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Updated on: October 16, 2021

Call Center Software

Call center software is deployed in a company to improve customer support services. It allows you to manage multiple channels like phone, live chat, and social media to provide efficient customer support to your customers. Using this software, you can build your helpdesk where you can monitor all inbound and outbound calls in real-time. It is a web-hosted application that helps you to record all customer interactions using which you can assess your agent’s performance and productivity. This software is equipped with inbuilt functionalities to establish seamless two-way communication. In addition, it also can integrate with many leading CRM software which allows your agent to deliver a better service.

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Most Popular Call Center Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


Nextiva is a customer experience management suite that is aimed at revolutionizing the communication aspects of businesses and helping them convert more prospects. It is relevant for businesses of all sizes, including Family Businesses, Franchises, Sole Proprietorships, SMEs, and Enterprises. With Nextiva, all conversations can be managed at a single location and managers can dig deeper into what customers are talking about. And with instant data and analytics as a backup, it becomes easier to drive better decisions. The tool even allows automating of communication tasks on the basis of how customers interact with the business. Users can... read more


An enterprise-class customer support platform with modern cloud solution. It has click-to-call feature using which you can call directly from your helpdesk and website. Based on caller data and IVR selection inbound calls are routed to respective agents by automatic call distributor (ACD). This... read more

TalkDesk also won


Five9 is a smart cloud contracting platform developed specifically for digital businesses to bring about the power of cloud technology to customers. It assists the user in engaging the clients on the channel of their choice, streamlining the operations, automating the workflow, and increasing the... read more

Five9 also won


CallHippo is a virtual phone software for businesses and enterprises, offering them local toll-free phone numbers for 50+ countries in just 3 minutes. The software helps businesses in fulfilling their daily calling commitments with its Power Dialer function. This function helps to automatically... read more

CallHippo also won


Knowlarity’s cloud-based solutions offer a secure, flexible, and automated platform that aids in digitizing a distributed workforce to run businesses across geographical boundaries. Deliver explicit customer experiences on multiple channels like Voice, Messaging, Video, and AI embedded tools for... read more

Knowlarity also won

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a cloud contact center software which helps businesses to simplify multichannel service. Bright Pattern’s solution has usability that is second to none with a new intuitive desktop for managing omnichannel experiences, a unified interface to set-up and modify workflows, and a monitoring, reporting, and quality management for and across all channels.


CallTrackingMetrics is a consolidated tool for call tracking and analysis, and it provides contact center solutions to organizations. It is an omnichannel tracking and analytics tool to track which of their campaigns are generating responses, by using keywords-level marketing attribution. It can also remotely manage all communication channels on one platform, which is highly customizable and intelligently automated to be scalable as per demand. The tool identifies the trends in the conversations and automates actions based on the words spoken by customers to provide a faster and personalized service. Employees can route the communications to... read more


Aircall Call Centre software is a top-ranking call center software because it seamlessly integrates features with the most popular help desk tools. This tool offers customer relationship management, live chat, and eCommerce software to predict customer requirements on every call, helping... read more

Aircall also won


CallTools is a futuristic call center management solution designed for small and large businesses around the world, such as BPOs, telephone marketers, contractors, sales and customer service centers. The software offers a host of options for its user’s business including modules like predictive dialing, preview dialing and more. Further, Calltools includes real-time review and call recording options, enabling managers to monitor the performance of individual agents and the entire business in an efficient manner. The detailed reports offered by the software enables call centers to monitor total calls, active campaigns, live calls,... read more

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk helps you to connect with your customers using it’s cloud-based call center solution. It allows you to choose a toll free number for delivering your service. Using this software, you can receive unlimited inbound calls and also you can support your customers by making outbound calls. In... read more

Zendesk Talk also won