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Updated on: June 21, 2021

Static Code Analysis Tools

Static code analysis tools help developers and QA teams perform white-box testing and validate it as per project specifications. With a Static code analysis solution, businesses can perform on-demand code assessment, uncover vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to roll out security patches quickly. A static code analysis system can assess the code without executing the code and work as a code management tool and integrate with version control systems.

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Visual Expert

The collaborative solution for code maintenance
(15 Ratings)

Visual Expert pricing: Starts at $495.0.

Visual Expert is a must-have solution for the maintenance of your Oracle code. Team members can collaborate, sharing the same code analysis. For instance, an analyst prepares a change and lists the objects impacted. When a new code analysis is done, previous ones remain available. Open previous... read more


Code Quality and Security for Salesforce Developers
(42 Ratings)

CodeScan pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Custom plan.

CodeScan is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution. With CodeScan’s Cloud product, solutions are securely hosted in a cloud environment. Code standardization and security are important too as much as it is to you! 100% of security rules are aligned with CWE, OWASP, and SANS... read more


The Visual Studio Extension for .NET Developers
(131 Ratings)

ReSharper pricing: Starts at $24.92. Offers Free-forever plan.

ReSharper extends Visual Studio with over 2200 on-the-fly code inspections for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, and other technologies. ReSharper helps instantly get to any code in a solution, no matter how large the solution is. It can also navigate you from any symbol to its related... read more


Automated code reviews and code analytics
(20 Ratings)

Codacy pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps identify issues through static code analysis. Users receive notifications on security issues, code coverage, code duplication, and code complexity in every commit and pull request along with advanced code metrics on the health of a project and team... read more


Automated code review for mobile and web
(13 Ratings)

codebeat pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

codebeat gathers the results of code analysis into a single, real-time report that gives all project stakeholders the information required to improve code quality. codebeat provides automated code review and supports many programming languages. It will help you prioritize issues and identify quick... read more


Static analysis that you'd actually use
(3 Ratings)

DeepSource pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

DeepSource is a static code analysis tool that automates your code reviews. Begin analyzing your source code in less than 5 minutes. Analysis of every code change, so you don't miss any potential bugs. Get more relevant results based on the context of your code. Works seamlessly with tools like... read more


Make Your JavaScript Better
(2 Ratings)

DeepScan pricing: Starts at $7.56. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

DeepScan is a cutting-edge static analysis tool for JavaScript. You can inspect all of your JavaScript code comprehensively. Their work (known as static code analysis) supports data-flow analysis understanding the execution flow of your program. You can see possible errors and code issues more... read more


Continuous security for your applications
(1 Ratings)

GuardRails pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

GuardRails is a continuous application security verification platform that empowers modern development teams to find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities related to source code, open-source libraries, secret management, and cloud configuration. Continuously scan changes to your applications and detect... read more

ReSharper C++

The Visual Studio Extension for C++ Developers
(31 Ratings)

ReSharper C++ pricing: Starts at $24.92. Offers Free-forever plan.

ReSharper C++ starts analyzing code as soon as you open your project in Visual Studio editor, and keeps reanalyzing files as you edit them, detecting errors and possible problems before you even compile. For any given scope such as a file, project, or solution, you can tell ReSharper C++ to display... read more


Continuous Reliability Solution
(26 Ratings)

OverOps pricing: OverOps Offers Custom plan.

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies who create software to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience. Proactively identify runtime errors and slowdowns in every release Including issues that otherwise would be missed. Static analysis and testing can... read more

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