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Updated on: April 9, 2020

Social Proof Marketing Software

Social Proof Marketing is a new-age way to leverage and showcase the  positive actions that users undertake on your brand, website, store or an app. The positive actions could be a signup, download, install or a purchase .  When a new users checks out such positive social proof, it increases the trust and credibility. The social proof can also at times increase the sense of urgency to purchase a product. The Social proof Marketing softwares are primarily used by transactional sites such as ecommerce or saas products. Social Proof softwares relies on user psychology to seek out validation while making decisions online.  Social proof notifications are a simple and genuine way to capture the attention of your site visitors while building urgency to purchase your products. Adding social proof increases conversions, reduces marketing/advertising spend, increases trust and more importantly builds solid credibility.

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A Simple Social Proof Marketing Solution
(11 Ratings)

Fomo is a Social Proof Automation tool used to optimize traffic and sales. The software offers template rules to create and transform data. Based on their location, you can engage visitors with prioritized content from the area languages. Measure, monitor to track the performance and export data in... read more


A tool to Optimize Engagement with Social Proof
(33 Ratings)

Proof software is a Social Proof solution used to grow an online business. The software offers Hot Streaks, Live Visitor Count and the Recent Activity notification to monitor a total number of people who have recently signed up or purchased on your site, viewing the page or your entire site in... read more

Proof Factor

A Solution to Optimize Conversions

Proof Factor is Social Proof Notifications to capture the attention of your site visitors to purchase your products. The software offers Live Visitor Count, and recent activity of customers by showing real orders. Gamified Popups are the key to building a relationship with your site visitors to... read more


Social proof platform that boosts customer conversions
(10 Ratings)

ProveSource is a social proof marketing solution that integrates different information such as product reviews, recent orders, and other customer behavior to increase user trust in your product or service, as well as improve the conversion rate. The marketing solution comes with an intuitive... read more


Increase Website Conversions By Adding One Line Of Code
(6 Ratings)

TrustActivity shows verified information about recent and sales activity on your website. It is the greatest tool to convert your visitors into customers. TrustActivity display lead or sale notifications to visitors in real-time on your website.


Transform your visitors into leads

PopKit is a social proof builder tool that enables you to increase your conversions within minutes. With this platform, you can build trust with your clients and customers and create urgency, which helps you to enhance your sales. You can add Social Proof to your website quite easily with a single... read more


Boost Conversions adding Social Proof to any site

Provely is a social proof service by using recent purchases and signups to display a popup on your website. Adding Provely Takes Just 2 Minutes Flat and It Will Auto-Detect New Signups to Display. Provely helps to display lead or sale notifications to visitors in real-time on your site or page.... read more


A Social Proof Marketing Solution for WordPress

WPfomify software is a platform used to increases conversion rates on your website by displaying recent sales and signups. The software offers a Recent Activity or Conversions features used to display the notifications for your recent signups or purchases on your website. It integrates with... read more


Grow your business instantly with Cavaco

Cavaco is a conversion tool that aims at creating trust, customer engagement and credibility with the help of social proofing and personalized deadline funnel. The software helps the user to create lively and interactive websites and online stores with social proofing notifications. It uses... read more


A Solution Proof Messaging Solution

Taggstar is a Social Proof tool used to optimize your eCommerce conversions on brands. Send trending Messages, and monitor the real-time stock and add-to-basket volumes. Improve loyalty and user experience on your messages. Retail sectors, Travel Agencies, Small, Medium, and Large companies make... read more

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