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Chatbots, also known as conversational agents or virtual assistants are software solutions that imitate written or spoken human speech for simulating a conversation or interacting with a person. Nowadays with the rise of personalised marketing, chatbots have emerged as a channel that offers authentic one-on-one experience between the brand and consumers. It leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and formulates responses to questions in natural language. Chatbots streamline interactions between users and services and enhances customer experience. They help businesses improve customer engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing human intervention as well as cost of customer service

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SmartAction - Chatbots Software


Leverage the power of conversational AI
(6 Ratings)

SmartAction pricing: SmartAction Offers Custom plan.

What is SmartAction and how does it work?

SmartAction is a conversational AI based platform for contact centres that enables you to create compelling consumer experiences. It combines best-of-breed technology and services to provide a fully managed conversational AI experience to your customers. With SmartAction, you can automate interactions that increase engagement and resolution. The platform offers smart tools and features to enhance your entire conversation process, from conversation design to implementation and continual improvement. SmartAction's natural language understanding (NLU) algorithm is trained question by question to reach the best level of accuracy which makes their intelligent virtual agents perform as well as, if not better than, real agents. With SmartAction, you can empower your clients to interact with your company via the channel of their choice. You can incorporate visual features such as rich media material, quick-reply buttons, and picture carousels into text-based chats to create an immersive chat experience. You can provide individualized, on-demand client service along with conversational AI support from start to finish. Additionally, the platform is compatible with any business application, IVR system, or contact center platform. show more

Smartloop - Chatbots Software


User experiences that are tailored to the user's needs
(3 Ratings)

Smartloop pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Smartloop and how does it work?

Smartloop is a conversational AI platform that enables you to get top-quality leads, engage, and nurture them with more relevant and detailed information. It helps you in improving your email marketing CTR, so you can sell more. With Smartloop, you can utilize conversational AI to nurture your subscribers depending on their interests, resulting in more sales. You can increase client retention by having one-on-one discussions and sharing compelling material. You can create chatbots to qualify leads or schedule appointments without having to hire a development team. You can target and re-engage cold prospects with automated messaging, or upsell current customers. Using the Smartloop platform, you can analyze user conversations to see what works best and, based on that, enhance the automated flow so it can help you out more over time. You can analyze how users interact with your bot, identify stumbling blocks, and adjust the flow over time to boost productivity. You can easily create interesting chats with Smartloop’s point-and-click conversation generator. Additionally, It just takes a few minutes to update a discussion flow with Smartloop. show more

Alana - Chatbots Software


Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Advertising
(2 Ratings)

Alana pricing: Alana Offers Custom plan.

What is Alana and how does it work?

They created Alana, the first proprietary artificial intelligence made exclusively for advertising. Responding to comments, producing reports, managing posts, among other tasks, are 100% automated. With Alana's Skills on your team, your Brand can achieve response rates, conversion and insights impossible to be achieved manually. Optimize processes and costs of your Brand's operations, automating with quality and achieving a true ROI. Unlock your brand's creativity, allowing your team to create new campaigns, projects and actions that are only possible with artificial intelligence. show more

ChatWhale - Chatbots Software


Gamify your customer engagement with chatbots and loyalty rewards
(2 Ratings)

ChatWhale pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ChatWhale and how does it work?

ChatWhale makes customers come back more often, increases spend and automates the process to save you time. Customers are sometimes on your website, but mostly on social media. Incentivize anonymous web visitors to become targetable customers using the growth tools. 80% of your business revenue is driven by your loyal customers. ChatWhale helps increase repeat spend per visit. show more

Ochatbot - Chatbots Software


Full-Feature AI Chatbot for eCommerce
(1 Ratings)

Ochatbot pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Ochatbot and how does it work?

Ochatbot’s robust AI ecommerce chatbot features make shopping fun and efficient directly from the chat window. Interactions with Ochatbot are life-like, through textual conversation, where the shopper can ask any question on a variety of product and service topics and receive prompt answers and suggestions mimicking a human conversation. Lift revenues from 20% to 40% when the shopper engages with Ochatbot. For your sales and marketing needs, Ochatbot has lead generation and appointment setting capabilities. User intuitive menus make chatbot lead generation and appointment setting creation and customization easy, so you can start capturing leads and business quickly. Or if you prefer “ready-to-go” lead generation chatbots, we offer 80+ pre-built Leadbots for a variety of industries. show more

V-Person - Chatbots Software


Business with Digital Conversations
(1 Ratings)

V-Person pricing: V-Person Offers Custom plan.

What is V-Person and how does it work?

V-Person by Creative Virtual is a Conversational platform to built customer and employee engagement. The Chatbot can be deployed across any channels like Web, Mobile, Messaging Apps, IVR, and more. The natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning supports over 35 languages for continuous improvement and reliability. Collaborate with team with unlimited customization of channels to automate workflows. show more

ccRobot - Chatbots Software


Deliver the best customer support in the native language of their choice
(2 Ratings)

ccRobot pricing: ccRobot Offers Custom plan.

What is ccRobot and how does it work?

ccRobot is an AI-based conversational workflow management platform that helps companies to automate and streamline their customer-specific interactions with ease. The software offers an omnichannel customer experience over websites, WhatsApp and Facebook, through text and voice messages. In addition, it also supports multiple languages for such communication, including English, Japanese, French and Cantonese. With ccRobot, customer service representatives can monitor communication sessions and initiate outbound conversations with new and returning customers, simultaneously. The platform even stores customer wise communication history that allows representatives to go back and review previous conversations, validating responses and gaining a better understanding of their concerns. ccRobot comes with a variety of customisable features that enable companies to personalise the look and feel of their brand. It also includes a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to monitor the most frequent topics of conversation, customer chatbot feedback, engagement rate and other KPIs, accordingly. Industries served by ccRobot are healthcare, finance, government, utilities and retailers. show more

MooSuite - Chatbots Software


Create Messenger bots for your corporation
(5 Ratings)

MooSuite pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MooSuite and how does it work?

MooSuite is a bot creation platform that allows you to modernize your marketing by using Facebook Messenger to increase sales, brand awareness, customer service, and overall user experience. It helps you boost your income while lowering your expenses using a Messenger conversation bot. With MooSuite, you can use Facebook Messenger to speed up and automate your company, resulting in a 10x increase in visitors and revenue. You can create a content flow to engage and establish relationships with your consumers. You can send personalized text, an image, a link, a video, or a carousel, among other things to your customers. You can also send personalized offer broadcasts and promotions. You can send seasonal sales and flash sales alerts directly to your customers' messenger inboxes and accept gif, text, video, file, audio, and image as responses. You can personalize your response with your first and last names and sync your existing leads and convert them to BOT subscribers. You can segment your subscribers by manually adding labels or send a mass email to all of your subscribers. show more

Talla - Chatbots Software


Reinvent your customer support using Talla
(7 Ratings)

Talla pricing: Starts at $1700.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Talla and how does it work?

Talla is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) automation platform that is designed to enhance the deliverance of Customer and employee support. It builds machine learning models of routine tasks, increases the productivity of each rep, and answers basic questions by integrating with your existing workflows and systems. Talla offers a wide range of virtual assistants to its users ranging from Knowledge Assist for breaking the barriers between an intelligent knowledge system and your team; Customer Assist for generating quick resolutions with easy and interactive conversational support, Agent Assist for providing faster and wiser operating tools to the agents and the Automations Assist for automating and streamlining workflows across various channels. Talla also provides custom automation for digital financial services apart from improving and updating the universal healthcare objectives using Automation and AI-powered technologies. It also provides AI and Automation services for the healthcare industry and for the Logistics and Insurance sector. Talla provides a powerful personalized experience apart from a free demo of each of its virtual assistant services. show more

TeeDee - Chatbots Software


Boost Customer Journey with AI Chatbots
(4 Ratings)

TeeDee pricing: Starts at $4.0.

What is TeeDee and how does it work?

Teedee makes the process of building a ChatBot very speedy and simple. Now you can add Artificial Intelligence to your Customer Support without any technical jitters. At Teedee, they are focused on helping you with the most delightful customer interactions. TeeDee believes in customer-centricity. They are available to offer support and assistance to your clients and teams 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. show more

TARS - Chatbots Software


Take pay-per-click conversations rate to the next level
(166 Ratings)

TARS pricing: Starts at $83.25. Offers Custom plan.

What is TARS and how does it work?

Tars is a conversational landing page builder that helps businesses to get higher traffic. A static landing page offering a form to your buyers is cumbersome and is dreaded by most customers. Yet, this conventional method of lead generation pervades over most businesses spanning finance and banking, insurance, healthcare, education, real estate, legal, travel, etc. Since its inception in 2016, Tars, a value SaaS has tried to do away with this mundane activity since it is highly unacceptable in recent times. Tars-generated chatbots help businesses engage their customers in far more human experiences, which ultimately leads to a higher PPC conversation rate (50-200% higher). Conversations engage prospects and keep them hooked from the second they click your ad. This results in conversation rates that are 2x to 3x higher than the static page-form combination. To date, Tars products have enabled over 9,000 creators to create 16,000 bots that have successfully completed over 12 million conversations to produce good leads. show more

Landbot - Chatbots Software


Complex Chatbot Creator for Multiple Formats
(254 Ratings)

Landbot pricing: Starts at $34.02. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Landbot and how does it work?

Landbot lets users add conversational experiences to their websites using chatbots. Users can create complex conversations and provide options for customer responses. Chatbots can be created using a chatbot builder and existing templates can be customized for higher personalization. Design elements like logos, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more can be changed as per the requirements. The HTML code snippet for the chatbot can be embedded in the user's website. Customer data can be collected and stored using the chatbot and leads can be managed in a detailed view. The leads can also be exported in the CSV file. The chatbot is available in many formats such as conversational landing page, widget, live chat, or pop up. The conversation flow can be analyzed for improved conversions. Users can create chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even their own application using an API. Multiple integrations with services such as Slack and Zapier are provided. show more

Ada - Chatbots Software


A CX Tool for Business
(132 Ratings)

Ada pricing: Ada Offers Custom plan.

What is Ada and how does it work?

Ada software is a platform used to provide personalized experiences for business. The software offers AI Chatbot to automate more than FAQ's with personalized content in 100+ languages. Collaborate with teams and generate customer revenue through up-sell and cross-sell. It integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and more. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Aivo - Chatbots Software


End-to-end customer service solutions
(92 Ratings)

Aivo pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Aivo and how does it work?

Aivo, which was formed in 2012, creates artificial intelligence-powered customer assistance software that changes the way businesses and customers engage. With offices in nine countries, Aivo is now the market leader in Latin America. Aivo handled more than 120 million interactions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese last year. Sony, AIG, Visa, GM, LG, Movistar, and América Movil are just a few of Aivo's many customers. Aivo has altered the customer experience by offering breakthrough AI conversational software technologies that enable real-time solutions, thanks to a new organization focused on current client services and sales procedures. Aivo is expanding globally, with a current concentration on clients in the telecommunications and cable industries, as well as FinTech, online services, utilities, and government. Aivo is also collaborating with commercial partners throughout the world, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and LivePerson, among others. AgentBot is a self-service customer assistance system that employs artificial intelligence to comprehend and respond to clients' needs in real time. Ideal for businesses that deal with a lot of customers. show more

Haptik - Chatbots Software


Artificial Intelligence Platform With Virtual Assistants
(74 Ratings)

Haptik pricing: Haptik Offers Custom plan.

What is Haptik and how does it work?

Haptik is an artificial intelligence platform for brands looking to transform their customer experiences. Haptik enables customer care chat on websites, mobile apps, and messaging channels, thus taking off the load from live agents via one smooth-running system.With over 100 virtual assistants, it is built to benefit industries like retail and e-commerce, financial services, travel and hospitality, and telecom. It’s a robust NLU engine that handles sales and customer care queries in a unique way. The tool is an omni-channel dialog builder that engages customers across all 3rd party chat and voice platforms. It’s a simple tool to design, build and maintain IVAs. The conversational commerce feature is a voice-enabled engine that works as a shopping assistant to help with transactions across all the digital sales points. The 24/7 sales agent addresses FAQs and also gives recommendations on different products. Users can also enjoy the added benefit where passive website visitors could be converted into interested customers. show more

Cliengo - Chatbots Software


Efficient multi-language chatbot tool
(26 Ratings)

Cliengo pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Cliengo and how does it work?

Cliengo is a website conversion automation platform that assists you in converting website visitors into customers. Cliengo assists you in escalating your business process by automating every client interaction point. It interacts with your company's existing technologies and delivers intelligent reports that will help you improve your omnichannel service and expand your sales potential. You may share all of your clients' information with your team and make 100 percent efficient tracking to optimize your commercial management using a Chatbot, a WhatsApp bot, a Facebook bot, an Instagram bot, a Live chat, and a CRM. A full-featured Artificial Intelligence solution for agencies and businesses. Cliengo specializes on end-to-end Windows solutions. This online Artificial Intelligence solution combines Chatbot and Multi-Language functionality into one convenient package. Cliengo has an integrated live chat feature (Cliengo Live), which is the most significant feature of any chatbot platform. They also have a mobile app, which allows you to reply to consumer concerns while on the road, which is a huge plus. It also has a Zapier integration, allowing you to connect your chatbot to almost any software on the planet. show more

Ocelot - Chatbots Software


Offer personalised advice and support to students
(4 Ratings)

Ocelot pricing: Ocelot Offers Custom plan.

What is Ocelot and how does it work?

Ocelot is a student engagement platform that enables institutes to help students in every aspect of their student lifecycle. The platform runs on AI technology through which it empowers institutes to engage with every student. It offers 24/7 support and guidance at every step, besides helping administrators to use their creativity and always stay ahead in the competition. Further, AI capabilities loaded within the platform are capable of automating various manual work, allowing businesses to focus on more productive tasks that require immediate attention. Institutes can deploy personalised text campaigns in order to increase yield within the entire admission funnel. It also includes an AI-powered chatbot that answers students’ questions 24/7, that too across 20+ departments. This experience can also be improved further with the help of SIS integration and Live Chat inclusion. Moreover, Ocelot can be easily synced with SIS, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other platforms to add a human touch to individual responses. show more

SmatBot - Chatbots Software


Dedicated Chatbots for Varying Business Needs
(1 Ratings)

SmatBot pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is SmatBot and how does it work?

SmatBot is a simple conversational bot designing platform to build customizable chatbots for various purposes such as lead generation, live chat support, interactive landing pages, surveys, enquiries, appointments, feedback, and suggestions for the user’s business. SmatBot provides a unified chatbot experience from website, blogs, and Facebook messenger. It supports the lead nurturing process with gamified conversations, multiple offers and additional information until the customer willingly shares their information. All the leads are shared in real-time while the tool provides 24*7 chat support. Its human-like behavior and instant responses are an added advantage. SmatBot’s claims that their ability to engage the customers through interactive landing pages expedites growth by 2x. Surveys can be conducted by driving conversational interactions with customers and recording significantly higher response rates. It comes with a smart, cognitive chatbot platform provides a fast interface to resolve all customer queries in real-time. Users can integrate SmatBot with platforms ranging from Google Sheets to over 130+ CRM softwares. show more

WotNot - Chatbots Software


The all-in-one tool for effective chat marketing
(24 Ratings)

WotNot pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is WotNot and how does it work?

WotNot is a multi-lingual, cost-effective no-code chatbox platform designed to grow your business exponentially by leveraging the power of bots, each one built for a specific purpose. WotNot no-code chatbox platform allows you to automate lead generation and scale and improve your customer support. It additionally answers your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), books more appointments for you, and assists you in your finance management. The platform makes conversational marketing extremely easy for you. It builds your custom chatbox and allows you to personalize it according to your needs using a simple drag and drop feature. They also provide you with bot building features, live chat, human handover, analytics dashboard, and conversational AI. Users can scale their customer support with the help of bots that answer basic queries and create tickets apart from getting assistance in the management of their HR services. Users can additionally make use of WotNot’s Whatsapp bot feature to increase their business engagement and growth. The software offers a free demo to test and evaluate its full features before purchasing. show more

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