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Top 5 Slack Alternatives

Tasklog Teams - New SaaS Software

Tasklog Teams

A Simple Solution to Track Time and Expenses
(0 Ratings)

Tasklog Teams pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is Tasklog Teams and how does it work?

Tasklog software is a platform used to track time and manage expenses of projects. Create tasks, priority, and track the time with one click. Assign labels, change work/pause/break duration. Monitor and list your previous entries. Project Managers, Freelancers, Small, Medium, and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Slack vs Tasklog Teams | Tasklog Teams Alternatives
Discord Stages - Virtual Event Platforms
76%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Discord Stages

Engage Community with Stages
(0 Ratings)

Discord Stages pricing: Discord Stages Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Discord Stages and how does it work?

Discord Stages software is a platform used to engage and grow community through audio events. The software offers speakers list and the audience members with access controls are listed. The Members can raise their hand and request to speak which is been approved by a Stage Moderator. The live event will end whenever the last moderator leaves the channel. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Slack vs Discord Stages | Discord Stages Alternatives
SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM - CRM Software
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SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM

The Best Way To Reach Your Potential Target
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SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM pricing: SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM Offers Custom plan.

What is SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM and how does it work?

SocialEpoch is a specializes in providing complet global leading social marketing solutions. Some products and services including but not limited to WhatsApp marketing, WhatsApp CRM, social ecommerce platform, social fission, and marketing training, etc. SocialEpoch aims to provide clients with more extensive leads generation approaches through the latest private social marketing technologies, they look forward to collaborating with more global clients who share the common vision to achieve a win-win situation. show more

Slack vs SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM | SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM Alternatives
Float - Project Management Software
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Plan out projects, schedules and deliver smart work with Float
(1,587 Ratings)

Float pricing: Starts at $6.0.

What is Float and how does it work?

Float plans out projects, schedules the team’s time and delivers smart work effortlessly. This is a resource planner that mainly assists teams in keeping up with the project work. It begins with stress-free scheduling, where one can easily allocate tasks using the click and drag option. Users can reassign tasks between the teams and check the updates in real-time without any hassle. The software offers a multi-project planning option, which enables users to view different projects, and eliminate all issues instantly, just by a few clicks. Float can widely help in monitoring utilizations in advance and forecasting the hours to see if the project is going smoothly. Further, Float offers the simplest way to track the team’s performance on the particular project and whether it has met the given time and target successfully or otherwise. The software comes with a user-friendly interface and can be accessed by all. Users can keep a track of all changes and access the app from anywhere, anytime from any devices. show more

Slack vs Float | Float Alternatives
Trello - Project Management Software
93%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Suitable for Startups
(14,723 Ratings)

Trello pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trello and how does it work?

Organizes your projects and day-to-day tasks through creating notecards on dashboard. The software can also be used as a trip planner, a side project, a community bulletin, an event or an idea repository. Tasks and ideas can be noted on the Trello cards. Alongside, the work progress can also be tracked. The user can sort and organize these cards based upon their categories. A quick overview is displayed on the front of the cards, flipping which, the user can dive into more detailed information such as checklists, due dates, comments, attachments etc. There is a progress meter that adds a checklist to organize your to-do list. You can also attach documents and multimedia files to the cards. show more

Slack vs Trello | Trello Alternatives

Products Similar to Slack

Jira - Product Management Software
98%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Get your software developed in real-time
(6,845 Ratings)

Jira pricing: Starts at $6.25. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Jira and how does it work?

Jira is an advanced project management solution helpful for agile teams. It helps developers plan, track and release authentic softwares in real-time. Detailed reports offered by the particular enables teams to improve their performance in an efficient manner. Inbuilt personalised Scrum boards let teams stay focused and deliver incremental and iterative value seamlessly. Users are also allowed to monitor repositories with code in Jira, gain end-to-end visibility and generate automation rules of their own. The software assures active integration with platforms like Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket, Zoom, Microsoft, Slack etc. Further, data stored within the particular is absolutely secure, protected by enterprise-grade solutions like automatic user provisioning, SAML SSO, 2-step verification and more. Jira turns out to be more than an issue or a bug tracker by hosting a variety of functionalities like custom filters, rich APIs, integration facilities for developer tools, customisable workflows and more. Users can personalise Jira as per their own needs by incorporating more than 3000 apps within it. show more

Slack vs Jira | Jira Alternatives
Google Chat - Business Instant Messaging Software

Google Chat

Simplify 1:1 and group messaging
(2,400 Ratings)

Google Chat pricing: Starts at $6.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Google Chat and how does it work?

From direct messages to group conversations, Google Chat helps teams and businesses collaborate fluidly and efficiently from anywhere. Use Chat as a standalone app, or right in Gmail. Seamlessly integrated tools help you keep track of all your work communications and choose the right channel for every conversation. Easily create dedicated virtual rooms to keep projects organized and on track. Shared chat including threaded conversations plus shared files and tasks help you keep everyone on the same page. show more

Slack vs Google Chat | Google Chat Alternatives
Asana - Project Management Software
97%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Get better work done
(22,464 Ratings)

Asana pricing: Starts at $10.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Asana and how does it work?

Asana is an online team collaboration and workflow management tool. Organize your work in the best way possible to follow tasks through and be able to avoid obstacles to meet deadlines. Asana’s boards let you visualize your work, and arrange all your relevant emails and files into one place. Use Asana’s portfolios to monitor the status of all your projects and keep your strategic initiatives on track and easily report on progress. Its custom fields allow you to keep track of info important to the team and share the information with the right people. Commonly used projects can be turned into templates to ensure your team workflow moves more smoothly and faster. Asana’s web interface is efficient and responsive and it can be integrated to other collaboration tools like Slack. Asana is SOC 2 Type 1 certified and offers secure connections to its site using the TLS 1.1 protocol. It also hosts its data in various SSAE audited data centers via Amazon. show more

Slack vs Asana | Asana Alternatives
Microsoft Kaizala - Business Instant Messaging Software

Microsoft Kaizala

Get engaged securely with your networks and manage works efficiently
(51 Ratings)

Microsoft Kaizala pricing: Microsoft Kaizala Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Microsoft Kaizala and how does it work?

Microsoft Kaizala is a reliable messaging and work management application that facilitates active collaboration among employees and clients related to a particular organization. Enterprises can coordinate their work in an effective way using the same. The app features a simple chat interface that empowers users to have excellent, effective communication through multimedia messaging besides audio or video calls. With Microsoft Kaizala, employees get access to integrated work management cards that assist them in their task management, data collection, insights analysis, and more. Also, they get to connect with millions in a secure way and build flexible groups. The open directory model lets users engage with their own networks in an efficient manner. All they have to do is just sign up for the mobile app with their phone number. Microsoft Kaizala’s customizable action cards and open APIs help organizations digitize and automate their business processes. Moreover, the app also offers access to end-to-end data ownership, enterprise-grade security, and industry-leading compliance standards. show more

Slack vs Microsoft Kaizala | Microsoft Kaizala Alternatives
Aritic Swarm - Business Instant Messaging Software

Aritic Swarm

Real-time Communication App for Team Collaboration
(0 Ratings)

Aritic Swarm pricing: Aritic Swarm Offers Custom plan.

What is Aritic Swarm and how does it work?

Go beyond traditional messaging with Aritic Swarm. Engage in interactive messaging with text formatting, emojis, sharing, and internal team collaboration. Push your team a step ahead towards smart collaboration by creating and assigning tasks within Aritic Swarm rooms. Bring all your teams together on Aritic Swarm to coordinate and drive business growth. Create message rooms or groups as well as engage in one-on-one messaging. Upload videos, images, documents, and any other type of files, use emojis in messages, write HTML-coded messages. show more

Aritic Swarm Alternatives
Cisco Jabber - Business Instant Messaging Software

Cisco Jabber

Advanced Corporate Messenger Tool
(1,506 Ratings)

Cisco Jabber pricing: Cisco Jabber Offers Custom plan.

What is Cisco Jabber and how does it work?

Instant messaging, phone and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence are all available through Cisco Jabber. Reduce delays by using real-time presence information and instant messaging.On your Windows desktop, you can check the availability of contacts both inside and outside your company. You may use Cisco Jabber for Android to look up people in your company directory, send instant messages, and make voice or video conversations.It has a vast list of features such as - displays the status of other Cisco Jabber contacts' availability, or to show your own availability. You can make and receive calls from your desktop or laptop from anywhere. Multiple Jabber users can communicate and chat in a secure manner using their group chat feature. jabber users can also display their desktops to other jabber contacts. One of its most beneficial features is their seamless file management - Other Jabber contacts can receive files/attachments. Take a screenshot and send it to another Jabber contact. MS Outlook Integration - You can call a number from your Outlook address book using the "Click to Call" feature. show more

Slack vs Cisco Jabber | Cisco Jabber Alternatives
Chatter - Business Instant Messaging Software


The Enterprise Social Network & Collaboration Software
(1,657 Ratings)

Chatter pricing: Chatter Offers Custom plan.

What is Chatter and how does it work?

Chatter is an Enterprise Social Network & Collaboration Software. Engage your organization to participate. Contribution scores give employees incentives to join the conversation, while badging and endorsements highlight the key contributors. Present the most up-to-date content on any subject discussed in the community. Topics automatically collect relevant posts and answers, suggest groups, experts, files, and other related resources. Collect answers to common questions and structure them so employees quickly find the information they need. show more

Slack vs Chatter | Chatter Alternatives
Verizon Business Messaging - Business Instant Messaging Software

Verizon Business Messaging

Workplace communications made easy
(34 Ratings)

Verizon Business Messaging pricing: Verizon Business Messaging Offers Custom plan.

What is Verizon Business Messaging and how does it work?

Verizon Business Messaging is a simple and reliable way to stay connected to your business. This comprehensive messaging experience lets you securely send, receive, and synchronize messages from multiple Verizon Wireless devices over 4G LTE or WiFi.At Verizon Business Messaging, I like AOL and MSNIM. Another thing I like about Verizon is that you can stay connected to different places. This is great for people who travel a lot as it gives you an uninterrupted connection.Verizon lets you connect more often, faster, and more efficiently without the hassle of slow, tedious emails. You can also install the program on other devices so that everything can be synced at the same time. This allows you to connect these devices to your data network and keep all chats up to date.Feels like a seamless solution for team communication at work. It's also a lightning-fast way to transfer information from one hand to the other. show more

Verizon Business Messaging Alternatives
BBM Enterprise - Business Instant Messaging Software

BBM Enterprise

Enterprise-grade Messaging and Conferencing Solution
(40 Ratings)

BBM Enterprise pricing: BBM Enterprise Offers Custom plan.

What is BBM Enterprise and how does it work?

BBM® Enterprise offers secure text, voice, video, group chat and conferencing on any device, including smartphones and desktops. BBM Enterprise offers multi-party voice and video conferencing for up to 15 participants. Users can quickly create ad-hoc conferences on any device, inviting individuals inside or outside the organization by simply sharing a conference link. Users can edit, delete or retract their own message, or set an expiry time on sent messages and pictures. Allow users to communicate and stay connected, regardless of which device they have on hand, whether it be iOS, Android™, macOS, or Windows®. show more

BBM Enterprise Alternatives
SecuSUITE - Business Instant Messaging Software


Secure Phone App
(0 Ratings)

SecuSUITE pricing: SecuSUITE Offers Custom plan.

What is SecuSUITE and how does it work?

With SecuSUITE, calls are encrypted from the mobile device all the way back to the crypto gateway installed in your organization’s trusted network, so eavesdroppers can’t hear a thing.

SecuSUITE Alternatives
Gitter - Business Instant Messaging Software


Chat and networking platform
(0 Ratings)

Gitter pricing: Gitter Offers Custom plan.

What is Gitter and how does it work?

Gitter is a chat and networking platform that helps to manage, grow and connect communities through messaging, content and discovery. Enjoy free public and private communities with unlimited people, message history, and integrations. Gitter is designed to make community messaging, collaboration, and discovery as smooth and simple as possible. You can easily create, organize and grow your communities, inviting others to join just in one click. show more

Slack vs Gitter | Gitter Alternatives
Sigmify - Business Instant Messaging Software


Grow your business by collaborating with the right people
(0 Ratings)

Sigmify pricing: Sigmify Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Sigmify and how does it work?

Sigmify is a cloud-based platform that lets you do Customer Relationship management; manage your organizational Knowledge base by providing you an easy-to-maintain organizational knowledge repository, and manage day-to-day issues in an easy-to-use online portal. Sigmify offers MyApps Contacts for managing your leads and facilitating conversions, Tickets for resolving customer complaints, Knowledge Hub for capturing the organization’s knowledge about systems and processes, and finally facilitating user-defined processes using MyApps. show more

Sigmify Alternatives
Signal Messenger - Business Instant Messaging Software

Signal Messenger

Best Messenger for every call, every time
(0 Ratings)

Signal Messenger pricing: Signal Messenger Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Signal Messenger and how does it work?

Signal is used to develop open source privacy technology that protects privacy rights, promotes free expression and enables secure global communication. Signal Messenger is uniquely positioned to focus on its mission in an environment where users will always come first. It is suitable for all type of organizations. show more

Signal Messenger Alternatives
Teamwork Chat - Business Instant Messaging Software

Teamwork Chat

For Better Communication and Collaboration
(0 Ratings)

Teamwork Chat pricing: Starts at $4.0.

What is Teamwork Chat and how does it work?

Teamwork Chat is here to help the team communicate, collaborate and reach new levels of productivity without losing the human touch. Team channels, Customizable messages, File sharing, Teamwork integration and much more. It is suitable for all types of organizations.

Slack vs Teamwork Chat | Teamwork Chat Alternatives
Socket.IO - Business Instant Messaging Software


Create a basic chat application
(33 Ratings)

Socket.IO pricing: Socket.IO Offers Custom plan.

What is Socket.IO and how does it work?

Sockets have traditionally been the solution around which most real-time chat systems are architected, providing a bi-directional communication channel between a client and a server. It works on every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on reliability and speed. The getting started guide will show you how to create lots of amazing applications in fewer than 200 lines of code. show more

Socket.IO Alternatives
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