Top Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software is a collection of tools that businesses can use to collect, analyze, and convert raw data into essential enterprise insights. This data is presented with added visualization, and several tools such as graphs, dashboards, and charts are utilized for the same.

Big data is slowly becoming more important, and businesses are using it to mine their data. Data collection has been witnessed at a never-before scale. Business intelligence tools are helping to accelerate this phenomenon. Let us have a look at the top business intelligence software.

1. Board

Source: Board

Board International has three integrated tools within it. It provides the user with performance management, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. It has placed more focus on business intelligence that tilts more towards finance.

It has several modules designed for HR that have workforce planning and skill mapping. The module for finance has consolidation and planning. The marketing modules contain retention and loyalty monitoring and social media analysis. Besides these, we also have the supply chain module that consists of supplier management and delivery optimization.

Even though the company has its origin in Switzerland, you can access it in French, German, English, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish. In their most recent update, they have done away with the multidimensional online analytical processing or MOLAP procedure and have introduced an in-memory calculation engine.


Source: Qlik

Qlikview provides a rich set of business intelligence tools that are utilized by many huge enterprises like KitchenAid, Cisco, and Raymond James. They provide user-friendly interfaces and adaptable customizations that help the customer easily navigate their way around.

Your teams won’t face any hindrance while going through Qlikview’s platform, and it works on a self-service model. They will receive superb customer support and also good-quality training. If they are not accustomed to the features, they can opt to go through a training session for the same.

The unique feature that makes Qlikview different from the others is that it has a data literacy program. This ensures that all employees working in your enterprise can dive into business intelligence and comprehend the reports. This reduces the load of your business intelligence team since they don’t have to educate the workers and can focus on other essential tasks.


Source: Domo

Domo uses the cloud to provide an amazing range of business intelligence tools to its customer base. They have prioritized dashboards that are deployed by business users and have made their use very easy.

It offers business intelligence tools that are customized to serve different industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, and financial services. They also provide tools adapted for different roles like business intelligence executives, IT workers, sales professionals, and CEOs as well.

CIOs are free to view the efficiency of Domo by checking its handling of data from GitHub, Jira, AWS, or New Relic. There are more than 500 integrations that can be of much use to the corporation as a whole.

4. Birst

Source: Infor

Birst works the best for enterprise-level companies. With this software, you get a user-friendly experience, and this experience is good for both end-users and developers. You get a complete API that enables you to add different tools and automate simple tasks and functions.

Birch enhances the components of agility and governance in its platform. Its business intelligence tools allow you to control data in a better way and make it more centralized. If there is a requirement, you also have the option to source data from more than one point for your company.

What makes Birst stand out is that it is one of the few business intelligence software that has allowed users to get agility and governance from a single platform. This lets businesses adopt only an individual source of truth for data and also remain nimble at the same time.

5. Dundas BI

Source: Dundas

Dundas Bi has been developed by Dundas Data Visualization, and it is mainly utilized for the development of scoreboards and dashboards. These are some of the strongest points of the company.

You can also perform ad-hoc and standard reporting with the help of Dundas BI. You can also do analysis and visualize by using a web interface that works in tandem with the skills of the users. There is a distinct set of features for standard users and power users.

If you go for the latest version, you will get query capabilities for a new language and a new in-memory engine. You also get analysis tools that work with the help of point-and-click. Linux is supported by Dundas. There is a good-enough application development environment that can create analytic and customized applications.

Dundas BI has been customized to such a large extent that it is appropriate for close to nineteen sectors. These industries include mining and construction, and clean tech. There are other sectors on the list too, such as banking and healthcare. It offers its services to large corporations but also has a specialization in embedded business intelligence.

Dundas focuses on several domains such as finance, marketing, C-suite, HR, and customer service. They offer special features like a modifiable HTML5 interface that can change its working according to the needs of the device.

6. GoodData

Source: GoodData

GoodData is one of the most popular business analytics tools. Many famous venture groups utilize it to satisfy their business intelligence requirements. Some examples are Intel Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

Sectors like financial services, insurance, ISV industries, and insurance seek to benefit the most from the tools provided by GoodData. It is a reputed software in the industry, and it offers the type of reporting and analytics that a good analytics software should provide.

You also get report-building features that are user-friendly and some of the best security features.

7. Microsoft Power BI

Source: Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has a rich business intelligence suite that offers interactive functionalities to the user. These features allow marketers to develop reports and dashboards. Their business intelligence services are cloud-based that ensure all your work is automatically backed up.

The power BI desktop offers a desktop-based interface that was introduced first in 2011. When Microsoft launched the Azure cloud platform, the Power BI was embedded in it so that the users could get a holistic experience.

Microsoft BI offers its users built-in AI functionalities, robust Excel integration, and data connectors that have been pre-built. They provide secure and end-to-end encryption, and you can develop dashboards and perform enterprise reporting.

8. Hubble

Source: Hubble

In case you wish to have a hassle-free integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards, then Hubble is the solution. Hubble uses ERP solutions to fulfill your business intelligence requirements. Other tools will work in coordination with your ERP to handle your running reports.

Apart from the simple integration, Hubble also provides you with custom reports and also has some excellent pre-built templates that make the work of your business intelligence teams easier and faster.

Since it was developed specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards users, IT can save their time by not having to create extensive reports. All these factors made Hubble earn a spot on this list of business intelligence tools.


We have saved a lot of your time by providing the essential features of some of the best business intelligence software out there. You can read their functions carefully and choose the software that can serve your needs in the best way possible.

If running a business has become a difficult task for you, you might want to lessen some of your load and let the software do some of the work. Here is a list of the best business process management software that has helped many businesses boost efficiency and productivity.

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