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Payment Processing Software

Payment processing software - as the name indicates - offers a payment gateway that could process transactions done via debit or credit card. With the surge in online wallets and services like PayPal, such software can handle them too. So payment processing software will be needed by any online business, be it an e-commerce company or someone who is delivering any sort of service, and hence require a way for online credit card processing. Such products also follow encryption standards to ensure that the payments are safe and secure.

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Paymentwall - Payment Processing Software


Payment Transactions made Easier
(4 Ratings)

Paymentwall pricing: Paymentwall Offers Custom plan.

What is Paymentwall and how does it work?

Раymentwаll is the аll-in-оne glоbаl payment рlаtfоrm fоr mоnetizing digitаl gооds аnd serviсes. It is а leading glоbаl digitаl соmmerсe рlаtfоrm thаt hаs раrtnershiрs with more thаn 150 payment рrоviders in mоre thаn 200+ соuntries with 75 сurrenсies, which has helped соmраnies enter into hard-to-reасh mаrkets suсh аs Сhinа, Brаzil, Kоreа, аnd Sоutheаst Аsiа. Its widget integration provides effective lосаl sоlutіоns fоr уоur e-commerce. It is а secure tool thаt рrоvides getting раid оnline. It streamlines your payment experiences by integrating local payment methods and prevents frauds. Раymentwаll allows 5 billion реорle to make payments using nоt оnly сredit саrds but аlsо 150 lосаl раyment орtiоns аll оver the wоrld, helрing оver 200,000 merсhаnts, inсluding SEGА, LG Eleсtrоniсs, Bаndаi Nаmсо, Shорify, Kаkао Gаmes, Kigо, Wаrgаming, Tenсent, аnd Gаmefоrge tо exраnd glоbаlly. Раymentwаll рrоvides its merchants and end-users, suрроrt in оver 30 lаnguаges. Раymentwаll reсently announced the availability оf а new software development kit (SDK) geаred tоwаrd Unity, а рорulаr gаme develорment tооl, by whiсh users will be аble tо ассeрt сredit саrds, debit саrds, mоbile раyments, bаnk trаnsfers, and even рre-paid саrd орtiоns аs а means to рiсk uр in-game items. show more

TransNational Payments - Payment Processing Software

TransNational Payments

Easy & Affordable Full Service Payroll
(2 Ratings)

TransNational Payments pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is TransNational Payments and how does it work?

TransNational Payments is a cloud-based Payment Processing Software. TransNational Payments operates on the concept of full disclosure and provides simple and stress-free payment solutions to help businesses succeed. They educate and service clients in the highest certified manner by offering 24/7 assistance with each unique business need and consistently exceeding their expectations. They invite businesses to improve their profitability by taking advantage of the competitive rates on secure credit card processing, innovative mobile payments, cutting-edge POS and payment gateway solutions. show more

MagicPay - Payment Processing Software


Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services Simplified
(6 Ratings)

MagicPay pricing: MagicPay Offers Custom plan.

What is MagicPay and how does it work?

MagicPay provides payment solutions to all types of merchants. They offer credit card processing through secure payment gateways. Process single or recurring traditional ACH payments on consumer and business bank accounts. Alternatively, accept eChecks online and get funded as fast as the same day with smart RDC and ICL technology. Integrate your own POS system, shopping cart, or software. User-friendly online API and mobile SDK interface. Flexible back-end processor selection. Superior first-class customer support is just one call away, available 24/7. show more

Balance - Payment Processing Software


B2B payments for merchants & mаrketрlасes
(1 Ratings)

Balance pricing: Balance Offers Custom plan.

What is Balance and how does it work?

Bаlаnсe is сreаted sрeсifiсаlly for B2B оrgаnizаtiоns with the goal of making B2B payments аmаzing. Whether you’re а B2B mаrketрlасe, аn e-Соmmerсe соmраny, а B2B startup, оr а соmраny that provides business services, Bаlаnсe is dedicated to providing an incredible B2B раyment experience online to you. With Balance, any merchant, mаrketрlасe, оr SааS соmраny that sells gооds аnd services online аnd offline саn now рrоvide a wide range of payment methods аnd terms, аnd get раid immediately — all in а single рlаtfоrm. The platforms' features include automated invoice fасtоring (net terms), quotes from the рlаtfоrm, ассeрting multiple раyment methods straight from the сheсkоut, аllоwing раyment with аn invoice аnd many more. It is the only payment рlаtfоrm that includes a combination of complete flexibility in раyment methods аnd terms. With the elegant self-serve сheсkоut experience аnd product-driven аррrоасh to a business customer experience, Balance is rising above the noise of traditional соnsumer-оriented solutions. There are currently no fixed costs to use Bаlаnсe; only рrосessing аnd financing fees that are usage based. For enterprise сustоmers, you have to reасh out to them directly through their official website to discuss further. show more

Quantum Electronic Payments - Payment Processing Software

Quantum Electronic Payments

Intuitive Payment Processing Services
(2 Ratings)

Quantum Electronic Payments pricing: Quantum Electronic Payments Offers Custom plan.

What is Quantum Electronic Payments and how does it work?

Quantum Electronic Payments offers truly innovative payment processing solutions to businesses of varying ranges, from small businesses to large corporations. Payment processing solutions are at the heart of any eCommerce business’s success. Quantum’s online payment solutions enable you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment methods securely and cost-effectively all via the internet. Beachside yoga instructors, tour guides or plumbers when your business is on the go, Quantum’s mobile payment processing solutions let you accept electronic payments anywhere. show more

LexisNexis Payment Solutions - Payment Processing Software

LexisNexis Payment Solutions

Automate processing payments, protect data, and reduce cost
(2 Ratings)

LexisNexis Payment Solutions pricing: LexisNexis Payment Solutions Offers Custom plan.

What is LexisNexis Payment Solutions and how does it work?

LexisNexis Payment Solutions supports government agencies of all types that want to operate more efficiently, reduce their PCI scope, and give customers an easy payment processing experience as well. LexisNexis Payment Solutions collects and processes payments, updates records instantly and gathers fees for settling the same day so the accountants in your agency can easily reconcile. Payment processing by LexisNexis Payment Solutions helps government agencies of all types make better use of their limited resources while increasing and improving the quality of service they provide to their citizens. show more

Chargezoom - Payment Processing Software


Facilitate hassle-free payment options with Chargezoom
(1 Ratings)

Chargezoom pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Chargezoom and how does it work?

Chargezoom is an important recurring billing software that helps businesses to automate and simplify their billing and payment procedures in real-time. It does so by introducing various integrations from other popular apps. Thus making it quite easier for businesses to set up and distribute subscriptions besides managing recurring payments. The software automates sync between payments proceedings and invoice generation so that users don’t have to reconcile the entire payment collection task ever again. Chargezoom just emails the invoices along with the payment links and notifies users whenever payments are made. Moreover, a variety of pre-built integration facilities are present within the same for FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks and Xero platforms. Other accounting packages are also on the way that many customers would love to have as payment options. Moreover, customers can save multiple checking accounts or credit cards in the PCI compliant vault of the software, besides generating automated payment reminders through emails by sending “Pay Now” links to them. show more

Clearent - Payment Processing Software


Intelligent Credit Card Processing
(4 Ratings)

Clearent pricing: Clearent Offers Custom plan.

What is Clearent and how does it work?

Clearent is a complete payment processor that leverages its proprietary payments platform to make doing business easier and more profitable for its sales partners. With Clearent’s Empower Program, you can legally share your credit card processing costs with your customers. Cash discounting, non-cash adjustments, and surcharging result in real savings that you can reinvest in your business and watch it grow. Clearent's commitment to honesty and transparency has made it one of the most trusted companies in the industry. show more

Omise - Payment Processing Software


The smart payment gateway for Asia
(2 Ratings)

What is Omise and how does it work?

Omise is a smart payment gateway platform for processing online payments for web technology companies. It enables you to accept and manage online payments with its full-featured payment gateway. With Omise, you get a comprehensive collection of payment tools that enable quick, flexible, and smooth online payment experiences, allowing you to leverage company potential and accelerate development. You get checkout forms that have been pre-built and offer a simple and fast method to begin receiving payments without having to start from scratch. With Omise, you can allow international consumers to pay you in the currency they are most familiar with. You can also allow your consumers to pay in installments. The API of Omise platform improves your workflow and automates most of the operations that you can conduct in the dashboard. You can streamline the process of depositing funds into third-party bank accounts. You can get real-time information on all transaction events that occur on your account. Additionally, you can use existing libraries and SDKs that are accessible in most languages to speed up your integration. show more

Global Payments - Payment Processing Software

Global Payments

A complete worldwide commerce ecosystem
(3 Ratings)

Global Payments pricing: Global Payments Offers Custom plan.

What is Global Payments and how does it work?

Global Payments is an online-based Payment Processing Software. A simple, complete payment page for web and app. Just drop it in and you’re all set. Also includes the PCI DSS compliant redirect solution, so you avoid the usual PCI overhead without compromising on safety. The APIs and SDKs make it easy to build your payment page exactly the way you want, across the full transaction lifecycle. Giving you complete control. One integration is all it takes to connect all your commerce channels and geographies. Seamless technology, for a more impactful strategy. show more

Blackthorn Payments - Payment Processing Software

Blackthorn Payments

The most advanced payment platform for Salesforce
(58 Ratings)

Blackthorn Payments pricing: Starts at $575.0.

What is Blackthorn Payments and how does it work?

Blackthorn Payments is an online-based Payment Processing Software. Using custom settings and custom metadata by point-and-click, you can manage reattempt settings, Apex validations, terminal field population, and more. Automatic reattempt logic with reattempt number tracking allows you to customize your business process through Process Builder. With each reattempt, you can email your customer for a new card, create a task, run reports, and more. Roll-up fields are auto-deployed to Transaction Parents, helping users view totals. Retained revenue is auto-calculated for each Transaction if refunds were processed. show more

Payline Data - Payment Processing Software

Payline Data

Transparent Pricing. Same Day Approvals
(18 Ratings)

Payline Data pricing: Payline Data Offers Custom plan.

What is Payline Data and how does it work?

Payline is a payments solutions provider committed to giving the customers and partners an exceptional customer experience along with the tools and education they need to run their business. Seamlessly integrate with any online shopping cart, existing or new Point-of-Sale platform. Utilize a virtual terminal to key cards in, send invoices, securely encrypt and store data for recurring billing. Brick-and-mortar locations looking to get away from being plugged into the wall while maintaining the benefits. Take payments wherever you go while making it easy for your customers. show more

JusPay - Payment Processing Software


Making payments simple and secure
(3 Ratings)

JusPay pricing: JusPay Offers Custom plan.

What is JusPay and how does it work?

JusPay is a secure mobile payment browser. Auto-processing Bank SMS OTP for the 1-Click experience. Displays the right keyboard with a password viewing option. Offers to remember user inputs for repeat usage. Aids the natural flow of users with features like Automatic Focus, Scroll/Zoom, Navigation buttons. show more

Inline Checkout - Payment Processing Software

Inline Checkout

Conversion App for Ecommerce
(11 Ratings)

Inline Checkout pricing: Inline Checkout Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Inline Checkout and how does it work?

Inline Checkout software is a platform used to increase conversions with personalized data-driven Checkout flow for Ecommerce. The software offers tools to create customization of brand with logo, and auto-filling forms with pre-selected fields. Personalize offers with discounts and manual coupon codes. Measure the real-time upsell analytics to automate business workflows. It integrates with Stripe, PayPal and more. Marketers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

PayJunction - Payment Processing Software


Contactless payment processing task made easy
(157 Ratings)

What is PayJunction and how does it work?

PayJunction is a contactless payment processing service helping out businesses with remote payouts and contactless payments on the go. The particular can be used to recharge accounts, streamline in-person payments, search out for transactions, process ACH, monitor batches and track key-in credit cards as well. Also, real-time financial reports provided by the software helps businesses gain access to proper insights showcasing the present financial health and implement changes accordingly. Multinational firms dependent on PayJunction can merge different merchant accounts within a single login platform, monitor different batches from a single place facilitating seamless reconciliation and adjust user-based permissions depending on their current designations. A people-first approach followed by PayJunction has earned them a 98.18% customer satisfaction score and 3k+ love letters from individual clients. Also, the solution is PCI Level 1 compliant enabling accurate security of the stored data. To facilitate self-service, the software comes loaded with a variety of blogs covering different topics, related to contactless payment solutions made available within the same. show more

SecurePay - Payment Processing Software


Get your hands on exclusive recurring payments and fund collection portal
(3 Ratings)

SecurePay pricing: SecurePay Offers Custom plan.

What is SecurePay and how does it work?

SecurePay is a trusted online payment gateway provider in Australia, that comes equipped with an integrated, secure and flexible user interface. Businesses can depend on the solution to accept payments online, view reports in detail and leverage access to local support as well, facilitating seamless day to day transactions on the go. At present, active integration with Apple Pay helps businesses in an efficient manner. An inbuilt dashboard made available within SecurePay lets businesses set up day to day reports and get a clear overview of transaction history as per convenience. They can also streamline total control over customer checkout experience and allow the latter to schedule once-off payments as well. Data stored within SecurePay is completely safe, protected under award-winning anti-fraud and security metrics. The platform is also compliant with PCI regulations, eliminating out all potential chances of fraudulent activities in an efficient way. Other notable functionalities include multi-payment method compliance, local Australian support, simple setup and exclusive integration. show more

Pin Payments - Payment Processing Software

Pin Payments

Accept card payments securely
(48 Ratings)

What is Pin Payments and how does it work?

Pin Payments gives you a flexible platform for accepting card payments from your customers. Pin Payments allows you to accept payments in many major and minor currencies, allowing you to offer localized pricing for international customers. Your Pin Payments dashboard provides customer tokenization which allows you to securely store your customer’s credit card for future transactions, in a secure and PCI compliant manner. Docmosis is looking to offer its customers the option to pay in currencies other than AUD. With Pin Payments, Docmosis can accept online card payments in multiple currencies from a single payment provider. show more

Stripe Payments - Payment Processing Software

Stripe Payments

A payment platform with built-in analytics
(2,288 Ratings)

Stripe Payments pricing: Stripe Payments Offers Custom plan.

What is Stripe Payments and how does it work?

Stripe Payments is a software that permits individuals as well as businesses to receive online payments by providing the essential banking infrastructure, technical expertise and fraud prevention, required for the successful operation of online-payment systems. Stripe speaks of an extremely easy-to-use interface and boasts of a very responsive customer service which makes it quite popular and in-demand payment gateway all across the globe. With a reliable and useful API, Stripe is one such payment gateway which comes with built-in analytics like Sigma and Radar where Sigma stands as their reporting tool and Radar provides advanced fraud protection. Another unique feature of this flawless payment gateway is that it provides a free card swiper that connects to any phone in no time at all, thereby letting you execute transactions very smoothly even while on the go. Hence, Stripe strikes the right cord, required to execute payments over the internet, with complete ease and security. show more

Przelewy24 - Payment Processing Software


For the first time with a high contrast option
(2 Ratings)

Przelewy24 pricing: Przelewy24 Offers Custom plan.

What is Przelewy24 and how does it work?

Przelewy24 is a group of almost 200 e-commerce enthusiasts setting trends on the payment market and turning clients' visions into innovative products. A new payment method with the potential to increase your turnover and, thus, the profitability of your business. The customer decides how to pay off the liability. They can choose between convenient instalments and repayment in up to 54 days of the transaction. A swift and friendly procedure for being granted the funds. The customer fills in an application only once and uses the granted funds during subsequent purchases. show more

PayAnywhere - Payment Processing Software


The all-in-one payments platform powering your business
(2 Ratings)

What is PayAnywhere and how does it work?

Payanywhere makes payments easy for business owners, employees, and customers. Accept credit cards in your store, on the job site, and online. Use one of the devices or your own. Use a Payanywhere device to accept payments in your store, or take your business with you and accept payments on your own smartphone or tablet. The Payanywhere app includes all the features you need to sell more efficiently and manage your business with simplicity. Enable Offline Transactions when you have a weak or limited connection. Accept payments as you normally would and process them when a connection has been reestablished. show more

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