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Online Form Builder Software

Online forms are essential for any web-based business. These forms can help with hundreds of use cases, including lead generation, making necessary market research and churning out consumer feedback. An online form builder helps you with creating such forms. Most of such form builders are user-friendly can help you with building forms without having any coding knowledge. Some of the form builders go beyond the lines of merely gathering inputs and offer complex functions like collecting payments, multi-step functionality with progress bar, third-party integration, etc. Some tools provide conditional logic and triggers to help with achieving more complex functionalities. That said, forms are an indispensable part of your online presence and hence, choosing a suitable online form builder is critical.

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Highly Rated Online Form Builder Software

The Highly Rated Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest rating in the past 36 months.

Zoho Forms #1

Zoho Forms is an amazing online form builder that can be integrated with the provider's campaigns, CRM and desktop apps as well. It offers the users with everything that is needed to have the perfect forms to show up on the web media, be it just simple text boxes or the complex fields for formula.... show more

Zoho Forms also won

Formstack #2

FormStack is among the best online form builders since it offers A/B testing between two forms to check which one is better. It can convert the form data into PDF files that can be downloaded and shared. It also has analytics that offers key insights to help the users in understanding the user’s... show more

Formstack also won

forms.app #3

forms.app is a form builder that offers its users an intuitive and friendly manufacturer interface and allows customers to create modules within a couple of minutes and start collecting answers immediately. The application is equipped with four essential privacy features. Only manufacturers can... show more

forms.app also won

Typeform #4

TypeForm makes it very easy for any online business to collect data by offering its responsive and intuitive forms on every device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphones. It allows creating questionnaires for surveys like never before as it predicts the questions as the user types. It can... show more

Typeform also won

FastField #5

FastFIeld is a simple yet powerful mobile form building platform, fully customizable, it builds and delivers digital forms for inspection, checklists or any other data collection necessary. Creating mobile forms of any sort, ranging from inspection, surveys and customized business forms, FastField... show more

FastField also won

Jotform #6

Jotform comes with the options of creating excellent forms for many uses, including registration, payment, HIPAA-compliance, etc. It has a very intuitive layout depending on what you actually want to use it for. It is very easy to set up with form builder that helps to create customised ones to... show more

Jotform also won

Google Forms #7

Google excels in the online form builder arena like any other field. Google Forms come as a part of the Google Drive Suite that features tools like Docs, Sheets, etc. There is a pretty good number of pre-installed themes to choose from to cater to all the segments, be it survey, registration,... show more

Google Forms also won

involve.me #8

Involve.me is a customer engagement tool that empowers users to acquire more leads, convert them, and retain existing customers by boosting satisfaction. With automated lead qualification, prospects can be moved through the sales pipeline faster by leveraging interactive content that is tailored to... show more

involve.me also won

Wufoo #9

Wufoo is an online form generation application that facilitates the easy creation and sharing of interactive and engaging online forms and surveys. It provides smart tools and features to build amazing and insightful online forms and surveys to share them effortlessly with your audience. With the... show more

Wufoo also won

123FormBuilder #10

123FormBuilder is an online form building platform for individuals and businesses for any purpose without writing any line of code. Users can create any type of form, connect the tools that they want to add and collect all the data wherever they need it to be. The platform has a drag and drop... show more

123FormBuilder also won

Cognito Forms #11

Cognito Forms ranks among the best online form builder tools that offer amazing security and integrations. To start of which, there is a high level of encryption that keeps all the entry data safe. It comes with HIPAA compliance for unlimited forms, which adds an extra layer of security over... show more

Cognito Forms also won

Paperform #12

Paperform is a form creator with multiple intuitive features that make form creation as easy as possible. Users can type styled text, upload pictures in forms, embed video content, and even personalize them to match their brand with custom media, colors, and fonts. The various features of the tool... show more

Paperform also won

Form.io #13

Form.io is an enterprise-class combined form and API data management platform for developers who are building their own complex form-based business process applications. Our platform is used by companies all over the world, from startups to SMBs, to large enterprises, who operate in a wide range of... show more

Form.io also won

Formidable Forms #14

Formidable Forms is an advanced form builder and is available as a WordPress plugin. It enables users to deliver forms with data-driven applications and functionalities using simple drag-and-drop. It can help build forms with file uploads, conditional logic, and calculations and then display the... show more

Formidable Forms also won

WPForms #15

WPForms is an advanced and user-friendly form builder for WordPress that lets you design innovative and engaging forms with just a few clicks. It enables the user to design an outstanding form without writing any code in only a few minutes and also offers pre-designed templates to save both time... show more

WPForms also won

Formsite #16

FormSite offers a plethora of online form types like contact and lead forms, order forms, surveys and registrations. It is exceptionally easy to use with its drag and drop form builder that makes it much more convenient than many other options that allow building forms from the scratch. It offers... show more

Formsite also won

Gravity Forms #17

Gravity Forms is an amazing tool that is packed with features to save time and effort both as WordPress users can build and publish forms easily and quickly. It comes with more than 30 pre-configured form fields. It can be used seamlessly with a plethora of third-party apps like, MailGun,... show more

Gravity Forms also won

FormAssembly #18

FormAssembly is an advanced software explicitly built to resolve data connection issues in order to save money, time, and effort. FormAassembly is an extremely useful tool that offers an all-in-one data collection feature and a very easy form-building editor. It is a highly customizable, flexible,... show more

FormAssembly also won

Microsoft Forms #19

Collect the right feedback for the goals. Built-in AI and smart recommendations do the heavy lifting for user. Make forms an effortless experience for the admins and audiences. Get quick feedback with a poll or collect more detailed information with branching questions. Instantly visualize response data and advanced analysis. Ask your students to weigh in during class using Forms. Assess student progress with quizzes and easily export answers to Excel. Transform a quiz into an educational asset by adding videos to the questions.

EmailMeForm #20

EmailMeForm is a highly dependable online form builder and survey creator helping organizations collect feedback and customer data for valuable insights. Numerous esteemed organizations like NASA, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, etc. depend on the services delivered by this platform. It delivers a wide... show more

EmailMeForm also won