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Machine Learning Software

With artificial intelligence almost becoming the buzzword, many people ignore the important role that machine learning plays in enabling AI capabilities. Simply put, machine learning is a subset of AI and is a way to train the machine basis data so that it continues to become better over time. Some of the common examples of machine learning would be recommendation engines, predictive input mechanisms, robust spam protection in emails, and so on. Machine learning software is a category of tools that make it easier for you to create such models.   It must be noted that Machine Learning algorithms fall into three categories. In Supervised learning, past data is being fed to the machine to make predictions for the future. In Unsupervised learning, on the other hand, the machine finds hidden patterns in the data. Lastly, reinforcement learning learns from the data but adapts itself to the environment it is in currently and thus continues to improve.

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Mona - Machine Learning Software


Seamless AI monitoring platform for you
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Mona pricing: Mona Offers Custom plan.

What is Mona and how does it work?

Mona is an AI monitoring platform that offers seamless, intelligent artificial intelligence for industries and teams who are obliged to consistently optimize production processes for faster business development. It allows model performance metrics in production and machine learning teams to track data. It notifies the possible drifts, integrity problems, and biases, leading businesses to have quick and definitive improvements. Mona is an All-in-One platform to consistently gather, transform, and optimize data from diverse portions of your AI structure to monitor performance metrics in a powerful dashboard. It automatically analyzes various potential variations and alerts your team to avoid internal errors. It allows businesses to review algorithms and models quickly before impacting potential customers. It employs scalability, flexibility and intelligence in your business workflows to enhance efficiency. Mona profusely helps the business team in creating and tracking custom metrics. All business platforms can rely on Mona for revenue intelligence, fraud detection, E-Commerce marketing optimization, and much more. Mona incorporates effortlessly with any model type, any tech stack, and can manage a wide variety of data without interfering with existing workflows. show more

V7 Darwin - Machine Learning Software

V7 Darwin

Receive access to its neural network training and automated picture annotation
(21 Ratings)

V7 Darwin pricing: Starts at $150.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is V7 Darwin and how does it work?

V7 labs are an end-to-end computer vision development framework for teams creating image and video annotation products. Albert Rizzoli (CEO) and Simon Edwardson (CTO) founded the company in 2018, and it is based in London, United Kingdom. Using an intuitive UI or sophisticated API connections to manage datasets at ground-truth. Provides customers with configurable workflow phases and maintains crowdsourcing with hundreds of annotators. V7 claimed to have semi-automatically labeled over 1,000 photos and used video segmentation to curate datasets in less than a year. Healthcare, manufacturing, autonomous driving, sports, life sciences, and agri-tech are among V7's specialties. The Darwin Platform (from V7 laboratories) includes automatic picture annotation and neural network training with active learning, which provide pixel-perfect annotation 10 times faster than standard techniques. It facilitates team collaboration and visualization, and has resulted in a significant boost in the labeling process' efficiency and accuracy. It also scales well to meet the needs of users who require tight compliance and compatibility. The framework's active documentation gives information about each toolset, making it user-friendly. show more

Neuton AutoML - Machine Learning Software

Neuton AutoML

The ultimate machine learning platform
(18 Ratings)

Neuton AutoML pricing: Starts at $1999.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Neuton AutoML and how does it work?

Neuton AutoML is an advanced machine learning platform that enables you to explore data insights and generate predictions with automated machine learning without coding. It allows you to perform segmentation, do predictive analytics, explore business insights, do rankings, reveal correlations, solve binomials, regression, and time series, all in a single platform. With Neuton, you can use integers, text, floats, category variables, and time series in your calculations. It offers a model interpreter tool that lets you see the logic, direction, and impacts of changes in individual variables in the model on a visual level. It offers an exploratory data analysis tool that automates graphical data analysis and emphasizes the most relevant statistics in the context of a single variable, overall data, interconnections, and in relation to the goal variable. Users get a relevance indicator tool that calculates the statistical disparities between the data submitted for predictions and the data used for model training. Users also get model quality diagrams that streamlines the process of assessing the model's quality while also allowing users to evaluate the model in a single graphical view. show more

neptune.ml - Machine Learning Software


The best collaboration software for you
(8 Ratings)

neptune.ml pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is neptune.ml and how does it work?

Neptune.ml is a smart collaboration platform that assists uses in managing their workflow. It is a perfect solution for freelancers and companies of all sizes that are involved in the collaboration business. It enables the users to work in collaboration with your team and teammates for mutual growth and learning. With Neptune.ml, users get smart tools that can be used for measuring the progress of various processes using data versions, metrics, model files, hyper parameters, source code, and images. You can work in collaboration with your team, have resourceful discussions, and discover knowledgeable insights- all in a single place. You can manage all of your model building metadata with Neptune.ml. Users can store, log, organize, display, query, and compare all of your MLOps metadata with Neptune.ml. Users can also experiment with tracking and their model registry for research purposes with their products using this software. They offer a free trial to assist you in making the right choice before buying the premium version. You also get a variety of premium plan options to choose from with Neptune.ml. show more

Aginity - Machine Learning Software


Integrated Analytics Management Solution
(12 Ratings)

Aginity pricing: Starts at $150.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Aginity and how does it work?

Aginity is an integrated analytics and data management platform. It provides a powerful set of tools to access as well as integrate data from an external file or relational database. The easy to understand SQL interface facilitates the easy and quick building of custom analytics. Past work can be easily accessed through its catalog feature and assets can be shared with the entire team of data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and business users. Data and math can be co-located easily, which enables data engineers and data scientists to create and manage analytics to be consistently reused in the enterprise. When reusing SQL, there’s no need to recode it. Users can track analytic provenance, record how analytics are built or changed, speed up the development process and even enable analytic probability across applications and users with APIs. Core feature is that users can easily integrate and analyze data from their favorite databases including Snowflake, Amazon Azure, Amazon RDS, Apache Spark, and so on. show more

LiftIgniter - Machine Learning Software


Content and Product Recommendations
(5 Ratings)

LiftIgniter pricing: LiftIgniter Offers Custom plan.

What is LiftIgniter and how does it work?

LiftIgniter helps companies benefit from real-time machine learning-based recommendations using first-party data in their digital properties (web, mobile, email, push, etc), in sections like “Recommended for you” or “You might like.” Through the LiftIgniter console, turn on catalog scraping to collect product metadata and browsing history. Start viewing the performance as well as inventory and audience insights in dashboards. Viewing real-time metric performance like CTR, viewable CTR and conversion metrics. show more

Rasgo - Machine Learning Software


(0 Ratings)

Rasgo pricing: Rasgo Offers Custom plan.

What is Rasgo and how does it work?

Rasgo eliminates the metric inconsistencies that cause different answers from the same data. They empower data consumers to easily discover, explore, create, and monitor the standardized business metrics that act as the lifeblood of their business.

MorphL AI - Machine Learning Software

MorphL AI

Get your everchanging business needs personalised, adequately
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MorphL AI pricing: Starts at $149.0.

What is MorphL AI and how does it work?

MorphL AI is an intuitive AI and ML platform to streamline eCommerce personalisation facilities. The software can be relied upon to personalise experiences, make intelligent decisions and accelerate growth. Marketers are provided access to enhanced ROI and dedicated business personalisation options. An easy to use dashboard helps with clear ML based predictions and seamless coordination between integrated marketing stacks. Thus improving the entire campaign level accuracy in no time. Real-time integration with external data sources like WooCommerce, Google Analytics 360, Shopify, Mailchimp, Amazon S3 and Segment are of great help. Other essential features include user search intent, shopping stage, cart abandonment alerts, personalised recommendations and more. Further, developers can depend on MorphL AI to leverage 6M+ active predictions that are also unique by nature, to experience active integration with third-party applications like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, BigQuery and Google Ads. For training purposes, MorphL AI’s pre-processors assures accurate formatting, cleaning, data transformation and normalising. show more

Recombee - Machine Learning Software


The all-in-one app for boosting customer engagement
(0 Ratings)

Recombee pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Recombee and how does it work?

Recombee is a machine learning software that provides recommender as a Service powered by AI, with an easy RESTful API and SDKs designed by data scientists. It enables you to personalize content using its very versatile and scalable solution. With Recombee, you can boost consumer happiness and expenditure using AI-powered suggestions. You can investigate performance data and tailor advice to your customized requirements. You can use a user-friendly and simple interface that is suitable for all members of your team. Using Recombee’s user-friendly graphical user interface, you can monitor important performance indicators in near real-time (GUI). The platform’s algorithm has been used to effectively propose music, movies, books, news, cultural events, E-Commerce goods, and job adverts. It can easily be adapted to various domains. Using rules in Recombee’s simple and extremely imaginative filtering/boosting language, you can personalize the recommender for your company (ReQL). You can keep track of how well the suggestions are working overtime. You can create your own dashboard by pinning selected KPI displays. Additionally, you can use specialized models and business principles to tailor your suggestions. show more

integrate.ai - Machine Learning Software


A Digital Experience Solution for Marketers
(0 Ratings)

integrate.ai pricing: integrate.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is integrate.ai and how does it work?

integrate.ai is a Machine Learning to build experience to convert customers. Focus marketing spends on individuals and forecasts the number of units sold to optimize against your targets. Identify individuals and engage to measure the performance of your business. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Appier AiDeal - Machine Learning Software

Appier AiDeal

Turn site visitors into paying clients right away
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Appier AiDeal pricing: Appier AiDeal Offers Custom plan.

What is Appier AiDeal and how does it work?

Appier AiDeal is a conversion optimization cloud that uses psychology to discover and convert hesitant shoppers. AiDeal uses more than 400 data parameters, such as chronology, cursor movements, and more, to model each user's reluctance degree and purchase intentions. It exclusively targets hesitant buyers who require extra motivation to place an order, and it prompts immediate sales. Individuals can further employ a limited special offer to give customers the push they require to checkout out at the proper time. With the same budget, the software attracts a greater number of consumers. Appier AiDeal's performance reward payment mechanism ensures that every penny a customer spends adds immediately to a performance boost. The ability to understand customer psychology by leveraging vast on-app or onsite signals, in-depth insights on hesitant users, easy integration and management, customised timings, and the ability to scale to multiple channels by reconciling data and increasing conversion and lifetime value are just a few of the highlights. show more

Banana - Machine Learning Software


Serverless GPU Hosting
(0 Ratings)

What is Banana and how does it work?

Scaleable inference hosting for machine learning models on serverless GPUs. Banana provides inference hosting for ML models in three easy steps and a single line of code. Deploy models to production faster and cheaper with our serverless GPUs than developing the infrastructure yourself. Pushing to the main branch deploys product to erverless GPUs. They handle all the build and deployment for user. Banana can scale GPUs from zero when calls come in. Only pay for GPU resources need (utilization time) rather than expensive "always on" GPU resources. show more

Picsell.ia - Machine Learning Software


Design Models with Computer Vision
(0 Ratings)

Picsell.ia pricing: Picsell.ia Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Picsell.ia and how does it work?

Picsell.ia software is an Open Computer Vision tool used to create active learning framework with assisted labeling tools. Collaborate with your team to Test model architectures and can share your results to make your model public. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

ByteBridge - Machine Learning Software


Identify different types of data and manage workflow in real-time
(0 Ratings)

What is ByteBridge and how does it work?

ByteBridge is an accurate data labelling platform comprising exclusive tools that help users with their workflow management and enhanced efficiency levels. The platform allows developers to configure their workflow right from the dashboard to easily interpret the data that they need. In addition, ByteBridge also enables users to add and configure API to make it more useful. The software even helps developers draw multiple shapes around a particular image which goes as a bounding box, rotating box, polygon, cuboid and more. For video annotation, it enables users to classify the video, detect and track objects and analyse events happening in the same. Apart from its data annotation services, the platform is also known for its accurate data collection facilities. While using the particular software users can start with a project simply by creating an account, scheduling project-wise tasks, setting up the workflow, uploading necessary data and submitting the curated project. show more

Amazon Personalize - Machine Learning Software

Amazon Personalize

Real-time Personalization and Recommendations from Amazon
(0 Ratings)

What is Amazon Personalize and how does it work?

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning platform that empowers developers to create individualised recommendations for customers using their apps. With tailored search results and targeted marketing promotions, more sales can be driven. With an easy to use service, Amazon makes it possible for developers who have no prior knowledge of machine learning to leverage the benefits of the technology and easily build personalisation features into their apps with high scalability. Common issues that can be overcome with such an ecosystem include handling new users with no data, popularity biases, and catering to the evolving intent of users. Users can deliver personalisation results within days by creating and deploying custom models with a few clicks. The platform automates the machine learning tasks that are involved in the deployment of a personalisation model. For instance, it personalizes every touch point in the user’s journey to extend unique experiences to every customer. show more

DataTorch - Machine Learning Software


Create Data in MInutes
(0 Ratings)

DataTorch pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is DataTorch and how does it work?

DataTorch software is a platform used to build community of organizations using machine learning datasets. Share and Design data with team members with roles and permissions. Integrate workflow to increase production with Public APIs. The software offers advanced labeling tools to distribute data to create complex queries. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Entropik Decode - Machine Learning Software

Entropik Decode

A Conversation Intelligence Platform
(0 Ratings)

Entropik Decode pricing: Entropik Decode Offers Custom plan.

What is Entropik Decode and how does it work?

Decode Live enables businesses to connect with customers in real-time. With Decode Live, users can create surveys, share videos and images, identify key moments in the conversation, and tag those moments with predefined notes, action items, and risks. It also provides users with built-in API connectors to integrate all conversations across different platforms. Additionally, it provides a unified dashboard to view all conversations from all platforms in one place, and users can create collections to group conversations logically. Decode Live also helps users to search across transcripts, highlights, tags, and insights. Furthermore, users can collaborate across conversations by tagging team members in transcripts and highlights. It also provides comprehensive conversation analytics with real user emotion and behavior data. Finally, users can summarize conversations by embedding references such as highlights, tags, media, and notes as evidence. show more

Censius AI - Machine Learning Software

Censius AI

The AI Observability Platform
(0 Ratings)

Censius AI pricing: Censius AI Offers Custom plan.

What is Censius AI and how does it work?

Censius provides a comprehensive AI observability platform, allowing businesses to monitor, troubleshoot and maintain reliable models throughout the ML lifecycle. This end-to-end visibility enables businesses to identify and address issues proactively, reducing the risk of model failure and increasing ML performance. Censius' platform is designed to scale with enterprise-level observability, providing organizations with the insights needed to ensure model reliability and accuracy. With Censius, businesses can ensure their models are continuously delivering reliable results, while maximizing the value of their ML investments. show more

Cogniflow - Machine Learning Software


Build AI Models in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

Cogniflow pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Cogniflow and how does it work?

Cogniflow software is a platform to create a machine learning model to meet the requirements. The software offers tools to connect app or program for AI models using an API-ready service, or use our add-ons for Excel or Google Sheets. It is full native support for Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Verfacto - Machine Learning Software


E-commerce data insights that boost sales
(0 Ratings)

Verfacto pricing: Verfacto Offers Custom plan.

What is Verfacto and how does it work?

Verfacto is a machine learning tool that helps small and medium eCommerce businesses to study the patterns in customers’ behaviour and take suitable actions to generate more sales. The tool records customers’ behaviour when they add items to the cart, checkout or buy a particular product. It helps users to predict how customers will behave while shopping and how much they are likely to spend even before they make a purchase. With Verfacto, businesses can identify products that make positive and negative effects on customers in terms of customer lifetime value, average order value and retention. They can also see the best cross-sell and upsell options along with the potential audience for these products among their visitors. The tool helps users to see which channels are bringing them better customers based on their predicted lifetime value. To attract more customers, it also helps to prepare data-driven discount strategies. show more

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List of Machine Learning Software

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V7 Darwin 4.9
Neuton AutoML 4.9
neptune.ml 4.8
Aginity 3.9
LiftIgniter 3.9
Rasgo NA
MorphL AI NA
Recombee NA
integrate.ai NA

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