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Updated on: September 22, 2020
Funnel.io Detailed insights for Marketing
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Funnel.io Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Funnel.io.

Top 5 Funnel.io Alternatives


Customer-centric data solution platform
(291 Ratings)

Segment is a customer data analytics and management solution that helps you understands customer data from multiple sources. The application integrates with hundreds of other apps and collects data from these applications to a single platform. It also retrieves data from your websites and devices,... read more


Manage your GMB Business In minutes
(5 Ratings)

DigitalMaas software is a Local Marketing Platform used to manage your Google My Business locations at scale.The software offers features like GMB Posts and can respond to Google Reviews, Menus, Photos, and much more. Import your locations and take your audit results to analyse your data and... read more


Measure business with Metrics

GA-Insights software is a platform used to monitor the metrics to automate business workflows. Customize your report with a summary of your goals and events are performing. Receive an alert in Slack, MS Teams or by email. Measure the workflows of business with dashboard to monitor multiple websites... read more


Grow Same Store Sales with the Punchh Platform
(8 Ratings)

Punchh is the world leader in delivering dynamic, one to one customer engagement and loyalty, to grow same-store sales, and build customer relationships. Punchh helps build personal, dynamic one-to-one relationships between you and your customer. Quickly convert anonymous consumers into valued... read more


Gain Insights with Data Analytics
(3 Ratings)

Bitclu software is a platform used to manage Data Analytics to optimize the amazon listings. Manage item information from many channels and measure the sales with catalog hierarchy in real Inventory item. Analyze and measure the trends of markets with key performance indicators. Entrepreneurs,... read more

Products Similar to Funnel.io


Offers meaningful analytics and suggestions for better content marketing

Vidooly is a video analytics and marketing software that helps brands and content creators to get valuable insights into their videos’ performance and audience engagement. The software brings a powerful insight generator that shows which videos your audience is watching most based on several... read more

Captain Growth

Automate your Marketing Analytics with AI
(1 Ratings)

Captain Growth empowers your company by helping you make sense of your data. Captain Growth works in a number of areas, including audience segments, targeted ads, anomalies in your metrics, and poorly performing creative ads. Captain Growth also helps you decide on the settings for your ads. This... read more


Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers

DOZ is an Online Campaign Management Software. They set-up a custom and efficient online strategy to achieve your business goals. Improve your visibility on the internet and grow the number of daily visitors to your websites or apps. Turn your visitors into qualified leads and customers to increase... read more


Your Marketing Data in One Platform
(106 Ratings)

AdStage is an all-in-one solution for creating and managing cross-network pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, across Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, Bing, and LinkedIn Ads. Keep your creatives fresh and fight ad fatigue by automatically rotating or scheduling new ads to run for certain... read more


A Market Research Platform
(4 Ratings)

Tracxn software is a platform used to tracking Innovative companies. Identify companies scored on 25+ signals and can connect with companies. The software offers inbuilt CRM Tool used for managing portfolio board with API Support. Measure the Competition Analysis with ranking and Quartile Mapping.... read more

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