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Video Survey Software

Video Survey Software also known as Consumer video feedback software, helps organizations to capture, analyze, and share video responses from consumers. Respondents can record their video feedback using their mobile phone, or desktop pc seamlessly. Video Survey Software is often compared with Survey software, and user experience software, due to some overlap of features among these categories. However, the consumer video feedback platform is specifically used in collecting, managing, and analyzing video insights rather than text-based, quantitative feedback. Consumer video feedback software helps businesses in getting solicited customer feedback and conducting market research to gather deeper insights than the text-based survey.

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Plotto - Video Survey Software


Uncover the truth with Video Surveys
(27 Ratings)

Plotto pricing: Starts at $65.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Plotto and how does it work?

Plotto is the scalable, flexible video research solution that works as well as a standalone web platform as it does integrated into your existing surveys. With Plotto, your respondents can tell their story in their own words via a self-recorded testimonial video; face-to-face, close-up, authentic and truthful. You get the whole story with all the subtleties; communicated in their own words in their own way. You understand their smiles, their hesitations, their unhappiness. You can uncover the truth. show more

mindswarms - Video Survey Software


Ask Questions Get Video Answers
(4 Ratings)

mindswarms pricing: Starts at $500.00.

What is mindswarms and how does it work?

mindswarms is the fastest way to get consumer insights that help the world's leading brands innovate. They identify the key insights from your study and create a full report of the findings. reports can be a question-by-question format, or thematic. Their team edits your video answers into a dynamic highlight reel to bring the findings to life. show more

VideoPeel - Video Survey Software


Collect videos from your customers remotely
(9 Ratings)

VideoPeel pricing: VideoPeel Offers Custom plan.

What is VideoPeel and how does it work?

VideoPeel is a remote video capturing platform that helps business owners gather, analyze and publish customer videos containing surveys, messages, and testimonials. The software automates the entire video collection process, removing the extra hassles, customers, influencers or beta testers can easily submit their curated videos by simply clicking on the VideoPeel link provided to them, without opting for downloads or login-in. Customizable pre-designed video campaign templates available within the particular offers additional benefits, users can maximize submission rates using the same. They can also configure one click or signature based access rights. With VideoPeel, enterprises not only get to recruit their own customers but can also extend their reach towards influencers, beta testers or authoritative figures to evaluate the scheduled products and services and share the experiences through videos. Depending on their business objectives, enterprises can choose from over 163 different video types. The platform appears with easy video editing tools, including logo-addition, star ratings, text overlay, disclaimer, and more. show more

Medallia Video - Video Survey Software

Medallia Video

Unlock The Power Of Video
(0 Ratings)

Medallia Video pricing: Medallia Video Offers Custom plan.

What is Medallia Video and how does it work?

Video is a powerful tool that can helps the business attract and retain employees, but also drive positive changes in company culture. With Medallia's platform, can easily add the power of video to the customer or employee feedback strategy. This allows to gain rich insights and better understanding of the customers and employees, regardless of their location. In fact, using video can capture up to 6 times more information compared to an equivalent open-end text response. This means that with video, one can get a deeper understanding of the customers' and employees' thoughts and feelings. Medallia's platform also utilizes powerful AI technology to interpret facial expressions and emotions, providing even more valuable insights. Additionally, the platform offers rapid, automated, multi-lingual speech-to-text capabilities that provide transcriptions for each video. These transcriptions can then be viewed alongside existing CX and EX feedback for a comprehensive understanding of key themes and topics. By incorporating video into the feedback strategy, one can humanize the feedback process and build stronger connections with the customers and employees. This allows for better empathy and understanding, leading to more informed business decisions. show more

VideoAsk - Video Survey Software


The Best Platform for Engagement Through Videos
(0 Ratings)

VideoAsk pricing: Starts at $24.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is VideoAsk and how does it work?

VideoAsk by Typeform is a platform allowing hassle-free creation of voice/video forms. It makes it easy and fun for businesses to engage with their audience and gather feedback and answers. The video questions can be captured or uploaded and a public link shared to collect video/voice responses. With a video-driven UX, a VideoAsk can be created in seconds and embedded on websites using the floating widget. The simple copy-paste feature for embedding videos is one of the USPs of this platform. Answers can be collected on any mobile devices and web, and the responses are transcribed and organized automatically. Responses can be in the form of text, audio or video and they can be exported to a CSV file. All interactions can be managed in the inbox and email/push notifications can be enabled specifically. The platform allows brands to get up close and personal with their audience, have asynchronous conversations, and collect more leads. show more

Testimonial - Video Survey Software


Video Testimonials in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

Testimonial pricing: Starts at $1.00.

What is Testimonial and how does it work?

Testimonial software is a platform used to collect video testimonials from your customers for better promote your product. Create a unique link for your product and share the link easily via email, social media, or even SMS. Customers can record their video testimonials on any devices and can downloaded in MP4 format. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Bonjoro Testimonials - Video Survey Software

Bonjoro Testimonials

Collect customer testimonials with ease
(0 Ratings)

Bonjoro Testimonials pricing: Starts at $20.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bonjoro Testimonials and how does it work?

Bonjoro Testimonials offers the perfect solution for collecting and sharing powerful customer testimonials. By leveraging the power of video, prospective customers can get an accurate picture of how satisfied existing customers are. With Bonjoro Testimonials, they don't need any technical or editing skills - simply collect video and text testimonials and quickly and easily post them to their website and social media channels. Bonjoro Testimonials offers many great features, including the ability to collect a single or multiple customer testimonials, and to customize each one with pre-recorded or live video. Easily manage, edit, and post customer testimonials with just a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, Bonjoro Testimonials' detailed analytics let them analyze performance and view customer feedback in real-time. Tired of watching customer satisfaction metrics stay flat? Let Bonjoro Testimonials put the power of video to work, and get their community talking about their product or service. With Bonjoro Testimonials, they have a powerful tool to collect and share the experiences of satisfied customers - and keep their business relationships strong. show more

Qwary - Video Survey Software


Conduct timely surveys for enhanced business management
(0 Ratings)

Qwary pricing: Starts at $19.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Qwary and how does it work?

Qwary is an interactive survey platform, helping enterprises collect feedback, enhance satisfaction and drive loyalty at every step of their business. Omnichannel based surveys are made easy with the solution, where brands can let their customers speak freely. CSAT, CES and Net Promotion Score surveys offered by the platform let enterprises measure the satisfaction levels of their individual clients, boosting up loyalty levels in return. Further, organizations can also use the same to gather feedback from their in-house staff and promote a healthy working environment within the office premises. Conducting surveys is made all fun and energetic, with the world’s first Alexa integrated survey platform. Qwary, also features an audience panel of its own, where brands can conduct live polls comprising 100+ buyers in a simultaneous manner. It offers real-time integration with external platforms like Zapier, Hubspot, SalesForce and Google. Data stored within the solution is secured by industry verified compliance standards. show more

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VideoPeel 3.5
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