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Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Software

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Microsoft Knowledge...

Project Knowledge Exploration - Microsoft Research
(43 Ratings)

Microsoft Knowledge Exploration Service is a service that offers a fast and effective way to add interactive search and refinement to applications.

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(2 Ratings)

Julia package for text analysis. Contribute to JuliaText/TextAnalysis.jl development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Microsoft Bing Spell Check API

Bing Spell Check API - Queries Spell Check | Microsoft Bing
(26 Ratings)

Enhance your apps with the Spell Check API from Bing. This API helps you create spell check queries and catch spelling mistakes as users are typing.

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Microsoft Academic Knowledge...

Project Academic Knowledge - Microsoft Research
(13 Ratings)

Tap into the wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph using the Academic Knowledge API:

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Microsoft Language...

Language Understanding | Microsoft Azure
(15 Ratings)

Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) is a service that enable user to quickly deploy an HTTP endpoint. It will interpret sentences being send and interpret them.

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Microsoft Text Analytics

Cognitive Services—APIs for AI Developers | Microsoft Azure
(9 Ratings)

Azure Cognitive Services brings AI within reach of every developer through a family of APIs that don’t require machine-learning expertise.

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Microsoft Bing Autosuggest API

Bing Autosuggest API | Microsoft Bing
(15 Ratings)

Show users intelligent search suggestions with the Bing Autosuggest API. Test out the autocomplete API and search suggestion tool to see how it works.

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Azure Translator Speech API

Speech Translation | Microsoft Azure
(4 Ratings)

Easily integrate real-time speech translation into your apps.

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CogComp NLP

(1 Ratings)

Contribute to IllinoisCogComp/illinois-cogcomp-nlp development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Azure Translator Text API

Translation Software as a Service
(4 Ratings)

Azure Translator Text API is a cloud-based machine translation service that can support multiple languages, making it incredibly useful for a variety of applications. It can be used to build websites, tools, applications, or any other solution that requires support for multiple languages. The service is also easy to integrate with existing systems, and can be accessed through a simple API call. Additionally, the API can provide not only translations, but also text interpretation and language detection for more comprehensive language support. With Azure Translator Text API, developers can create applications that are able to more easily interact with and understand users of different languages. show more

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IBM Watson Natural Language...

Watson Natural Language Classifier | IBM
(1 Ratings)

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier is a service that enables developers without a background in machine learning or statistical algorithms to create natural language interfaces.

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IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

Watson Tone Analyzer
(10 Ratings)

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is a service that uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones from text. Emotions identified include anger, fear, joy, sadness, and disgust.

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Stanford SPIED

The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group
(2 Ratings)

Stanford Pattern-based Information Extraction and Diagnostics (SPIED) is a pattern-based entity extraction and visualization.

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IBM Watson Natural Language...

Watson Natural Language Understanding - Overview
(2 Ratings)

IBM Watson NLU is a service on the IBM Cloud that enables you to analyze text to extract metadata from content such as concepts, entities and sentiment

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IBM Watson Knowledge Studio

Watson Knowledge Studio - Watson Knowledge Studio
(6 Ratings)

Learn how your subject matter experts, without knowing how to code, can teach Watson the language of your industry and then integrate Watson’s new knowledge into multiple applications.

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Google Cloud Natural Language...

Cloud Natural Language  |  Google Cloud
(13 Ratings)

Analyze text with AI using pre-trained API or custom AutoML machine learning models to extract relevant entities, understand sentiment, and more.

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Text-Processing API: How To Use the API | RapidAPI
(3 Ratings)

Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.

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Software · Explosion
(16 Ratings)

We make a suite of AI developer tools that emphasize usability, performance and data privacy. We’re proud to be part of the best-in-class Python data science ecosystem. Most of our software is open-source, and the components that aren’t are just as privacy-conscious and developer…

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Text Analysis Apis

ParallelDots | World Class NLP APIs for Text Analysis
(1 Ratings)

Use our Text Analysis APIs to derive high-end information from your data and solve problems like building chatbots, social media analytics, process automation.

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Arrange and Generate Private Knowledge
(0 Ratings)

Discover the power of semafind - an intuitive and groundbreaking tool that enables teams to access private knowledge in an effortless and time-saving way. Powered by state-of-the-art natural language understanding, this sophisticated application creates a searchable repository of the team's internal knowledge in just a few simple steps. By utilizing bleeding edge technology, semafind ensures that the customers are able to effortlessly find what the team knows without delay or disruption. Whether it's naming conventions or customer information, semafind takes care of the tedious legwork so that can focus on the task at hand. This smart algorithms sort through documents quickly and accurately to deliver precise results from any specified corpus of data. show more

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List of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Software

Microsoft Knowledge Exploration Service 4.1
TextAnalysis.jl 4
Microsoft Bing Spell Check API 3.9
Microsoft Academic Knowledge API 4.1
Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) 3.9
Microsoft Text Analytics 4.2
Microsoft Bing Autosuggest API 4.1
Azure Translator Speech API 4
CogComp NLP 3.5
Azure Translator Text API 4.1