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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software

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Cisco Security Manager

Cisco Security Manager
(24 Ratings)

Cisco Security Manager is an enterprise solution that helps organizations scale efficiently and manage a wide range of Cisco security devices.

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McAfee Enterprise Security...

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager | McAfee Products
(24 Ratings)

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager delivers intelligent, fast, and accurate security information and event management (SIEM) and log management.

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SmartEvent Event Management

Event Management for Full Threat Visibility | Check Point Software
(7 Ratings)

Event Management, SmartEvent, offers full threat visibility and helps command the security event through live forensic, event scanning, and reporting.

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security Solutions | Splunk
(184 Ratings)

Splunk Enterprise Security can combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics at scale. With Splunk, you can streamline your entire security stack and minimize unplanned downtime.

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Micro Focus ArcSight...

ArcSight Security Information and Event Management: SIEM Software | Micro Focus
(13 Ratings)

Detect cyberattacks in real time with security software backed by powerful security analytics. ArcSight ESM is a Next-Gen SIEM built for the modern SOC.

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A Simple Log management Tool
(11 Ratings)

InsightOps software is a platform used to collect data from any source and analyze logs. Measure metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage with real-time alerts via live dashboards. Identify and resolve errors across your infrastructure and software stack to automate issues using the RESTful API. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

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SolarWinds Threat Monitor

Advanced Threat Detection and Monitoring | SolarWinds MSP
(258 Ratings)

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) tool. Designed to help MSPs and MSSPs detect, respond to, and report on threats on their managed networks. Includes threat intelligence that is continuously updated from multiple sources to help you monitor for known and unknown security threats, and help you better understand and respond to potential threats.

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AlienVault USM (from AT&T...

Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere
(111 Ratings)

USM Anywhere is a cloud-based security management solution that enables quicker and more centralized detection of threats, incident response, and compliance management for cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments. It includes cloud sensors that are specially created for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud environments. Additionally, lightweight virtual sensors can be used on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi to monitor virtual private clouds and physical IT infrastructures located on premises. USM Anywhere thus provides a comprehensive and advanced solution to protect cloud and on-premises environments. show more

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OSSIM (Open Source)

OSSIM: The Open Source SIEM | AlienVault
(33 Ratings)

AlienVault OSSIM (Open Source SIEM) is the world's most widely used open source Security Information Event Management software, complete with event collection, normalization, and correlation based on the latest malware data.

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LogRhythm NextGen SIEM...

NextGen SIEM Platform | UEBA, SOAR, & NDR | LogRhythm
(137 Ratings)

LogRhythm empowers more than 4,000 customers across the globe to measurably mature their security operations program. The NextGen SIEM Platform delivers comprehensive security analytics.

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Exabeam Security Management...

A Modern SIEM Solution | Exabeam
(6 Ratings)

Exabeam is SIEM that helps security operations and insider threat teams work smarter. Analysts can use behavioral analytics to detect attacks, automate investigation and incident response.

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Faster, smarter, stronger pentesting
(0 Ratings)

Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform is modernizing traditional pentesting. By combining a SaaS platform with an exclusive community of testers, they deliver the real-time insights need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.

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Obsidian Security

The Leader in SaaS Security
(0 Ratings)

Mitigate threats and minimize risk across your most important applications. Obsidian is the only comprehensive platform for SaaS security. Connect to applications in a few clicks, with no agents or software to deploy. Obsidian comes ready with expert rulesets to get you started quickly.

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Threat Detection Marketplace

Detect Threat in MInutes
(134 Ratings)

Threat Detection Marketplace by SOC Prime is a platform used to optimize advance security analytics with content marketplace. The software offers cloud security monitoring tool to maximize SIEM capabilities in real-time forensics and threat hunting. It supports easy integration with the Elastic stack, ArcSight, Qradar and Splunk. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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Empowering security analysts to succeed
(0 Ratings)

LogPoint is committed to creating the best SIEM in the world. They enable organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence: supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics. LogPoint’s modern SIEM with UEBA provides advanced analytics and AI-driven automation capabilities that enable customers to securely build-, manage, and transform their businesses. The flat licensing model, based on nodes rather than data volume, drastically reduces the cost of deploying a SIEM solution on-premise, in the cloud or as an MSSP. show more

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Grip Security

Unified SaaS Visibility
(11 Ratings)

Grip empowers security teams to safeguard business-led IT and modern work. Grip unifies the SaaS attack surface and applies universal protection for any app, any user, on any device, in any location, at any time no exceptions.

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Vijilan Threat Respond

Vijilan ThreatRespond - Vijilan Security - The MSP Cybersecurity Monitoring Partner
(1 Ratings)

Vijilan’s Award-Winning SIEM/SOC Solution Tailored to small and medium businesses who want a SIEM in order to comply with regulations and protect the ever-present danger of a cyber-attack. This is the perfect solution for those Read more…

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(44 Ratings)

Blumira's cloud SIEM platform offers both automated threat detection and response. It eases the burden of alert fatigue, complexity of log management and lack of IT visibility. Blumira's automated detection and response platform provides faster threat remediation, designed for small IT teams - no SOC required.

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Anlyz SIEM

Next-generation technology for cognitive SIEM
(33 Ratings)

Anlyz SIEM is a cognitive SIEM powered by the next generations of technology to provide business modules to the customers. They provide two types of modules, namely Analytical Instance and Intelligent SIEM. Analytic Instance is a unique business module set up on the pre-existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). The operation is just like an analytical machine resemblance that produces data to identify the unknown threats proactively. In this particular version, the Anlyz SIEM acts as a compressed analytical layer that is used to gain insights from the current SIEM. It does not contain any unnecessary overhaul of the arena with existing security information. On the other hand, Intelligent SIEM is also available as a sophisticated, complete, threat intelligence SIEM. It is a combination of UEBA/UBA capabilities which are the two types of analytics used to monitor user behavioural patterns across various platforms over the web. It helps to provide advance visibility, investigation and detection of capabilities across the board. A prominent feature of the software is that it has a Comprehensive Surveillance Grid - a real-time intelligence that helps to detect and identify inside-out threat attackers. Tactical and Operational Intelligence enables analytics to zoom and protect threats based on priority and policy. It also has a threat intelligence platform that helps to detect potential hazards and defy them. show more

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Reduce Costly Risky Incidents
(0 Ratings)

SecurityX is a trusted and reputed Cyber Security Company across Toronto, Canada that allows to minimize threats to business with advanced cyber security services. The specialists are merely a call away to tailor cyber security solutions to fit requirements. Here at SecurityX, they combine both highly skilled professionals with top-notch Cyber Security Services that includes automated analysis by a cloud engine to find known threats, anomalous behavior and suspicious activities.

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List of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software

Cisco Security Manager 4.2
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 4.2
SmartEvent Event Management 4.6
Splunk Enterprise Security 4.2
Micro Focus ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 3.7
InsightOps 3.1
SolarWinds Threat Monitor 4.3
AlienVault USM (from AT&T Cybersecurity) 4.4
OSSIM (Open Source) 3.8
LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform 4.2