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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 14/07/2023 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Pricing Insights for Time Tracking Software

  • The Average Cost of a basic Time Tracking Software plan is $6 per month.

  • Time Tracker by eBillity pricing starts at $7.2/month, which is 20% higher than similar services.

  • 61% of Time Tracking Software offer a Free Trial Allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. , while 39% offer a Freemium Model Allows users to access basic features at no cost..

Time Tracker by eBillity FAQs

How much does Time Tracker by eBillity cost?

The pricing for Time Tracker by eBillity starts at $7.2 per user per month. Time Tracker by eBillity has 3 different plans:

  • Time Tracker at $7.20 per user per month.
  • Time Tracker Premium at $12.00 per user per month.
  • LawBillity at $24.00 per user per month.

Does Time Tracker by eBillity offer a free plan?

No, Time Tracker by eBillity does not offer a free plan.

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Compare Time Tracker by eBillity Pricing Against Competitors

Product Name Starting Price ($) Billed Unit Free Trial Learn More
Time Tracker by eBillity Time Tracker by eBillity 7.2 per month per user Time Tracker by eBillity Pricing
Timesheet Timesheet 5 per month - + Timesheet Pricing
Time Track Bill Time Track Bill - - - + Time Track Bill Pricing
QuickBooks Time QuickBooks Time 20 per month - + QuickBooks Time Pricing
Bill4Time Bill4Time 27 per month per user + Bill4Time Pricing
Billable Billable 8.4 per month - - Billable Pricing
Timely Timely 9 per month per user + Timely Pricing
Everhour Everhour 5 per month per user + Everhour Pricing
Timebase Timebase - - - - Timebase Pricing
Open Time Clock Open Time Clock 25 per month - - Open Time Clock Pricing

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Time Tracker by eBillity Features

Time Tracking Features

  • Features: The Feature Score % is calculated using the weighted average method, where core features hold more weight in the final calculation. Read more

Timesheet Management

Helps to accurately manage timesheet information for easy accessibility

Overtime Calculation

Simplifies the process of calculating extra hours worked for by staff or team members

Offline Time Tracking

Enables one to track time in offline mode as well

Multiple Billing Rates

Helps in creating customized billable rates for different team members at job

Mobile Time Tracking

Allows tracking time using a mobile device

Billable & Non-billable Hours

Tracks billable and non-billable hours to help in better estimate making and quote clients accordingly

Automatic Time Capture

Employs data mining tactics to index, cleanse and derive meanings of time-related information on the basis of timestamps

Employee Database

Helps in providing an organized collection of employee data

Leave Tracking (Vacation)

Assist in keeping track of leave and holidays for easing the payment calculation process

Billing and Invoicing

This feature helps in issuing and handling the invoice and bills.

Time Tracker by eBillity Integrations

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