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Updated on: May 24, 2022

Machine Learning Software

With artificial intelligence almost becoming the buzzword, many people ignore the important role that machine learning plays in enabling AI capabilities. Simply put, machine learning is a subset of AI and is a way to train the machine basis data so that it continues to become better over time. Some of the common examples of machine learning would be recommendation engines, predictive input mechanisms, robust spam protection in emails, and so on. Machine learning software is a category of tools that make it easier for you to create such models.   It must be noted that Machine Learning algorithms fall into three categories. In Supervised learning, past data is being fed to the machine to make predictions for the future. In Unsupervised learning, on the other hand, the machine finds hidden patterns in the data. Lastly, reinforcement learning learns from the data but adapts itself to the environment it is in currently and thus continues to improve.

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Seamless AI monitoring platform for you
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Mona pricing: Mona Offers Custom plan.

Mona is an AI monitoring platform that offers seamless, intelligent artificial intelligence for industries and teams who are obliged to consistently optimize production processes for faster business development. It allows model performance metrics in production and machine learning teams to track... read more

Neuton AutoML

The ultimate machine learning platform
(18 Ratings)

Neuton AutoML pricing: Starts at $1999.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Neuton AutoML is an advanced machine learning platform that enables you to explore data insights and generate predictions with automated machine learning without coding. It allows you to perform segmentation, do predictive analytics, explore business insights, do rankings, reveal correlations,... read more


The best collaboration software for you
(8 Ratings)

neptune.ml pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Neptune.ml is a smart collaboration platform that assists uses in managing their workflow. It is a perfect solution for freelancers and companies of all sizes that are involved in the collaboration business. It enables the users to work in collaboration with your team and teammates for mutual... read more


Integrated Analytics Management Solution
(12 Ratings)

Aginity pricing: Starts at $150.0. Offers Custom plan.

Aginity is an integrated analytics and data management platform. It provides a powerful set of tools to access as well as integrate data from an external file or relational database. The easy to understand SQL interface facilitates the easy and quick building of custom analytics. Past work can be... read more


The all-in-one app for boosting customer engagement
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Recombee pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Recombee is a machine learning software that provides recommender as a Service powered by AI, with an easy RESTful API and SDKs designed by data scientists. It enables you to personalize content using its very versatile and scalable solution. With Recombee, you can boost consumer happiness and... read more


Experience advanced data curation technology for futuristic machine learning models
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Lightly pricing: Starts at $440.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Lightly is an appropriate data curation tool that helps developers with their data preparation and organisation part to improve their machine learning models on the go. Unique insights related to raw data provided by the platform is of great use. Organisations can start with the platform simply by... read more

MorphL AI

Get your everchanging business needs personalised, adequately
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MorphL AI pricing: Starts at $149.0.

MorphL AI is an intuitive AI and ML platform to streamline eCommerce personalisation facilities. The software can be relied upon to personalise experiences, make intelligent decisions and accelerate growth. Marketers are provided access to enhanced ROI and dedicated business personalisation... read more

DeepBrainz AI

A Next-Gen Human-Centered Enterprise AI Platform
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DeepBrainz AI pricing: DeepBrainz AI Offers Custom plan.

DeepBrainz AI creates the technology for builders (data scientists and developers), business decision-makers (business leaders) to drive AI transformation in the mid-to-large enterprises across industry sectors. Manage, understand and interpret your machine learning models, experiments, and... read more

Google Cloud TPU

Train and run machine learning models faster than ever before
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Machine learning has produced business and research breakthroughs ranging from network security to medical diagnoses. We built the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) in order to make it possible for anyone to achieve similar breakthroughs. Cloud TPU is the custom-designed machine learning ASIC that... read more


Advanced image annotation service backed by machine learning
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Anolytics pricing: Anolytics Offers Custom plan.

Anolytics is an intuitive annotation software that companies use to streamline their machine learning and intelligence model developments. The software provides annotated image data for digital platforms allowing machines to detect images and make object-based classification across multiple... read more

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