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Mentoring Software

Mentoring Software is basically software designed to enhance the performance of the employees in an organization. The software is designed to form long-term mentor and mentee relationships in order to benefit the organization. The mentor not only monitors the activities and the performance of the mentee but also helps the mentee in improving day by day. The software not only provides the employees with professional as well as personal development but also lets the employee find a trustworthy resource in the organization itself. The software further helps in conducting surveys, and managing and matching mentors to mentees. Example- E-Mentor connect and Qooper.

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Award-winning training software for businesses looking to deliver top-quality employee, partner, and customer training.
(607 Ratings)

TalentLMS pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TalentLMS and how does it work?

TalentLMS makes online training easy. An award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) to build premium courses in minutes, add multiple file types and multimedia easily, and go live fast.

CoachOrbit - Mentoring Software


Manage your coaching business easily and improve your success rate
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What is CoachOrbit and how does it work?

CoachOrbit is a coaching management software that helps coaches to manage their client sessions, goals, billing and other tasks. It provides a simplified and understandable structure that lets coaches be more professional and improve their success rate of coaching in real-time. The software comes equipped with virtual office solutions helping coaches with their management tasks, like recordkeeping and paperwork, easily. CoachOrbit is emerging as a knowledge hub for the community users and clients where they can share their knowledge and experience. It saves other users’ valuable time in searching for shared experiences, tactics, the latest development and theories. The dashboard within offers a single-window snapshot of current engagements and allows users to manage various modules. CoachOrbit motivates coaches to do better by allowing them to set goals and providing them guidance to achieve them. It also includes a session management module where coaches can manage clients, save and review sessions and take notes as well. show more

CoachingCloud - Mentoring Software


Provide coaching and mentoring over a safe network
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CoachingCloud pricing: Starts at $40.0.

What is CoachingCloud and how does it work?

CoachingCloud is a useful coaching and mentoring platform that enables coaches to build their own trusted network over the internet. The platform can be used by individual coaches and mentors who are looking to improve their teaching skills or by those who are running a team of such people already. CoachingCloud acts as a unified portal where teaching service providers can interact with their clients, book sessions, view clients’ goals and outcomes, add session notes and share coaching resources. Teachers can keep all of their conversations, organised by topic, in one place. They can create a library of online resources for their clients and help to find the right information, quickly. Also, mentors can utilise the particular software to send and receive email reminders about upcoming sessions. A vision wall within the particular teamed with other planning tools allows users to take a quick look at their scheduled sessions and clients in one click view. To streamline seamless payments, CoachingCoud assures active integration with platforms like PayPal and Stripe. show more

Together Mentorship - Mentoring Software

Together Mentorship

Guide your employees from their registration to reporting
(18 Ratings)

Together Mentorship pricing: Starts at $5000.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Together Mentorship and how does it work?

Together Mentorship is a valuable mentorship software that enables businesses to run internal employee mentoring programs, right from registration to reporting. The software deploys a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and can be learned quickly. It comes with expert content that makes it easy for employees to learn companies’ various processes. Admins get data-driven results through customizable dashboards and reports that help them to measure the impact of their mentorship program on their organizational goals. Also, Together mentorship can be integrated with programs that businesses are already using, such as LMS and HRIS tools, email and calendar. The tools available in the software comes with full customer support at every step. Together Mentorship is SOC 2 certified and keeps the employee data completely secure. The mentorship programs provided by the software improves employees’ skills, confidence and relationships to make them more efficient. Its in-built programs help companies with employee management and cultural building. show more

eMentorConnect - Mentoring Software


Pair your staff for a rewarding mentorship experience.
(18 Ratings)

eMentorConnect pricing: Starts at $975.0.

What is eMentorConnect and how does it work?

eMentorConnect is a top-rated mentoring, training, and coaching platform for medium-to-large businesses and organizations. It’s easy-to-use, secure SaaS solution includes a robust feature set and multi-language support, ensuring that participants are engaged and admins have a simple time managing the event. Leading corporations like UPS, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Hearst, and many small and medium-sized enterprises rely on them to provide best-in-class mentoring technologies and services. Custom deadlines, program milestones, and automated messaging help participants stay engaged, while a fully branded, mobile-ready app helps users manage knowledge transfer. eMentorConnect's mobile knowledge transfer platform, which is powered by Knox, allows users to access and manage knowledge on the move from any smartphone or tablet. eMentorConnect facilitates automatic communication plans and gives users centralized access to personalized online resources, all with the goal of motivating participation. Users can get actionable insight into program performance thanks to reporting and analytics tools. Users can also establish their KPIs in eMentorConnect and then automate the sending of reports to certain recipients. eMentorConnect's live chat support strives to assist consumers in swiftly and easily resolving concerns. show more

Mentor Scout - Mentoring Software

Mentor Scout

Comprehensive software for your powerful mentoring program
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Mentor Scout pricing: Mentor Scout Offers Custom plan.

What is Mentor Scout and how does it work?

Mentor Scout is a corporate mentoring software helping businesses with their tasks that are running corporate mentoring programs to match mentors with mentees. The software transforms companies’ mentoring programs with its advanced tools, learner-driven matching and reports facilities to keep the programs energized and on track. Mentor Scout comes with useful features such as search-based matches, mentoring journals, custom profiles, group mentoring, goal setting and administrative reports, graphs and tools. It also has a full menu of administrative features that facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships. Mentor Scout provides a dedicated mentoring expert that helps users at every step of their mentoring programs. Companies can track, measure and manage their mentoring program’s success through charts, graphs and one-click reports. The software identifies each businesses’ mentoring needs and objectives and helps to use the technology that makes it easier to adapt their organization’s structure and unique culture. Its technical department manages account setup and structural changes and focuses on bringing the product roadmap to life. show more

MentorEase - Mentoring Software


Providing meaningful connections for growth
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MentorEase pricing: Starts at $2495.0.

What is MentorEase and how does it work?

MentorEase is a comprehensive mentoring software that helps to promote business growth by achieving goals. The software with its unique matching algorithm extends precise matches between successful mentors and deserving mentees, serving sectors like higher education, attorney development, healthcare peer monitoring, sales mentoring and startup accelerators. In higher education, it connects students with alumni, broadening the former’s horizon about graduate-level education. New industry members can also boost their professional development by taking guidance from business leaders and volunteers. In corporate spaces, junior employees can take advice from seasoned senior staff to build their knowledge. In different municipal, regional, national, or governmental programs, public employees can depend on the particular to connect with newcomers and volunteers. Moreover, top graded data privacy and security aspects are taken care of by MentorEase to assure seamless business. Other relevant facilities offered by the software are adequate expert support and intuitive customization facilities. show more

Mentorloop - Mentoring Software


Launch an effective mentoring program and create an efficient working environment
(0 Ratings)

Mentorloop pricing: Mentorloop Offers Custom plan.

What is Mentorloop and how does it work?

Mentorloop as a mentoring software, helps businesses to easily match their people into effective mentorship programs in large numbers, saving time and increasing efficiency. The software allows admins to match a number of participants, build momentum and manage their program success. Further, it also comes with a Mentorloop Mentoring Flywheel to improve the program as it goes. That means companies can continuously add new participants and provide more mentoring opportunities. To manage its mentorship programs, Mentorloop focuses on three things: Match, Measure and Momentum. Its participants are supported with a mentoring Milestone feature and when the mentees turn into mentors, it makes them able to transfer experience knowledge across the company. Mentorloop offers an equitable matching algorithm through which it includes participants in a way so that every individual gets an equitable match. The software also helps users to get qualitative feedback from participants on their experience, learning benefits and prepare for a survey to get better insights. show more

Ezra - Mentoring Software


Get access to the right training programs for your employees easily
(0 Ratings)

Ezra pricing: Ezra Offers Custom plan.

What is Ezra and how does it work?

Erza is a futuristic coaching app that provides companies with the best coaches, helping their employees achieve the right objectives. The particular application offers a high-impact virtual coaching solution in the form of various standard programs that are specially curated for users’ organizational needs. Companies can also create customized programs to train their employees in a more inclusive and productive way. Moreover, detailed reports and metrics provided by the platform help users analyse the key impact of individual programs. Whether a company is training new employees or they are developing high-potential staff, Erza has a particular development program for every need. The app is available in more than 10 languages and provides coaching in 21 time zones across 51 countries. It includes over 2000 experienced coaches from different fields that can cover all the requirements of any company. The applications development framework allows users to align and customise their company’s goals. Overall, Ezra is a fully compliant and data secure app that adheres to multiple industrial standards. show more

MentorPitch - Mentoring Software


Work with one-to-one relationships for effective mentorship
(0 Ratings)

MentorPitch pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MentorPitch and how does it work?

MentorPitch is a mentoring software for businesses of all sizes to help them prioritize and organize their mentoring in a rewarding and easy way. The software allows users to create mentoring groups for different mentoring programs within their domain. Users can also customize their groups and deliver effective mentoring through a master group. MentorPitch helps to pick essential outcomes present in all one-to-one relationships in their groups. It offers real-time reporting about the effective changes in talent developments of the businesses. With MentorPitch, mentees and mentors can schedule meetings by video or in-person over the software itself. Users can find all their mentoring activities, meetings and objectives in a single place. It also allows mentees to rate the mentoring for feedback. Businesses can invite and engage participants in their groups and domains. These matching programs help them to scale their efforts through the best matching algorithm for their businesses. The software can be integrated with other useful platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Video Chat, Dropbox, Outlook and more. show more

Coaching Lobby - Mentoring Software

Coaching Lobby

Automate your business processes and focus on coaching
(0 Ratings)

Coaching Lobby pricing: Starts at $24.95.

What is Coaching Lobby and how does it work?

Coaching Lobby as a coaching software allows life and business coaches to automate other relevant processes and focus on coaching. The software makes it convenient and time-saving for coaches to track all of their clients from a single spot. They can also track their progress and tasks to know if they are moving in the right direction or not. Coaching Lobby allows coaches to easily schedule their time to meet people across various time zones. They can send meeting reminders 1 hour or 1 day before the meetings. The software can be used to create client agreements and receive payments online via PayPal and Stripe. Users can store their files online and restrict their accessibility to limited people with granular controls. They can also share PDFs, files and videos through this software. Coaching Lobby allows coaches to sync Google, Putlook.com, Exchange, Office 365 and iCloud with a calendar so their activities never clash. show more

Guider - Mentoring Software


Launch scalable mentoring programs as per organisational needs
(0 Ratings)

Guider pricing: Guider Offers Custom plan.

What is Guider and how does it work?

Guider is an enterprise mentoring software that makes coaching easy and scalable for individual employees within organisations, besides serving HRIS, email, SSO and calendar integration facilities. Users can also depend on the particular to track mentoring programs after their launch. No more spreadsheets are required as essential business processes like matching, tracking and scheduling are taken care of by the particular platform. Brands can start using Guider in a seamless way, all they need to do is sign up, create connections between mentees and mentors, schedule sessions and start monitoring reports. Guider allows MS Teams, Outlook, Google, and Zoom integrations. Some of the world's most well-known brands are now using this software. It assists organisations in developing and scaling mentoring cultures, as well as creating change in areas such as Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Leadership and Mental Health. Data stored within Guider are absolutely secure protected under GDPR and Google Cloud Metrics. show more

Mentorink - Mentoring Software


For professional coaches to deliver the best coaching
(0 Ratings)

Mentorink pricing: Mentorink Offers Custom plan.

What is Mentorink and how does it work?

Mentorink is an intuitive mentoring platform that enables workplaces and organizations to start smart mentoring activities in a very efficient and effective way. Users can also transform their multiple mentoring programs which lack monitoring and guidance capabilities into result-oriented development experiences. The platform provides the best matches, guidance and tailored content through its smart algorithms. It has a quick and easy setup and comes with customizable features so that admins can make it beneficial to maximum employees in their companies. Professionals can set various frequencies and sessions for the mentoring framework. Mentorink also provides clear context and suggested targets to all pairs of mentors and mentees. Users get content recommendations that are customized to their organizational needs. This results in productive sessions and guaranteed development. Mentorink simplifies the online application process through its in-depth personality analysis. It also allows the mentor and mentee to share feedback and discuss the progress of the pair and the entire group. show more

Chronus - Mentoring Software


Increase customer engagement and create impactful mentoring programs
(8 Ratings)

Chronus pricing: Chronus Offers Custom plan.

What is Chronus and how does it work?

Chronus is a mentoring software that enables users to achieve their full potential and unleashes the power of mentoring. The platform offers impactful mentoring programs to develop people and deliver expected results. It increases customer engagement and aims to drive a difference in people’s lives, without complicating the mentoring programs. This powerful mentoring software is designed for any organization, be it a corporate group or an academic institution, and helps to engage, develop and retain its people. It eliminates all manual processes like handling tedious spreadsheets, enrolling, guiding, matching or monitoring various operations. This cloud-based software is easy to work on, launches easily and scales programs according to the user’s needs. Additionally, this unique platform allows users to customize their dashboards and reports and share insights from the program, which would widely help in maximizing the results. Besides, Chronus is entirely user-friendly, and it offers user personalized advice too. The software helps to humanize employee experience and aims at offering scalable and customizable development processes to the leading organizations in the world. show more

PushFar - Mentoring Software


Software For Successful Mentoring and Engagement
(0 Ratings)

PushFar pricing: PushFar Offers Custom plan.

What is PushFar and how does it work?

PushFar is mentoring and training software that helps users excel in mentoring by offering them a quick and effective mentoring program. The platform enables users to set up streamlined, cost-effective, and resource-efficient mentoring programs and schemes in minutes. PushFar lets users track engagement, thus ensuring mentoring is aligned with engagement targets. The in-built PushFar technology recommends the best mentor matches for an individual by studying the data available, looking into insights, and using machine learning. Users can use mentor management tools to track mentoring goals, meetings, objectives, and feedback. The platform also provides mentoring reports, which help users track engagement and activity while maintaining confidentiality. The platform also enables users to access a wealth of additional career progression tools, such as conversation feeds and event recommendations. It also provides Automated & Customizable Email Engagement and In-Depth Excel Reporting Exports. PushFar can be accessed through a browser or as an app on both iOS and Android. It is EU hosted and GDPR Compliant. Users can easily integrate the platform with their Outlook and Google, thus giving them easy utility. show more

GrowthSpace - Mentoring Software


Get your employees trained via professionals and interactive development programs
(24 Ratings)

GrowthSpace pricing: GrowthSpace Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowthSpace and how does it work?

GrowthSpace is a coaching and mentorship platform that enables leading organizations to stay focused on driving measurable business KPIs. The solution helps top companies to match their employees (either one or a group) with the most suitable experts and monitor its effect through business KPIs. From agile management to DE&I, users can find the right experts who will help to cover the most critical development needs. GrowthSpace provides ICF certified coaches, trainers and mentors that interact with employees and managers on a one-to-one basis. The platform is built with a unique model that creates a measurable impact over the predefined challenges, in just five sessions. Users can also involve their managers and HRBPs in every process of the program, from setting up KPIs to measuring their impact on employees’ performance. Overall, GrowthSpace enables users to create management and talent development programs that benefit their company in the long run. show more

MentorCity - Mentoring Software


Indulge in relevant conversations that acts as a confidence and skill booster in the long run
(3 Ratings)

MentorCity pricing: MentorCity Offers Custom plan.

What is MentorCity and how does it work?

MentorCity is a comprehensive mentoring software that promotes adequate business growth within an organization and individuals surrounding it through the power of relationships. It is a potent business tool that facilitates personal development by enabling organisations to motivate, engage and connect with their employees, students and alumni across different levels. For businesses, MentorCity vouches to lend reliable client support and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It is trusted by and thoroughly used by organisations who want to streamline their regular business, non-profit tasks and educational purposes. Apart from providing exclusive guidance the software also comes equipped with a variety of loaded courses for free, which are of great help. Whether users are a mentor or a mentee these courses will be guiding them in similar patterns, providing adequate tips and techniques besides enhancing professional and personal growth. show more

Plato - Mentoring Software


Raise the bar for your engineering product team
(0 Ratings)

Plato pricing: Starts at $249.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Plato and how does it work?

Plato is a mentoring software that allows you to get practical guidance and useful feedback from your team in order to develop your leadership potential. The software allows users to have open and honest talks with their peers about subjects chosen by Plato Mentors. Plato provides tailored leadership mentoring for your engineering team members via seasoned mentors. It allows each team member to work with a dedicated Talent Coach to design a growth plan and be paired with highly appropriate mentors. It enables the user to use its community of seasoned mentors to provide their team with battle-tested and actionable ideas. With distinct data points, you can track your team's progress across objectives, challenges, and career pathways. Plato's aim is to assist businesses in developing leaders inside their engineering departments. The software handles the planning, matching, and scheduling so that your team can focus on what really matters: the discussions, guidance, and actionable insight. Additionally, you can get real-time answers to your most urgent concerns, as well as practical insights to help you succeed. show more

MentorYou - Mentoring Software


Learning made simple and easy
(0 Ratings)

MentorYou pricing: MentorYou Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MentorYou and how does it work?

MentorYou as a comprehensive solution focuses on matching mentors and mentees from different walks of life. The software comes equipped with a vast network comprising an open and searchable database for people who want to exchange beneficial knowledge and promote individual growth. For users, who want to share their experiences and learn from others as well the MentorYou Community, nicknamed as MUnity, turns out to be of great help. Moreover, a discussion timeline embedded within the particular keeps track of the conversations so that no knowledge is lost. Added benefits like timely updates of business-relevant resources and tools, interaction-based gamification facilities and detailed reports and analytics are also of great help. Also, the software promises to promote continuous professional development as per various business needs. If someone is joining as a mentee, the person is entitled to benefits like free online resources, invites to multiple networking events, knowledge sharing through the inhouse community etc. For business mentors, the loaded facilities include an opportunity to blog and list their companies on promotional events conducted through the same. show more

WERKIN - Mentoring Software


Your Employee Growth Partner In The Modern Workplace
(1 Ratings)

WERKIN pricing: WERKIN Offers Custom plan.

What is WERKIN and how does it work?

WERKIN helps you manage, measure, and scale career development and mentorship programs for your people. They are a data company and this allows the provide insights that will transform your business. Once you complete your profile on their software, their team of experts does the heavy lifting by finding a match for you which is where the magic lies and ultimately matters most. Continuous feedback loops for effective employee management. This is also a blueprint for improving company culture. show more

MentorcliQ - Mentoring Software


An Employee Mentoring Platform
(14 Ratings)

MentorcliQ pricing: MentorcliQ Offers Custom plan.

What is MentorcliQ and how does it work?

MentorcliQ is an Employee Mentoring Platform which helps save time and increase productivity by providing products like Mentoring Software, Mentoring App, and Virtual Mentoring. The inbuilt MentorcliQ Resource Library provides just-in-time training resources that include training documents, videos, and worksheets that offer the right guidance. Users can also use their Administrator Training program, which will be handled by the MentorcliQ Team and Dedicated Customer Success Coach to ensure that it will be a success. Users can also opt for Participant Launch Event, which will help them design and launch events that will increase their mentor and mentee participation in their programs. MentorcliQ offers value-added features like Design & Implement wherein users can work with an expert to design development programs, Program and Product check-ins which allow users to review their program activity and health, Mentoring Strategy Assessment, which gives annual 2-hour meeting to review goals and Program Launch/Relaunch wherein users get planning and configuration support to launch new programs or relaunch existing ones. show more

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