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Data Extraction Software

Data extraction software is a complete solution for retrieving and integrating structured and unstructured data from various sources such as websites or servers. The data could be of different forms such as images, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Some of the key features offered by data extraction tools are email address extraction, web data extraction, IP address extraction, image extraction and import or export of the data in MS word or excel form. End users of this software can be ecommerce companies trying to retrieve visitor data in order to customize their offers and promotions, government agencies which need the data in order to monitor and economic and infrastructural changes in their region or cable and internet service providers who require customer data to analyze their customers' needs and develop strategies for effective up-sell opportunities.

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Dataddo - Data Extraction Software


Manage and handle your data with a no-code platform
(55 Ratings)

Dataddo pricing: Starts at $60.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dataddo and how does it work?

Dataddo is no-code data integration, transformation and automation platform that allows connecting data sources to dashboards seamlessly. Dataddo makes it increasingly convenient to handle and manage data from a single platform without essentially worrying about integration issues. The API changes are managed entirely by the platform itself and thus, clients have nothing to worry about maintenance as such. The repairs are mostly done within minutes to keep the clients from missing out on data due to damaged pipelines. The no-code platform and data integration system allow users with little or no knowledge of code to work as professionals. Further, the Dataddo software is completely adaptable to the client’s system and thus, clients do not have to let their systems undergo modifications for the same. The platform is also entirely scalable to grow with the business and its incoming data loa. This applies to both small startups as well as large-scale enterprises. Dataddo offers multiple custom implementations to choose from that can be further customised. show more

Diffbot - Data Extraction Software


Get access to a trillion of intuitive facts with Diffbot
(27 Ratings)

Diffbot pricing: Starts at $299.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Diffbot and how does it work?

Diffbot is an integrated data extraction and crawling software helping out businesses to get access to a trillion of connected facts on the internet and extract them on demand. Its intuitive database includes 264M+ companies and non-profit organisations, more than 50 data fields, 1.6B+ articles and 3M+ crawled retail products listed within. The software runs detailed analysis through 1.2 billion public websites and gets the data transformed into a usable knowledge base in no time. Featured datasets comprise informative fields like International mid-market software agencies, top-notch employers in data fields, whole foods retail store locations, PhD graduates with negotiation strategy as specialisation and more. Further, Diffbot’s integrated solution suite comes loaded with a plethora of exclusive metrics taking care of fields like Market Intelligence, News Monitoring, Machine learning and E-commerce. Data type listed within covers up events, products, discussions, organisations, news & articles. show more

Parseur - Data Extraction Software


Email parsing got easier
(54 Ratings)

Parseur pricing: Starts at $149.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Parseur and how does it work?

Parseur is a powerful email and document parsing software founded in 2016 by Sylvestre Dupont and Sylvain Josserand. With Parseur, point & click where you can create an automated workflow and extract data from emails, PDFs, or MS Excel in a few clicks. Compared to other email parsers, The parsed data can be downloaded or exported to any application automatically. Parseur integrates with thousands of applications such as Zapier, Power Automate, Wokato, and Integromat. show more

WebAutomation.io - Data Extraction Software


Helps turn your website into a spreadsheet
(5 Ratings)

WebAutomation.io pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is WebAutomation.io and how does it work?

WebAutomation is a web data extractor and a scraper tool that extracts data from any website in minutes without using codes. This tool helps users to extract data from more than 400 popular websites. One can build his/her own extractor by clicking on the elements to be scrapped. These elements include images and text. If a person doesn’t have any expertise in building an extractor, the tool does the first one for free. WebAutomation allows users to export data in JSON, XML, CSV or XLSX. The platform offers IP rotation that prevents IPs from getting blocked. Furthermore, it helps users to bypass captcha and scrape bot protected websites. One can also extract data with its multiple levels of navigation, data behind login and JAVASCRIPT. With WebAutomation’s API and Webhook, one can integrate their extracted data anywhere. It further helps businesses through finance & investment research, e-commerce retail, real estate & investment, job data & human capital and many more. show more

Scraper API - Data Extraction Software

Scraper API

Build Scalable Web Scrapers with Ease
(6 Ratings)

Scraper API pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Scraper API and how does it work?

Scraper API enables users to build quick and easy web scrapers with the ability to handle proxies, browsers, and Captchas. Users can then easily fetch the HTML from any web page through a single API call. The tool handles over 2 Billion API requests per month for over 1000 businesses. One of the best features that makes it so popular is the ability to rotate the IP address with each request so that users don’t have to deal with IP blocks or stuck captchas. It automatically retries failed requests so that users are never blocked. As a result, users can turn websites into actionable data by automating the captcha. Additionally, Scraper API allows users to customize request headers, request type, IP geolocation and more. Other handy features include geotargeting to 12 countries, rendering javascript with headless browsers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth by only charging for successful requests, and much more. show more

Infrrd OCR - Data Extraction Software

Infrrd OCR

Process complex and unstructured documents/images easily
(1 Ratings)

Infrrd OCR pricing: Infrrd OCR Offers Custom plan.

What is Infrrd OCR and how does it work?

Infrrd OCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) platform that helps companies to process and organise unstructured/complex data using advanced machine learning capabilities present within. Not just the documents, the software also allows users to organise images, graphs, tables and other forms of unstructured data. It is a template-free platform that automatically understands where to proceed with data extraction based on AI technology. Infrrd OCR comes with a wide variety of functionalities that ranges from high-accuracy extraction, data cleaning and document classification to data validation, predictive insights, anomaly detection and more. The platform comes with a customer control centre of its own that helps users to manage multiple data processing applications on the go. Moreover, users can utilise this platform to add or change documents and extraction points besides managing application-specific performances accordingly. Infrrd OCR is a GDPR compliant platform that adopts appropriate and reasonable security measures to ensure complete protection of users’ data. show more

Datahut - Data Extraction Software


Cloud-based Web Scraping Platform for Structured Data
(12 Ratings)

Datahut pricing: Starts at $40.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Datahut and how does it work?

Datahut is a cloud platform that is designed for the purpose of web scraping. The tool involves zero coding and eliminates the need for setting up servers or buying expensive software. The Datahut team offers multiple services such as Data Cleaning, Maximum Coverage, Customer Support, and more. Users begin by sharing their data extraction issue with Datahut and the experts get on board to solve it for them. The data mining engineers work closely with them to build a tailor-made solution that works for them. By offloading all the data management needs, teams can focus on other important aspects of the business. The platform claims that it can extract data from even the most complex websites, ensuring that no critical data set is missed. Teams can receive data as CSV / JSON files or choose to use the APIs of the tool to pull the associated data sets. show more

Webhose.io - Data Extraction Software


Process your data seamlessly
(70 Ratings)

Webhose.io pricing: Webhose.io Offers Custom plan.

What is Webhose.io and how does it work?

Webhose.io is a data processing software that allows users to conduct financial analysis so they can move beyond the current stock performance trends and broaden the financial analysis. With the software, users can use their familiar API tools to get the data they need and analyze it using their favorite programming tools along with preferable programing language. The software also allows users to discover efficient and effective marketing opportunities along with comprehensive coverage of all the news related to their competitors. With Webhose.io, users are able to leverage out high-quality datasets in order to train their artificial intelligence. Users can also use NLP and machine learning models provided by the software to develop their products and services. The application provides full and up-to-date coverage of the user’s products and brand in real-time so that they never miss any details. This also enables users to make better decisions regarding their own products and services. Along with detailed reports and product-related support, the software also provides security against all types of cyber threats and any type of data breaches. show more

Mozenda - Data Extraction Software


Web-scraping trusted worldwide
(31 Ratings)

Mozenda pricing: Mozenda Offers Custom plan.

What is Mozenda and how does it work?

Mozenda is an industry standard web scraping solution provider. In a data-centric industry where key decisions are made by efficient analysis of data scraped from the internet, Mozenda comes forward as an industry leader with organizations like Tesla, IBM and other Fortune 500 companies putting their trust in it. Mozenda provides web scraping solutions to its clients that need data to work upon. With their built-up infrastructure, organizations do not need to worry about tackling heavy scripts and architecture costs as Mozenda does for them. It provides quotations for specific requirements of the client and provides the needed solutions, whether it be web scraping, analytics or database integrations. A Data as a service platform like this is very robust and provides reliable customer service to its clients. Mozenda provides Cloud-hosted software, On-premise software, Data harvesting services, Data wrangling services in addition to other products. With a custom quotation depending upon the clients needs, Mozenda caters all sizes and scales of organizations to tackle their data needs. show more

PromptCloud - Data Extraction Software


Web Scraping Service and Web data extraction
(11 Ratings)

PromptCloud pricing: PromptCloud Offers Custom plan.

What is PromptCloud and how does it work?

PromprtCloud Is The Best Web Scraping Service Provider. You can change source websites, frequency of data collection, data points being extracted and data delivery mechanisms could be customized based on your specific requirements. At PromptCloud, they provide fully automated and customized solutions for companies who are looking to leverage data from the web to build their own solutions or for spotting trends or building predictive engines. From cleaning the scraped data to supporting multiple formats of the clean data for your convenience, they do it all. show more

Octoparse - Data Extraction Software


Web page scraping and crawling made easy
(98 Ratings)

Octoparse pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Octoparse and how does it work?

Octoparse is a modern web scraping and crawling tool helping users scrape data without coding. This way they get to turn web pages into structured spreadsheets in a hassle-free manner. It delivers powerful services that are trusted by numerous top companies like Samsung, iResearch, Peking University, Pingan, etc. With advanced features, this tool optimizes and pushes data-scarping efforts to industry standards. Octoparse provides an extremely easy-to-use interface with one-click facilities for easy data scraping, eliminating the need for coding. It further automates all processes to reduce manual entries and deliver instant results. Moreover, users can scrape any website available on the web with infinite scrolling, login, drop-down, and AJAX. Instant download facility of scraped data lets users save them to the database or in other formats like CVS, Excel, and API. Octoparse also offers a cloud platform for users to save and get access to their stored data 24/7. The software even prevents IP blocking with a seamless IP rotation facility. show more

ParseHub - Data Extraction Software


Scrape Website Data without Coding
(6 Ratings)

ParseHub pricing: Starts at $189.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is ParseHub and how does it work?

Parsehub is a web scraping tool that places a focus on ease of use. It allows users to collect data from any JavaScript or Ajax webpage. They can search through forms, open drop downs, login to websites, click on the maps and handle sites with infinite scroll, tabs, and pop-ups to scrape data. The data can be collected without the need for any coding as the tool relies on machine learning to understand the hierarchy of the elements. To begin, users first need to download their desktop app and choose a site to scrape data from. It is also possible to select data from multiple pages using simple clicks and interact with AJAX, forms, dropdowns, etc. They can then download or access results via JSON, Excel, and API. The solution is cloud-based and makes use of multiple proxies while web crawling. Users can even schedule data collection tasks and make use of regular expressions as well. show more

Import.io - Data Extraction Software


Create structured data at scale in minutes without the fuss of manual labour
(25 Ratings)

Import.io pricing: Import.io Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Import.io and how does it work?

Import.io is a Web Data Integration (WDI) software used primarily by businesses, sales and marketing applications alike. It helps users convert unstructured data derived from multiple sources into a structured format for easier analysis and interpretation. Highly accurate and reliable, Import.io is trusted by widely popular companies. With exemplary features, this platform enlists the help of web data integration experts to convert raw data into meaningful information. Users can let Import.io extract data from a designated URL to begin with accurate data conversion. Import.io prepares users’ data by cleaning, enriching and structuring it based on predefined transformation rules that can be repeated every time data is extracted. This enables users to optimise data and keep it updated as needed. Moreover, the platform also lets users integrate data into applications, analytics, and business logic through APIs and webhooks. Lastly, to ensure easy consumption of relevant information, Import.io converts data into intuitive reports and engaging forms of visual representations that can be shared with collaborators in real-time. show more

Phantombuster - Data Extraction Software


Perform code-free data extraction and grow your business
(33 Ratings)

Phantombuster pricing: Starts at $28.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Phantombuster and how does it work?

Phantombuster is a codeless automation and data extraction software that helps organizations generate marketing audiences and business leads besides facilitating overall growth. It enables users to automate almost all of their actions on the web. The software executes the functions on behalf of its users from the cloud and runs 24/7. Users can easily extract data from any web source, as the software will visit the particular page and start extracting relevant content in an automated manner. It offers ready-made automation on major websites and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Within Phantombuster, users can schedule or trigger variable actions like accepting requests, auto liking posts, following profiles etc. The software also supports chain automation which helps business professionals in building advanced workflows, trigger time-specific launches, and facilitates marketing growth. Phantombuster comes up with proven templates from star growth-hackers. Moreover, users get notified about their automation status via emails, slack etc. show more

DOCBOT - Data Extraction Software


Data extraction software
(0 Ratings)

DOCBOT pricing: DOCBOT Offers Custom plan.

What is DOCBOT and how does it work?

DOCBOT becomes your digital backup for regulatory purposes. This speeds up your audit during the crucial year ending period. DOCBOT can be integrated with other applications seamlessly. The system can exchange data with any third party software with very minimal effort or effortless. Business owners keep on looking for ways to make business processes cost-saving and invest in improved productivity. The automation of manual work can immediately yield the desired results. Data extraction and processing automation allow employees to have all business-critical data immediately available. They can access data at any time and in a timely manner. show more

ScrapeHunt - Data Extraction Software


Amplify your business’s marketing strategies in real-time
(0 Ratings)

ScrapeHunt pricing: ScrapeHunt Offers Custom plan.

What is ScrapeHunt and how does it work?

ScrapeHunt is an intuitive platform helping users build SaaS bootstrap with their databases. This software provides a plethora of extensive features that assure exemplary scraping services for users to proceed with. ScrapeHunt dedicates hundreds of website-specific scarpers to constantly monitor and organize data. Users can download a database to scrape and receive regular updates with relevant information. Furthermore, businesses can even build their own SaaS protocol to develop intuitive products and services with the scraped data. Also, with detailed reporting and data-wise assessment functionalities, the platform lets users optimize their marketing strategies and drive in new customers in real-time. Beyond this, users are able to jump-start internal scraping processes and bootstrap their databases efficiently. ScrapeHunt provides comprehensively structured databases to improve the overall delivery process of users' products and services. Moreover, the platform offers a curated list of databases for Andriod, iOS, Github, AngelList, etc. letting businesses choose their preferred database or request a custom one. show more

ScrapingBee - Data Extraction Software


Avoid headless browsers while extracting data from web
(0 Ratings)

ScrapingBee pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ScrapingBee and how does it work?

ScrapingBee is an intuitive web scraping API that handles headless browsers besides rotating proxies, for its users. By utilizing the updated version of Google Chrome, the platform enables users to extract necessary data from the internet without dealing with any headless browser. It is also capable of rendering Javascript based on simple parameters, empowering users to scrape websites and Single Page Applications, using AngularJS, React, Vue.js, or other libraries. Further, the software with its massive proxy tool, helps users avoid rate-limiting websites, reducing chances of getting blocked and hiding their bots. There are three particular ways to use ScrappingBee, like general web scraping, SEO monitoring, and growth hacking. Users can execute general web scraping tasks like monitor price, scrap out real estate and extract reviews. They can even perform effective backlink checking and keyword monitoring tasks besides executing lead generation and contact extraction programs. show more

ScrapeOwl - Data Extraction Software


Workflows can be automated
(0 Ratings)

ScrapeOwl pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is ScrapeOwl and how does it work?

ScrapeOwl is a web scraping API that manages proxies, headless browsers, and HTML parsing in a simple and powerful way. By reducing the complexity, we develop the best tooling for you to acquire what you need. Simply enter the URL of the website and the element you want to use. ScrapeOwl can automate and scale anything you can perform manually in a web browser. For online scraping, data extraction, and web automation, we're your one-stop shop. ScrapOwl starts pulling endless amounts of structured data from any website right away with our ready-to-use scraping tools, or you may work with flexible automation software, you can automate any online process, scale operations, automate repetitive jobs, and speed up workflows. Automation that allows you to work faster and more intelligently than your competitors while putting in less effort.rk with us to solve your specific use case. You can count on quick and accurate results. show more

Zenscrape - Data Extraction Software


Data Extraction at Scale
(0 Ratings)

Zenscrape pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Zenscrape and how does it work?

zenscrape enables to choose proxy location to show geotargeted content. Getting started is easy. They provide an extensive request builder, that converts equests into production ready code snippets. Avoid running into a site's rate limiting and hide scraping bot.

Browserku - Data Extraction Software


Browser as a Service
(0 Ratings)

Browserku pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Browserku and how does it work?

API service for Web Scraping, PDF Generation, Charting and many more. Scrape any web page and return HTML, works perfectly for single-page websites as well. Generate high-quality screenshot image or PDF from any web page. Create a chart using Chart.js and save it as an image.

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List of Data Extraction Software

Dataddo 4.9
Diffbot 4.9
Parseur 4.8
WebAutomation.io 4.7
Scraper API 4.6
Infrrd OCR 4.5
Datahut 4.4
Webhose.io 4.4
Mozenda 4.2
PromptCloud 4.2

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