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Updated on: October 7, 2022

Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms

Single sign-on (SSO) is a service that allows users to log in to multiple platforms and websites using a single set of credentials via secure session and user authentication. An SSO platform helps to deploy and manage SSO credentials, services, and access for multiple users. SSO tools help reduce the number of passwords users have to remember, better security, and centralized access control, and reduced IT workloads.

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AWS Single Sign-On - Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms
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AWS Single Sign-On

Access to several Amazon Web Services accounts
(648 Ratings)

What is AWS Single Sign-On and how does it work?

SSO allows you to centrally manage access to various AWS accounts and business applications, as well as give users with single sign-on access to all of their allocated accounts and applications from a single location. You can easily manage access and user rights to all of your AWS Organizations accounts using AWS SSO. SSO automatically configures and maintains all necessary rights for your accounts, with no further configuration required in the individual accounts. User rights can be assigned based on typical job functions, and these permissions can be customised to match your individual security needs. Many commercial applications, such as Salesforce, Box, and Microsoft 365, have built-in connections with AWS SSO.You can create and maintain user IDs in AWS SSO's identity store, or connect to an existing identity source such as Microsoft Active Directory, Okta Universal Directory, or Azure Active Directory, using AWS SSO (Azure AD). AWS SSO allows you to choose user attributes from your identity source, such as cost centre, title, or locale, and then use them for AWS attribute-based access control. AWS SSO works with AWS Organizations, allowing you to choose one or more accounts from your organisation and offer users access to them. AWS SSO uses AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and rules to enable you manage access across all of your AWS accounts in one place. Individual accounts do not require any additional settings. You may provide people access to all of the AWS accounts utilised by an application or a team with just a few clicks. show more

PingFederate - Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms
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System integrations made easy
(33 Ratings)

What is PingFederate and how does it work?

PingFederate® is the leading enterprise federation server for user authentication and standards-based single sign-on (SSO) for employee, partner, and customer ID types. As companies embrace digital business initiatives, security and user experience concerns come to the fore. PingFederate frees organizations from expensive and inflexible legacy IAM solutions and leverages modern identity and access management solutions designed to meet complex business needs. PingFederate enables you to: The PingFederate can be easily integrated into your existing IAM system integration and easily configured for rapid deployment. Seamlessly integrates with other parts of the Ping Identity Platform to provide a comprehensive enterprise solution for employees, partners, and customers to provide a secure and seamless digital experience.Ping Federate works with modern-day applications like SaaS and cloud applications. It brings Multifactor Authentication with various simplified authentication mechanisms. It also supports native .net and Java-based applications too. show more

miniOrange Single Sign-On - Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms
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miniOrange Single Sign-On

Password and username management made seamless
(15 Ratings)

What is miniOrange Single Sign-On and how does it work?

miniOrange Single Sign-On is a modern solution allowing users to create a single set of login credentials to get access to multiple applications. This platform not only saves time by providing multi-use login credentials but also delivers highly secured facilities across all integrations to keep user data secure and unbreachable. It provides a plethora of powerful features to boost users’ productivity and eliminates inconvenience. miniOrange Single Sign-On delivers a simple and unified user access mechanism with a customisable dashboard containing information for all configured applications. It further offers an editable registration and login page, allowing users to easily personalise their self-service portal to accommodate essential needs and requirements. Delivery login facilities provided by the platform helps users to log in to their multiple social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc using a single password. Furthermore, miniOrange Single Sign-On offers shared login facilities that help admins share access with multiple users in a secured way. Also, seamless integration with third-party applications like Google Suite, Zoom, AWS, Office 365 etc facilitates accurate outcomes. show more

SafeNet Trusted Access - Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms
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SafeNet Trusted Access

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and give cloud apps complete security
(22 Ratings)

What is SafeNet Trusted Access and how does it work?

SafeNet Trusted Access is an authentication and access management service that allows users to remotely access their applications from anywhere. Because it allows users the ability to govern entry to all applications with the proper policy, the right authentication mechanism for the right user can be enforced. SafeNet Trusted Access also makes it easier for users to access cloud services and enterprise agendas, automates cloud authentication mechanisms, and removes password headaches for both IT and individuals. It shows access events in a single pane across the app estate, ensuring that the correct individual has access to the proper app at the right degree of trust. As a result, individuals may use this software to speed up their cloud transformation while also securing their hybrid infrastructure. Furthermore, the software provides relevant, adaptable, and latest authenticating capabilities using strong devices, allowing users to connect anywhere, regardless of their conditions. show more

Oracle SSO - Single Sign-on (SSO) Platforms
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Oracle SSO

Get rid of password-related hassles with Oracle SSO
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Oracle SSO pricing: Oracle SSO Offers Custom plan.

What is Oracle SSO and how does it work?

Oracle SSO is an intuitive suite offering real-time access to a plethora of best in class products, simplifying unified sign-on deployments for system administrators, besides extending ESSO benefits to remote and mobile users alike. The software also comes loaded with a centralised framework for security and compliance enforcement, besides using an LDP directory, SQL database server or an Activ Directory as its credential repository and user profile. Oracle SSO is also capable of bringing down deployments and operational costs, allowing enterprises to offer secure and fast access to integrated applications, for partners and employees. Also, a real-time integration facility made available with the Oracle Identity Management platform helps with compliance reporting across multiple applications and common security policy enforcement simultaneously. Oracle SSO is completely secure, enabling seamless retrofitting of robust multifactor authentication services to the desktop and related legacy applications. Thus complying with industry mandates HSPD-12 besides positioning the enterprise for upcoming physical and logical securities. show more

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