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Updated on: August 3, 2021

Payment Processing Software

Payment processing software - as the name indicates - offers a payment gateway that could process transactions done via debit or credit card. With the surge in online wallets and services like PayPal, such software can handle them too. So payment processing software will be needed by any online business, be it an e-commerce company or someone who is delivering any sort of service, and hence require a way for online credit card processing. Such products also follow encryption standards to ensure that the payments are safe and secure.

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TransNational Payments

Easy & Affordable Full Service Payroll
(8 Ratings)

TransNational Payments pricing: Starts at $30.0.

TransNational Payments is a cloud-based Payment Processing Software. TransNational Payments operates on the concept of full disclosure and provides simple and stress-free payment solutions to help businesses succeed. They educate and service clients in the highest certified manner by offering 24/7... read more

Blackthorn Payments

The most advanced payment platform for Salesforce
(3 Ratings)

Blackthorn Payments pricing: Starts at $575.0.

Blackthorn Payments is an online-based Payment Processing Software. Using custom settings and custom metadata by point-and-click, you can manage reattempt settings, Apex validations, terminal field population, and more. Automatic reattempt logic with reattempt number tracking allows you to... read more


Accept Payments Worldwide
(2 Ratings)

Paymentwall pricing: Paymentwall Offers Custom plan.

Paymentwall is a global payment platform that unites over 150 payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and mobile carrier billing, covering the full spectrum of local payment methods in a single integration. In addition, Paymentwall offers a... read more


Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services Simplified
(3 Ratings)

MagicPay pricing: MagicPay Offers Custom plan.

MagicPay provides payment solutions to all types of merchants. They offer credit card processing through secure payment gateways. Process single or recurring traditional ACH payments on consumer and business bank accounts. Alternatively, accept eChecks online and get funded as fast as the same day... read more


Your personalized payment gateway to boost revenues
(1 Ratings)

PangoPay pricing: Starts at $24.99.

PangoPay is a B2B online payment gateway with which users can make payments faster, better and simpler. This application helps customers to make smoother transactions for their purchases, and one doesn’t have to wait for days to receive invoices. Businesses can accept their payments online with a... read more

LexisNexis Payment Solutions

Automate processing payments, protect data, and reduce cost
(1 Ratings)

LexisNexis Payment Solutions pricing: LexisNexis Payment Solutions Offers Custom plan.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions supports government agencies of all types that want to operate more efficiently, reduce their PCI scope, and give customers an easy payment processing experience as well. LexisNexis Payment Solutions collects and processes payments, updates records instantly and gathers... read more

Quantum Electronic Payments

Intuitive Payment Processing Services
(1 Ratings)

Quantum Electronic Payments pricing: Quantum Electronic Payments Offers Custom plan.

Quantum Electronic Payments offers truly innovative payment processing solutions to businesses of varying ranges, from small businesses to large corporations. Payment processing solutions are at the heart of any eCommerce business’s success. Quantum’s online payment solutions enable you to... read more


Facilitate hassle-free payment options with Chargezoom
(6 Ratings)

Chargezoom pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Chargezoom is an important recurring billing software that helps businesses to automate and simplify their billing and payment procedures in real-time. It does so by introducing various integrations from other popular apps. Thus making it quite easier for businesses to set up and distribute... read more


Payment processing for online businesses
(1 Ratings)

Omise is a payments platform that provides businesses with a modern end-to-end infrastructure to accept, process, and disburse payments online. A quick and easy way to start accepting payments without you having to build everything from scratch. Accept the most popular digital wallet used by... read more


Intelligent Credit Card Processing
(3 Ratings)

Clearent pricing: Clearent Offers Custom plan.

Clearent is a complete payment processor that leverages its proprietary payments platform to make doing business easier and more profitable for its sales partners. With Clearent’s Empower Program, you can legally share your credit card processing costs with your customers. Cash discounting,... read more

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