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CMS (Content Management System) tools allow users to manage, store, create and publish digital content. They help businesses in content management on various platforms like blogs and websites. CMS tools aid users to build a website without needing to know how to code or write the code from scratch. CMS tools can be used as standalone software to fulfill specific content related requirements or some of these tools can be integrated with web content management softwares, marketing automation software and other digital marketing tools. They increase the ease of content manipulation by providing users with the ability to build a website in the desired style using various features and content options.

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Fonts, Bootstrap themes, Icons, uikits and more
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EpicPxls pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $39

What is EpicPxls and how does it work?

EpicPxls - Fonts, Bootstrap themes, Icons, uikits and more. . Get ahead in your project by using all the free & premium curated fonts, graphics, templates, mobile app designs & UI Kits we off


A comprehensive app to publish better conent
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Contentpace pricing: Starts at $22.5.

What is Contentpace and how does it work?

Contentpace is a workspace designed to help content marketers and SEO-focused teams create in-depth and authoritative content. It provides interconnected tools for content teams to collaborate, research, and create outlines for blog posts. These resources allow writers to better understand a topic and produce content that meets readers' needs. Contentpace also offers a content calendar to help teams organize their workflow and collaborate with writers, peers, designers, editors and freelancers. With Contentpace, content teams can ensure they are creating the best content possible in the most efficient way. show more

HTML To Wordpress - CMS Tools

HTML To Wordpress

HTML to WordPress converter
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HTML To Wordpress pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is HTML To Wordpress and how does it work?

HTML to WordPress conversion service or are able to code it yourself, the process takes days. WordPress is a powerful CMS, which brings several convenient options to you. The construction of the WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code that Google finds very inviting for indexing. Your website can be hacker-proofed even more securely than a traditional website. Keep clients happy with easy DIY updates and full compliance with W3C standards out of the box. Social media is another way your business can gain exposure. show more

GleamTech FileVista - CMS Tools

GleamTech FileVista

File Manager for Self-Hosted File Sharing
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GleamTech FileVista pricing: Starts at $1499.0.

What is GleamTech FileVista and how does it work?

GleamTech FileVista is a File Manager for self-hosted file sharing. Enable your users to securely access, upload and organize documents from anywhere with only a web browser. The file manager looks and feels like Windows File Explorer and follows user interface guidelines. Media Player will first try the Html5 video feature of the browser and if not supported it will try Flash mode. Image Viewer supports zooming, panning, rotating, and flipping. Transparent images will be displayed with a nice background pattern to differentiate them from images with solid color backgrounds. show more

CaptionHub - CMS Tools


A Tool to Manage Subtitles in Minutes
(20 Ratings)

CaptionHub pricing: CaptionHub Offers Custom plan.

What is CaptionHub and how does it work?

CaptionHub software is an AI-powered platform for enterprise subtitles. The software offers automatic speech recognition with natural captions technology and speaker identification. Collaborate with your team with messages to automate workflow. Review & approval user roles with permissions. Receive notifications of audit trail and snapshots. It is a secure platform with flexible authentication for global teams. show more

VisibleThread - CMS Tools


The next-gen Language Analysis Platform
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VisibleThread pricing: VisibleThread Offers Custom plan.

What is VisibleThread and how does it work?

VisibleThread is an advanced online platform that is designed to elevate your business growth by improving the clarity, efficiency and compliance of RFPs, contracts, and your business writings. It works at improving your win rates by providing clear, complete and compliant proposals using its smart tools and features. VisibleThread provides you with a powerful tool called VT Docs that saves time by reviewing your contacts and managing their revisions. It further reduces the chances of risk by assisting you in flagging inconsistent language that can delay your success and increases compliance by enabling you to compare solicitation revisions. VT Writer, another advanced feature of VisibleThread, helps the users to improve their critical business writing quality very effectively by providing writing scores and instant feedback on their language quality. Users can efficiently improve their business writing quality and eliminate the risk of using corporate jargons with VisibleThread. Users can additionally analyse their online and offline assets like directives, disclosure statements, and letters. The software offers different pricing for its different features apart from a free trial to try and test them. show more

pdflayer API - CMS Tools

pdflayer API

High Quality HTML to PDF Conversion API
(11 Ratings)

pdflayer API pricing: pdflayer API Offers Custom plan.

What is pdflayer API and how does it work?

pdflayer API was built to provide a quick and seamless way to automate HTML to PDF conversion in any application. Generate customized PDFs from any URL or raw HTML within seconds simply using GET or POST. The pdflayer HTML to PDF engine is based on real browsers running powerful operating systems. Your PDF documents are stored using a lightning-fast CDN and can be retrieved within milliseconds. Once signed up, you will be able to try out the API's features as you go through their Documentation. show more

Odrive - CMS Tools


A meta cloud solution to unify all the clouds.
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Odrive pricing: Starts at $8.25. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Odrive and how does it work?

Built by the California-based company Oxygen Cloud, Odrive is a meta cloud software that brings other cloud storage in a unified platform. The software easily unifies and syncs all cloud platforms and thus, makes all the stored files accessible and shareable from a single platform. Not only cloud storage services but Odrive also connects the local storage alongside so that users do not have to waste time managing the local drives separately. By offering single password authentication for accessing all the storages, be it a cloud or local storage, it eliminates the need to keep separate passwords to access each of the clouds. Users can also open the files, and edit them right on the platform. All changes made to a file in this meta cloud seamlessly syncs across the parent cloud. These files and folders are also shareable using weblinks. One can even invite others to sync their cloud altogether. This allows teams to create a single platform for every member to access all the resources that are possessed individually. On top of all these, Odrive encrypts the files and folders before they leave the platform. The powerful encryption of data keeps the user files secured from any unauthorized access. show more

SendSpace - CMS Tools


Send big files the easy way
(34 Ratings)

SendSpace pricing: Starts at $8.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SendSpace and how does it work?

SendSpace is an online-based CMS Tool. They're passionate about file delivery and determined to provide the best service they can. Easily and securely transfer large files to and from your Android device, computer, or other recipients. Take photos, videos, or voice recordings and easily share the file with anyone, including multiple recipients. show more

Orangedox - CMS Tools


Cloud-based sales automation tool
(10 Ratings)

Orangedox pricing: Starts at $14.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Orangedox and how does it work?

Orangedox is a cloud-based application that allows Dropbox and Google Drive users to save, manage, alter, and share documents in order to automate sales, marketing, and compliance procedures. Users can make the most of Dropbox by branding the material that they share with their clients and knowing who is truly interested. With this software, you can see which leads are interested, which marketing materials are effective, and which papers and files have been viewed. It's ideal for salespeople who need to deliver marketing materials to consumers. It's also useful for Finance & Compliance professionals who need to build a secure data room with precise tracking stats from your Dropbox or Google Drive. Users can use a secure password or download code to protect their work. You can also add your logo to the papers you share to make everything look more professional with Orangedox. Additionally, you can guide your clients through your work, with visual previews of the right content in the right order. The personal plan of Orangedox is available free of cost, while the business plan costs $44.99 per month. show more

BaseCase - CMS Tools


The complete value communication platform for the life sciences industry
(2 Ratings)

BaseCase pricing: BaseCase Offers Custom plan.

What is BaseCase and how does it work?

BaseCase is the leading value communication and market access platform from Certara. Its suite of SaaS products enables Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Diagnostics companies to more effectively engage with payors, healthcare professionals, and other key stakeholders using interactive mobile apps to produce personalized value stories. BaseCase integrates with your CRM system to automatically log customer engagements and record the data you need to strengthen and develop your business relationships. show more

Lordicon - CMS Tools


Animated Icon Library
(11 Ratings)

Lordicon pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Lordicon and how does it work?

Lordicon is a beautifully designed and animated icon set with a powerful library and endless integration options. You can pick an icon or collection of icons. Edit properties, and download in several animated or static formats.

SeedProd - CMS Tools


WordPress Website Builder with Drag and Drop
(2 Ratings)

SeedProd pricing: Starts at $39.5.

What is SeedProd and how does it work?

When SeedProd was first developed in 2011, you could construct a Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode Page. Visitors may see a "Coming Soon" or "Maintenance Mode" page while you work on your website in private. It still performs this exceptionally well. However, users wanted to design their complete website using SeedProd's user-friendly page builder since they enjoyed how easy it was to use. You can now do that as a result of popular demand! Yes, SeedProd is now available as a WordPress website builder. This implies that you can create your WordPress custom theme from scratch. Headers, footers, archives, global parts, product pages for WooCommerce, carts for WooCommerce, and more are available for WordPress. That SeedProd is a No-Code Website Builder is the finest feature. No prior coding experience or knowledge is required. Easy Full Site Editing. Furthermore, SeedProd continues to be the top Landing Page Builder. Make several landing pages, such as sales pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, login pages, webinar pages, and thank you pages. With SeedProd's Drag and Drop Page builder, anyone can design a WordPress Website or Landing Page since it is lightweight, incredibly quick, and so simple to use. show more

VisualVault - CMS Tools


Business Process Automation
(2 Ratings)

VisualVault pricing: VisualVault Offers Custom plan.

What is VisualVault and how does it work?

VisualVault is a cloud-based, highly configurable content management platform that is well-suited to process high-volume transactions. The platform is designed to automate manual processes and transform data and document-intensive processes in order to deliver enormous increases in efficiency that positively impact your business through cost savings and demonstrable improvements in productivity. The VisualVault document analysis engine is capable of consuming data in a variety of formats from multiple sources and indexing vast quantities of data elastically allocating computing resources as needed. show more

PressPlus - CMS Tools


Higher Education Website Development and support
(2 Ratings)

PressPlus pricing: PressPlus Offers Custom plan.

What is PressPlus and how does it work?

PressPlus is a web product optimized for higher education websites. With an emphasis on performance, it is modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to use. Press + is developed with mobile and tablet devices in mind. Your website will look right and work as expected across all devices. Press + easily integrates the website with UC Berkeley's centralized content services to deliver data distributed via their API. Because every school has its own unique requirements, Press + offers a suite of modules and features tailored for higher education. show more

MailPoet - CMS Tools


Better email for WordPress powered websites
(26 Ratings)

MailPoet pricing: Starts at $13.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MailPoet and how does it work?

MailPoet works seamlessly with your favorite CMS so you can start sending emails right now. From the first hello to loyal customers, send emails to the right people at the right time. Welcome new subscribers with an automated series of onboarding emails and enjoy open rates of 40% and higher. You already know WordPress, so get started in minutes. Create email updates and newsletters your subscribers can’t wait to open with beautifully designed templates you can customize to match your personality (and brand). show more

Live Center - CMS Tools

Live Center

Most powerful live blogging solution
(20 Ratings)

What is Live Center and how does it work?

Live Center is a flexible live blogging solution that allows media users to cover any type of breaking news including sports, elections, traffic, or weather news. From a quick-and-easy live blog to cover an event to set up a customized live-news portal, Live Center has you covered. Automate social media, capture and publish videos, embed live streams, and much more - Live Center allows you to add any type of engaging content to your live feeds. Live Center allows you to design your live blog so that it feels integrated with your website and brand. show more

GTranslate - CMS Tools


Multilingual Website Creator and Web Page Translator
(12 Ratings)

GTranslate pricing: Starts at $6.65. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is GTranslate and how does it work?

GTranslate is a translation tool that can easily convert web pages into multiple languages. This enables website owners and digital marketers to increase the international traffic on their websites, helping them reach a global audience and realize the benefits of overseas markets. The tool is packed with multiple features such as Search Engine Indexing through which the leading search engines automatically index the translated pages. And with a Search Engine Friendly approach, every language can have a dedicated URL for a multilingual SEO strategy. As soon as the tool installs, websites can be instantly translated with the help of Machine Translation. And for higher accuracy, users can edit the translations themselves via an inline editor. They can then see usage statistics, translation traffic, and the number of translations on their dashboards. Advanced features include URL translation that automatically translates the URLs of websites for a comprehensive multilingual SEO strategy. show more

Inoreader - CMS Tools


Take back control of your news feed
(4 Ratings)

Inoreader pricing: Starts at $4.17. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Inoreader and how does it work?

Inoreader is content comes to you, the minute it's available. Subscribe to RSS Feeds, Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter searches, Facebook pages, even Email Newsletters! Get unfiltered news feeds or filter them to your liking. Use Rules to set-up entire workflows such as sending push notifications and emails or marking as read when certain criteria are met. Use Active Searches to create a search query and all posts mentioning that query will be delivered as a news feed. You can filter out or permit only such articles that match specific criteria from your feeds. show more

SDL MultiTerm - CMS Tools

SDL MultiTerm

Share terminology for easier collaboration
(2 Ratings)

SDL MultiTerm pricing: SDL MultiTerm Offers Custom plan.

What is SDL MultiTerm and how does it work?

SDL MultiTerm is an online-based CMS Tool. By sharing your centrally-stored terminology and termbases, translators, content creators and anyone within your translation supply chain can refer to the most up-to-date terms, wherever they are in the world in real-time. Easily check the meaning, translation, or approved style of a word or phrase in real-time as you read, write, or translate. The multilingual termbase can be used by many different people with very different needs. Customize your view, set your language pairs and SDL MultiTerm will remember exactly where you left off so you don't have to. show more

Fotaflo - CMS Tools


Make your photo service easier
(5 Ratings)

Fotaflo pricing: Starts at $80.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Fotaflo and how does it work?

Fotaflo software reduces the time and frustration spent operating your photo service and encourages your guests to use their photos to actively promote your business. Customers recognize and truly appreciate the value of giving them their photo memories for free. A referral lead, or simply referral, is someone who has been referred to your business. The power of referrals is that they typically come from someone who is authentically promoting your business. Providing a great customer experience is at the heart of gaining more, and higher ranking, online reviews. show more

netDocShare - CMS Tools


Simplified Interface for non-technical users
(0 Ratings)

netDocShare pricing: Starts at $6.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is netDocShare and how does it work?

netDocShare provides your firm with the ability to view, edit, search, and sync NetDocuments content with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, or Web apps. You can simply pin netDocShare app on Teams Navigation bar or add to Team Channel Tab or add to a SharePoint page or Web application page to view NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, Folders / Sub-Folders, CollabSpaces, Saved Searches and Filters. show more

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List of CMS Tools

HTML To Wordpress 4.6
GleamTech FileVista 4
CaptionHub 4.5
VisibleThread NA
pdflayer API 4.4
Odrive 4.6
SendSpace 2.7
Orangedox 4.3
BaseCase 4
Lordicon 5

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