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Hexagon iConstruct PRO logo
Get your tasks streamlined with an intuitive building information management software 4 Based on 5 Ratings
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What is Hexagon iConstruct PRO and how does it work?

iConstruct is an interactive BIM software for Autodesk Navisworks, helpful for a variety of industries serving on an international scale. The software comes loaded with a variety of advanced features to enhance project-wise performance levels and drive seamless collaboration across project-specific lifecycles, accordingly. Further, users can also utilize iConstruct’s interoperability to configure and manage a wide range of information across multiple design models into a multi-user format of their choice. Inbuilt functionalities like clash management. work packaging, data management, and advanced exporting are of great help. Also, users can generate their own personalised data tabs by extracting useful data from read-only data tabs and unifying them into one, based on the integrator feature available within iConstruct. A Smart BCF Exchange plugin facilitates seamless BCF file import/export options. The full feature suite of iConstruct comes loaded with a variety of interactive facilities like data links, infobin, laser point creator, math calculator, smart DWG exporter, view report, QR code reader and more.

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Hexagon iConstruct PRO Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Hexagon iConstruct PRO Offers Custom plan.
MasterSeries logo
The Designer's First Choice of Engineering Software Write a Review
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What is MasterSeries and how does it work?

MasterSeries is the perfect solution to accurate, economical structural design and building. THis Building Design Suite packages together the cutting-edge MasterSeries analysis, design and BIM software components to give user the ultimate 3D building design experience. With the suite of tools, large and medium multi-material building projects can be completed with ease saving time, boosting productivity and keeping costs low. This mission is to provide users with all of the tools needed to create flawless and detailed designs every time. Join us in unlocking the greatest potential with MasterSeries – get started today!

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MasterSeries Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • MasterSeries Offers Custom plan.
Tekla PowerFab logo
A comprehensive steel management software system 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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What is Tekla PowerFab and how does it work?

Tekla PowerFab is a comprehensive steel fabrication management software that helps fabricators to manage their fabrication works with a systematic and collaborative approach. The software delivers a smooth, continuous and real-time flow of information to fabricators throughout their entire project cycle. It helps to achieve better productivity and reduce errors with real-time information. The software suite consists of four products to help fabricators to execute their work efficiently. It comes with Tekla EPM that covers all their production needs from estimating and purchasing to project management, inventory and production control. The Tekla EPM Go helps users with real-time paperless production operations and visualizations. The third one is Tekla Structures EPM Modeler that offers a powerful model-based estimation workflow and can be used for scheduling, reports, construction sequence and more. Its last product is Trimble Connect Business Premium through which users can view and share the real-time visualization with all the associated parties.

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Tekla PowerFab Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Tekla PowerFab Offers Custom plan.
Tekla Structures logo
Create accurate, constructible 3D structural models of any material 4.7 Based on 62 Ratings
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What is Tekla Structures and how does it work?

Tekla Structures is a Structural Building Information Modelling (BIM) software that helps construction companies optimise their workflows. The software provides companies with truly constructible designs, detailings and information management to streamline their work. Construction companies can create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models based on valuable construction information. Tekla Structures allows users to generate constructible models ranging up to LOD 500 with a single tool for different materials and projects. Users also get to easily collaborate with third parties and project members for various processes. The software provides model data for construction and fabrication purposes. It can be linked with architecture, Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and plant design software through IFC. Tekla Structures is a localised software and available in 17 languages across 32 environments. It provides local support to users in more than 20 languages and offers 27/7 online technical and learning support.

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Tekla Structures Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Tekla Structures Offers Custom plan.
Navisworks logo
Get design and construction data in a single place 4.7 Based on 208 Ratings
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What is Navisworks and how does it work?

Navisworks is a 3D model review software that helps engineers, architects and construction companies to design and construct building models in a 3D view. The software improves BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination and control for project outcomes by enabling users to get an accurate view of their individual projects. Companies can use the open-source code from Revit to handle IFC files, along with added Pset, hierarchy and data enhancements. In addition, they can also view clashes in the context to find and resolve conflicts for better coordination between teammates and stakeholders. Navisworks also allows users to link animated model objects to their construction schedules, enabling high-quality project simulations. It even comes equipped with a set of advanced tools, such as snapping, quick zoom and axis location, that allow companies to design models with the right measurements. Finally, with Navisworks, users can trace existing geometry on a PDF worksheet in 2D forms, such as a floorplan, and create takeoffs automatically.

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Navisworks Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $78.0.
Archicad logo
Design, document and deliver beautiful building models of all sizes 4.6 Based on 384 Ratings
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What is Archicad and how does it work?

Archicad is a Building Information Modelling (BIM) software that architects, engineers, and construction companies use to design beautiful 3D building models and layouts alike. The software comes loaded with open standards and workflows, ensuring seamless collaboration between teams working on an individual project, regardless of what kind of software they are using. It also comes loaded with advanced algorithmic design tools and excellent model support, which enables users to expand their creativity and design thought processes in real-time. Moreover, architectural visualization tools equipped within the same allow users to transform their conceptual designs into real-life building models. Developers can also create documents related to the job while covering all the local BIM requirements within it. Archaic automatically creates a list of all necessary model elements required by construction companies, such as walls, doors, windows, beams, railings, and facades. At last, the software enables users to create 2D, 3D, or virtual walk-through presentations that can be displayed on desktop, tablet, or even smartphone.

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Archicad Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Archicad Offers Custom plan.
Revit LT logo
A well organised 3D BIM solution for architects and developers alike 4.2 Based on 43 Ratings
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What is Revit LT and how does it work?

Revit LT is a comprehensive 3D Building Information Management software that can be used by developers to elevate their architectural designs. Teams can depend on this particular to simplify their project processes and standardise BIM workflows on the go. They can also automate workflows to reduce risks and improve the overall quality of the generated designs in real-time. Further, project wise scheduling and comprehensive planning facilities are also found within the same. For large companies, qualifying for multi-billionaire projects becomes much easier with inbuilt BIM deliverables. Teams can also offer detailed insights to individual clients with appropriate visualisation tools and 3D modelling facilities made available. Other facilities served within Revit LT are product based usage reports, 8 x 5 live support, intuitive collaboration mechanism with Autodesk Drive and Shared views, .csv file upload & assigning in bulk along with 2-step authentication to avoid unnecessary data theft/mishandling.

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Revit LT Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $38.0.
Green Building Studio logo
Raised to the Power of the Cloud 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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What is Green Building Studio and how does it work?

Autodesk Green Building Studio is a flexible cloud-based service that allows you to run building performance simulations to optimize energy efficiency and to work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. The Green Building Studio cloud service is a powerful building performance analysis platform that is designed to greatly simplify the task of conducting whole building performance analysis in today’s BIM authoring tools. Whole building energy analysis accounts for all of a building’s energy-using systems and can give you reasonable energy cost projections to use for your design decisions and financial analyses.

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Green Building Studio Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Green Building Studio Offers Custom plan.
Vectorworks Designer logo
Design Software 4.5 Based on 25 Ratings
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What is Vectorworks Designer and how does it work?

Built on Vectorworks Fundamentals, Designer has all the design and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight. It’s the most cost-effective way to get the entire suite of Vectorworks technology in one, easy-to-use software interface. Your team can create and document any design you can imagine. The all-in-one solution for landscape design and planning.

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Vectorworks Designer Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $165.0.
Digital Blue Foam logo
Super building design for better cities Write a Review
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What is Digital Blue Foam and how does it work?

Digital Blue Foam has created an eponymous software that hunts, gathers and computes contextual data such as climate, program and urban networks to determine the right building configuration using advances in artificial intelligence, generative design, and web-based 3D visualization.

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Digital Blue Foam Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Digital Blue Foam Offers Custom plan.
Vectorworks Architect logo
A simple software to sketch, model and present your construction designs 4.5 Based on 201 Ratings
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What is Vectorworks Architect and how does it work?

Vectorworks Architect is a building information modeling (BIM) software used by construction companies to execute their 3D design and modeling purposes. Developers can depend on the particular to execute free sketches, generate models and document relevant design ideas as per convenience. The software also makes it easier for companies to measure and analyze information early in the schematic design phase, in order to proceed with smart decisions right at the beginning. Vectorworks Architect also enables users to proceed with seamless file collaboration and sharing metrics, to different colleagues, clients, and consultants alike. Also, a variety of advanced and emerging technologies equipped within the same, like AR/VR, Point Cloud, Photogrammetry, and Cloud Services, helps construction companies to stay one step ahead in the business. Vectorworks Architect also brings an extensive suite of illustration, drawing, and rendering tools, helping out users to create remarkable 3D and line drawings that hit the customer’s brief. Moreover, as a GDPR compliant software, Vectorworks Architect is fully committed to protect user-wise privacy levels and provide them with accurate data control.

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Vectorworks Architect Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $128.0.
Tekla Structural Designer logo
Structural design generation and durability analysis made easy 4.7 Based on 10 Ratings
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What is Tekla Structural Designer and how does it work?

Tekla Structural Designer is a powerful design and analysis software for structural developers and real estate corporate houses. With a wide array of unique features, this platform delivers fully automated services developed for real-time designing and analysis to maximize profits. Engineers can use the platform to optimize concrete and steel design, create design schemes and scalable models as per convenience. Moreover, They can also generate physical and information-rich models that contain relevant essentials to fully automate designs and manage project-wise changes (profitability included). It even delivers seamless integration with BIM, facilitating instant collaboration and change assessment. Furthermore, Tekla Structural Designer automatically calculates the wind loads for full buildings and applies them on models to save time. This way users also get access to accurate predictions related to the building's design, overall performance, and agility. Tekla Structural Designer also helps engineers to make detailed comparisons between multiple design schemes in real-time and proceed to curate the most cost-effective solution for their clients.

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Tekla Structural Designer Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Tekla Structural Designer Offers Custom plan.
Align the design and construction process throughout all project phases 4.6 Based on 26 Ratings
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What is ALLPLAN and how does it work?

ALLPLAN is a comprehensive BIM solution for the construction industry, helping business houses meet uprising challenges in real-time. It acts as an interdisciplinary platform for engineers, architects and contractors, helping them in integrating construction and designing processes across multiple stages of any project. A BIM aided design feature enables users to check for errors and conflicts within the virtual model during the design phase, avoiding delays during actual construction. ALLPLAN supports smooth data exchange through its high-quality interface and compatibility with conventional file-formats including DWG, DGN, DXF, PDF and IFC4. The platform allows team collaboration for optimized business, increasing overall productivity and accelerating progress. Moreover, ALLPLAN with its flexible nature offers multiple designing processes like two-dimensional drawing or object-oriented BIM working approach. Users can generate top-graded visualizations with the integrated CineRender from Maxon. Some of the other highlighted features of ALLPLAN include design freedom, seamless design process, CAD and structural analysis, etc.

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  • Free Trial Available
  • ALLPLAN Offers Custom plan.
Vectorworks Landmark logo
Building Information Modeling Software 4.7 Based on 39 Ratings
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What is Vectorworks Landmark and how does it work?

Vectorworks Landmark Building Information Modeling software. This all-in-one program will transform your design, presentation, irrigation, and documentation workflows. The process of Building Information Modeling gives you the power to optimize your designs. Automatically generate schedules and reports. Calculate construction costs and material takeoffs. And project sharing enables your entire team to work on the same Vectorworks file concurrently, so they can be more efficient on every project.

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Vectorworks Landmark Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Starts at $128.0.
Reconstruct logo
Monitoring and Controlling Quality 4.6 Based on 7 Ratings
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What is Reconstruct and how does it work?

Reconstruct is the only system that combines reality capture, design, and schedule to provide complete project visibility while improving coordination and quality. Reconstruct improves the built environment by making it a better place to live, work, and play. The Visual Command Center from Reconstruct combines together reality capture, sketches, models, and a schedule. Construction project stakeholders will benefit from more effective documentation, progress tracking, and quality control workflows as a result of this. Reconstruct was launched in 2016 and is used by industry leaders in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, who report a 50% increase in on-time completion, a 30% decrease in time required to report field level progress, and a 50% reduction in project executive site visits. As a construction expert, you understand how difficult it is to remain on top of project progress, anticipate risks, and deliver on time and on budget. Collaboration and decision-making are especially important when project stakeholders are located in different places. See how Reconstruct is changing the game for corporate construction professionals working on all types of projects. As a commercial developer, you know how difficult it is to remain on top of project progress, anticipate hazards, and deliver on time and on budget. Reconstruct enables developers like you to obtain a better understanding of your projects so that you can collaborate and solve problems with all project stakeholders, even while you're working remotely.

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Reconstruct Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Reconstruct Offers Custom plan.
Snaptrude logo
The ideal design tool for architects Write a Review
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What is Snaptrude and how does it work?

Snaptrude is an automated design tool developed specifically for architects, interior designers and real estate developers to assist them in collecting real-time design feedback for models. Powered by intelligent BIM and automation, Snaptrude provides intelligent modelling tools to visualize attractive and magnificent designs for houses, offices, and buildings. With Snaptrude, you can draw and redraw your doodles with utmost accuracy and scale to get real-time feedback from your clients. It provides zoning and massing with instant sketching options from any device and from anywhere to make your design experience extremely flexible. You can get relevant insights at every stage of your designing process ranging from site maps to shadow studies to topographic data to sun paths. Users can get automated insights on interior fit-outs, BoQs, program areas and much more using Snaptrude. You can also work with any software platform of their choice like Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp and can export directly from these softwares without any data loss. You can get a free trial version of the software, and for premium features, you have to contact them directly through their official website.

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Snaptrude Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Snaptrude Offers Custom plan.
BIM Track logo
build Building With Better Teams 4.3 Based on 22 Ratings
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What is BIM Track and how does it work?

BIM Track software is a communication platform for team coordination to build buildings. Resolve issues visualize and share data. Supports working in 2D and 3D to work together in a user-friendly platform. Manage Projects, prioritize tasks, and measure progress without any extra work. Construction Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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BIM Track Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • BIM Track Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.
Trimble Connect logo
For large projects and great outcomes 4.6 Based on 15 Ratings
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What is Trimble Connect and how does it work?

Connecting the right people to the right information and also at the right time is the main purpose served by Trimble Connect. Thus helping out businesses with their project management skills and enhanced decision making. Large teams working together can visualise the big picture at the same time, jot down details and bring in technology and information on the same surface as they are. Available worldwide in 17 different language types Trimble Connect serves more than 20 Million users at present. Industries like agriculture, construction, geospatial, government, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure and utilities depend on Trimble Connect to get their revenues growing. As a benefit, they get to incur 20-50% gains in efficiency levels when compared to the traditional ones, followed by 30% cost savings and 15% of the revenue reinvested within R&D. Moreover, the corporate governance principles at Trimble Connect are aligned with a strong determination to ethics and values, turning the users business into a responsible and sustainable one.

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Trimble Connect Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Starts at $8.33. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.
IrisVR logo
The 1 VR Platform for the Building Industry 4.4 Based on 8 Ratings
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What is IrisVR and how does it work?

IrisVR is the leading software for immersive design review and collaboration. It is used by BIM and VDC teams, design firms, and engineers who coordinate 3D models and implement design and construction processes. Equip your team with the most comprehensive VR toolkit for immersive design review. Choose from a variety of immersive collaboration tools in Prospect, and keep everyone on the same page.

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IrisVR Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $225.0. Offers Custom plan.


Building information modeling (BIM) software is essential for businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. These products offer tools and libraries specifically targeted toward architectural design and construction, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP). BIM software provides a model-based process for designing and managing buildings and infrastructures, going beyond construction drawings to generate a digital representation of a facility's functional properties. Typically, Building design and building information modeling (BIM) software include products from computer-aided design (CAD) software, but the range of CAD software purposes persist beyond architectural design. But, our framework focuses exclusively on the products used as a tool in building design.

What is Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software is the process of creating and managing a set of information for a built asset. It is based on an intelligent model and is enabled by a cloud platform. It helps in the information management and construction projects throughout their lifecycle. In order to produce the best of functions, it makes use of its best and most required asset- coordinated digital description using the appropriate technology. This comes with rich information of 3D models and other associated structural data, such as product execution and handover information.

Why use Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software?

Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software is that it provides the user with construction cost estimates much earlier than the actual construction phase. This not only gives the architect an idea of how much the project will cost but also helps them to discover other ways to enable them to reduce costs and resource savings.

Short Project Lifestyles and Greater Efficiency

Usually, the faster you are able to complete the construction of a structure, the less money you will have to spend on the project overall. Finishing a project on time or earlier encourages a speedy investment as occupants can start using the space earlier. Using BMI software makes this a possibility. It helps with an improved workflow, thus speeding up the project.

Improved Communication

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software helps in building an improved system of communication amongst architects, clients, contractors, and other relevant parties who are involved in the project being worked on. It stores and shares all relevant information, including notes, models, estimates, etc, in one place. All those involved in a project receive the information and can even offer suggestions in the same place.

Opportunities for Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software helps in setting up records of detailed production models that can be prefabricated off-site on a later basis. Architects have much more opportunities to design modular pieces of architecture that include complex tolerance calculations. This helps in saving up a great deal of money as contractors spend less time constructing pieces on-site from scratch.

Higher Quality Results

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software also helps in making calculations and models that are more detailed and accurate, thus resulting in a higher quality structure.

Top Features of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software

Easy access to information

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software provides even the pettiest of details of the projects. Stakeholders who use BMIs make their discipline-specific input to make it comprehensively shared information, where it can be derived from a single place. Workers can access the right information at the right time thus allowing them the basis for decision making.

A more extensive process:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software works in a total of five dimensions, as compared to CAD software which allows only a three-dimensional service. Thus, they are able to produce an accurate calculation of cost, time, and material estimate even as the design is being developed.

A more comprehensive overview of the project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software models provide not only a 3D view of the structure but also provide a comprehensive overview of the entire building process. It covers every detail of the building process. Right from the geometrical aspect of the design to spatial relationships, from light analysis to service provisions, topographical information to properties of building components, Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software covers them all.

Lifelike views

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software allows you to obtain various views from building models to drawings and blueprints. All these are based on a single definition of an object and give the architect a more detailed and accurate idea of the final structure.

Top use cases for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software

Industry-level use cases

Architectural Industry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) software is used by architects, construction contractors, and structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors for building purposes.

Functional- Level use Cases


Building Information Modelling (BIM) software is used by architects to plan for their building planning.

Construction Contractors

Construction Contractors use Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to keep track of workers and materials that will be necessary for building making.

Structural engineers

Structural engineers use Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software for obtaining the materials and information they may need for building construction.

Buying Considerations- Detailed Buying Guide of BIM Software

Before purchasing the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software, there are a few pointers that you should be aware of-

How easy is it to use?

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software will be for your employees to use. However, if it is too difficult to use that you need to hire experts, there is no point in it. Therefore, make sure you are looking at the software that has a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate.

Is it flexible?

Flexible software is a gift to your company, and the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software should have the capability to adapt to your company and its needs without any hassle.

Is it secure?

Software that has no means of security can prove to be very difficult to work with. The information stored in it will be crucial to you, your employees, and the company. Therefore, it is very necessary that your Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software is secure and protected.

Making the final decision- Choosing the right Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software

Before you purchase the right Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software, make sure you’ve gone through all its functions and benefits before your purchase. The right BIM software must be the one that fits your workplace and helps in completing all the necessary tasks that are expected out of your company. Read through the details of this article to get a clear view of what you need in order to attain reliable Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software.

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