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Updated on: August 14, 2022
throwaway Single-use, one-to-one, e2e encrypted chat

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The All-In-One Tool For Effective Chat Marketing
(24 Ratings)

WotNot pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is WotNot and how does it work?

FUSE Search software is a platform used to manage organization’s content for workflows. The software offers search filters and can send updates to your subscribed searches. The Search’s AI engine used to tag and classify search results via dashboards. It integrates with Drupal, Salesforce, and more. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software, show more

WotNot Alternatives


Automate Lead Generation, Sales, And Customer Service
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SocialNowa pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is SocialNowa and how does it work?

InterviewKit, everything lives in a different place. Tasks like scheduling, transcription and email require hours of manual work. This makes you more likely to make errors and miss information. This way, interview management costs you lots of hours – that you could have spent differently.

SocialNowa Alternatives


The complete toolbox for chatbots and voicebots development
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Ideta pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $69

What is Ideta and how does it work?

Ideta - helps companies build their own chatbots, voicebots or callbots, by providing them with a powerful software. They can develop conversational agents in all contexts and leverage machine learning / artificial intelligence with little effort.

Ideta Alternatives
Bothelp Chat Widget - Chatbots Software

Bothelp Chat Widget

Chat Button Widget for website
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Bothelp Chat Widget pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Bothelp Chat Widget and how does it work?

Customize the widget without coding and add a button for your website for free. Keep the conversation with customers going even if they left your site. Help clients quickly contact you by sending a message directly from your website. Add a chat button and boost conversion with conversations at scale. Set up and add a button to your website for free, without coding. show more

Bothelp Chat Widget Alternatives
Quriobot - Chatbots Software


Build your own chatbot
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Quriobot pricing: Quriobot Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Quriobot and how does it work?

Quriobot is a new way of asking your customers questions to gain crucial insights in their preferences while increasing engagement. Make use of a large variety of step types to ask the right question and to get the right answer. All types are there to ask for feedback but also to retrieve vital information from your customers. Quriobot’s robust conversational designer makes sure your customers are addressed the right way. Start conversations proactively and apply conditional rules to Quriobot’s behavior. show more

Quriobot Alternatives

Products Similar to throwaway

OneBot - Chatbots Software


AI-based conversational commerce tool for B2B
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OneBot pricing: OneBot Offers Custom plan.

What is OneBot and how does it work?

Interactive, replaceable modules appear depending on the user's needs and the personalized flow of conversation. It's fully automated and works on top of the personalization engine. Conversational commerce can deliver a subtle push for the consumers to finish the purchase by reminding, offering a discount, and finally, provide the commodity of making the payment within the chat channel. show more

OneBot Alternatives
Botsociety - Chatbots Software


Design Conversational Chatbots in Minutes
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Botsociety pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Botsociety and how does it work?

Botsociety software is a Chat platform used to design your conversation tool. Prototype idea to optimize conversational experience with teams in real-time. Customize message types with designs like AA animations, Videos, GIF, and more. Export files in PDF file formats. It integrates with Dialogflow, Rasa, Zapier, and more. Professionals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Botsociety Alternatives
Ada - Chatbots Software


A CX Tool for Business
(132 Ratings)

Ada pricing: Ada Offers Custom plan.

What is Ada and how does it work?

Ada software is a platform used to provide personalized experiences for business. The software offers AI Chatbot to automate more than FAQ's with personalized content in 100+ languages. Collaborate with teams and generate customer revenue through up-sell and cross-sell. It integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and more. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Ada Alternatives
Talla - Chatbots Software


Reinvent your customer support using Talla
(7 Ratings)

Talla pricing: Starts at $1700.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Talla and how does it work?

Talla is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) automation platform that is designed to enhance the deliverance of Customer and employee support. It builds machine learning models of routine tasks, increases the productivity of each rep, and answers basic questions by integrating with your existing workflows and systems. Talla offers a wide range of virtual assistants to its users ranging from Knowledge Assist for breaking the barriers between an intelligent knowledge system and your team; Customer Assist for generating quick resolutions with easy and interactive conversational support, Agent Assist for providing faster and wiser operating tools to the agents and the Automations Assist for automating and streamlining workflows across various channels. Talla also provides custom automation for digital financial services apart from improving and updating the universal healthcare objectives using Automation and AI-powered technologies. It also provides AI and Automation services for the healthcare industry and for the Logistics and Insurance sector. Talla provides a powerful personalized experience apart from a free demo of each of its virtual assistant services. show more

Talla Alternatives
ORI - Chatbots Software


Build Business with AI conversations
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ORI pricing: ORI Offers Custom plan.

What is ORI and how does it work?

ORI software is a platform used to gain actionable insights with channel interaction. The software offers tools to monitor the cross-sells, up-sells, and loyalty actions delivered. Measure the NPS/CSAT on each interaction for conversational refinement in real-time. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

ORI Alternatives
V-Person - Chatbots Software


Business with Digital Conversations
(1 Ratings)

V-Person pricing: V-Person Offers Custom plan.

What is V-Person and how does it work?

V-Person by Creative Virtual is a Conversational platform to built customer and employee engagement. The Chatbot can be deployed across any channels like Web, Mobile, Messaging Apps, IVR, and more. The natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning supports over 35 languages for continuous improvement and reliability. Collaborate with team with unlimited customization of channels to automate workflows. show more

V-Person Alternatives
Bebot - Chatbots Software


Get instant travel recommendations with Bebot
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What is Bebot and how does it work?

Bebot is an AI Travel Concierge Chatbot that provides instant recommendations for both popular and little-known local sites. Even one can indulge in restaurant bookings and airport/station search with this concierge chatbot. Recognised as the world’s leading real-time engagement and measurement platform, Bebot is extremely handy. The chatbot can be connected to, easily via Wi-Fi, Widget as well as QR Code/flyer. Furthermore, Bebot detects a user’s language settings and provides automated multilingual support. It allows individuals to chat in a friendly manner. The NLP offered by Bebot makes the conversation flow smoothly. Also, it gets smarter as more guests chat. With this concierge chatbot, people can book any activity or a table at a restaurant without making any further phone calls. Its easy-to-use interface offers automated replies 24/7. Also, by using Bebot, one can receive extremely navigable step-by-step directions that are shared over chat. show more

Bebot Alternatives
Enterprise Bot - Chatbots Software

Enterprise Bot

Provide round the clock services to your clients over any platform of their choice
(1 Ratings)

Enterprise Bot pricing: Enterprise Bot Offers Custom plan.

What is Enterprise Bot and how does it work?

Enterprise Bot is a conversational AI solution for enterprises, trusted by top-notch international brands like AfterPay, LNER, Generali, SW/CA and more. An omnichannel engagement facility made available by the same helps businesses deliver consistent CX across every touchpoint. Users can also depend on the same to proceed with end to end customer service automation and get their contact centre costs eliminated by 50% or even more. AI-powered assistants made available by Enterprise Bot amplifies sales, offers relevant business insights and enhance brand loyalty among customers in real-time. Customers can ask for assistance over any communication channel of their choice including, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, Live Chat, Whatsapp, Google’s Businesses Messages and more. Further, Enterprise Bot is multilingual by nature, available in international languages like French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch other than English. Communications streamlined through the particular are encrypted under a 256-bit encryption structure while at transit or at rest. Industry-specific datasets, sentiment analysis and agent handover, detailed dashboards, accessibility and seamless integration makes Enterprise Bot stand out from the rest. show more

Enterprise Bot Alternatives
Flow XO for Chat - Chatbots Software
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Flow XO for Chat pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Flow XO for Chat and how does it work?

Flow XO for Chat is a feature-rich chatbot platform that allows anyone to rapidly and simply construct code-free internet chatbots. Flow XO for Chat is cross-platform, allowing you to build bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio SMS, Telegram, and even your own website. You can connect to one or all of these platforms; the option is yours. After connecting one or more platforms, you can utilize Flow XO for Workflow to develop a back-end workflow that controls what occurs when a user interacts with your bot. You can use this feature to listen for specific keywords and then respond with replies, weblinks, photos, or a money request. The great thing about Flow XO for Chat is that your consumers can interact with you in a completely seamless manner across all platforms. For example, they may initiate contact with you via a web bot on your website, but as the interaction progresses, they may prefer to communicate via Facebook Messenger on their mobile device. show more

Flow XO for Chat Alternatives
Conversational AI Bot - Chatbots Software

Conversational AI Bot

Chatbots automation made simpler with Conversational AI
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Conversational AI Bot pricing: Conversational AI Bot Offers Custom plan.

What is Conversational AI Bot and how does it work?

Conversational AI is a chatbot development software that enables the user to create AI-powered chatbots for businesses to help automate business operations, increase staff productivity, cut expenses, and improve decision-making. It aims at promoting seamless communication between the company and its workers by simplifying the experience. The chat system is built to grow and is compatible with company security and privacy. Conversational AI can be used as a personal assistant as well as a scheduling tool. It enables internal data research and data-driven initiatives that can help you understand customers better and faster. The platform focuses on creating customized apps that aren't personalized. It allows people to conduct individualized dialogues with companies using advanced and smart chatbots developed to perfection as per the needs of the brand. It includes a set of code snippets that may be used as a standalone service. This platform makes the installation of a chat engine in your hosting infrastructure and its integration process very easy. It further assists you in hastening your implementation through a rapid go-to-market approach. show more

Conversational AI Bot Alternatives
WotNot - Chatbots Software


The All-In-One Tool For Effective Chat Marketing
(24 Ratings)

WotNot pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is WotNot and how does it work?

FUSE Search software is a platform used to manage organization’s content for workflows. The software offers search filters and can send updates to your subscribed searches. The Search’s AI engine used to tag and classify search results via dashboards. It integrates with Drupal, Salesforce, and more. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software, show more

WotNot Alternatives
Ochatbot - Chatbots Software


Full-Feature AI Chatbot for eCommerce
(1 Ratings)

Ochatbot pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Ochatbot and how does it work?

Ochatbot’s robust AI ecommerce chatbot features make shopping fun and efficient directly from the chat window. Interactions with Ochatbot are life-like, through textual conversation, where the shopper can ask any question on a variety of product and service topics and receive prompt answers and suggestions mimicking a human conversation. Lift revenues from 20% to 40% when the shopper engages with Ochatbot. For your sales and marketing needs, Ochatbot has lead generation and appointment setting capabilities. User intuitive menus make chatbot lead generation and appointment setting creation and customization easy, so you can start capturing leads and business quickly. Or if you prefer “ready-to-go” lead generation chatbots, we offer 80+ pre-built Leadbots for a variety of industries. show more

Ochatbot Alternatives
Svachat - Chatbots Software


Specialists in the development of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
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Svachat pricing: Svachat Offers Custom plan.

What is Svachat and how does it work?

Svachat is a platform for creating Chatbots on your own in an easy and comfortable manner. There is no code. Simple, intuitive, and effective. We are experts in the creation of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. It's a simple and friendly Chatbots platform that can be readily embedded without any coding knowledge. We've devised a straightforward self-creation procedure that should take no more than 10 minutes. Svachat creates bots for businesses of various sizes and types. Their AI-powered bots allow your company to answer to clients in real time via text or voice, and can be programmed to learn the varied rules for each channel and then adjust to provide the necessary auto-responses. It's simple to interface with a variety of third-party applications. A chatbot can be used as a customer service representative, an event assistant, or a personal avatar. When someone interacts with the chatbot, it adds them to your database, allowing you to contact them in the future. Best for online stores looking to boost client satisfaction by providing a 24-hour service. show more

Svachat Alternatives
NeuraFlash - Chatbots Software


Build ai-powered experiences, across any cloud or industry
(2 Ratings)

NeuraFlash pricing: NeuraFlash Offers Custom plan.

What is NeuraFlash and how does it work?

NeuraFlash is a leading AI and Platinum Consulting / ISV Partner of Salesforce obsessed with helping the customers transform their businesses with AI-Powered Experiences Built on Salesforce. Customers are seeking simple chat solutions to drive conversational engagement for their sales and marketing teams on their websites, replacing outdated forms. NeuraFlash's Case Bot allows support teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website and start handling Cases. The Einstein Bot Insights Package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot (sales or service focused) to measure performance, KPIs & ROI. show more

NeuraFlash Alternatives
Messenger Bot - Chatbots Software

Messenger Bot

Offer instant support to clients through AI-based chatbot
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Messenger Bot pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is Messenger Bot and how does it work?

Messenger Bot is an AI-based Facebook chatbot service for restaurants, eCommerce business, Insurance houses and real estates. It can be used to offer adequate customer support, gain feedback from clients and generate leads in real-time. Business houses can use the solution to welcome their clients, respond to frequently asked questions besides making sales more interesting. The messenger marketing solution for Facebook flaunts a variety of options, enabling better business ROI. Users can automate their complex workflows using the particular, they can even forward scheduled messages to individual clients at regular intervals. Messenger Bot with its analytical dashboard offers a clear view of the most valuable client. eCommerce store can collect payments from their clients within Messenger Bot, via payment integrations like Rzoroay, Paystack, Stripe and PayPal. The Ai-driven bot is also capable of recovering customers who have left items within their shopping carts. Subscriber manager, RSS auto-posting, Google sheet integration, image editors are some of the few notable features within the software. show more

Messenger Bot Alternatives
Rakebots - Chatbots Software


Convert forms into intelligent conversational interfaces within minutes
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Rakebots pricing: Rakebots Offers Custom plan.

What is Rakebots and how does it work?

Rakebots is NLP based platform to build Chatbots. You can build bots that can recognize intents and entities from user queries, and send those data to your CRM or custom software through API's. Train your bot with a click of a button and they take care of the rest. Preview mode to test your bots before you deploy to your website. The servers are always up and running to provide the best support to your customers. show more

Rakebots Alternatives
Futr - Chatbots Software


Give Support team super powers
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Futr pricing: Futr Offers Custom plan.

What is Futr and how does it work?

Request a free demo to see first hand how our chatbot will help your team focus on the tasks that need them most. Save agents from time-sapping repetitive questions and let them breathe a sigh of relief. From Web to WhatsApp, let your customers self-serve by signposting to new tools and customer portals. And let your agents focus on those that need them most. show more

Futr Alternatives
Chaty - Chatbots Software


Establish customer ties with simple communication
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Chaty pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Chaty and how does it work?

Chaty is a chat-based software that enables users to communicate with their clients on a variety of messaging platforms without needing to leave the workplace. The software effortlessly improves the customer experience with just one click by connecting to over 20 networking sites and unique channels. It removes unnecessary hurdles to communication, allowing discussions with customers to flow easily. Furthermore, Chaty allows users to create an endless number of bespoke channels with a single click. It even aids in the formation and maintenance of client connections by offering direct conversation channels such as Email, Telegram, Whatsapp, and others. The software's user interface is fantastic since each aspect has been carefully designed to provide the greatest possible experience for users, and it is customisable to ensure that the platform reflects one's brand identity. Furthermore, the programme has a variety of traffic source targeting options that allow users to perfect the plugin's functionality. show more

Chaty Alternatives
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