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Updated on: October 5, 2022

IoT Device Management Software

IoT Device Management Software helps businesses to track, monitor, and manage all physically connected IoT devices. IT administrators primarily use IoT device management platforms to manage IoT devices, provide permissions and update software and firmware remotely to protect from vulnerabilities. IoT device management software is often used in conjunction with IoT analytics software, IoT security software, and IoT platforms to track each connected IoT device's performance, security, and overall state.

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IBM Watson IoT Platform - IoT Device Management Software

IBM Watson IoT Platform

A fully managed, cloud-hosted service with capabilities
(49 Ratings)

IBM Watson IoT Platform pricing: IBM Watson IoT Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Watson IoT Platform and how does it work?

From chip to app to cloud, take full advantage of cognitive Watson APIs, visual dashboards, rich developer resources and industry-leading security to accelerate enterprise IoT insight. Use your IoT data to understand current conditions and trends, comprehend unstructured data from videos and images, and extract unstructured textual data for insights. Manage risk and gather insights across your entire IoT landscape, using dashboards and sophisticated alerts to monitor devices, apps, and connections. show more

Azure IoT Central - IoT Device Management Software

Azure IoT Central

Build industry-leading solutions
(48 Ratings)

Azure IoT Central pricing: Starts at $0.08.

What is Azure IoT Central and how does it work?

Azure IoT Central is highly secure, scales with your business as it grows, ensure your investments are repeatable, and integrates with your existing business apps. Simplify device interactions in IoT solutions with an open modeling language. This not only enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience, but it also helps reduce development time, cost, and complexity. show more

Azure IoT Hub - IoT Device Management Software

Azure IoT Hub

Establish bidirectional communication with billions of IoT devices
(43 Ratings)

Azure IoT Hub pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is Azure IoT Hub and how does it work?

Azure IoT Hub provides a cloud-hosted solution back end to connect virtually any device. Extend your solution from the cloud to the edge with per-device authentication, built-in device management, and scaled provisioning. Security-enhanced communication channel for sending and receiving data from IoT devices. Full integration with Azure Event Grid and serverless compute, simplifying IoT application development. Compatibility with Azure IoT Edge and Azure Stack for building hybrid IoT applications. show more

AWS IoT Device Management - IoT Device Management Software

AWS IoT Device Management

Register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale
(8 Ratings)

AWS IoT Device Management pricing: Starts at $0.1.

What is AWS IoT Device Management and how does it work?

AWS IoT Device Management makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. With AWS IoT Device Management, you can register your connected devices individually or in bulk, and easily manage permissions so that devices remain secure. AWS IoT Device Management lets you organize your devices into groups and manage access policies for these groups. This makes it easy to track, operate, and manage your devices according to business and security requirements, such as deploying a firmware update for all devices in a building or defining how devices communicate with each other. show more

Friendly One-IoT Device Management - IoT Device Management Software

Friendly One-IoT Device Management

Manage Millions of Devices on One Platform
(0 Ratings)

Friendly One-IoT Device Management pricing: Friendly One-IoT Device Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Friendly One-IoT Device Management and how does it work?

Friendly’s One IoT Device Management enables remote management of all types of IoT devices both IoT devices with a complex data model and constrained devices via standard protocols, such as LwM2M, OMA-DM, MQTT, CoAP, TR-369 USP TR-069, and other proprietary protocols. Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Managemen can be offered via private cloud, public cloud, or installed on the customer’s premises. The generic IoT platforms available on the market typically enable the monitoring of IoT sensors and devices, data collection, and application functions. show more

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