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Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews ? Product Reviews – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store
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Photo reviews, Product reviews, AliExpress reviews boost sales

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Reviews & Ratings of Top Service Companies
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GoodFirms is helping millions of B2B tech companies to find & promote software product & services. Navigate an endless list of categories, authenticated reviews, and research papers to find the right business associate.

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Feefo Products | Features of the Feefo System
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Feefo allows you to collect and analyse valuable feedback gathered directly from genuine customers. As well as helping to increase conversion rates, it can also improve SEO and reduce churn.

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All-in-one User Generated Content Platform for any Business Size
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EmbedSocial is the ultimate user-generated content (UGC) platform for professionals. Featuring official API integrations with all major social media networks and a variety of features that sync customer-created content to websites, EmbedSocial helps brands gain trust, increase engagement and sell more. Whether the customer is looking to get access to customers' photos, reviews, stories or entire posts shared across social media and other platforms, EmbedSocial makes it quick and easy. Harness the power of the customers' content today with EmbedSocial! show more

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Ratings & Reviews - PowerReviews
(97 Ratings)

Harnessing the authentic voice of the customer to improve both products and the customer experience. Harness the power of customer-generated content across channels to uncover actionable insights. Turn every customer into an influencer and use social media to accelerate the creation of customer content.

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Merchant Members - ResellerRatings.com - Merchant Solutions
(42 Ratings)

ResellerRatings helps customers find, choose, and advocate for products and brands they love. Clients include more than 3,500 companies that have streamlined and advanced their ratings and reviews programs.

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Collect reviews. Build trust
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Introducing TrustSpot, the go-to platform for capturing the voice of your customers! With TrustSpot, it’s easy to gather user generated content from over 60 million consumers in 98 countries every month. Plus, its seamless integration into leading eCommerce platforms makes it incredibly simple for you to turn user feedback into an invaluable part of their business. TrustSpot gives brands the freedom to use their customers’ feedback to increase trust and engagement with their audience. With TrustSpot, they can let their customers tell your story for them, turning their experience into an insightful and inspiring narrative. Customer reviews, photos, and videos can be used to inform, entertain, and engage with their target audience. TrustSpot gives them the tools you need to build relationships with their customers and foster their loyalty. With TrustSpot, they get an all-in-one platform for capturing customer feedback, creating an online community of loyal fans, and using user generated content to drive brand awareness and trust. Put their customers’ voices to work for them with TrustSpot. Join the millions of businesses who have used TrustSpot’s innovative platform to create more meaningful connections with their customers. Unlock the power of user generated content and take their business to the next level with TrustSpot. show more

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Reevoo | Customer Engagement through user-generated content
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We help some of the world’s smartest companies talk with, listen to and learn from their customers with reviews, feedback & user-generated content.

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Embed Facebook and Google Reviews on Any Website - EmbedReviews
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Get the Embed Facebook Reviews plugin to display your page Facebook Reviews on any website. No coding required the setup is fast and easy.

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Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews - Boost your sales
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Verified Reviews is a trusted third party that specializes in the collection, moderation and display of ratings and reviews from actual customers. The company is official partner with Google, Yahoo and Bing and enables clients to get seller ratings stars.

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Ask for a review
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TrustProfile is an online platform that enables webshop entrepreneurs to boost their sales by increasing trust in their webshops. In the e-commerce sector, 75% of all consumers look at reviews before they make a purchase. 25% of all online purchase are determined by those valuable reviews. These numbers indicate towards an increased importance of electronic word of mouth for the success of webshops. That is why TrustProfile offers a variety of tools, such as personal trust page, review platforms, review invite tools, trust badgets and widgets that help increase trust in your webshop and boost overal performance. show more

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eKomi | Seller Ratings & Product Ratings and Reviews - Collect more authentic Reviews
(8 Ratings)

eKomi is the only Goldman Sachs-backed independent provider of transaction-based reviews & ratings. As a Google worldwide partner, eKomi has gathered & published over 50,000,000 reviews for customers using its groundbreaking social commerce technology.

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TargetBay - eCommerce Products Reviews And Question & Answers
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eCommerce Store Reviews - Improve user generated content & your eCommerce organic ranking through TargetBay's reviews & QA product. Build trust based on true user experience.

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Campaign Monitor Commerce

CM Commerce: Email automation for ecommerce stores
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Campaign Monitor Commerce is an all-in-one marketing dashboard that enables eCommerce store owners to engage and build long-term relationships with customers. The marketing dashboard allows entrepreneurs to integrate multiple applications and manage all marketing activities through a single interface.

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Get More Reviews on Amazon Today | Feedback Genius
(12 Ratings)

Need more Amazon reviews? Feedback Genius automates powerful messages that improve your rep, enhance the buyer experience, and win more sales.

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Improve traffic and conversion by collecting reviews
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TrustMate is a new, efficient tool to boost traffic to your website and build customers' trust, which will translate into higher online sales. It is a system which efficiently gathers reviews about company, products, or services and allows for publishing your customers’ reviews on website, Facebook page, Google, and other pages.

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Sell more with Video Shopping
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Get metrics and performance reports on sales, engagement, content and more to make data-driven decisions and optimize for success. Make any video shoppable and enable customers to purchase while watching videos, all through your Shopify checkout process. Offer shoppers a familiar user experience tailored to your brand with customized themes, colors, fonts, logo and language.

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Customer Review platform for eCommerce
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Wiremo is a convenient customer review software platform aimed to help consumer-centric teams improve their products and make their team more effective by listening to their most substantial asset customers. Wiremo make it easy and fast for everyone.

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Beautiful, Simple reviews
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Are you looking for an easy way to build trust in your store by showing off customer reviews, photos, and videos? Introducing Fera - the ultimate solution to make your customers feel like they are part of your team. Shopify and Wix merchants can easily collect, display, and grow their customer reviews using Fera. Show authenticated text reviews from Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, and other platforms. Automatically ask for customer reviews to keep the conversation going with new and existing users. Increase customer confidence with third-party verification of genuine purchasers by offering discounts, loyalty points, or cash incentives. Plus, showcase your products with customer videos or combine reviews from similar items to create a more profound eCommerce market experience. Try Fera today and give yourself an edge in building trust within your online store! show more

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Collect All The Reviews
(2 Ratings)

JustReview can collect all the Reviews and Testimonials concerning brand all in one place! But now can also conveniently include them on each of subpages in the form of a JustReview Badge. It’s a simple and transparent way of building social proof that really works. Try it now and watch closely how the number of customers systematically grow.

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List of Product Reviews Software

Ali Reviews NA
GoodFirms NA
Feefo 4.4
EmbedSocial 4.3
PowerReviews 4.1
ResellerRatings 4.3
TrustSpot 4.2
Reevoo 4
EmbedReviews NA
Verified Reviews 4.1

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