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Updated on: November 13, 2018

3D Modeling Software

3D modeling is a technique employed in computer graphics for creating a three-dimensional digital representation of any object or surface. 3D modeling constitutes an integral process involved in creating animated characters & special effects. Objects are formed with a collection of vertices, and 3D artists use 3D modeling software to manipulate these vertices. 3D modeling is the foundation for all 3D applications. These 3D models find extensive applications in producing video games, architecture, engineering, illustration, making animation films, etc. 3D modeling software adds value and eases the 3D modeling creation task. 

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Vectary Drag & drop 3D modeling software
( 2 Ratings)

Vectary 3D Modeling Software is a highly collaborative tool that enables you to easily share your work with others online. Users can create professional-grade 3D content for websites and social media. This software is available with numerous mockup templates to help users to design visually... read more

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Clara.io Premium WebGL enabled browser-based 3D modeling
( 1 Ratings)

Clara.iois an impressive web-based free 3D modeling and rendering software. It is designed using JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL technologies. No configuration is necessary and it is always accessible. This software helps you to store your entire design creation history automatically. It allows you to... read more

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SelfCAD CAD software for 3D modeling and 3D design
( 2 Ratings)

SelfCAD is a cloud-based computer-aided design 3D modeling software. The software is available with 30-day free trial facility. This software is believed to be a powerful 3D modeling application that helps in designing challenging 3D printable objects. The software is specifically suitable for... read more

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Strata Sculpt 3D
Strata Sculpt 3D 3D modeling, painting, virtual clay application

Strata Sculpt 3D is a browser-based software that allows users modeling 3D objects as if they were virtual clay. Users can work with simple geometric shapes like cubes and spheres and if they so wish, they can also upload their own models. The software supports pressure sensitive pens for full... read more

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3D Slash
3D Slash Highly intuitive 3D modeling app on webGL browser

3D Slash modeling software comes with a simple user interface that even non-designers can work with. Users can project text and images on the 3D models. A plethora of color palette is available to paint your 3D models. The web version of this 3D modeling software is accessible on tablets as well.... read more

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CL3VER 3D modeling software optimized for Chrome browser

CL3VER 3D modeling software can be accessed anywhere anytime via the Google Chrome web browser. This cloud-based highly intuitive 3D modeling application helps in creating, publishing and sharing 3D presentations on multiple devices. The CL3VER GPU-based rendering system is available in real-time... read more

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Buyer's Guide on 3D Modeling Software

3D modeling is a crucial and unavoidable part of many creative careers these days. Several of the programs available are complicated so buying a suitable one needs patience and considering certain factors. 

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