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Updated on: January 20, 2022

Referral Management Software

Referral management software streamlines the referral process for health care providers and reduces out-of-network referral practices and improves customer experience. Referral management software manages the entire referral process, from patient activation to appointment scheduling, to post-visit follow-up. So, Patient satisfaction is increased by providing a centralized information system. This comprehensive solution is suitable for doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, and for any size health care organization with a simple interface and powerful features, with a focus on the patients. Automatically track and thank people who refer friends and family to you with a referral code. Easily share digital and physical files between staff members with our secure, HIPAA compliant file sharing tool. Referral management software is the leading industry standard for over three decades, helping organizations share patient information securely across an expanding healthcare network.

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Lightbeam Referral Management

Patient Referral Management System

Lightbeam Referral Management pricing: Lightbeam Referral Management Offers Custom plan.

Lightbeam's referral management solution identifies the right providers to build your network, control out of network spend, and tracks referral patterns.


Web Based Patient Referral Management for North America

ezReferral pricing: Starts at $299.0.

ezReferral is used to improve patient care within the healthcare community, particularly by dealing with the inefficiencies of the current fax/phone system. Using ezReferral, the patient, doctors, Specialists, and their staff are all on the same page, and no one falls through the cracks. Make sure... read more

CarePort Referral Management pricing: CarePort Referral Management Offers Custom plan.

Receive, respond and review all patient referral activity in a single electronic system with CarePort Referral Management

Docman RMS

Referral Management Software | Advanced

Docman RMS pricing: Docman RMS Offers Custom plan.

Docman RMS enables the patient referral process to be digitised, providing secure access to clinical documents, through referral management software.


Information Gatway

ActiveXCHANGE pricing: ActiveXCHANGE Offers Custom plan.

Digital order referral management system to manage orders from physicians, surgery centers, and other ancillary departments


Mobile-enabled referral and rewards platform

eTrove pricing: eTrove Offers Custom plan.

eTrove is an effective mobile referral, rewards & loyalty platform customized to your business, with detailed reporting and end-to-end referral visibility.

MedMatch Network

No more redundant meeting blues with Airgram

MedMatch Network pricing: MedMatch Network Offers Custom plan.

MedMatch Network is a cloud-based platform of medical providers facilitating reliable patient referral management and secure information exchange. It is a cloud-based network of more than 1.7 million searchable medical provider profiles facilitating patient referral management and secure... read more

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management

End-to-end Patient Referral Management Software

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management Software Platform helps to manage referral cycle, send & receive patient referrals secure & seamless.


Electronic Referral Management for Healthcare

MDfit pricing: MDfit Offers Custom plan.

MDfit Referrals - Create a standard electronic referral workflow for affiliated and employed providers that eliminates lost voice-mails and misplaced paper.

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