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Updated on: May 7, 2021

Machine Learning Software

With artificial intelligence almost becoming the buzzword, many people ignore the important role that machine learning plays in enabling AI capabilities. Simply put, machine learning is a subset of AI and is a way to train the machine basis data so that it continues to become better over time. Some of the common examples of machine learning would be recommendation engines, predictive input mechanisms, robust spam protection in emails, and so on. Machine learning software is a category of tools that make it easier for you to create such models.   It must be noted that Machine Learning algorithms fall into three categories. In Supervised learning, past data is being fed to the machine to make predictions for the future. In Unsupervised learning, on the other hand, the machine finds hidden patterns in the data. Lastly, reinforcement learning learns from the data but adapts itself to the environment it is in currently and thus continues to improve.

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Automate Workflow with Collaboration
(5 Ratings)

neptune.ml software is a collaboration platform used to manage workflow. Measure progress of experimentation process with Metrics, Hyperparameters, Data versions, Model files, Images, and Source code. Collaborate with teammates, discussions and discover insights in a single place. Freelancers,... read more


Integrated Analytics Management Solution
(16 Ratings)

Aginity is an integrated analytics and data management platform. It provides a powerful set of tools to access as well as integrate data from an external file or relational database. The easy to understand SQL interface facilitates the easy and quick building of custom analytics. Past work can be... read more

MorphL AI

An AI E-commerce Personalization Tool

MorphL AI software is a platform to build intelligent e-commerce apps. Engage your customers with highly personalized product recommendations and experiences. Measure your marketing ROI with dedicated AI & ML via Dashboard to measure the workflows. It integrates with Google Analytics, BigCommerce,... read more


Artificial Intelligence Powered Recommender as a Service

Recombee is a machine learning software. All recommendation models as mentioned before, work in real-time and take into consideration the user’s actions; views, purchases or bookmarks. The Recombee engine is fully customizable and is constantly being improved with the use of artificial... read more


Design and configure your project

ByteBridge is a data labeling platform with robust tools for real-time workflow management, providing high-quality data with efficiency. Seamlessly manage all projects with powerful tools in real-time. Significantly lower project costs with transparent standardized pricing. Individually decide when... read more

Amazon Personalize

Real-time Personalization and Recommendations from Amazon

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning platform that empowers developers to create individualised recommendations for customers using their apps. With tailored search results and targeted marketing promotions, more sales can be driven. With an easy to use service, Amazon makes it possible for... read more


A Simple Data Analytics Tool

Verfacto software is a tool for team to automate machine learning algorithm with data. The software offers tools to manage additional data from other sources and can collect behavioral data to your CMS data and turns "sessions" into "users." The deep segmentation with integrated scoring tool used... read more

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