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Updated on: January 22, 2020
Evergage A powerful and user-friendly tool for behavioral tracking
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Evergage Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Evergage

Top 5 Evergage Alternatives

Exponea - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


The Next Generation Customer Data Platform

Exponea is an end-to-end Customer Data Platform that combines customer data analytics with omnichannel campaign execution while cracking the unified Single Customer View. Through this, With enabled marketers to understand customers and immediately turn insights into actionable campaigns, ensuring... read more

Amperity - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Connect all of your customer data to supercharge your marketing

Amperity, the leading Customer Data, and the Identity Platform help to control customer data. Leveraging machine learning and cloud-scale, Amperity is revolutionizing customer identity resolution and data management and provides the core customer data foundation.

Optimove - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Built for Smart Marketing Teams
(25 Ratings)

Optimove is the Science-first Relationship Marketing Hub. With an actionable Customer Data Platform at its core, Optimove autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights, helping customer-centric businesses drive measurable growth. The company’s unique technology suite enables the... read more

BlueConic - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Unified, Actionable Customer Data

BlueConic, the world’s leading customer data platform, liberates marketers’ first-party data from all the disparate systems in which it exists, and makes it available wherever and whenever it is required for marketing. BlueConic's customer data platform liberates your data so you can activate... read more

AgilOne - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Customer data platform built to support advanced enterprise needs

AgilOne is a customer data platform for enterprise B2C companies. AgilOne's vision is to restore the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. Through a single view of customers across all channels, predictive models to... read more

Similar products to Evergage

CustomerLabs CDP - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com

CustomerLabs CDP

Better market your customers through simple website tracking

CustomerLabs CDP lets marketers track, unify, segment & sync customer data. All this without writing a single line of code. Capture specific website events that make the most sense for your marketing using Action Recorder. A point-click tool for marketers to collect website customer behavior data... read more

Audiens - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Powerfully simple Customer Data Platform

Audiens is a Customer Data Platform as-a-service that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is used to improve the performance of advertising campaigns. Data is onboarded from multiple sources, normalized, and combined to create advanced audience segmentation. This structured data is... read more

Blueshift - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Customer Engagement Made Simple

Blueshift combines the scale and flexibility of a customer data platform with the speed and execution of multi-channel campaigns in a single, easy-to-use platform. Blueshift’s recent innovations in AI-Powered Marketing include “AI-Powered Customer Journeys,” a next generation solution that... read more

Froged - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


All-in-one Customer Data Platform

Froged is a tool used to track and analyze customer with live insights. Engage your customers with live chat and personalized auto-messages. Improve performance with personalized email campaigns based on your customer’s behaviour. Marketers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

ActionIQ - Customer Data Platform (CDP) : SaaSworthy.com


Deliver Personalized Experiences To Drive Revenue

ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. As an Enterprise CDP, ActionIQ helps F500 companies connect their first-party customer data,... read more

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