increases efficiency at the workplace, and above all, increases accountability at every level and department. It comes with 45 pre-installed applications and users can innovate and build their own applications as per their specification and requirement at the work front. On a single dashboard, it shows the progress reports, as well as the bottlenecks, quickly and intelligently so that immediate necessary actions can be taken without hampering the workflow. Kissflow makes customization of your chosen automated application which works best to the benefit of your business. With Kissflow, you can use diagrams to showcase your workflow, set deadlines, establish conditions and even model your process just as you want it to be. You can now initiate workflows with a single click and even check the status and reports instantly. show more

Comindware Tracker - Business Process Management Software

Comindware Tracker

Reliable conductor to keep the business workflow in symphony
(295 Ratings)

Comindware Tracker pricing: Comindware Tracker Offers Custom plan.

What is Comindware Tracker and how does it work?

Comindware Tracker is a software that initiates automation and proper execution of workflow by orchestrating tasks from one channel to another in a very smooth and systematic manner. With this workflow automation software, everyone follows it at every step and is accountable for their performance and deadlines, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the team as a whole. The Comindware Tracker workflow engine hands over tasks automatically on completion of the previous step and reliably and clearly routes the job to the one responsible for the completion of the next task. Without having to excel in coding skills, it enables you to create your own business rules through a graphical workflow engine. With its User Authority Determination feature, it makes sure the right job is assigned to the right employee. With this software, you can now get complete control of your workflow management while checking current status transparently. Comindware Tracker lets you take your first step towards automation and digitalization which is extremely beneficial for your business in the short as well as the long run. show more

iGrafx - Business Process Management Software


Frontier Business Process Management solution
(93 Ratings)

iGrafx pricing: iGrafx Offers Custom plan.

What is iGrafx and how does it work?

iGrafx is a top-tier Business Process Management (BPM) solution, facilitating identification and correction of resource bottlenecks for enahnced efficiency. It’s executive strategic vision enables organizations to link and compare critical business processes with customer experiences. The software is appropriate for enterprises engaged with operational excellence, workflow automation, performance management, quality management, continuity and resiliency. A PRC module within the particular delivers detailed insights into the efficiency levels of risk mitigation strategies currently opted by the enterprise, facilitating enhanced regulatory measures. iGrafx’s performance dashboard offers a comprehensive view, showcasing the operational effectiveness and process behaviour of an individual enterprise. Further, business groups also get to control and deploy effective workflows using iGrafx. They can maintain transparency within process performance besides generating reliable and repeatable processes. A wide variety of analysis tools offered by the solution, including Lean 6 sigma tools with What-if capabilities, enables enterprises to get their process modelling mechanism upgraded. The software offers comprehensive integration with Blue Prism and SAP SOLMAN. show more

Vitria BusinessWare - Business Process Management Software

Vitria BusinessWare

Business process management
(10 Ratings)

Vitria BusinessWare pricing: Vitria BusinessWare Offers Custom plan.

What is Vitria BusinessWare and how does it work?

Vitria’s BusinessWare combines Enterprise Service Bus functionality with capabilities for business process management and event-driven integration, all in the same unified modeling and execution environment. Orchestrate both system-to-system interactions and manual process steps. In addition, BusinessWare is the platform for Vitria’s specialized process applications for the telecommunications and healthcare sectors. Use external services, make external business logic available as services, and make process logic within BusinessWare available as services for use by other IT assets. show more

SwiftCase - Business Process Management Software


Provide professional and effective customer service to your clients.
(2 Ratings)

SwiftCase pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is SwiftCase and how does it work?

SwiftCase is a cloud-based workflow management tool that enables companies in the insurance, finance, legal, and service industries automate business processes, improve operations, and increase productivity. SwiftCase allows businesses to securely store customer data and expedite existing business processes with drag-and-drop workflows, RAG notifications, and an integrated customer data system with a secure document manager.SwiftCase's drag-and-drop editor allows users to construct and update every aspect of a process. When a certain circumstance is satisfied, users can edit triggers and action buttons to automatically conduct a specified event, such as document generating or notice creation. When a workflow template is attached to a task, workflows can automatically run events for that job, making task management easier. SwiftCase also has a customizable customer data system and an integrated document manager for managing client data. To meet the demands of each organization, this data system can be utilized as a CRM, support desk, or client portal. show more

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List of Business Process Management Software

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Ushur NA
Bizagi 4.3
Breakout 4.3
Conga Orchestrate 4.2
Tonkean 4.5
Decisions 4.4
Autocene 5
WorkflowGen 4.8
Kinetic Data 4.9

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