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Software For Successful Mentoring and Engagement
(23 Ratings)

PushFar is mentoring and training software that helps users excel in mentoring by offering them a quick and effective mentoring program. The platform enables users to set up streamlined, cost-effective, and resource-efficient mentoring programs and schemes in minutes. PushFar lets users track... read more


Online Mentoring Platform
(25 Ratings)

eMentorConnect cloud-based solution is the one platform that helps you manage and scale your people programs. Before starting your program invite users to enroll and build their profile. Support global programs with multi-language translation. Even dynamic text, such as participant notes, is... read more


Automate and streamline mentorship programs
(31 Ratings)

Qooper is a mentoring software that aims to help you create more effective mentoring programs through its range of apps. These smartphone apps for iPhone and Android are feature rich and are designed to build a more engaging experience while mentoring people. These apps can be branded to a specific... read more


An Employee Mentoring Platform
(55 Ratings)

MentorcliQ is an Employee Mentoring Platform which helps save time and increase productivity by providing products like Mentoring Software, Mentoring App, and Virtual Mentoring. The inbuilt MentorcliQ Resource Library provides just-in-time training resources that include training documents, videos,... read more

Mentoring Complete

Online Mentoring Software
(15 Ratings)

Mentoring Complete is online mentoring software. With Mentoring Complete’s mentoring programs and mentoring certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to developing your employees by advertising that yours is a certified professional mentoring program unlike others in the marketplace.... read more


Your Employee Growth Partner In The Modern Workplace
(1 Ratings)

WERKIN helps you manage, measure, and scale career development and mentorship programs for your people. They are a data company and this allows the provide insights that will transform your business. Once you complete your profile on their software, their team of experts does the heavy lifting by... read more


Increase customer engagement and create impactful mentoring programs
(45 Ratings)

Chronus is a mentoring software that enables users to achieve their full potential and unleashes the power of mentoring. The platform offers impactful mentoring programs to develop people and deliver expected results. It increases customer engagement and aims to drive a difference in people’s... read more


Global community of mentors and entrepreneurs
(1 Ratings)

MicroMentor is an easy-to-use social platform that enables the world’s largest community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful businesses together. Reach out to potential mentors by sending them a message. Start a... read more


Built Career with Plato

Plato software is a platform used to gain actionable advice and receive effective feedback from your team to improve your leadership potential. The software offers a candid conversations with peers around curated topics by Plato Mentors. Search for your challenge and can make great conversation... read more

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