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Static Code Analysis Tools

Static code analysis tools help developers and QA teams perform white-box testing and validate it as per project specifications. With a Static code analysis solution, businesses can perform on-demand code assessment, uncover vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to roll out security patches quickly. A static code analysis system can assess the code without executing the code and work as a code management tool and integrate with version control systems.

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Visual Expert - Static Code Analysis Tools

Visual Expert

A comprehensive platform for expert code analysis
(16 Ratings)

Visual Expert pricing: Starts at $495.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Visual Expert and how does it work?

Visual Expert (VE) is an advanced static code analyzer for PowerBuilder, Oracle PL/SQL, and SQL Server T-SQL. It helps developers identify code dependencies and modify them without breaking the application. VE comes with hundreds of features to improve your code's quality, performance, and security. Developers can automatically generate diagrams from the code (detailed call graphs, data models, impact analysis graphs), two-dimensional matrices (Object dependencies, CRUD), or source code documentation to master and understand complex code. Visual Expert also improves code security by detecting vulnerabilities in the code. In addition, the code review allows detecting bugs and code not complying with the development standards to streamline and reduce maintenance efforts. In-depth analysis of the code coupled with database statistics allows pinpointing slow code and bottlenecks to optimize application performance. Many companies and administrations, such as Aviva, the US Army, the European Union, Baxter, etc., trust the services provided by Visual Expert. show more

Codiga - Static Code Analysis Tools


Developer Productivity Unleashed
(6 Ratings)

Codiga pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Codiga and how does it work?

Based on language, filename and dependencies. Share best practices and code patterns within team. Works with the most popular languages and libraries. Adapts to team code base and code patterns.

DeepSource - Static Code Analysis Tools


An exclusive code review automation platform for busy developers
(14 Ratings)

DeepSource pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is DeepSource and how does it work?

DeepSource as a comprehensive code review tool helps developers generate clean code on every pull request. The tool comes with a central code quality dashboard of its own where the entire team can track individual codes and take action to fix issues accordingly. Businesses can depend on the same to detect more than 2000 issues within their codebase and proceed with comprehensive static analysis as per convenience. Moreover, real-time integration with external platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab helps with seamless business process monitoring. Businesses can depend on the same with unlimited private repositories, analyzed lines of codes and multiple public repositories as per convenience. DeepSource also comes as a powerful tool that is capable of detecting security and configuration problems for Docker, Terraform and more. At last, the tool is incorporated with enterprise-grade security measures backed by HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and other compliances. show more

Codacy - Static Code Analysis Tools


Automated code reviews and code analytics
(39 Ratings)

Codacy pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Codacy and how does it work?

Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps identify issues through static code analysis. Users receive notifications on security issues, code coverage, code duplication, and code complexity in every commit and pull request along with advanced code metrics on the health of a project and team performance. Make sure your code quality is standardized across all teams and projects by applying code patterns and getting notified on new issues. Get notified where it matters to you. Speed up the process by receiving notifications as pull request comments or on Slack. show more

CodeScan - Static Code Analysis Tools


Enhance your Salesforce platform with expert coding services
(78 Ratings)

CodeScan pricing: CodeScan Offers Custom plan.

What is CodeScan and how does it work?

CodeScan is a compact code analysis solution for the salesforce platform helping developers with code quality and security. It provides end-to-end code analysis services for prominent companies like Cognizant, TripAdvisor, Illumina, Hitachi, IBM, and several others. codes also offer a robust set of features that enable users to get a comprehensive view of their code health as per need. Users also get to define and maintain the quality of code according to best practices to ensure reliability. Also, developers can gain full control over code quality and can enforce personalized coding standards that minimize complexity. Moreover, throughout the development process, CodeScan helps users reduce technical debt for efficient coding. The platform increases development productivity by automating a majority of processes for instant coding and reviews. Salesforce developers are provided with comprehensive code quality and security rules to ensure good code health. OWASP and SANS compliance ensures that the code remains secure and free from development hindering bugs. The software is also compatible with a variety of Salesforce languages making coding and related tasks quite seamless. show more

codebeat - Static Code Analysis Tools


The smart static code analysis tool for you
(16 Ratings)

codebeat pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is codebeat and how does it work?

Codebeat is a static code analysis tool that compiles the findings of code analysis into a single, real-time report that provides all project stakeholders with the data they need to enhance code quality. It assists you in identifying fast wins and prioritising concerns in your online and mobile apps to increase your work efficiency. Codebeat is an automatic code review tool that works with a variety of programming languages and is ideal for corporations and open source contributors. With Codebeat, access levels can be assigned and employees can be moved between projects in a matter of seconds. You can find refactoring opportunities and reduce technical debt by getting quick feedback on your code. You can configure Codebeat to monitor every quality change in a repository hosted on Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, or your own server. Users can learn about the consequences of their adjustments without having to abandon tools that are essential to their productivity with this software. Furthermore, Codebeat provides support for various other platforms like Slack, GitHub, and BitBucket, as well as Pull Requests. show more

GuardRails - Static Code Analysis Tools


Get total security for your business
(60 Ratings)

GuardRails pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is GuardRails and how does it work?

GuardRails is an application security framework that enables developers to design secure apps by ensuring that security is maintained at all times. Providing modern development teams with the tools they need to identify, correct, and prevent vulnerabilities in source code, open source libraries, secret management, and cloud setup. Continuous security screening shortens cycle times and speeds up feature delivery. Our expert system decreases the number of false alarms and only sends out information about security risks that are relevant. More secure software is the consequence of consistent security scanning across the entire product portfolio. GuardRails integrates with modern version control systems like Github and GitLab with little friction. Based on the languages in a repository, GuardRails seamlessly determines the appropriate security engines to operate. Every rule is scrutinized to see if it has a high security risk, resulting in less noise. GuardRails has developed an expert system for detecting false positives that is constantly improved. show more

ReSharper - Static Code Analysis Tools


The .NET Developers' Extension for Visual Studio is here
(161 Ratings)

ReSharper pricing: Starts at $24.92. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ReSharper and how does it work?

ReSharper is a static code analysis tool, developed specifically for developers to facilitate easy and effective monitoring of codes for visual studio. It enables the users to easily analyze and evaluate if their code needs to be enhanced or altered for improvements or errors. ReSharper not only warns you when your code has a problem, but it also gives hundreds of quick-fixes to remedy problems automatically. You can nearly always choose the best quick-fix from a number of choices. You can securely alter your code’s base using automatic software-wide code refactorings with ReSharper. You can rely on ReSharper whether you need to revive legacy code or organise your project structure. Additionally, you can explore and search the entire solution in a matter of seconds and navigate from a given symbol to its base, usages, and implementations or derived symbols by jumping to any type member, type, or file with ReSharper. Users also get extended IntelliSense, auto-importing namespaces, hundreds of quick code transformations, showing documentation, reordering code, and many other code editing tools with this platform. show more

ReSharper C++ - Static Code Analysis Tools

ReSharper C++

Write error-free codes with ReShaper C++
(34 Ratings)

ReSharper C++ pricing: Starts at $24.92. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ReSharper C++ and how does it work?

ReSharper C++ is the visual studio extension for C++ development that follows the trickiest aspects of C++ seamlessly. Developers use this extension to quickly identify errors and code inefficiencies that he/she would not have gotten otherwise. ReShaper C++ has also proven to be effective in creating fast glitch-free games. Further, the platform’s Unreal Engine combines specific mechanisms and code patterns that make amazing game development models for the developers. ReShaper C++ also points out code issues and provides quick fixes. Anything from unreachable code to incorrect format specifier, the visual studio extension is going to bring all those to the developers’ attention. ReShaper C++ also makes it easy to navigate throughout a developer’s project. With its codes, a developer can go through any file, type or type member to find their usage. ReShaper C++ even helps developers with code refactorings. This basically enables developers to change their codebases on the go. Moreover, by using this extension, developers can switch between alternate syntax constructs and serve as shortcuts to code generation actions. ReShaper C++ can further enable users to choose a code style. show more

DeepScan - Static Code Analysis Tools


Get unmatchable JavaScript code quality with DeepScan
(29 Ratings)

DeepScan pricing: Starts at $7.56. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is DeepScan and how does it work?

DeepScan is a JavaScript code enhancement platform that helps you improve the quality of your JavaScript code by providing static analysis with no noise. It assists you in discovering runtime mistakes and quality concerns, rather than coding standards to provide the best code quality to your customers. DeepScan is a cutting-edge JavaScript static analysis tool that can detect bugs that syntax-based linters can't since it tracks the data flow and execution of the program in more detail. It assists you in focusing on relevant issues by identifying them as multi-level effects and minimizing the noise. With a simple click, you can inspect your JavaScript using DeepScan. You can analyze your code with automated synchronization and code review for pull requests on a GitHub repository. Users can maintain a short false alarm rate by carefully screening discovered problems with DeepScan. The platform offers data-flow analysis that helps you find real issues and code smells. Additionally, you can get an overview of your team's quality status, as well as code bugs and lines of code using this platform. show more

Code Climate Quality - Static Code Analysis Tools

Code Climate Quality

Ensure high-quality codes with more test coverage
(10 Ratings)

Code Climate Quality pricing: Starts at $16.67. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Code Climate Quality and how does it work?

Code Climate Quality is a comprehensive code review management software for developers that automates code review for test coverage, tracking, maintenance and more. It comes equipped with a technical debt assessment feature providing real-time feedback to save the user’s time, besides offering adequate test coverage to ensure top-notch quality. Code Climate Quality can even identify frequently changed files that need more coverage. Furthermore, the software also allows users to keep track of their progress on a daily basis and identify hot spots including files with maintainability issues that require special coverage. Besides individual pull request statuses for coverage and maintainability, users can also run a local analysis with IDE and CLI. Along with full REST API, the software has incorporated two-factor authentication and enterprise-grade security. Moreover, Code Climate Quality facilitates seamless team management with its organisation-wide configuration. The software can work with multiple GitHub repositories and integrate seamlessly with ticket systems like Jira and Trello. show more

Codecov - Static Code Analysis Tools


Ship healthier codes with Codecov
(9 Ratings)

Codecov pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Codecov and how does it work?

Codecov is a leading code coverage platform that can be used to ship healthier codes to 1M+ developers in a risk-free environment. Used by 29000+ organisations, this platform makes sure that the development cycles are spinning faster. Since the code quality is of high importance Codecov thus provides companies with actionable coverage insights from time to time. Further, regardless of what languages or CIs/CDs a developer uses, this platform can process the code coverage uploads against his/her entire project. Codecov also helps users to get a summary of code coverage information directly in his/her workflows so that they can add and update tests effectively and quickly. With this platform’s status checks, users can block pull requests from being merged. Codecov even features live icon badges within a code host that offers a comprehensive glance into the status of each project percentage handled by individual users. Moreover, report merging, flags, YAML, carryforward flags, GitHub checks, notifications and browser extension are other features loaded within. show more

ProGuard - Static Code Analysis Tools


Open Source Optimizer for Java and Kotlin
(12 Ratings)

ProGuard pricing: ProGuard Offers Custom plan.

What is ProGuard and how does it work?

ProGuard is the most popular optimizer and obfuscator for Java bytecode and Android apps. ProGuard obfuscates Java applications and pre-verifies the processed code for Java Micro Edition and for Java 6 and higher. ProGuard fully supports Java and Kotlin applications, enabling developers to take full advantage of these languages’ features without sacrificing performance or security. Share knowledge with a network of other ProGuard users, app developers, and the Guardsquare engineers behind ProGuard. show more

CodeRush - Static Code Analysis Tools


Code speedily in your own visual studio
(14 Ratings)

CodeRush pricing: Starts at $49.99.

What is CodeRush and how does it work?

CodeRush software is a code analysis tool, explicitly built to simplify complex software systems for developers. This software offers easy investigation and analysis for automation of common codes without the need of professional and highly technical knowledge. This lightweight and fast software helps users to create Visual Studio with smart template shortcuts, which help them deliver codes. This tool makes it simpler to see what is going on with complex codes so that the users can migrate forward and spend less time strolling and wondering. Moreover, users can swiftly discover files and symbols in their solution and easily move forward to court construction relating to the existing context. Users can detect and correct possible code errors and problems by using the code analysis diagnostic feature offered by this software. Overall this software is a powerful extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, and its new layered option is a complete lifesaver for users. show more

CAST AIP - Static Code Analysis Tools


Protect your business applications in a comprehensive manner
(16 Ratings)

CAST AIP pricing: CAST AIP Offers Custom plan.

What is CAST AIP and how does it work?

CAST AIP is a top-graded performance measurement and quality assessment platform, which can be used to analyze the structural complexity, quality and size of an individual software or application. The platform is capable of detecting quality lapses within a software, besides offering accurate guidance to fix those problems. It creates a digital image of the internal components within the software and is also capable of performing contextual analysis, to examine the interaction between multiple components across segregated technology layers. CAST AIP offers a host of benefits to its users, surfacing out highly critical hidden flaws, teamed with context-based grades facilitating greater business decisions. Further, users can even modernize or migrate their custom apps to the cloud in real-time. CAST AIP helps business houses raise the security level of their software assets, by offering adequate protection against outages, data corruption, breaches and external catastrophes. The solution supports 50+ languages, 12+ databases and 100s of frameworks, facilitating great business. show more

OverOps - Static Code Analysis Tools


Continuous Reliability Solution
(36 Ratings)

OverOps pricing: OverOps Offers Custom plan.

What is OverOps and how does it work?

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies who create software to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience. Proactively identify runtime errors and slowdowns in every release Including issues that otherwise would be missed. Static analysis and testing can never cover 100% of the issues. Runtime Code Analysis identifies your unknown issues and prevents them from being deployed. Reproduce any error or slowdown with the complete source code, variables, DEBUG logs, and environment state behind any error or slowdown. show more

CodeMeter - Static Code Analysis Tools


Universal technology for software
(8 Ratings)

CodeMeter pricing: CodeMeter Offers Custom plan.

What is CodeMeter and how does it work?

CodeMeter is the universal technology for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, upon which all solutions from Wibu-Systems are built. CodeMeter requires your attention only once: its integration in your software and your business workflow is necessary at one point in time only. Protection Suite is the tool that automatically encrypts your applications and libraries. In addition, CodeMeter offers an API for custom integration with your software. The license is saved in a special file that is bound to the hardware of the target computer. You define the degree of tolerance to changes in the computer. show more

SoftaCheck - Static Code Analysis Tools


Start Today Writing C/C++ Code Like a Pro
(0 Ratings)

SoftaCheck pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SoftaCheck and how does it work?

SoftaCheck starts by pulling the code from repository onto our servers (they erase the code from our servers once the analysis is complete). They run static analysis tools such as CppCheck and Clang-Tidy on code and list the detected bugs on the app. Based on the severity and quantity of the bugs SoftaCheck provides a grade to code quality. In addition, run code through another tool called Doxygen combined with Graphviz in order to generate code support documentation with amazing graphs and charts. show more

Metabob - Static Code Analysis Tools


The New Revolutionary Software for Professionals
(0 Ratings)

Metabob pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Metabob and how does it work?

Metabob is the new revolutionary software that helps professionals all around the world detect and fix coding problems created by humans and AI. Engineered with the most advanced technology, Metabob offers a near-perfect solution for repairing coding mistakes. What makes Metabob truly remarkable is its capacity to thoroughly and accurately identify errors in code quickly. Furthermore, rather than just flagging problems, it gives professionals an extensive explanation behind why a correction needs to be made. After all, without knowledge of programming functions and their applications, understanding the reasoning behind coding issue can be difficult when relying solely on trial-and-error. show more

Tinkerwell - Static Code Analysis Tools


Run code with confidence - PHP with the Code Runner!
(0 Ratings)

What is Tinkerwell and how does it work?

Tinkerwell is a powerful REPL that allows to run code snippets within the context of the application quickly and easily. It integrates with the favorite IDE and works locally, via SSH, Docker, and Laravel Vapor. Advanced search logic makes it easy to find the code the need, and a special comment syntax lets to measure execution time, dump variables, and perform method calls. Code coverage helps to understand which lines of the code are evaluated and which aren't. Try Tinkerwell today and make the most of the development experience! show more

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List of Static Code Analysis Tools

Visual Expert 4.9
Codiga 4.8
DeepSource 4.8
Codacy 4.7
CodeScan 4.7
codebeat 4.7
GuardRails 4.5
ReSharper 4.5
ReSharper C++ 4.5
DeepScan 4.3

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